tagBDSMThe Loving, Submissive Wife Ch. 02

The Loving, Submissive Wife Ch. 02


Sir stood his Pet up after locking her wrists together and walked in front of her, once again staring into her beautiful green eyes.

"Bedroom," he said. Without hesitation, she allowed herself to be led down the hallway by her leash. He grinned to himself as he realized how funny she was waddling from the spreader bar when he said, "Have I told you how stunning you look this evening, my love button?" A few mumbles was all she managed to get out because he had not removed the gag from her throat. She couldn't but smile at him with her eyes at the compliment.

They entered their bedroom and he left her standing in the middle of the floor, wrists locked together, ankles bound to the spreader bar, 6-inch rubber cock in her delicious looking throat.

"I'll be right back, sweetheart," he said as he dropped the bag of toys at her feet, smacking her round ass playfully before heading into their master bath and shutting the door. As he turned on the hot water to the shower he remembered back to the day he found out she was submissive and longed to be his Pet.

She had been hounding him for weeks to check his e-mail. Then started being really nice all of a sudden, asking him if she could get him anything, does he need anything done, little things. Then, after about 2 weeks, he finally logged onto his Yahoo account to find three e-mails from his wife. Two were stories from a website called Literotica.com and the last was a letter she had written him.

Both stories were about men who started dominating their girlfriends or wives. He thought it was just her giving him ideas of things to try in bed, then he read the last e-mail. She was explaining to him how she had read these stories and began to do more on the whole Pet/Master relationship. She went on to explain to him why she she had been being very nice and why she suddenly wanted him to tie her up, be rough and demanding, and call her names in bed. It was because she was submissive and wanted to be owned by him, completely, not just in bed. She described her feelings by saying that the only way for her to feel completely save, loved, and secure was for him to dominate her. Make her obey his every wish, Push her limits, show her that she can be and do a lot more than she thought capable. She ended the e-mail by saying that if he wasn't interested then to never bring it up in person. EVER.

She was right about one thing he read in the e-mail, he was definately skeptical. He had always considered them equals. One no more important than the other. But just to humor the idea, he got onto the website she had pulled the stories from and clicked on the link that would bring up the BDSM story steries. He only meant to read one, maybe two, but when he finally peeled his away from the computer screen, he noticed two things; He had been reading for about 3 hours, and he was extremely hard and horny as hell. He shut down the computer after saving the website in his favorites list, and went to cuddle with his wife. When she asked what he was doing up at one in the morning, he replied by saying,"I was just checking my e-mail." He noticed her breath catch in her chest and she simply said, "Oh?"

"Yes, and I would like to ask one question."

"What's that?"

"Will you show me what you have found on the sublect in the morning, Pet?" She squealed in delight and rolled over to kiss him before drifting into a very peaceful sleep. He watched her chest rise and fall in her sleep, played with her hair and tried the word that would become her name once more before he fell asleep himself.

"My beautiful wife, my swett Pet." She rustled in her sleep a little before she mumbled out one word, "Master."

He opened his and realized he had been washing his hair for about 15 minutes. He rinsed his hair and quickly soaped up his body, rinsed wrapped himself in a fluffy blue towel. He wondered to himself if she would still be standing where he had left her, and got his answer when he opened the bathroom door to see her standing there, naked, in the middle of the room. He walked around in front of her, smiling. She saw that brilliant smile of his and her mind raced and her breath quickened, her pussy lips twitched at the thought of his cock and tongue milking every drop of juice from her body. As if he were reading her mind, he quickly dropped the towel and lowered his head to take her left nipple into his mouth. Licking, teasing, and gently nibbling it, he firmly grabbed her right breast in his hand and began to knead it and roll the nipple between his thumb and finger. Lifting his head, he then switched the treatment between the two. Hearing her moan, he looked into her eyes with the most wicked smile she had ever seen playing at his lips. He dropped to his knees and let his mouth find her pussy. His thumb circling her clit, which he knows drives her into sweet orgasmic bliss, he slowly fucked her with his tongue. After about 5 minutes of smelling and tasting how excited she was, he realized she was being way too quiet.

Hearing her moans and subtle little clues that she was about to explode made him so hot. So he stood up and unbuckled the strap around her head to remove the gag from her throat. He kissed her roughly before returning to his previous position. As he was licking up and down her slit, he inserted one finger into her pussy, not surprised to find her twice as wet as she was before he removed the gag. Seeing how easy it was to slide in the first finger, he slipped in another, and continued until he was fucking her with four fingers, up to the very last knuckles. Moving them in and out, he kept a very slow pace, and started to lick her already swollen clit with the tip of his warm tongue very quickly. The fast and slow sensations between her thighs drove her crazy until she had finally released 2 days of built up frustration. A wave of relief rocked her body to the core as her toes curled and popped and body trembled uncontrollably as she happily rode the wave until it brought her back to shore, back to the present. She opened her eyes as soon as the last shiver went down her spine. "Uh oh," she thought to herself. He does not look happy.

"What did I say earlier, Pet?" he half asked, half stated.

"That I would get to come only when you thought i deserved it and not a second sooner. But I am very sorry Sir, it's just that i couldn't hold it any longer," she pleaded.

Reaching into the black bag, he pulled out a small leather riding crop, the toy she hated the most, and which also happened to be his favorite.

"Oh please Sir! I said I was sorry! I don't think I could handle 5 smacks with that thing!"

"Who said anything about 5? I think for that little moment of disobedience, you should get 10. And you will count and thank me for each one out loud, understood?" Through silent tears she simply replied, "Yes, Sir."

"Well then, second position." She once again bent forward at the waist and gripped her spreader bar with both hands, awaiting her punishment. What she felt next was not the riding crop, but a finger generously applying lubricant in and around her ass. She then felt the familiar pressure of her smallest vibrating butt plug being inserted until she felt it catch on the little notch that hold it securely in place, then turned on to the highest setting. She hasn't had his cock in her ass yet, but has gotten very acquainted with the 3 butt plugs, each one bigger than the last.

"Remember, count and thank me for each one out loud, if you don't, you know what will happen, don't you?"

"If I don't, you will start over, Sir," she replied timidly.

"and the punishment begins. Remember, I love you Pet." And he bent down to kiss her gently. All she had for a warning was the slight whistle before the riding crop sharly kissed her ass.

"One! Thank you Sir!" He admired the immediate redness and the way her ass cheek jiggled with the first contact of punishment, before bringing it down again.

"Two! Thank you Sir!" He brought it down on her ass 6 more times, listening to her voice and breathing weaken with each blow. she counted and thanked her beloved Master accordingly before she felt his lips softly kiss each of the 8 welts, 4 on each cheek.

"I think, my Pet, that since you have accepted your punishment like the good little painslut you are, I will spare your cute little ass the last two smacks," he said with a final kiss to each cheek.

"Oh thank you so much Sir!"

"Third position." And with that she let go of her spreader bar, stood up to face him, and sank to her knees at his peet, eye level with the crotch of his pants. She then recited what he required her to say everyime her knees touched the floor in his presence, "On my knees to please Sir."

His cock already hard from her punishment, she gently licked the tip, allowing the first few drops of pre-come to be absorbed by her taste buds. she then started to vigorously suck the head of his cock. He usually stopped her once she started doing this because it caused him to come so quickly, but tonight he didn't. She wondered why, but didn't have much time to ponder because she soon felt ropes of hot liquid coat the inside of her mouth. She quickly blocked her throat with her tongue so as not to swallow any, yet. Every time he shot his load into her mouth, it drove her into a frenzy. She loved how some days it was salty, sometimes it was sweet, and sometimes it was a little of both, like her favorite bag of trail mix with the little pieces of candy covered chocolate mixed in with the salty peanuts. Tonight, it was the latter, that combination of sweet and salty liquid she craved so much. He wasn't the firstto make a deposit into her mouth, but he was, by far, her absolute favorite. She opened her mouth carefully so she didn't spill a single drop.

"Mmmm. You may swallow it now, Pet. I know how you love to have to let it slowly leak down your throat, but leave your mouth open so i can watch."

As it traveled out of her mouth and into her body, she let out a moan of pleasure and tried very hard not orgasm.

"Very good, Pet. Now you are probably wondering why I didn't stop you from doing that little trick of yours."

"Yes, Sir. You always stop me," she stated curiously.

"Well Pet, when you do what you just did, it never fails to make me explode almost instantly. I always stop you because I didn't want to be spent so early. But tonight, my little minx, I decided to let you have your fun. And now it's my turn." And then she saw that beautifully wicked smile again and knew tonight he wouldn't be holding back, not even a little.

"Stand up please, Pet."

"Yes, Sir." He then bent down to unlatch the spreader bar from her ankles, then unlocked her wrists. He kissed her slowly while leading her to the bed by her leash.

"On your back, baby." She crawled onto the bed, and reached her hands towards the headboard. she then heard the familiar click of her writs being attached to the chain on the headboard. usually he leaves a little slack on the chains because he likes it when she squirms and wiggles, but when he bound one foot to each bedpost, she found that she was pulled so tightly that she couldn't move. Still naked, he straddled her hips on the bed and bent down to kiss her passionately, roughly fucking her mouth with his tongue. After already blowing one load into her mouth, his cock was now only at half mast, so he he then moved up and straddled her chest and shoved his cock into the back of her throat. Sharply pinching her nipples as she moaned around his thick member. Once he was sure his cock was completely hard, he moved to kneel between her legs and easily pushed into her with one thrust. she moaned out in ecstasy as he continued to pump harder and faster into her, still pinching her nipples as hard as he could without detaching them. He bit her neck, nibbled her ears, and kissed her jaw, all the little things that he knows only adds to her arousal.

"One more thing, you may come however many times you ned to Pet. You have deserved it." As soon as the last word left his lips he felt her bucking and wriggling under him as best she could as wave after wave of orgasms crashed through her. The last of her orgasms caused her to contract around him so hard that he almost spunked right inside of her, but he held on long enough to pull out and blow it all over her stomach, chest and face.

Once the restraints were removed, they both showered and dried, they cuddled on the bed naked together as husband and wife.

The last thing he heard her say before he drifted off into dream land was,

"Remind me to strip the bed and wash the sheets again, good night baby, I love you."

Chapter 3 coming soon.

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