tagNonHumanThe Lost Lord Ch. 19

The Lost Lord Ch. 19


Note: From now on, I won't be putting as much sex into every chapter like I've done before, excluding the two without sex already. Besides, in such a heated situation, I doubt I can figure out a way to involve sex that easily, though I'll keep my mind open. Absolutely no rape (non consent/reluctance in this case) situations though, the way I see it, I just don't like condoning any sort of rape, even if in a fictional text. While I may allude to such action (it is war after all), I won't narrate a full scene like that.

Chapter 19: And into the fire.

"Guah!" Pain, that was all that coursed through the mind of the one known as Rainer, the Lord of Lust. It was not arrogance for Rainer to say that he was well versed in combat, at least the normal hand to hand fisticuffs type of combat. Yet no matter what Rainer tried, he could not make his magic work. Whatever spells he versed and released, after chanting the required incantation he remembered, the spell soon went out of control. It was just like the time with Linias, yet it seemed even worse now.

A lust demon had landed a small cut right next to Rainer's shoulder blades. "After I kill you, this thrice damned job will be over. We both may have lost comrades, friends, or whatever here... But I'm the one who'll win in the end and exact vengeance." The incubus known as Archibald said irately. It seemed that he was rather close to the greed demon Tozomat slew, and slew Tozomat in his rage. That rage perpetuated and the battle between Archibald and Rainer went on.

If you could call it a battle...

If one used a war as an example, let's say the One-Hundred Years War: Rainer would be the French, as he was limping around and desperately clinging on to life, fighting back with all his might; then Archibald would be the British, completely dominating the entire scene for the first half of the war. Yet if one used that war as an analogy, then one would expect the French to make a comeback, to ferociously make a side on the losing end for one hundred years suddenly show what is what and beat back the British. So far, for Rainer, it looked like it would be a complete loss for him.

Rainer told himself, (I'll try one more time, a simple spell this time, if I can't do it then...) summoning the resolve to cast more magic, or at least try, Rainer chanted:

"Cutting Wind -

Piercing northern winds

The slicing southern winds

Destructive central winds...

Congregate together in my worthy palms to be commanded!"

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past the faces of Rainer and Archibald, nearly knocking them down. It was as if a hurricane or a tornado decided to stop by for some tea and chatter.

Yet, just as suddenly as the winds appeared, the winds dispersed and spread in all directions. Yet another failure.

Rainer barely had time to back step a slash from Archibald's sword, retreating his way past a rock.

"Seriously! Let's get this over with! Where's that anger from before? You had the exact same eyes as I did when Veronica was slain! Yet now all I see are the eyes of an abandoned pup!" Taunted Archibald, in truth, Rainer wanted nothing more to face him and end the fight in an instant. Yet there would be no point to that if Rainer didn't have a chance to win.

All Rainer could rely on was his instincts for battle which he had honed back on Earth, facing numerous and expendable grunts of various gangs. He had nearly died several times back on Earth, and Rainer reveled in the adrenaline rush from those situations. Even his fight against Linias was one of pure joy for him. It was not a healthy addiction, quite the opposite, yet Rainer couldn't help but want to take part in these situations. And in order to succeed, he needed to learn magic in order to wield the power the consciousness known as Asmodeus that resided in his Grimoire.

Suddenly remembered that he was carrying it, Rainer looked at the book bundled under his left arm. Latent power emanated from the strange book. Asmodeus, who was also the previous and first Lord of Lust, said the he himself could not unlock the full secrets of the Grimoire. That it is a book of infinite secrets that one would never be able to decipher and find them all.

Rainer rolled to the side over the pointy rocks and rubble as Archibald chopped down again. He swung several times at Rainer, only one of which managed to slice some of Rainer's clothes.

Fine, you want to play that way? Screw magic, I'll get serious by myself...

Those words almost made their way out of his mouth, but the Lord of Lust interrupted himself as he kicked downwards, on the ground, at Archibald's heel. Rainer wasn't sure if it was the dormant demonic energy that resided in him, but all his life Rainer noticed that he was faster, stronger, more nimble, and quicker to the draw. His reflexes were second to none to everyone he knew before he met Asmodea. Just for fun and pocket change, Rainer even attended a "fight club" that was frequented by folks of all varying sorts. He stifled a laugh at how cliché that would sound, especially to Lauren, but thanks to that place, Rainer had acquired a peerless fighter's instinct and skills.

Archibald leapt back, only to find Rainer coming straight at him. As if the docile and timid squirrel had turned into an indomitable and intimidating bear. Rainer not hesitating one second jumped straight at Archibald with a battlefield's roar, kicking again diagonally up. Archibald fumbled his dodge and took the kick to the side of his jaw.

Archibald nearly felt himself go unconscious for a moment from the force of the kick nearly unhinged his jaw and rattled his brain. How in the world did such a young man have a kick of such caliber? This Lord of Lust, it was right for Elizabeth to say to not underestimate him in the slightest.

With the ferocity of a swarm of angry hornets, Rainer forced Archibald on the defensive. He punched straight at the enemy incubus' face, which was guarded by the back of Archibald's sword. Rainer whipped his other arm at his opponent, hitting Archibald with his arm. When an opponent just guarded their face from an attack, Rainer liked to attack with his other arm and move it like a whip. He arched his arm backwards and flung it at Archibald, letting the momentum do all the damage.

"Kuh... Where did you learn this?" Archibald grunted as Rainer's whip like arm connected, landed a stinging blow on Archibald, bypassing what armor he had on. The way this Lord of Lust fought with only his arms, it completely overwhelms, thought Archibald.

"You wanted me to fight, and that's what I'm damn doing! No complaining now, ok? Besides, I learned by watching and doing." In the aforementioned fight club that Rainer had frequented, there were many different types of people. Most of which were quite friendly with Rainer, as they liked to consider Rainer their mascot of the club due to his much younger age. He learned several extremely useful techniques from them and learned the rest by analyzing them when they fought. And when Rainer started getting in to fights with other delinquent types, he didn't play the honorable disciple and faithfully remember the techniques... No, Rainer, in layman's terms, took apart every technique he learned down to the smallest bit and only took out the useful bits and mixed them together to form the best mix between efficiency, speed, power, and style. As expected of the new Lord of Lust, this is what Asmodeus exactly expected from him in the past.

Rainer grabbed onto Archibald's head. Due to the proximity of Rainer, Archibald could not use his sword. And due to Archibald's surprised sudden grip on his sword, he could not retaliate with his hands. Once Rainer's grip on Archibald's head tightened, he kicked the ground, jumping up, and quicker than a Bugatti, he sent a single knee straight into Archibald's face.

Archibald dropped his sword and recoiled backwards, he latched onto his face in pain as blood streamed from his broken nose. "Son of a bitch... I'm so not underestimating you anymore." He then took a deep breath and chanted, "Flames of yore, possess thy simple blade of mine, unleashing your very essence, change the very properties of this sword and become one."

Rainer remembered that incantation, it allowed Archibald to change his broadsword into a blade of fire, not just a metal implement surrounded of fire, but strangely enough, it was as if the metal itself WAS fire.

"You're not too mature are you? I watched you each time you tried to cast a spell, and all I see is a poof!" Archibald snickered as he swung his sword around his body several times, leaving behind afterimages, before slashing at Rainer horizontally.

Rainer saw the trick behind that particular move. It forced people to watch the sword, to see when it would dart out and attack, which it could at any time. It forced people to become mesmerized by the fire and pay attention to the image of the sword in the flames, only to see the fiery sword strike at their heart before it's too late. Yet thanks to Rainer's eyes now accustomed to such demonic speed and tricks since day one of Asmodea, Rainer could look past the flames and see the blade. As Archibald slashed at Rainer, Rainer jumped up and risked his body as he kicked at Archibald's head with both of his feet, leaving the fall to his hands and body.

Archibald took the drop kick head on and staggered back. The enemy incubus stumbled over a rock and fell down, dashing the back of his skull against a rather sharp slab of red brick. He was still alive, as the rock didn't penetrate the bone, but what happened next did.

The Jaguar Man, Yaotl, stepped up right next to Archibald and looked down at the incubus. He raised his Aztec wooden sword, ready to strike down.



Both Archibald and Rainer cried out at the same time as Yaotl slammed down the club-like wooden sword on Archibald's body. The obsidian blades embedded themselves in Archibald's body, completely bypassing and shattering the ribcage. At that point, Archibald's innards turned to mush and the torch blazing in the incubus was snuffed out.

"HEY! Why'd you kill your comrade damnit!?" Said Rainer, clearly angered at the display just now.

"...He killed mine." This simple answer were the only words that Yaotl needed to say, as it was all true.

Archibald had killed that Anubite fellow, Chigaru; he also killed Tozomat, the Romance of Lust and one of Rainer's more faithful bodyguards. Rainer barely knew Tozomat, yet he very much appreciated his dedication and zeal, he felt quite unworthy of the attention actually. Tozomat also entrusted Rainer with a blue pendant that the dark blue incubus had always wore. It was very important, Rainer was only told that it was a belonging of Tozomat's mother; he was only asked to find the one with a star-shaped scar and bring justice. "Eh, maybe so. Though one should not complain about who dies when they were attacked in the first place, you and that guy, Chigaru, are no different." Rainer did not expect Yaotl to be swayed by the logic of Rainer's words, only to understand them.

"Those who are not sided with Shah Justinian are our enemies, as are you, our main target and prey. Just die... Please." It almost seemed as if Yaotl was pleading with his raspy cat voice.

Suddenly, at speeds faster than even Rainer could recognize, the Jaguar dashed at Rainer with his wooden sword at the ready. It took all of Rainer's processing power to nimbly dodge the coming attack by a hair's breadth. Yet once the wooden sword passed over his body, it stopped in mid air and went backwards, hitting Rainer in his shoulder. This attack had less power than the initial blow, but it still had enough to knock Rainer away several meters and send pain through his body.

Yaotl jumped at Rainer and rained several strikes at the ground. Luckily, Rainer had just enough time to roll over and escape. Yet the assault didn't stop their, Yaotl kicked his foot off to the side, into Rainer's waist.

Rainer' eyes nearly blackened with the desire to sleep as he was pushed backwards, crashing through a standing wall of bricks.

Just as suddenly as the wooden sword attacked Rainer, a strange voice appeared in Rainer's head, though it felt infinitely familiar to a certain sarcastic presence from his Grimoire.

'Eh? Sorry for interrupting, but while I was currently enjoying some snacks, I came to warn you.' It was the presence known as Asmodeus.

Rainer instantly shot retorted in his head, 'Hey! Stop spectating me as if this has nothing to do with you.'

'Whine, whine, whine! It DOES have nothing to do with me. In case ya haven't noticed, I'm just a voice in your head and words in the Grimoire. Still be thankful for my advice here. I hadn't expected a foe like this to appear, and I don't thick you'll be able to beat him without help. Either from outside influence, which won't appear anytime soon, or from your magic.'

Rainer stood up and faced his foe again, continuing the conversation in his mind, 'I can't bloody use magic, damnit! No matter how much I try, I can't use any magic!'

' Good gosh you're a pussy. Seriously, I expected more from you. Still, I'm going to give you two pieces of advice, which I normally wouldn't do in the middle of combat... It's too fun to watch people struggle after all.' Rainer could imagine the strange presence rolling its eyes, if it had any, as the voice continued. 'The first is, stop using pitiful magic spells! I gave you a shit-ton of magic power! There is no need for the basic elemental spells that shoot fireballs, wind blasts, icicles, and lightning from your fingertips... Only bother with large scale spells, magic big enough to destroy even that little country back in the human world that's called the Roman Empire?'

'That's little? Besides, the Roman Empire doesn't exist anymore, smart-ass.' Replied Rainer sardonically.

'Eh, close enough. Still, the second piece of advice... That Jaguar fellow, he's using a spell called 'Body Overload'. It's part of a classification of spells, which are called 'Rush' spells, which require you to pay the price of increased abilities with your body. It allows you to reach capabilities far past your normal body, and the price you must pay for it, is death. It practically ages your body to the point of exhaustion that only the elderly of our races would reach. And in a situation like this, I can tell you a way to help you counter 'Body Overload'. Which is to use a 'Rush' spell of your own.'

Asmodeus' advice didn't really seem all that sane, though it wasn't like Rainer expected anything sane in the first place. Rainer made that clear to Asmodeus, 'Why would I use a type of spell that you basically said would harm my body far more than any Earth drug, for a simple increase in abilities? Besides, it's not like I can even cast magic in the first place!'

Asmodeus, for the first time, seemed to take a serious tone to his sarcastic words, 'Look kid, grow some balls. Yes you may pay the price with your body, but I bloody think living is a reward worth paying for. Now for my besides, I notice you got a little sumthin' sumthin' from Zazie in your pocket. The 'Emperor', eh? She always was looking for that certain someone...'

Rainer garnered the words Asmodeus had said in his head, though he didn't hear the last sentence. Remembering that he stuffed the 'Emperor' card in the pocket next to his waist, he reached for it with his hands.

Asmodeus then bid his farewells, though it didn't seem like that because he was watching Rainer's life from the Grimoire, it seemed. 'Right then, I don't really feel like talking to you for a while, at least not until you kick my son's ass ALL the way to Heaven's gates. I Reeeeeally want to see what those angels would do then.'

Gee, what fatherly love.

Rainer did remember memorizing several 'Rush' spells before, though back then, he had no idea what they did. Focusing on one, which Rainer believed to be the one that provided the most bang for your buck, Rainer held the 'Emperor' aloft and chanted,

"Drastic Stand:

Before I'm beaten and battered

Before my enemy stands above my corpse

I will take a drastic stand and rush to victory

Under thy Emperor's grace."

The Emperor. He represents power, spirituality, and wisdom. It stands by that through repeated practice, through action, and through self-discipline... That one's endeavors and hard work would always be rewarded.

And why wouldn't the 'Emperor' reward Rainer's persistence when it came to casting spells?

Rainer felt adrenaline rush through his body. He felt his skin become gradually warm. He felt completely refreshed as his muscles aches and pains lessened. He felt his fatigue and weariness on his body and face dissipate. Rainer felt like he could take one last stand and defeat his enemy.

Rainer stood up, with the 'Emperor' in hand, and picked up a saber lying near Caetorum's unconscious body, which he happened to be next to. Rainer felt powerful, powerful enough to point at Yaotl and decree, "One attack, that's all I need now..." And with a silent breath, Rainer nearly disappeared as he kicked the ground and launched himself at Yaotl.

"Zazie, Zie... Whoever the heck you were, you better be right about this damn card! 'EMPEROR!'" With a cry that rivaled a newborn baby harpy (they're quite loud), Rainer stabbed with the saber with all his might.

As a saber is a sword normally designed for slashing and not stabbing, the penetrating power is drastically reduced when compared to other swords, especially Caetorum's rapier. Yet that handicap meant nothing to Rainer right now.

The 'Emperor' glowed as the light around Rainer blurred.

Yaotl widened his eyes, by held up his wooden sword and dug his feet in to the ground, he was ready to receive the attack. Yaotl was thinking to himself, (He cast a 'Rush' spell... But surely with my 'Body Overload' I can defend against it.)

In reality, both Rainer and Yaotl should have died. Yet reality had long been abandoned, gone since Rainer had first met Asmodea, and that proved in his favor.


Minutes before...

"And you're sure one of your comrades was in this direction?" An exasperated voice said out loud to its prisoner.

"Yes, of course it does! I'm not going to risk my head for Archibald... And definitely not Forsythe of all people. In fact, Miss Sitri, one of them, I don't know which, should be past this strange little building." A light blue pride demon, which was the prisoner of Sitri and Asmodea, said this with a sharp, mocking voice.

"Oh my, aren't you just a bundle of friendship and hope?" Sitri shot back her own sarcastic reply.

For the majority of their short and bittersweet journey, Asmodea spectated the two's banter, clearly amused, as she kept a sharp look out for potential enemies and their friends. If she didn't know better, Asmodea would have normally thought that the two were flirting, though if she made this clear, Asmodea would be resolutely denied. Reginald, the pride demon, didn't seem all that arrogant, at least to Asmodea. Sure he made sarcastic replies and sentences to just about everything he had said to his captors, though it didn't seem like he hated or despised them. His pride only showed in him when it came to battle, and quite strongly.

The building Reginald mentioned was quite large. It was noticeably ruined, as all the structures around here were, though it seemed the most intact out of them all. The only entrance to it was a staircase several meters away from their position, a staircase that led downwards. Yet what was the point of going under when one could go over with flight?

"Reginald, can you still accommodate your wings for flight?" Asked Asmodea.

"Yea, the bindings won't be in the way, I can fly over just as well as you two. Hell, probably better." Reginald said haughtily, as he readied himself for his wings to appear.

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