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The Lost Boy Ch. 15


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Hello all here's chapter 15 be happy I'm getting back to work now okay bai!!

Lol in all seriousness guys I'm crazy busy right now typing away to bring more chapters of all my stuff, but I hope you enjoy this chapter! It's a little more story oriented but there's still some sexiness, so you can get minor fapping in there! Lmao

The Following Contains: Mild violence/Action, and dickgirls sticking their dicks in boy butts.

Please do enjoy!



"Fucking dogs..."

Agrat sneered at the God forsaken sound of those filthy creatures. Her black pupil-less eyes glancing over her shoulder at the incoming group. They had been on her tail all night and she was beginning to get exceedingly irritated.

The Urul were out in packs, and Erica's senses were on high alert, tracking down the scent of their target. Throughout the backroads of Shelter they prowled, Catalina gave the word that a wild hunt had been called for in search of the Mayor. The one called Agrat, and her trail was fresh.

In their full Werewolf forms, they charged the alleys, the hunters of the pack bounding along the concrete pathways. Knocking over trash cans and debris in their wake. Other members of the Urul rode along in their human forms. Revving their bike engines and blazing down the roads to cover up the sounds of the hunt, just as they had numerous times before. The Sisters of Shelter were getting quite angry from the loud motorcycles that they used to hide their hunts, but Catalina, didn't care about the lack of beauty sleep for the Succubi. What they had come for was so close to being in their grasp, they'd deal with the politics of it later.

Erica sniffed the air again, that succulent smell of lavender and lust heavy in the air around her. She knew they were drawing near to the quarry. Her true form and Wolf like body was taller than she was normally, as were all of the Urul when they took their full shape. The dirty blonde colored fur running over the back of her shoulders and concealed by the muscle shirt she currently wore. It didn't run over her front, none of the Urul had fur on the front of their bodies, it just ran along their back mainly, and of course her wild matching colored hair was no longer kept in a ponytail for this chase. And of course, a similarly colored tail whipped around from the very bottom of her back.

Her sharpened teeth glistened in the light of the full moon, and the glowing supernatural eyes glanced up at it just to appreciate the beauty of the thing that gave them this strength.

She inhaled through her nose once more, "Rrrrrrggg...this way..." Her lower voice commanded the two other Urul with her. The pair had proven their lust for prey by accompanying her to the high school, until they were interrupted by a divine creature, an Angel.

But here, they were not out hunting for pussy. They were hunting for blood.

Her two pack mates growled excitedly in response and followed after Erica, claws and fangs out ready for anything.

The trio darted into the next alley, running on all fours with eyes scanning the area. More trash cans and a dumpster in the far back, led to a dead-end brick wall.

Erica stopped about halfway in and jumped up to stand on her hindpaws. Her two comrades remained hunched down, looking about ready to pounce at a second's notice.

She looked about, her pointed ears atop her head twitching, listening for any sign of movement not coming from her fellow Urul on the prowl.

The scent was cloying here, all around them in fact. But there were no doors or windows around them, the two buildings they were in-between looked to be just more abandoned places in Shelter. They seemed to have been unoccupied for the longest time.

"...No..." Erica thought, flexing her clawed hands and turning about. "She's here...where are you she demon..." She slowly turned around, "Show yourself..."

"As you wish."

Erica snapped upright, ears perked up and head shot to her left as the odd echo sounded in her brain.

One of her pack members that stood close to the wall didn't seem to hear the voice. Nor did she take notice to the shadow in the wall moving about and emerging from beside her. A black haired, scantily clad temptress in ornate looking armored clothing appearing next to her.

"Found me."

Her arm flung upward catching the Urul close to her by surprise and the uppercut slammed beneath the slight muzzle of her chin. She let out a harsh yelp from the force of the hit and stumbled back stunned. Immediately Erica made a move to jump in but clearly Agrat was ready and had her surprise attack planned accordingly.

She brought her leg up to kick back the blood thirsty she-wolf, hitting her in the abdomen and knocking her up into the air briefly before she collapsed back down onto the ground.

The third Urul, finally snapping to attention and seeing the materialized woman beside her tried to react. But she was prepared for her too. Her right palm cradled a chromatic ball of energy that she released by her hip. And the blue ball of light shot from her to the wolf girl in the blink of an eye, blasting into her chest and releasing a puff of wispy crackling energy that blew her completely off her feet. She collided with the wall behind her hard enough to crack the brick material and send chips raining to the ground.

Agrat smirked and looked to the still paralyzed Urul to her left. She drew her fist up to back hand the creature hard. Knuckles smashing into her face and spun her in a one eighty, then dropped to her knees. Not finished with her yet, the avian woman then grabbed her by the scruff of the back of her neck and lifted her in a wide arc, throwing her body completely overhead behind her.

Another loud yip of shock and pain was heard as the Werewolf was hurled far into the back of the alley. Crashing down onto the ground and rolled several times until her body slammed into the rear wall.

Erica leaped back up to all fours and charged in, rushing low, plowing into the fallen angel's hip with her shoulder. She swung her arms around her midsection, making sure the claws dug into her back to hold on, and threw their body weight forward into the closest wall. Agrats back hit the surface harshly but remained mostly unphased despite the numerous spiderwebbed cracks that had broken in the bricks from the force of the impact.

She drove her fist down into the she-wolf hard, impacting and drawing blood from what looked to be a now busted lip. Erica immediately retaliated and threw her own clawed fist up into the avian woman's face. She shocked the higher being with her ferocity, which in all honesty she should've expected. They are animals after all. But the hit truly was just more surprising than it was painful, she looked more offended than pained by the punch.

The Urul attempted to repeat the attack, but this time Agrat caught her hand, then reared her head back to slam it forward into Erica.

It felt like she was whacked in the face with an anvil, and she reeled back far enough to put a space between the two bodies. Agrat took advantage of the moment and threw her elbow forward into Erica's chest. Impacting powerfully into the sternum, a guttural gasp broke from Erica and she fell again. Only this time she landed onto her back by her pack mate whom had been blasted earlier.

The black-haired woman smiled cheekily down at the collapsed pair, but had it cut short as the Urul she had thrown previously apparently recovered and pounced onto Agrats back. Her teeth latching onto her by hooking her arms and legs around her and chomping into her shoulder.

"Agh! Filthy creature!" She shouted at the sharp pinching she felt from the Werewolves teeth biting in. The fangs didn't pierce through, but Agrat still felt a dull pinch. Her arm reaching up to grab the werewolf by the hair and ripping her forward and tossing her over the shoulder and onto the ground before her, where she then kicked the girl in the stomach. Once more sending her skidding across the pavement into a heap near her pack mates.

Again Erica rose up, undefeated and practically leaping over her fellow wolf when she was kicked away, teeth still bared and ready for more. "Ggrrrrrrrrrr..." The low rumble from the bleeding Urul resonated between the two different species.

This merely earned an eye roll from Agrat. "Enough of this." She turned on her heel and waved her hand.

"Don't you walk away from me you bitch!" Erica yelled in a raspy voice and again attempted to rush her, only to be stopped by a sloppy disgusting body leaping forth from the shadows and grappling the hunter down. "Agh! What the fuck!?"

"KckcgrrghuuuuaaaaahAAAAHHHHHHOOOOHHHH!!" A horrifying screeching moan resounded as heaps of broken and twisted flesh crawled from the shadows. Wretches stumbling out and throwing themselves into the fray, tossing their limbs over the recovering trio of wolf girls.

"AAH! FUCKING! GET OFF!" One of the Urul girls shouted as crooked rotted limbs threw themselves around her neck and torso. She lashed out, slicing the disturbing beings with her claws. The old taut and dead flesh not bleeding crimson, but strange dark liquid like plasma burst from them.

The three Urul started swiping and slashing, swinging claws and teeth about to rip through the horde of seeming corpses.

Agrat watched for a moment, seeing as the Urul were dispatching her loyal wretches much quicker than she thought they would. She then glanced up to the full moon shining brightly in the sky. "Cursed thing, no wonder they can take so much punishment. The full moon gives them such strength. Should've known they'd only attack on this night, with their powers at their peak." She then turned her head about, cracking her neck and flexing her shoulders. And with a firm push from her legs, she leapt.

Erica saw the avian woman from among the squirming, screeching beings trying to hold her back, Agrat jumped high up. Clearing the easily thirty foot tall wall in a single bound.

"GET BACK HERE!" She roared, feeling the lunar light power surging through her veins. She screamed, ripping the Wretches limb from limb, nearly entering a frenzy to bypass them as they tried to distract them with their flesh.

She managed to break through while her packmates continued to wrestle with the masses. These scrawny things couldn't hurt them if they tried, but the numbers were enough to hold them back. Erica knew this, and she wanted to stop Agrat from making an escape. So she jumped as well, not high enough to clear the entire building, but high enough to dig her claws into the solid wall. Both fingers and toes jamming as far as they could inside, then proceeded to rip her way up the vertical surface, just as easily as if she was running on normal ground.

Soon enough, she reached the top and bounded over the edge, spotting her quarry once more.

Only now, she continued to flex her arms and shoulders, audibly making some quiet cooing and light squawk noises.

The muscles and bones crackled and twitched as from out of her flesh, she sprouted her wings. Growing along her arms and not out of her back, the skeletal black bone like protrusions grew beyond the length of her limbs and went out far to her sides. These were not Succubus wings, these were wings of the fallen.

An Angel who carried a defiled version of what was once pure white, wreathed in pitch black carrion feathers.

Quickly her head turned back to look at Erica again, almost jerking in her direction as fast as one could blink.

The Urul growled, "You're not getting away..." She then reclined her neck and let out a long billowing howl to the moon.


"Ugh..." Agrat groaned and moved to leap forward again, this time aiming much further.

"NO!" Erica darted after her leaping face first after her target, mouth open wide to snap at her neck. But Agrat managed to dodge away from the younger creature, leaving her only with a mouth full of feathers in her snapped shut jaw.

Her silhouette visible against the moon for just a moment before she dropped back down to another building along the street. She could hear the replying call of more Urul howling to the stars, and with a quick look down at the street she could see them. Her avian vision spotted their bodies running on arms and legs, trying to chase her down. "The Moon makes them faster as well..." She said with a sneer and jumped again. They followed her, able to keep up with her distinguished scent, and now with eyes on her as well, it would be much harder for her to get away. She jumped from building to building, beating her disgraced wings hard each time to earn as much distance. But the Uruls stamina was unrelenting. Agrat herself was beginning to feel winded from the continuous far leaps. "Urrrg..." She grunted, watching them from above, loud motorcycle revving covered up the barks and howls of their communication.

She took this moment to angrily look at her arm, spying the crystal white gem stuck there. Jammed into her flesh, the shard that made this night all the more difficult. "Fucking rock..." The moon shard, the only thing preventing her from just taking flight and allowing the Urul to pursue her so effectively. "Enough of this!" She thought with a huff, running to the end of the warehouse she stood atop of and jumped once again. She had a new destination in mind.

Erica and her trio managed to link up with the other few groups in pursuit of the mayor. They continued to tack her like blood hounds, completely obliterating any further Wretches that tried to get in their way.

The long chase finally seemed to come to a stop when Agrat was last spotted dropping down beside a nearby house. A large one, but in another section of abandoned neighborhood.

Ten Werewolves arrived at the place including Erica, their bodies heaving with heavy breaths and their claws digging in to scramble to a stop at the location. "Here!" One of the younger ones called out, "She's here! She's here!"

Quickly they circled the home, noting that Agrat was not on the roof, and therefore must've been inside. Ready to close in and tear the building open to get at their prey inside.

However, as they approached, Erica sniffed something...different...

"Stop!" She called out to the others. The Urul around her quickly halting and looking in her direction. "...This...smell..."

Many of the others than seemed to catch on, a new smell was added to the aroma that Agrat carried with her. It was familiar though, one that they recognized as having encountered this form of demon before. Many Werewolves new about the many tales in both reality and popular culture of this particular creature.

They were known to be clever and good at hiding, so it was no surprise the pack hadn't noticed them until now.

The front door of the house opened.

All of the Urul hunched and bared teeth once more.

High heeled feet slowly stepped out of the home. Stiletto shoes and legs wearing hip hugging jeans stretched up the body of a woman. A decorative long sleeve shirt that was open shouldered covered her torso. Long brown hair ran over this woman's shoulders almost matching her tanned skin. Several pieces of golden jewelry adorned her beautiful face and dark hazel eyes.

Her hands were on her hips and one knee cocked to the side, "What are you dogs doing on my lawn?" She hissed, extending her sharp K-9 fangs and flashing the true crimson color of her eyes.

Erica fought the urge to roll her eyes, "Damn...Gilkur..."

The following echoes of aggressive barks and growls was almost loud enough to match the revving engines behind them. Urul hunched down low, claws glinting and hackles rising.

Erica crawled closer, gritting her pointed teeth, snapping her jaws hard once as an intimidation tactic. "We want...the fallen..." She said slow, watching carefully for any slight shift of the creatures' stance. Ready to move at a moments notice.

The brunette put away her fangs, "And?" Her head casually lolling to the side, "That seems like your problem, not mine."

"She is here...You are harboring her Vampyr!" Another wolf shouted from off to the side.

"If you try to keep us from her...it will become your problem..." Erica threatened, her surrounding packmates began to take steps forward. Carefully encircling further and ready to charge from multiple directions.

Suddenly more glowing red eyes beamed from within the house, just one pair from within the doorway, behind the woman up front and giving Erica pause. Then another began to glow from the window to her left...then the right...then the three windows on the second floor...

The Vampire smiled, sensing the presence and ensuing swell of her children's energy. The Urul around the side saw more glowing eyes light up, staring at them from within the darkness of the house.

Nine pairs total could be seen, nine more night walkers.

Erica snarled, if the mayor was still inside that house, that meant her and the pack would have to contend with her as well as the newly discovered foe.

"Well...It seems we are each other's problem then..." The leader spoke, running the tip of her tongue along one of her pointed fangs. She wasn't overly fond of the taste of dog, but they ran exceptionally hot, and a piping meal was something that she wouldn't shy away from.

Things had gone from great to really bad in the blink of an eye. Damn that fallen, too much of a coward to face the pack herself, she had to run and hide behind this group of dead girls. And Erica already knew that facing her alone was going to be the most difficult challenge. The losses would be bad enough, but with a battalion of Vampyr...


There was a howl from behind the pack, all their heads turning in the direction of Catalina's call. It seemed that Erica wasn't the only one who felt the losses would be unacceptable.

Without a second thought, many of the Urul darted away. Intent a heading towards the Beta of the Den Mothers, the wolfs ran off abandoning the hunt.

Only Erica stayed for an extra second, shooting the nastiest of Wolf eyed glares at the Vampire before her.

Whom moved her lips in a kissing motion and then said, "Run along doggie."

Erica was seething, she wanted to just charge the door right now, break past the Gilkur before her and rip through everything in her path. The scent of her own blood was fresh in her nostrils and at the moment she wanted to just throw caution to the wind and lay siege to the house. Regardless of the casualties they would suffer. However, she listened to her superior Catalina when she was commanded to, so begrudgingly, she and the Urul started their retreat.

Catalina stood with her arms folded over her chest, her heeled boot tapping impatiently on the street as she leaned against her bike. "Fucking blood suckers." She mumbled before reaching into her jacket pocket to pull out her cell phone. She punched in the few digits then brought the device to her ear and waited to hear the click from the speaker. Tonight was the closest they had gotten to Agrat, and was also their best shot given the full moon. Now if they wanted another attempt they would have to wait until the next one to have the same chances.

That however still didn't account for the new Vampiric factor that had just reared its ugly head their way.

Finally, she heard the line pick up after a few rings, and the expectant voice spoke over the line, "Well?"

Catalina sighed, "Apologies pack mother...the fallen seems to have made allies in unexpected places."

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