The Letter


Ned looked down at the letter because it was less terrifying than looking up at the grey barrel of the gun. Presuming the man wanted him to read, he started:

Dear Brian,

"But my name's not Brian," he said, wincing.

"My name's Brian you twit."

"Oh, I understand," Ned said continuing:

I am writing to tell you about your wife. You must have figured out that she has been cheating on you, not just with me. After I heard she'd been with 2C I figured since I was in 2D I really didn't have a choice.

At first she'd just come over and give me a blow job while I fingered her pussy, but after a while she let me put it in her as long as I wore a condom. Hey I didn't like the condom but, to be honest, I haven't had much sex in a while so the condom kept me from coming too quickly.

Yeah after a while I was even able to hold off long enough for her to come. I remember, it was like the fifth time I fucked her, we must have tried every position there was, at least every one I knew of. First with her on her back, then she turned on her side, after which she got up on top of me facing me, then turning away from me. Of course I think she liked doggy style the best, she really would move, backing onto me, my balls slapping her ass. She even reached up and played with my balls until she came.

After a month or so we quit using the condom. The first time we did it without a condom I must have come on the third push, but after that I got myself under control and soon she would come most of the times we did it.

Oddly it was some time before she let me go down on her, but damn when I finally did it was ecstatic with her coming maybe three times. She then pulled me on top of her and came a fourth time before I filled her pussy with my cum. Often times, once I came, she would quickly dress and head home saying something about sloppy seconds.

Of all the positions we kept coming back to doggy style. I have to admit, while I do like the old fashioned missionary, it was nice to simply grab her hips and shove my cock deep in her pussy. I especially loved how she would reach up between her legs and caress my balls as we fucked. Sometimes I would even reach up, grab her hair and give it to her like I was a stallion and she was a brood mare. She would even whinny as she came.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know just how much I enjoyed fucking her for all these months. I wish more husbands in this building were generous like you. I hope you enjoyed fucking your wife's cum filled pussy as much as I enjoyed filling her for you.


When he finished reading the letter he looked up. Fortunately the barrel of the gun had dropped a little so he could see the man's... Brian's face.

Wincing again he said, "Okay, I read it all what do you want me to do now."

"Well, sign if of course."

"Sign it?"

"Yes, sign it."

"But it's not true, and besides I'd never write a letter like that."

"Why not?"

"Hell, it simply rambles all over the place, I mean there's no connection between the acts, it's just a mishmash of random fucking."


"So if I had written the letter it would be considerably more cohesive."

"Cohesive, what are you talking about? Just sign it."

"Look Brian, I don't know you, I haven't even seen your wife much less done any of the things this letter says I did."

"What, my wife not good enough for you?"

"Of course she is good enough for me, I just have never met her, never seen her so I obviously have never fucked her."

"But you would have if you had met her? Is that what you are saying?"

"That's not what I am saying..."

"Just sign," Brian said lifting the gun to his head and cocking it.

He signed the letter then asked, "What are you going to do now?"

Handing him the letter he heard Brian say, "After this I am going to find my wife and..."

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