tagInterracial LoveThe Long, Dark Alley

The Long, Dark Alley


I knew he was a killer. There was no doubt.

I was across the street, outside the restaurant, when I saw him. I saw his face just briefly when he lit his cigarette, the flame reflected against his black skin. Then he vanished and the alley went back to darkness.

"Well, I think I got that squared away," said Harold, marching out of the restaurant behind me. He was so cheap, he always argued with the waitstaff wherever we went out to eat. It was so embarrassing, I had to leave when it was happening.

"Well, that's nice to hear," I said, as he took me by the hand and began to lead me away.

Harold and I had only been married for only a few years at that point, and were on vacation... a kind of second honeymoon, he called it. It's amazing how much things can change in just a few years. Back then, he seemed so powerful, mostly because he was wealthy and full of ambition. I was his high school sweetheart... plain, flat-chested, not very pretty even by generous standards... but he loved me, I suppose, and had always thought that me being at his side was part of his life's trajectory.

Now things were certainly different. Money had changed me, in a massive way. Over the past several years I'd had almost a dozen cosmetic surgical procedures... Millions of dollars, and worth every red cent. The showpiece, of course, was my massive DD breasts, which hung suspended in gravity on my chest. They were heavy and perfectly round, jiggled deliciously with every step I took. With my tan and long, blonde hair, I had finally become the human Barbie doll I'd always dreamed of being.

Harold, on the other hand, just looked more plain and pathetic by comparison. Sure, he was still rich, which definitely had its advantages. But he was short... about three inches shorter than me. He had also begun to lose his hair last year... First a receding hairline, then it thinned so much on top you could see his pale scalp peeking out. I begged him to get hair plugs or something, but he just scoffed at the idea. Instead he grew his hair out long on one side and combed it over. It looked ridiculous.

Money had made me gorgeous. Money had made Harold fat and weak.

"Come on, Candace, let's get back to the hotel," he said.

"There's a shortcut we can take," I said, gesturing to the alley across the street.

Harold frowned. "I don't know..." I could hear the nervousness in his voice. "It looks pretty dark. Who knows what's down there?"

"Come on! Let's live a little!" I giggled and let my long, pink fingernails trace their way down his pants, outlining his little pecker, which had now grown hard. "It would be nice to be somewhere dark and alone..." I teased.

That was all the reasoning he needed to hear.

Truth was, we hadn't had sex in the past two weeks, and we'd only had sex a few times in the months previous. That's what happens when you're married to someone you're no longer attracted to, I guess. Every night I made up some excuse as to why I wasn't in the mood... and I knew he was dying for it. That began to become fun for me, seeing how desperate he was.

I would leave my panties laying around for him to find, or bend over low before him, brush my boobs against his arm... As though I were intentionally flirting with him, and that sex would be coming soon enough... but it never did.

I liked knowing he was in pain. It gave me a wicked pleasure.

Sure enough, he took me by the hand and we crossed the street and into the alley. I could sense he was scared, the way he kept looking over his shoulder... My pussy was getting so wet, so excited by the danger of it all...

"I.. I... I don't know..." he stammered. "Maybe this wasn't such a great idea... How long is this alley, anyway? I can't even see the end of it!"

"It's long enough," came a deep voice like thunder.

My breath caught.

"Who's there?" Harold called out, suddenly panicked.

The thug walked into a shaft of moonlight. Yes, it was the same man I had seen before. He was massive, he must have been seven feet tall. His arms were enormous, like tree trunks. His head was shaved clean. He wore a tight white T shirt through which I could see every muscle rippling through. This was a perfect man, perfect in every way... Even though he had a knife on us. A knife that had no doubt been used to kill other people. Just thinking about that, I had to lick my lips. I've always had a sadistic side, and now it was coming out in full force.

"What do you want from us?" asked Harold, backing away.

The large, black man just smiled. "Two things," he said. "Your wallet..." and then he looked to me. "...and your woman."

Oh, fuck yes! This was what I was dreaming of! Juices began leaking down the inside of my thighs and my breasts heaved as I breathed heavy.

"Well you can't have either one!" screamed Harold. "So just leave us alone!"

"But what choice do we have, honey?" I asked. "After all, he has a knife!"

"I know, but... but..."

"Listen to your woman, chump. She knows what she's talking about." The thug punched Harold in the gut, sent him doubling over, gasping for air.

Then, without pausing, the thug grabbed my ass with one hand and my boobs with the other. Holy fuck, I couldn't wait to see how big his cock was, I was sure it had to be massive! "You're the hottest white woman I ever seen," he said. "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of your white cunt."

Harold managed to stand upright, grabbing onto the wall for support. "No... don't... take your hands off..."

With incredible speed, the thug grabbed Harold by his scrawny neck, hoisted him up, his legs kicking in mid air.

"Let me... let me... down..!" he struggled.

It was all I could do to not laugh! Harold looked like a child's doll! Like a balding ventriloquist's dummy! Then the thug tossed Harold against the side of the alley wall, conking his head hard against it.

I squealed with delight.

"You like that shit, huh?" asked the man. "You like seeing his white ass get hurt?"

"I love it!" I admitted, and unabashedly reached out and grabbed for his zipper. I put my slender hands down his pants and... Oh my fucking God! His cock was monstrous! It was gigantic! I could not believe it! I needed BOTH hands just to feel all the way around it.

He grinned in the moonlight. "Fuck yeah, bitch."

I finally got his cock out of his pants. It must have weighed several pounds just on its own. I couldn't believe how small Harold's was by comparison... there was no comparison!

Drool began to form in the corners of my mouth, which I quickly licked away.

"You like it, huh?" asked the man.

I nodded eagerly, my boobs bouncing as I did so.

"Well then, get down on your knees and started sucking, slut."

I did as he told me, got my red lips around his monster cock, holding it with both hands and stroking it as I kissed it. It was the most wonderful, amazing thing I had ever put in my mouth... and I had just come from one of the most expensive seafood restaurants in the city!

From behind me, as I sucked, I could head Harold coming to. He was moaning. "What... what... what are you doing..." I could just barely see him out of the corner of my eyes. The big man's cock head was now in my cheek and going down into my throat.

I had to give it to Harold, he had stamina.

You're still conscious? Shit," the thug teased my husband. "I was just about to blow my load in your slut wife's mouth!"

Suddenly, there was a massive sensation of hot liquid burning its way down my throat and into my stomach. I worked his shaft with both my hands, so that it would pump every last drop into me. I closed my eyes in ecstasy.

Then he yanked my head away. I gasped for air. I swallowed as much as I could, but there were still thick clumps of semen spilling down my chin and pooling in my cleavage.

The thug went over and slapped Harold hard across the face. I could hear the sting. "Now sit your ass down and watch this, cracker!"

And with that he pulled me around, tore my panties off and the next thing I knew, that monster cock was thrusting deep within my pussy, tearing into me with a ferocity unlike anything I'd ever known. I screamed out in orgasm after orgasm, each bringing me to a higher plateau of pleasure.

Harold, for his part, could do nothing but sit there and cry like a baby, watching his perfect little Barbie doll get fucked by a large, black man. He cried I loved it, I loved watching his tears! I loved watching him destroyed!

Suddenly, there was another massive eruption of cum in my pussy. It was like a geyser. It filled my entire body... I could even feel it in my finger tips... His hot semen felt like it was in my veins.

I wish I could have kept that cock in me forever, but before I knew it, the thug pulled me off and threw me on the ground. Then he took aim with his cock and splurted one last blast of cum all over my tits which had come out of my dress.

"Your wife was so good, you can keep your fucking wallet," he said, and disappeared into the shadows.


We made it back to the hotel hours later. Harold called the police of course, and filled out a report. They tried to get me into rape counseling, but I insisted I was fine. We were there for hours, it felt. Harold apologized about a thousand times, blubbering about what he wished he had done... how he could have prevented the whole thing... It was massively pathetic.


Two night later, we were up late watching television in the hotel room. We'd barely spoken about the incident since. It was like Harold wanted to just forget the whole thing had ever happened.

There was a loud knock at the door.

"Who could that be?" asked Harold, annoyed.

I looked at my watch. Just in time! "Better answer it, dear!" I said.

As soon as he left the couch, I reached up under my dress and slid my panties down. Then I gave my boobs a good shake, made sure my cleavage was maximized.

"What do you mean interrupting us at this hour...?" Harold began, then stopped short. He took a step back. I swear I saw piss leak down his pants.

There stood the thug, filling the doorway. He gazed over at me and grinned. I was already rubbing my pussy in anticipation.

"I forgot to tell you, honey!" I cooed. "I ordered room service!"

The thug cracked his knuckles, stepped inside, and slammed the door shut behind him.

Oh, it was going to be a long, beautiful night.

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by Nexttimeround03/23/18

For the reality

of the wonderful black male white female relationship (which is touched on here) see mudshark madness.

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by Anonymous03/23/18

really hot

but it would be even better if there were more thugs to gangbang the slut wife.

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