tagBDSMThe Lazy Duck

The Lazy Duck


Ernie banged the large glass mug loudly on the bar.

'Gentlemen! Your attention please! I have an announcement to make. I want to thank you all for your faithful support, and I have greatly enjoyed your company over the years. But as you know I am not getting any younger, and I have decided that it is time for me to enjoy my life savings while I still can. Consequently I am going to close the pub and retire, three months from today.'

On the face of it, the Duck was a dive. Hidden in a back alley downtown, it didn't even have a lit sign, just a small wooden square out front with faded, peeling paint that proclaimed that the Lazy Duck was a public house. And so you might wonder why the announcement caused so much dismay amongst the customers.

The guys that went there were all guys. Women rarely even wanted to walk down the alleyway, let alone enter the seedy looking doorway, had they noticed it at all.

But to the patrons, it was a second home; a refuge, and in more than one case more comfortable and warmly inviting than their official castles.

You know how these places are. By this point they came here for so long because they all had been coming here for so long. In the middle of a city of millions, nobody came here just because they were passing by. Guys invited other guys from work, once in a while, and the newcomers gradually got into the habit. And the lack of decor meant that you just wouldn't invite a woman here, not if you were trying to impress her.

But they weren't codgers. The bar was in the financial district, and the guys that came in tended to be the younger married guys who hadn't moved out to the suburbs yet, and liked to drop in after work on their way to their nearby fashionable condos. There was a slow steady turnover as guys 'grew up' and started their families and moved farther out of town.

And then there was Jennifer.

The barmaid was dark haired, somewhat mousy looking, and pretty quiet compared to the norm. But there was no great need to be brassy with strangers, to chat anyone up, or to deal with obnoxious strangers either. The clientele were all regulars, they felt like family and would neither have spoiled their little nest, nor would they have allowed each other to cross the line. Jennifer was among friends, and as such she could stay easy and relaxed.

As it happened, she also loved sex.

Years ago she had quietly started taking money for the odd extra bit of business on the side. Nobody got too worked up about it. She was good enough, but her problem was that everyone came to realize that she enjoyed it too much. It became obvious to everyone that she would gladly have done everyone for free, as much as they wanted. Over the years it became a bit of a joke. She was a great fuck, gleefully sucking cocks, taking them in her cunt and ass, and generally never saying 'no' to anything. And she did have great tits. Ordinarily she would have commanded good money. But she was incapable of demanding very much because everyone knew she would pay them if she had to. So her rates became more like tips than fees. It was more like putting quarters into a pinball machine, with the difference being that with Jennifer you always scored.

So the bar came equipped with friendly, enthusiastic sex, as well as privacy, cheap beer, warmth, familiar friends, and escape from the real world. No wonder the patrons were upset at the prospect of it all coming to an end.

Over the next few weeks everyone worriedly discussed the impending doom. Finally a small group approached Ernie.

'Ernie, instead of closing up, how would you feel about selling the place to us?'

Ernie hadn't seriously thought about it, because the place was such an out of the way dump that normal business types wouldn't be interested in buying it or trying to run it. He hadn't made any serious money from it for years, and didn't really even think of it as a business for profit. It was just what he did, and once he stopped it would be like shutting down his own little hobby.

Ernie didn't have to think about it long. The only sticking point was the value of the building itself. In that part of town the bums needed mortgage approval to sleep under bridges. But about twenty guys had gotten together and chipped in enough money each to cover the building, a fair price for all the old furniture and equipment, and some extra on top as sweetener for Ernie, to make him say yes. But he was fine with it, took all of about two minutes to agree, and they shook on it right away.

The economics of the new business had to be worked out a bit. It was still basically a matter of selling cheap beer to themselves, and covering the minimal overhead out of that such as utilities and taxes, maintenance, and so on.

And then there was Jennifer's salary. And Jennifer.

Everyone knew everyone well enough that not a lot had to change in terms of day-to-day personal relationships and activities. But there was an opportunity here. They were now all going to be Jennifer's bosses. Not a huge change in some ways; she had been taking their orders for years. But the change meant that there was an opportunity to take more control of the barmaid as well as the bar.

They decided to turn the bar into a private club officially. Not a huge disruption, as it had been operating that way for years. They put a lock on the door, and everyone got a key.

Jennifer meanwhile was worried.

She loved the situation, the pub, the routine, the guys, the easy good salary, and most of all she loved the sex. Was it all going to end? What was the new management going to decide about her?

She could be in a weak position because everybody knew how much she loved the bar and the sex. Nobody wanted to treat her unfairly, but they had a sense that they could get more out of her, and they wanted to see what negotiations might bring.

So they approached her, and suggested that she could keep her job and her salary, if she was willing to become their in-house slave.

She would still earn her salary. But to re-enforce the "slavery" this would be paid into a trust account, and she would get a small allowance. Otherwise she would not see any of the money as long as she was in their service. She could quit at any time and collect her money, but at that point she could not return, and the arrangement would be finished. So she would be "bound" by this all-or-nothing deal, as long as it lasted.

The real catch was that she would have to be naked at all times, and give sex to anybody who wanted it, whenever they wanted it. Her salary was to be increased by a flat amount to cover the sex, but since she charged so little anyways this was hardly exorbitant. But this meant that she had no right to refuse anybody anything at any time. Everyone had complete access to her body at all times, and could do anything they wanted to her as much as they wanted. She could not say no.

She was surprised and shocked, but also incredibly thrilled at the idea. Her cunt started getting wet immediately, and she knew she wanted this life. In fact, she felt like if she didn't get fucked right away she would go mad. She started to think about how to get them all to fuck her as soon as possible.

She made a show of reluctantly thinking about it for form's sake, but finally told them she agreed. But she made it conditional on two additional requests, things she had fantasized about and craved for ages.

If she displeased anyone, she wanted to be tied up and bent over the pool table and spanked or beaten. This could be done at any time and for any reason, or for no reason at all.

And at least once a week, perhaps Saturday night, she wanted a spanking or whipping or beating to be followed by a gang bang/rape, with everyone in the club fucking her in as many holes as possible.

(As if it would ever be rape, where she was concerned!)

The men discussed this surprising twist. They realized that Jen was even hornier than they realized, and it inspired them to come up with even more extra demands. They graciously agreed to beat her and rape her, but on condition that she would have to perform a couple of additional tasks.

a)She was to put on a sex show on a small raised stage once a week. The show would be taped to be shown in the bar for the rest of the week. Possibly guest studs or Doms might sometimes be brought in for the show, to carry out whatever perversions members could think of or to use Jen in any new and depraved ways the visiting performers could think of.

b)She was to hire another woman for the pub. The new woman would primarily be responsible for bar duties, to free up Jennifer to be available for sex when anybody wanted to use her. They did want the new woman to be agreeable to working in the particular atmosphere of the pub. To emphasize Jennifer's nudity she would be expected to be clothed, at least in the beginning. She wouldn't necessarily have to take part in the sex, but this might develop naturally over time anyways. It was suggested that it would be preferable if she would agree to get her cunt eaten by Jennifer in front of everyone once a week, as part of Jennifer's servitude.

c)And finally Jennifer had to agree that they could add any extra demands they wanted, any time they wanted, at any time their horny imaginations churned up more ways to use her in lurid and depraved ways.

Jennifer would have to signify her agreement with the contract by having sex with everyone in the place, there and then.

Jennifer was so hot by this point that she could hardly talk. She stripped naked and started undoing everyone's belt buckles right away, eager to get started.

They were eager to seal the deal as well. Everyone else quickly stripped. Because of the lurid nature of the bargaining absolutely everyone had a hard cock and was ready to go. One guy with a particularly big cock lay on the floor with it sticking up in the air and she skewered her cunt on it, cramming it up inside herself, and then bending over his chest to give everyone or anyone access to her asshole. After she was suitably buggered by another rather large cock she opened her mouth and took one in her mouth. Those three guys started pushing in and out of her as hard as they could manage and she did her best to swallow the one and push back on the other two. She grabbed cocks with both hands to start jacking them off, and others somehow reached in to grab her big swinging tits in return. They squeezed them, pinched her nipples, twisted them hard, and pulled them as hard as they could. Jennifer, by this time feeling the cocks pumping in all her holes, was sinking into ongoing delirium and continuous orgasm.

When they were completely drained, Jen was a naked shining mess of cum, sweat, and whatever else. Her stomach, ass, and cunt were full of cum. She was sprawled twitching on the floor with a huge grin on her face and thoughts of future pleasures filling her head.

They brought out a surprise gift for her, a shiny chrome collar with a hinge and an internal lock. When they put it on her neck and clicked it shut it would not be possible to open it again except with heavy metal tools. Across her throat was engraved the sentiment "Fuck Me Now."


They are still operating to this day. Jennifer lives in an apartment over the bar, and has no time for serving beer.

She has steadily become more depraved, more so than the men. She does go out about once a month to the countryside for some fresh air and a break, but she misses the bar and always returns before the day is over for more fucking.

The other barmaid was selected partly for her compatibility with the atmosphere and quickly took on a similar role, serving beer with sex on the side. Eventually they had to hire another waitress to help her out as well.

They have started bringing more women into the club as guests now, more for the sex than the beer; and it is gradually becoming a little less of a refuge for quiet drinking and more of an orgy pit where men come to get their balls drained and their cocks hardened for as much action as they can stand. But nobody seems to be complaining that they are not getting their money's worth.

Mind you, a few of the guys are talking about maybe organizing a little drinking room somewhere, to get away from all the fucking.

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