tagBDSMThe Long Weekend Ch. 01

The Long Weekend Ch. 01


It was a warm fall day and you were dying to get home from work. It is Labor Day weekend and you felt entitled to 3 days off and a night in Portland with absolutely no distractions between us. They let you off early so you could catch the train and miss the traffic. Your mind wanders to and from and in and out of consciousness. The plan for this evening has been forming in your mind for months. In your mind you can see the pre-cum leaking from my cock as you take me to the edge repetitively without cessation or satisfaction. You know exactly what you will do.

You enter our place and drop your keys loudly. I smile and saunter up to you. You shake you head and stick your hand down the front of my shorts. You know I've been playing with myself all day long and have cum a couple of times. At one point I interrupted you right before a meeting to make you listen to me cum while I jerked off to videos of you playing with yourself. This partially annoys you.

"Come with me," you say leading me towards the bedroom. You set it up the way you wanted it before you left, knowing I would be too confused or too lazy to rearrange it. There is a stool in the center of the bedroom. You tell me to strip. Thinking nothing more than that I am going to get laid, I strip quickly. Little do I know what is in store. Once naked, you reach down and feel my hardening cock. It feels rough and dry. "How many times did you stroke yourself today?" you ask.

"Three times, once after I woke up, once on the phone, and once on the Internet." You tell me to get some lotion so you can soften me up a bit and so you can stroke me off. I do so. When I come back you have two sets of fur-covered restraints in your hand.

"Stand here," you order pointing to the floor in front of the stool. I move there quickly, liking where hand cuffs and lotion is taking me. You tell me to spread my legs and you kneel in front of me. I can feel your face hovering near my cock. You breathe on it to distract me as you attach the restraints from my ankles to the legs of the stool. You smile up at me and laugh, one set of restraints on.

You pull my arms behind my back and attach the restraints to each wrist ensuring that the restraints are routed through a vertical bar in the back of the chair. You have me immobilized and you step back to admire your handy work. You rub some lotion between your palms to give me the illusion that you may satisfy me quickly, or even slowly but in the near future. You relish my gasp as your soft hand makes contact with my cock and begins to stroke it in a pulling fashion. You bite your lip and continue to stroke me until I am good and hard. I start to nod to let you know that you are doing it right and that if you continue you will make me cum. You smile and turn around and walk out.

Stunned I hear you start to cook dinner. I am amazed and start to try to move around with my hands and feet attached to the stool. You hear the noise and come in to settle me down. To this end, you drop to your knees and lick me once from the base to the tip of my cock. You promptly stand-up and look me straight in the face, grabbing my chin, you tell me that if I fall you are not going to untie me all night and nor help me up. With that you turn-about and walk out of the room to continue dinner.

About a half hour later you return to the bedroom and start stripping. I can hear the TV blaring. You are naked in front of me, and you turn around pressing your sex into my hard cock. You reach between your legs and stroke the underside of my cock with your fingers while you moistening pussy lips massage the top half. You turn around to face me and pull my cock so that it points towards the ground and then you step in close, slowly allowing my cock to point up to the sky. I feel the electricity and approach of my own orgasm as you allow my head to reach your pussy. You reach below our waists and start to rub my rock on your clit. Your pace increases as I let out moans of frustration. I am torn between the pleasure of your hand and wetness on my cock and the futility of the act because I am well aware that I will not orgasm in this manner. You lean in closer and bite my earlobe and breathe heavily into my ear. I can tell by your rhythm that you are getting close. Your head falls to the crook of my neck and I feel you bite my neck with all of your strength. My knees buckle as you start to quiver and contort you body with the waves of your orgasm.

"I m cumming," you breathe through your teeth. I can feel the near growl deep down inside of me through the tension and pain you are inflicting in my neck. You release me and it is like having a mini-orgasm of my own when you release my neck. I am dying for satisfaction now and you laugh at my thrusting as you put on your comfortable sweats and leave the room.

Five, maybe ten minutes of waiting pass and I hear a cell phone ring. I hear bits and pieces of the conversation but gather the bulk of it. You have invited you friend Melanie over to watch this show and have told her that I was out with the boys. Instantly my mind is frantic with the situation. What is she doing? What is she setting me up for? This could be really embarrassing. I start to struggle and I realize I am about to fall. Remembering your earlier threat, I stop. The best case scenario I can imagine out of this is a bad case of blue balls, the worst is the embarrassment of being seen naked, vulnerable, and aroused by one of my friend's wife.

Unsure what to do, I call out to you. You stick your head inside the door and say "Shut up or I will leave this door open." With that I am silent for the rest of the evening. Standing with an erection in the center of our bedroom I perch on the stool and wait. I hear the phone ring and you answer. You enter the room on the phone and grab my cock as you hit "9" and buzz her in. I feel you raise your knee into my groin and I bite my lip. It is agony as you torture me with the start of a quick hand-job before letting Melanie in. You stroke me for an eternity, the veins bulging in my heavily aroused cock and all I can hope is that Melanie gets lost on the way to our apartment so I can receive some satisfaction. There is a knock at the door and I feel a sharp slap on my balls as you depart the room, leaving the door open a crack.

Melanie enters our apartment and I can immediately tell it's her. She is very outgoing and talkative and her voice carries. "Has it started already?" she asks and I think, yes it has. I listen to talk about this worthless show as I stand helpless and erect. Thankfully, my arousal is starting to wane and I think I can at least scoot over to be out of the line of sight of the crack in the door. It's a commercial when you enter the room again. You notice I have moved and that I am starting to relax. You give me the stare of death as you drag the chair back to the center of the room while I scamper with short choppy steps to try not to tip over. When satisfied you grip my balls tightly and squeeze them. The sharp pain runs through them. I think you are going to crush them as you lean in and tell me "She's going to hear you and then I am going to let her come back here." Terrified I nod and you know I will not move. You move out of my sight and come back with a strap of leather with a buckle on the end. I groan, knowing what is about to happen next. I feel its cool, smooth texture as you wrap it around the base of my cock and cinch it down tightly. The veins immediately emerge from my cock and know soon my dick will be purple and throbbing.

The show goes on for an eternity, I can hear you two conversing about the program, work, and the upcoming weekend. It seems you both think we should leave around midnight and stay in all day "resting up." I hear you both laugh and giggle. She makes some comment about not getting enough this week. Clearly and loudly she states, "So we'll definitely be resting up all day," followed by a giggle. Looking forward to the prospect of fucking your brains out all day uninterrupted causes additional blood to flow to my cock and be trapped by the sinister cock strap. A commercial comes, I note the obnoxious jingle and I hear movement. Terrified, I lock my knees and stand rigid. I hear Melanie move to the bathroom. I see as her head turns towards the crack in the door as she enters. I think I notice a subtle grin on her face as she passes into the bathroom. She moves back to the front room and I can hear her sit. More movement. You enter the bedroom. You rake your fingernails along my cock. Noticing the pre-cum starting to form at the tip, you smile and pull something off of the seat of the stool I am attached to for the evening. My world goes dark and I groan. I feel the earplugs go in. I cannot sense anything outside the sense of touch. I am alone in the dark.

My mind is running wild.

Did I hear the door shut? Is it open?

Was that a camera flash? Who's moving around me?

Whats going here? Why is my cock so fucking hard?

All of a sudden my world is tipped over and I am falling. It hurts and my back and shoulders are jolted as a shock of pain runs up my arms. I am powerless and on my back. Really I am not on my back, but laying with my back to the floor on top of the stool. As painful as you can imagine. And in my discomfort I feel a hand start to stroke my hardened cock. The veins bulging out of it and a purple hue to it denoting the blood trapped in it. Fuck, your hand feels good. Then it hits me, surely Melanie heard the crash of me falling to the floor. Certainly she would come in to see what happened. Is she watching you stroke me? What are you doing? I am so fucking confused. Do you want her to watch you torture me? And then nothing. I am left alone, lying on top of the stool, my back towards the ground, my cock pointing straight to the sky.

I can hear and sense nothing, I strain to lift my head and see anything but it is useless. After an eternity of uncomfortable waiting I hear the bedroom door slam. Then nothing. I think I can feel someone sitting down on the bed. Then I feel it, it is your vibrator and you are pushing it against my asshole. Then I feel icy hands envelop my cock. They are wet and I feel the ice cube running up and down my cock. At first I think you are teasing me, measuring the heat of my cock against the cold of the ice cube. When it is replaced by the second, third, and forth I realize your intentions are much more evil. It is about the time when my cock is going numb completely that I think I see the flash of a camera. The cold at the base of my cock is debilitating, however, the rest of me, north of the base, has gone numb.

I feel you straddle me, your legs are on the outside of my hips. I assume you are hovering over me and then I feel our hips pressed together. Without knowing for certain I can assume that I have entered you. I feel you legs flex as you move your hips up and down and it is not until they third thrust that you impale yourself on my icy and numb cock deep enough for me to be certain that I am inside of you. You are riding my cock with abandon, slamming against me in rapid fashion. My back feels like it will break against the portions of the stool digging into it. My cock is beginning to warm back up. Numbness is replaced by blinding pain. Stabbing and ferocious I realize the pain of the rapid freezing of my cock is only intensified by the massive amount of blood trapped in my cock. You feel the heat building back up into my cock and the teasing with the vibrator resumes. I feel it plunged into my asshole now.

Too many stimulations are going into me right now as I wince in pain as it is forced further in and you lean over and clamp your teeth down on my nipple. The cum is forcing against the strap and I cannot fathom why I have not cum yet. I am in no state to consider how you are pulling all of this off. It feels like your hands are everywhere. Again, I think I sense the flash of a camera. You continue to work the vibrator in and out of me, while fucking me with abandon. I cannot sense if you've cum, it's only me and my cock. Then I feel your hand at the base of my cock. You are forcing yourself all the way down onto me, I can feel your wet lips against my balls as you release the strap. Instantly, I am cumming. My asshole grasps the vibrator. The pain is intense and my orgasm comes in 3 large waves. The first wave is the washing of the pain away replaced by an amazing pleasure, it feels as if absolutely no semen is ejaculated. The second is this seizure, this intense forcing and locking of the muscles in my groin. Coupled with this is a huge amount of semen being shot forth into you. It is during this second seizure that I sense the flashing again. The third wave is the release of the seizure, during this convulsion I feel the small remainder of semen pour out of me into you. The flashing continues. All tension in my muscles is released. Secured firmly to the stool, I relax. I feel the vibrator drop out. I feel you pussy grinding into me, getting every last drop of cum out of me. My mouth is gaping open, gasping for air. I feel your pussy move off of my cock and I am still breathing heavily when I feel your pussy lips against my mouth. Your hands go to the back of my head, now I am sure I hear a camera and I know those are flashes. Holding my mouth to your pussy with one hand I feel you take out one of the earplugs. "Eat it. Eat it all," you command and your knees clamp to the side of my head. Helpless, all I can do is suck your pussy until you are satisfied. The flashing is increasing and I feel you hovering over my face on the occasion. Finally, you hover over me and do not place your pussy lips on my face. The flashing comes in a short burst of five. It stops as you sit next to me. I can feel you smile down onto me as you take your finger and wipe the cum from my lips and place it into my mouth. Again with the flashes.

It is now that I realize how spent I am. The familiar stabbing pain in my balls rises up letting me know that I have expended all the juice in my balls. I feel like I am going to pass out. I fight against it, but I can't help it, and I fall asleep.

The pain from my back is what brings me back to. I realize the blindfold has been removed. It must be at least 9pm because its dark. I am alone. My cock is killing me, I laugh to myself thinking I shouldn't have jerked off so much today. I am still firmly attached to the stool.

"Babe, come fucking let me out of this thing, this is ridiculous," I yell.

"Hey, you, how was it?" you smile at me.

As you let me go, you laugh and we talk about how hot it was. You tell me that we are leaving in three hours and that I need to pack, eat, and take a nap. You tell me how much you are going to need me for the ride and then "after."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/02/18

,Way Too Much Information Left Out

Failing grade thus far. Potentially prospects for an interesting story. Second chapter should answer some obvious questions.

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