tagNonHumanThe Little Shop of Whores

The Little Shop of Whores


Lorraine had just finished helping Miss Sanchez load her new flowers into her car, and was locking up for the day when the phone rang. She finished locking the door and ran over to answer it, knowing already that it was going to be her father. "Hello." She said.

"Hi, sweetie. How was the shop today?" Asked her father.

"Fine, dad. How's your vacation going?"

"Great; your mom is so happy to finally come home and visit her family that it's like she never left Barbados."

"That's good for her. I know she was really excited about the trip."

"Yeah. Listen sweetie, did Allen make his shipment today?"


"He told me that he had a surprise for me, have you processed the shipment yet?"

"I started, but Miss Sanchez came and I had to help her, so I have a little bit left to do."

"Could you make sure to take care of it tonight, I don't know what the surprise is, but I don't want anything to happen to it."

"Sure thing dad."

"That's my girl. I'm going to let you go now, I'll call you back Wednesday night, to let you know what time our flight will be coming in. Love you."

"Love you too dad. Bye." With that she hung up the phone, and headed to the back store.

Lorraine's father had opened this flower shop twenty years ago, the year she was born, and called it Lolo's, after her. This was the first vacation he and her mother had taken since then. Lorraine had worked at the shop for as long as she could remember, and had even convinced her dad to convert the upstairs warehouse (which they never used), into a tiny little apartment for her. It was closer to her school, and allowed her to work more hours, freeing up her parents to finally enjoy the fruits of their labor. Also, for as long as she can remember, her father's friend Allen had supplied the store. Every now and then he would have a 'surprise' which was usually some exotic plant smuggled into the country, which he would then supply a buyer for; splitting the profits 50/50 with her father. Lorraine had discussed her dislike of this with her father, who just brushed it off.

She continued to unpack the various flowers and plants, and place them where they belonged. She left the package that she knew to be the 'surprise' till the end. When it finally came time to it, she walked over to the very large box, and cut open the seal on the front. She peeled back the flaps to reveal a very large and strange looking plant that she couldn't recognize at all; this didn't really bother her, as she seldom knew what the 'surprises' were. She looked for anything that might tell her what to do, but she found only a tiny piece of paper reading

Hey Frank, you'll love this one. It's a Her-basilisk. Just open the box. You don't need to do anything. The guy will be by in two days to pick it up.

She re-read the letter and decided that if Allen said that they weren't supposed to do anything, then she wouldn't.

She put her equipment away and headed upstairs. When she got there, she immediately started undressing. She kicked off her sandals, and unbuttoned her jeans. She slid off her jeans and kicked them into the corner. She lifted her tube top up over her head, releasing her large breasts. She knew they weren't enormous, but they were big enough that she would catch men staring at them. She then slid off her panties and threw them on top of the pile of dirty clothes in the corner. She turned to her left and looked into the wall mirror; there she stood, completely naked.

She took a moment to admire her body. She knew it wasn't perfect, but it was attractive enough to earn her a lot of attention. She had beautiful mocha colored skin, with long wavy black hair. Her breasts were large, round and perky. She had nice legs that ended, in her opinion, in a large round ass. And she had a plump little pussy with a perfectly shaven little line on top.

She grabbed a towel and headed back downstairs. The only thing she hated about the little apartment was that she had no plumbing upstairs, and had to come downstairs for everything. That meant that she had to take her showers in the same shower used to wash off plants and equipment; which was nothing more than a six inch deed square basin, with a drain in the middle, and no curtain. Luckily, no one had accidentally walked in on her yet.

She laid the towel on the counter next to the shower, and turned on the water. When she was satisfied with the temperature, she stepped in and started running water all over her body. She took a washcloth and her body wash, and started washing. While she showered she thought about her love life (or lack thereof). Her father was a strict man, who had only agreed to build the apartment for her, because her mother had forced him too. If it were up to him, she would still be at home (which was just three blocks away), and she would date some nice black man that he knew from church. Little did her father know that she was actually interested in this white guy who worked at the restaurant down the street.

It was the thought of him that started her rubbing between her legs. She dropped the washcloth, leaned back against the wall and started masturbating; imagining all the things she wanted to do with this guy.

When she finally finished, and turned off the shower, she noticed that there was a lot of moisture in the air. She guessed that she had been masturbating for a while, for this much moisture to be in the air. She dried herself off, and wrapped the towel around her. She stepped out of the basin and was about to head upstairs when she noticed an incredible smell in the air. She started walking to where she thought the smell was coming from and ended up right in front of the box with the Her-basilisk; however, it looked different. It seemed to have grown out of the sides, and bottom of the box, and there was now a large flower right in the middle of it. As she looked at the flower, it almost seemed to pulsate. She bent down on her knees so that her face would be on level with the flower.

She leaned in to examine it, getting to within six inches, when the flower petals contracted into the middle of the flower. She reached up with her right hand and was about to touch the flower when, poof, the flower burst open and she got a face full of what she thought was pollen. It had come as such a surprise that she had gasped and accidentally breathed in a mouthful of the pollen. She immediately knew that this wasn't ordinary pollen, as she lost all control of her body, and collapsed on her back. She felt her head smack the floor and saw stars for a minute. When everything came back into focus, she could tell that she was on her back, with her right hand on her chest, her left hand stretched out beside her, and both her legs pinned underneath her. She tried to sit up, but realized that she was paralyzed; she could still feel though, the pain in her head, and the cold floor against her shins and shoulders. She tried to talk but couldn't.

She felt something warm press against her right knee, and thought nothing of it, until she felt another press against her left knee. She couldn't lift her head to see what was happening, but she had a horrible suspicion what might be. The feeling started making its way up her thighs, and then up under the towel. They worked their way across her stomach. She looked down, afraid that she was going to see what she thought she might. She could see, her breasts covered with the towel. She felt the things work their way to her breasts, were they both turned towards the center. She could feel them slid their way in between her breasts; and sure enough, she could see her breasts starting to part, and a gap form between them. Then she saw them, two large vines, poke from the gap between her breasts. She wanted to scream, but couldn't; she couldn't believe that she was about to be killed by some weird, meat eating plant from who knows where.

She watched the vines continue to stretch through the gap; but instead of continuing on to strangle her, they curved back, lifted, opened her towel, and let it fall on either side of her.

It was at this moment that she realized she could feel several other vines touching her. Two had worked their way around her thighs, while another one was circling her waist. The first two dropped to either side of her before wrapping themselves around her upper arms.

The next thing she knew, she could feel her naked body being lifted off the floor. Her head rolled back and hung there. She could tell that she was being drawn closer to the plant, because when she looked at the floor, she could see the edge of the towel making its way past her head. Just when she was wondering what was going to happen next, she felt herself being laid down on what felt like a soft, warm bench, but she knew had to be another part of the plant. It was only large enough to support her from the small of her back to her shoulders, so her head was still hanging, and her ass was suspended in mid-air. The vine holding her waist released her, but the other four vines held tight.

There she was, naked, lying on her back, her head hanging, her arms being held out to either side of her, and with her legs being held up in the air. Suddenly, her head was being pushed forward by another vine, until her chin touched her chest. She could see down the length of her body, and watched in horror, waiting for something to happen; she didn't have to wait long.

Two long thin vines appeared on either side of her; they both had what looked like tulips on the ends of them. At the same time the vines holding her legs started to pull apart, and she felt more exposed than ever before. From out of the center of the plant, three thick vines made their way towards her; two of them looked like open ended tubes, while the other one had a bulge at the end and tiny tulip about a foot down its length. Everything seemed to be frozen for a minute then she saw the vine with the bulge drop down between her legs. Even though she thought she knew what was going to happen, it still surprised her when she felt the vine press against her pussy.

Having just masturbated, her pussy was already loose, and the vine only needed to apply a bit of pressure before sliding inside her. She could feel it as inch after inch, the bulge made its way deeper inside her pussy; it stopped just as the tulip was within two inches of her. She saw the tulip open up slightly, and bend towards her pussy. She gasped as she felt it make contact with her clitoris. The tulip closed around it and, it felt like to her, began sucking on her clit. Despite the situation, she couldn't resist the sensation this caused and she came; playing with her clit had always been the quickest way to get herself off. She barely noticed as the two thin vines encircled her breasts, squeezed and attached the tulips to her now erect nipples. She was so distracted by the pumping of the vine, and the sucking of the tulips that she paid no attention to the other two vines, or to the fact that her head had been lowered back down.

It started with a tickling sensation on her asshole, before she came back to her senses. She saw one of the open ended vines appears before her face, and could tell that the other one was testing her asshole. She wanted to scream as the vine forced its way in her asshole, but she was still paralyzed. She could tell that it had contracted to squeeze through, but was now expanding back to its previous thickness. She saw the vine in front of her contract to the size of a straw and lean in towards her face. She felt it force her mouth open, and slid in. It worked its way around her tongue and started down her throat; this would normally have caused her to gag, but again she was still paralyzed. Once it got a good way down her throat, it started it expand, but left enough room for her to breath.

She could feel the intensity of the pumping from the vine in her pussy increase. She then felt what seemed to be another bulge push against her pussy. Suddenly she realized that it was making its way up the vine, as it pushed its way in and she could feel it move deeper into her pussy.

Suddenly, she was lifted in the air, as her arms and legs were pulled apart. At this same moment, two things happened. First, she felt what could only be a seed, burst from the tip of the vine in her pussy, into her uterus. Second, both the tubes in her throat and ass started gushing out a fruity sticky liquid.

Just as suddenly as it had happened, all the vines were pulled from inside her, as those holding her released her, causing her to fall three feet to the ground. She lay there, with her arms and legs spread out, seeing stars for the second time tonight. Once the room came back into focus, she tried to move, only to realize that she was still paralyzed. She could feel where the vines had gripped her arms, legs, and breasts. She felt the erectness of her clit and nipples. She definitely felt the rawness of her ass, throat, and pussy. And she could feel a strange pulsing deep inside her belly. She couldn't tell how long she laid there until she finally gave into exhaustion and fell asleep.

She woke up the next morning, curled up on the floor, clutching the towel to her. She jumped up right away, and looked over at the box containing the plant. It looked just like it had when she opened it the previous evening. She ran upstairs to her mirror, threw the towel aside at examined her body. She turned every which way she could think off, and saw no marks on her whatsoever. She did, however, find a nasty bump on the back of her head. She ran back downstairs, and looked at the floor. She saw near the shower basin, a crushed pack of silica gel, the kind they used in packing. Not sure whether she believed that she had slipped and bumped her head, she headed over to the plant, and knelled down in front of it. Nothing happened. She grabbed one of the vines, brought it to her pussy, and started rubbing it against her. Again, nothing happened. Feeling a little foolish, she stood up and headed back upstairs, convinced that she must have slipped on the silica pack after her shower, bumped her head, passed out, and dreamed the whole thing.

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