tagRomanceThe Lonely Salesman Ch. 03

The Lonely Salesman Ch. 03


Ch 3 - Holidays are for hearts.

My alarm went off at 7 AM. I reached up to hit the snooze button and felt her warmth beside me. Connie's sleepy eyes opened and she half grinned at me. I pushed the snooze and wrapped my arm around her soft shoulder and pulled her tighter to me.

Connie sighed and just snuggled in closer to me. Neither of us wanted to get up, both of us wanted the warm comfortable feeling of waking up in your lover's arms to last forever. A new day was dawning, and with it a new feeling was swelling in my heart. Connie had opened her heart to me and I gladly accepted the responsibility of filling the void she had there.

We didn't speak for the longest time that third morning. Our bodies had become one in the past two days and I knew we were both thinking of our minds and souls melting together just as our bodies had.

She spoke first, "Philly, I'm feeling something I didn't think I'd ever feel again."

"I think we should nurture the feelings we are both having Connie, let's see if they grow." I said.

She smiled and said, "I'd like that baby."

Connie kissed me on the cheek and slid out of bed pulling my soft warm comforter along with her to wrap it around her body as she walked toward the bath room.

I thought maybe I didn't say what she had hoped for and that she wanted to be alone for a few minutes. I was feeling like I may be falling in love with Connie, but before I said those words I wanted to make sure we weren't just lusting for each other and confusing that lust for love. I wanted to see if the feelings I was having would grow without making incredible love with her.

Connie came back into my bed room wearing my long black terry cloth bath robe. She had brushed her hair out and was looked incredible for having just woken up. She sat on the edge of the bed and took my hand in hers.

"Philly, we should talk." She whispered.

The tone of her voice and expression on her face told me that she was worried about what the outcome of our conversation would be.

"Babe I know what you're thinking." I said.

Connie replied, "No Philly you don't know what I'm thinking."

"Okay baby, tell me what you're thinking then." I asked. Connie took a deep breath and held my hand between her hands. She looked very nervous, almost to a point where I expected to see tears well up in her eyes.

She said, "Philly since we met three weeks ago we've become good friends and in the last two days incredible lovers. It scares me to think where we may be headed. I have so many doubts and fears about myself Philly. I am so used to having the men in my life use me and hurt me physically or mentally that I've put up some kind of emotional wall around myself. I just wanted you."

I interrupted her to say, "Connie the last three weeks have been something special, and I agree that yesterday and the day before were nothing short of spectacular. I think we should take our time and see if our relationship continues to grow. If as I believe, it continues to grow any emotional barrier you have in place will melt away quickly."

"But Philly, that's what scares me most." Connie said. "What if it doesn't melt away?"

I pondered her statement for a moment before I answered, "If it doesn't Connie, then we will be the closest possible best friends."

Connie smiled and rubbed my hand between hers. She said, "Philly you know that's one of the things I love about you so much. You always know exactly what to say to put my mind at ease."

I placed my free hand along side her jaw and gently caressed her there as I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. Connie sighed quietly and pressed her face a little firmer against my palm.

Breaking our kiss Connie said, "Now baby, it's my turn to make you breakfast. Take your shower and I'll bring you a cup of hot coffee in a little while."

As she stood and started toward my kitchen I noticed that sexy little bounce in her walk that I love so much. I knew from her walk that I'd put her mind at ease for now. I knew the real challenge would be putting her heart and soul at ease also.

I showered quickly letting the hot water fill my small bathroom with a fog of steam. Stepping from the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and used the palm of my hand to wipe a clear circle in the mirror over the sink. Just as I lathered my face with shaving cream Connie knocked lightly on the door.

She pushed it open a few inches and said, "You decent baby?"

I laughed at her rather silly question, and said, "No but if you want I can lose this towel."

Connie set a hot cup of coffee on the sink and asked, "Can I watch you shave baby?"

"Sure babe, but if I let you watch me shave, you have to let me watch you shave sometime too." I replied.

"Deal Philly." She said. "In fact if you'd like I'll let you shave me."

I smiled a big wide white shaving cream smile at her and made a mental note that I would look forward to doing just that.

Connie leaned against the wall and watch intently as I moved the razor over my face. She seemed like she was trying to remember which way I shaved to get the closest possible shave.

I took a fingertip of shaving cream and dabbed it on the tip of her nose and she giggled. Splashing water on my face and grabbing a small towel I dried my face and then splashed on some after shave. Connie moved closer to me and slid her hand along my face.

"Hmmmm.. Nice and smooth baby" She remarked. "I won't have to worry about stubble burns on my thighs tonight."

I teased her saying, "And what makes you think these cheeks are going to be near your thighs tonight Connie?"

She just smiled and let her robe fall open showing off her incredible body.

"You're bored with this already Philly?" She said playfully.

I put my finger up to my chin like I was thinking it over. "Three in a row babe, I don't know if I'm up to it."

"Let me worry about getting you up to it baby." She said before she giggled lustfully.

I finished up in the bath room and started dressing for work. Connie watched me intently as I picked out what I would wear to the store that day. I was scheduled to open so I only had an hour before I needed to be at Andover.

I asked Connie, "What's your schedule today baby?"

She replied, I start at eleven and get off at eight tonight babe."

"Good, I can hang out from six to eight then we can grab a bite to eat and do something tonight."

Connie smiled at me, happy that I wanted to be with her again that night.

"Great babe." she said, " I was hopping you would want to see me again tonight."

We sat at my small kitchen table and talked over our breakfast. She seemed very relaxed and quite at home in my apartment. I was glad Connie was feeling comfortable here because I was planning on having her there as much as possible, even if I hadn't told her that yet.

She asked, "So what are we going to do tonight baby?"

I grinned and said, "We'll figure out something interesting Connie."

Finishing my coffee, I washed out the cup and grabbed my travel mug. Filling it to the brim I set it on the counter and turned to Connie.

"Hey babe, I'm going to get going." I said.

"But Philly I'm not dressed yet." Connie replied.

"It's okay take your time hun, shower if you like and I'll see you when you get to the mall." I said.

Connie had to drive to her place to get dressed so instead of hanging at my place she quickly dressed and got ready to leave when I did. I stood in the doorway to my bed room and watched her as she slid my bath robe off. I admired her incredible body in the daylight that streamed through the window. Connie's body is so well proportioned. Her breasts are full but not huge. The areola surrounding her nipples is a perfect circle and just a shade or two lighter in color then the nipples. Her stomach is perfectly flat and her belly button is so cute. I especially love the way her hips flare out from her waist. She has strong thighs that are very shapely and very feminine. She turned toward me as she carefully covered herself with her thong.

She smiled and cocked her head a little to one side before she said, "Do you like my body Philly?"

I grinned at her and said, "Do I like your body?" "What do you think Connie?"

She replied, "I hope you like it Philly."

"Connie, there isn't one thing I'd change about your body." I said. "You could be a model if you wanted to."

As Connie put on her bra she said, "I'm to full figured to be a runway model Philly." "But I've often thought that it would be such a turn on to do some erotic modeling."

"Porn?" I asked,

"Not hardcore stuff babe, but maybe some lingerie or semi naked modeling." She replied.

"I'll make a mental note of that Connie." I said with a devilish grin on my face.

She slipped her slacks on as she said, "Good I was hopping you would Philly."

Connie finished dressing and walked slowly over to me. She leaned into my arms as I hugged her close to me. I kissed her softly on the lips and offered the tip of my tongue to her, which she happily accepted.

She whispered, "Philly, thank you baby, thank you for an incredible night. I can hardly wait for tonight."

I kissed her again before I said, "We will make every night incredible baby."

Grabbing my keys from the table beside the door and my coffee mug from the counter I opened the door to my apartment to leave for the mall.

Connie slipped out beside me and took my hand in hers. We walked together to our cars. I took her keys unlocked the door and opened it for her.

She smiled and commented, "A gentleman always Philly, I love that babe."

She slid into the drivers seat and I leaned down to kiss her once more before she left. A soft sensual kiss, a kiss that would have us both wanting more as soon as we were together again.

"Later babe." I said as I closed the car door.

She smiled at me through the window and turned the key. I watched her drive off thinking how lucky I am to finally have such a sexy passionate woman in my life. I just hope that the passion we share now will grow into something even more spectacular.

I made it to Andover with ten minutes to spare. My assistant Ken was scheduled to start work at noon. I figured that since I was going to stay till eight when Connie got off I'd start working on the change over to our holiday display windows today.

Mornings are slow in the men's shoe business so I'd be able to get quite a bit done, and after Ken got in we could spend the afternoon getting set up for the holiday season.

Stripping the display windows takes no time at all. I've done it many times and have it all down to a science. By quarter of ten the window was bare. I measured out the bright red base fabric and stapled it in place. Earlier in the week I had picked up a train set at one of the toy stores in the mall. I'd made a deal with the manager there that I'd put a sign on one of the cars that this set was available at his store so it cost me nada. He even threw in enough track so I could snake it through the maze of shoes that would be displayed in the window. I made short work of setting up the train and made a couple test runs to be sure it would stay on the track for the next month and a half. While the train ran around I finished my now cold mug of coffee. It was ten fifteen. I walked to the front of the store and was looking at the train running around my window display when I felt a presence behind me. I didn't turn around because if it was Connie I didn't want to spoil her surprise.

A familiar sexy voice said, "Do you like playing with trains little boy." She giggled after asking the obvious question.

Without turning around I said, "Why yes I do. I especially like the little caboose. It reminds me of another cute little caboose."

Connie said, "So you think I have a cute little caboose Philly?"

I finally turned around, I had a snappy come back about her sexy little caboose but I was shocked speechless at how incredible she looked.

Connie was wearing a tight burgundy sweater and a white pleated skirt. Her hair cascaded down onto her shoulders and spread evenly in front and across her back. Her eyes sparkled. Her lips shimmered. Her smile told me my reaction was exactly what she was hoping for.

"Connie, You look incredible!" I exclaimed.

She smiled and did a pirouette to show me the back of her outfit and then said, "How's the caboose looking baby.

I smiled and said, "Sexiest caboose I've ever seen baby."

"Good I'm glad you think so Philly." She replied. "Let's sneak in the back for a minute baby I want to show you something."

Connie didn't wait for me to agree or say anything. She just turned and started walking toward the doorway to my stock room. I let her get a step or two ahead of me and watched her ass sway to and fro as she walked. Her skirt moved with her hips and I felt a stirring in my loins as I thought about what that skirt was covering.

As we entered the stock room she continued walking toward the far wall. Stopping within reach of the ceiling high shelves of shoe boxes. I stopped a few steps behind her and leaned against a stack of shipping cartons UPS had delivered earlier. She didn't turn to face me, instead turning at the hips and looked at me over her shoulder. She had a devilish grin on her lips.

Connie said, "Tell me again what you think of my sexy caboose baby."

As she spoke those words she spread her feet further apart, bent at the hips and slid her hands down the front of her legs to her shoes. Her skirt lifted up in the back revealing an incredible pair of sexy lace topped thigh high stockings.

The stirring I'd felt in my loins a few seconds earlier turned into stiffening at the zipper of my slacks. I stood there mesmerized by the incredible image of Connie's sexy legs.

Slowly she moved her hands from the front of her legs around to her heels. Her hands began a slow slid up the back of her legs. Across two perfectly shaped calf muscles, into the crook of her knees, and upward onto a pair of thighs I'd kill to have wrapped around my waist.

As her hands reached the tops of her stockings and continued up, the material of her skirt gathered along her wrists and moved up with her hands. She didn't stop until her hands had slid up across her creamy smooth ass. Her skirt flipped up onto her back exposing her absolutely incredible ass. Naked except for the sexiest white satin thong I'd ever seen.

That stiffening at my zipper had turned into a huge bulge as my cock strained against the material that held it in place.

I was speechless until Connie asked, "So Philly, want to play with my caboose?"

As I stumbled for the words Connie slid her hands down onto her ass and spread her fingers across her cheeks. She pulled them apart showing me the thin strip of white satin covering her pussy and asshole. Her nails were tipped with the same burgundy color of her sweater.

She hooked a finger under the thin white satin strip of material and pulled it to one side exposing her pussy to my staring eyes.

She again asked, "Do you want to play with my caboose baby?" Want to stick your hot locomotive in my cute little caboose baby?"

Connie swayed her ass back and forth enticing me to drive my hot erect locomotive deep into her tight little caboose.

I didn't say a word. But Connie knew by the sound of the store entry buzzer being activated as I flipped the switch that I wanted more than anything to enter her sex tunnel with my long hard locomotive.

She looked around at me with a lustful look on her face. Her hands spread the cheeks of her ass further apart as I approached from behind. I unzipped my pants and reached inside for the throttle of my locomotive. Her pussy lips parted as I positioned myself for entry. My cock stood at attention from the front of my slacks.

I pressed the tip against her parted pussy lips and it slipped between the soft warm portals of her tunnel of love.

Connie moaned deeply as my cock entered her. She released her grip on her ass cheeks and moved her hands to the edge of the shelf in front of her.

Before I could put my locomotive in forward she pushed back and buried me inside. She was totally hot. I grabbed her hips and began moving back and forward, in and out of her hot wet tunnel. She groaned as my cock rammed into her full steam ahead.

"Oh god Philly, I've waited all morning to feel you stuff me with your cock." She exclaimed.

I could only muster a deep throaty moan as I slammed against her ass.

We both knew this would be a fast hard fuck, a morning quickie before some early mall shopper disrupted this incredible fuck.

As I fucked her hard and fast she said, "Yes baby, give me a pussy full of your hot cum." I want to spend my day with your seed inside me baby!"

She pushed her sweet pussy back against me as I slammed into her with every thing I could. There was no slowing, no taking our time, I wanted to explode inside her as fast as possible and give her what she craved.

I finally spoke, "Oh god Connie, you're so fucking hot, so wet, so incredibly tight.

"I've been hot and wet for you all morning baby." She said. "Now I want you to soak my pussy and keep me hot and wet all day."

I felt my balls tighten and the cum began to boil up from the tight sack of my scrotum. I groaned as my approaching orgasm began to build.

Connie felt my cock swell and said, "That's it baby, give it to me now Phillyeeeee."

In an instant my cock exploded. My cum shot out of it like the belching steam from a speeding locomotive.

I groaned deeply and screamed, "Oh jesus fucking Christ baby. I'm cumming."

Connie squealed, and said, "Yes Philly, fill me give me every drop of your hot sticky cum baby."

Stream after hot stream of sticky cum splashed into her, coating the walls of her sex tunnel with the fluid she craved so badly.

She moaned over and over as I filled her, as I deposited my seed deep inside her. My orgasm began to subside and I withdrew my still erect cock from her. She turned instantly and took me between her moist shimmering lips, licking and sucking the cum from my cock.

I groaned as she cleaned me with her mouth. Finally I pulled her up to a standing position and took her in my arms. Our mouths met in a passionate searching sensual kiss. Connie reached down and stroked my cock slowly as if she wanted her hand to memorize each throbbing inch of it.

My hands ran up and down her back, up under her hair to her head. I pressed her mouth tightly against mine and drove my tongue deep between her lips. She moaned with pleasure as my tongue searched her oral cavity.

I broke our kiss to say, "Baby, each time we fuck seems more incredible then the last time."

"Yes babe, our bodies are becoming fine tuned to each other. We're learning how and what pleases each other most. I can't wait till the next time so I can learn more Philly." Connie said.

I wanted to tell her right there and then that I was falling deeply in love with her. I wanted her to hear my voice say the words.

I began, "Connie, baby I'm..." BUZZZZ, my words were interrupted by the sound of the store entry buzzer going off.

"Oh shit." I said.

Connie giggled and said, "Philly don't forget to put your locomotive back in the round house before you go out front."

As I zippered up, I gave her a quick slap on the ass and said, "And don't you forget to cover up that sexy little caboose baby."

I rounded the corner to the front and was greeted by a middle-aged man holding a brown leather wingtip. "I'd like to try these on please." He said.

I wanted to stick that wingtip up his ass, but said, "Yes sir, have a seat and I'll check your size."

About that time Connie strolled from the back room. The customer took one look at her, and instantly got a devilish grin on his face.

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