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The Marine


She knew I was a former U.S. Marine. She was often frightened by the sight of some of the weapons I carried, or that were in my home. Yet at the same time, I think they were a secret, almost forbidden turn-on to her. I looked forward to the day I would introduce them into our already steamy lovemaking. I didn't have to wait long.

I heard the tapping of her stiletto heels ascending the concrete steps that led to my lair - close enough to civilization, yet far enough away that she could scream out her loudest, longest orgasms with zero inhibitions. That made me cum even harder, every time.

I waited for her in my dark bedroom, her favorite Celtic music playing throughout the house, candles glowing everywhere, and the air conditioning set so low her nipples couldn't help but stand and salute me every single second. I heard her let herself in. I heard the clinking of glasses as she made us each a good, stiff drink, like the good little whore always did before joining me for a good fucking. I felt the familiar throb in my cock as it waited for her soft, curvy body.

"Good evening, sir," she whispered as she entered the room, her soft, dark hair running the length of her back. She set her drink down, and put mine to my lips, just like she had been instructed to from day one. I filled my mouth with the liquor, then passed it back to her as I went for mouth to mouth. She swallowed, over and over and over.

"That was my cold cum, whore. Don't worry, you'll be swallowing my warm cum soon enough." My eyes stared at every inch of her. She was a beauty. Lean, tanned legs that went on for miles, hips just that perfect width for grabbing tightly from behind, and an ass that men only dream of. Her thin waist melted in my enormous hands, and her natural, full breasts were indeed already sporting highly stiff nipples.

"You always stare at me as if you're scripting every move you're going to make," she said as she downed her entire drink. She was, by no exaggeration, an easy lay. One swift drink, and she was always everything and anything I wanted her to be.

"Oh, I'm scripting, alright." I sat up on the bed and hoisted her to her knees in front of me. "I am one hell of a horny bastard tonight, and I hope you have plenty of energy, because you're going to need it." I stuck a finger in her mouth to be sure it was wet enough, and she sucked it like it was my aching cock. I grabbed her long hair at the back of her neck and forced her head down onto my already swollen shaft. I controlled the movements with my hand – hard and fast, and all the way in. Each sigh and moan she emitted vibrated on my dick, extending it nearly to its max. Then I withdrew my hand to let her breathe briefly.

"I want you in full military gear tonight. Go down the hall. It's all set up for you. Put the rifle over your shoulder." There was that look of fear in her eyes again. She hesitated. "Now!," I yelled, calling on all the volume I could get from my middle-aged, six foot five inch, tattooed, 350 pound frame. I held back my laughter as she slithered off the bed in fright. I knew she would have to pass my Harley which I always kept in the interior hallway of my lair. I had purposely set out a few of my handguns on the seat so that she would see them...a hint of things to come. While she was gone, I dressed myself only in my fringed leather chaps, and set up an arsenal of weapons around the bed. I kept handcuffs nearby, too, but hidden. A blindfold was in my hand, awaiting her return.

She appeared in front of me exactly as I pictured her to be dressed. It's amazing what one can find in kinky little stores these days. There she stood, still in her heels, but now adorned in fatigues: a micro mini skirt which showed off her sexy midriff and half of her ample ass, a matching peek-a-boo bra which allowed her heaving tits to spill over, and the loaded rifle was over her shoulder. I made her stand there at attention while I grabbed my cock in my hand and got it primed.

"Tonight is going to be like no other night you've ever experienced, " I said to her, my voice sounding quite dictatorial. "The only words you are allowed to speak tonight shall be 'Sir, yes sir.' Understood?" With tremor in her words she repeated as I instructed. "And tell me, slut, what is that word that hookers call their tricks?"

"Johns, sir," she stated in a hush. "That's right!" I exclaimed. "Johns! I may ask you to call out my name, and tonight it will be John, you slut. Got it?" "Sir, yes sir." I smiled a Cheshire cat grin just hearing her say those words again. I took my leathered ass off the bed and went to her with the blindfold. I tightened it around her head, then removed the rifle from her shoulder and put it in her hands, moving them for her along the barrel the way I wanted it stroked as if it were my stiff rod.

"Now ride it," I directed, "but carefully or it could go off and ruin all of your fun parts." She took the rifle confidently, and began to run in between her legs, surprising me as she began to moan. I circled her as she performed, taking the leather fringe from my chaps and beating her tight skin to make her ride the rifle harder, and until I felt it was enough. "Nothing like the feel of gun metal on a pussy, eh slut?" I loved the military response she was now easing into freely. I led her to the bed and handcuffed her hands over her head, laying her on her back.

I proceeded around the room loading and cocking each of the rifles I'd set out, slowly, one by one, listening to her moan with pleasure. I knew they were a secret turn-on for her. "My pussy is wet for you, John," she sighed. I climbed up on the bed and with a fever, flipped her onto her stomach.

With her bare ass exposed, I whipped her tight cheeks repeatedly. "I said I'd tell you when you could speak, bitch." I pushed her thighs apart, put her ass up in the air and got my face underneath her dripping pussy. "For that, you're gonna get a licking," I said sternly, though I knew we were each going to enjoy it immensely. She knew I adored shaved pussy, and she kept hers baby soft. Her clit was just waiting for me to suck and bite it, and the thrusting of my tongue into her vagina made it pour like rain all over my face.

I flipped her around onto her back, and ripping the bra off, wiped her own juices all over her swollen tits, thrusting my cock in between them as she moaned louder and louder until she let out one of her infamous loud orgasms. "Time to thank me, baby," I said.

"Oh, John!" she exclaimed over and over and over, when she could catch her breath. I wanted her to cum some more, so without warning, I threw her ankles onto my shoulders and shoved my rock-hard cock deeply into her warm, wet pussy. Harder and harder, faster and faster. I could tell she was in the pleasure-pain zone, but I kept going until she came again – louder and stronger than the first time – and repeating, "sir, YES sir." I knew she was spent, but it was time for me to have my fun.

With one quick motion, back onto her stomach she went, ass in the air, as I took my cock from her pussy to her ass and pounded her until I had my own ferocious cum, pulling as tight as I could on each of the nipples she was laying on. I pushed her flat down onto the bed and asked, "Who's your fucking daddy?"

"You are, John. Oh yes sir. Sir, yes, sir."

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