tagIllustratedThe Leopard Print Bra

The Leopard Print Bra


Erin rushed home from work and dumped all her stuff at the front door. She had had a frustrating day at work and needed to relax. She kicked off her high heels and then made her way to the kitchen. The house was quiet and she thought she was alone.

Erin opened the fridge door and smiled. She reached in to grab one of her vodka drinks and then gasped.

"You're wearing that sexy bra aren't you?" Zach ran his hands down her body and cupped her cute butt.

"Maybe." Erin stood up and closed the fridge door. She turned around and grinned. She pushed herself up to sit on the marble counter and spread her legs a bit. She knew how sexy she looked with her gray wool skirt sliding up her thighs.

"Let me see."

Erin giggled and pouted. She loved teasing her boyfriend. She leaned back on her hands and stuck her chest out. She was wearing a purple silk shirt.

"Let me see." Zach spoke more forcefully. He was so tall that, even though she was sitting on the counter, he had to look down at her. He stepped between her legs and ran his hands up and down her legs, feeling the smooth stockings.

Erin didn't respond. She moved her foot against his crotch, wanting to feel how hard he was.

"Do I need to rip this shirt off you like last time?" Zach was dragging his finger against the delicate buttons. He needed to see her bra. He knew it was the leopard print bra that she was wearing. He loved that she was bold enough now to wear printed bras instead of plain old black or white ones. She wasn't always this daring.

"Maybe." Erin pouted again, pretending to push his hand away from her chest. In one motion, Zach slid his hand down her shirt, ripping the buttons off. Had both of them not been breathing so hard, they would have heard each one bounce off the tile floor. The moment her shirt was open Zach ripped off her shirt, finally getting what he wanted.

"Play with your nipples for me." It was a demand not a request. He loved her breasts and wanted her to love them too. On their first few dates, she always wore white or beige bras. She would rarely take her shirt off during sex and never wore anything low cut. It had taken a while for Zach to find out that as a teenager she had been teased about how big her breasts were. Self-consciousness was still an issue for Erin, but Zach would push her, showing her how beautiful her breasts really are.

Erin ran her fingers lightly over the material and then thumbed her nipples. She knew she had a thin layer of sweat on her body and this was both from the intense summer heat as well as her arousal. She loved how Zach placed his hands on either side of her and just watched.

"Do you have the matching panties on?" Zach had undone his pants and dropped them to the floor along with his boxers. His cock had been hard all day thinking of Erin in this bra. He hadn't jerked off, but continued to imagine her doing exactly this, playing with her breasts in front of him.

"No." Erin blushed. She should have worn the matching panties. They were a bikini brief, but for some reason, she never felt sexy enough to wear them. She knew that Zach would be disappointed.

Zach didn't say anything. He pulled her forward a bit and reached under her skirt to pull off her panties. She was wearing a pink and purple cotton pair. He didn't care. It was what was under her panties that mattered. He guided his cock inside her and slammed into her in one thrust.

"Oh." Erin threw her head back and whimpered. She was still not used to his girth and loved the feeling of her pussy lips stretched tight around his cock. She looked up into his eyes.

"Play with your breasts for me. Show me how much you love them."

Erin pinched her nipples hard. Zach was staring at her breasts as he pounded her pussy. He was holding her hips tight as he thrusted in and out of her wet hole. He leaned down and sucked a nipple into his mouth through her bra. He bit down gently and then did the same to the other nipple.

"Jesus!" Erin was so aroused at that feeling. The bra material was rubbing against her hard nipples and his teeth were digging into her flesh. Zach moved up and bit the top of her breasts. He nibbled his way across her chest and then down around her sides. Erin reached and pulled at his shirt.

"Take this off. I want to feel your chest." Erin watched as Zach continued to fuck her, but pulled off his shirt. His chest was muscular and hairy. She reached behind and undid her bra. The moment it was off, she pulled herself against him and kissed his neck. Her nipples were so hard and she felt her large, soft breasts pressed against his chest.

"I love you, all of you. Cum for me baby. I want you to cum so badly." Zach whispered those words against her ear and reached down to find her hard clit. He pushed on it and then wiggled his thumb back and forth, feeling her squirm and moan.

"You cum first." Erin was pulling herself up and down on his cock as she tried to make him cum. Zach was not letting himself cum first.

"You first." Zach growled and slapped her butt hard. He squeezed her flesh and slapped again. Erin whimpered and cried out loudly. She couldn't hold back anymore and bit down on his neck as her whole body went into convulsions. Zach held on for dear life as her pussy squeezed his cock. He pulled her off the counter and held her tight against him, bouncing her on his cock.

"Now I can cum. You always cum first." Zach glared at his girlfriend, trying to convince her how important she was. He sometimes saw the shy, self-conscious teenager, lacking in self-esteem. He wanted to see the successful businesswoman he was dating. He thrusted a few more times and then came. He kissed her hard, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth as his cock erupted inside her.

After recovering, he gently slid her down so her feet were touching the ground. Her legs were wobbly and her clothing was strewn over the floor. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"You better expect that type of welcome home greeting every time you wear that sexy bra." Zach smiled wide, watching his girlfriend grab her clothing and make her way up the stairs to their bedroom.

Just as she reached the stairs, she turned back. "Wait until you see the cute pink bra I bought today."

Zach couldn't run fast enough up the stairs.

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