tagFetishThe Massage Away Ch. 02 Pt. 03-04

The Massage Away Ch. 02 Pt. 03-04


Fair Warning 1 - I am a first time writer

Fair Warning 2 - this story involves Femdom, a wife, cross dressing, sissy husband, interracial, group sex and obviously may not be everyone's cup of tea (but I hope it is appealing to some comfortable fetishists!) This chapter moves into the themes.

Fair Warning #3 - If you don't like a sick depraved story, don't read it. I would, however, love real critiques.

Fair Warning #4 - there are other chapters to follow. I just need to encouragement and guidance to continue.

I hope you enjoy the second instalment but reading the first chapter may help set the base.

I hope you enjoy.

The Massage Away



Chapter 2 - Part 3

Walking into the room, candles flickered around the living area and on the mantle in front of the fireplace. Soft soothing music played. My Queen lay on her stomach on the massage table, naked except for the thin sheet that covered her beautiful ass. I wondered how she got to that position. Did she undress in front of him? Was she covered? Then I realized just how miniscule that thought was. I was simply concerned about not being present. This is what I had asked for. Reality is what reality is.

Marcus stood on the other side, now wearing small black shorts and a tight, white sleeveless top. His chest and nipples visible leading down to his narrow define midsection with defined abs. His hands working over Kalie's back with a rhythmic flow, eliciting the moans that I heard. The oil on her white back glistened as his strong black hands worked through the stresses she carried to our refuge, or perhaps that I created once here.

I watched his muscles flex in his arms as his hands moved, following up his large biceps to his shoulders and broad chest. He had an impressive physical presentation for his clientele. His focus was on her release as he watched her muscles move under his hands, undoubtedly enjoying the strength in her back.

At that moment I realized that my Queen was watching me. "About time" was the first acknowledgement. Marcus looked up, his focus changing from my wife's back, to me. I suddenly felt ridiculous, nervous, like I should not be here. My Queens hand moved out to the side and she beckoned me forward with one finger. The smile on Marcus's fact did not help me deal with my discomfort, and I bid my feet to move forward. Marcus did not stop his work on Kalie's back.

Her hand turned over, palm up, as I reached the table.

Placing the key into her hand, I asked "My Queen. Would you please do me the honour of accepting my key, and the control of my cock that comes with?"

"Of course. With pleasure. And your cock may not cum for a while" She responded, closing her hand.

"And" I continued, her dual meaning sitting heavy on my excitement, "may I offer my services to you, and offer this collar to you as my pledge to serve you well?" I asked, holding out the ruffled collar with shaking hands.

"Such a nice presentation" she replied. "I accept" she offered as she took the collar. "But perhaps this may be attached by Marcus since I am relaxing, and you are also granting him certain...liberties" she added, passing the collar back to me.

Looking at the collar I realized the massage had stopped. Looking up into the dark eyes, his face serious, I swallowed. "Marcus, may I ask you to please perform my collaring and also accept my offer?" I tried to sound convincing.

Reaching forward with his large hands, he took the collar and turned it over, examining it. "I might accept this request, but I believe you were to refer to me appropriately" he countered, smiling again.

"My apologies, Sir." I replied accepting my fate. "Sir, would you please do me the honour of performing my collaring and accept my offer?"

"Absolutely, Stacie." he replied, "with pleasure" and he motioned for me to come around the table and turn around.

I felt the collar moving around my neck and being attached in the back. He buckled the collar in place and patted me on the ass.

"there you go sweetie" he laughed.

"I believe we need drinks, Stacie" my Queen interrupted. "It appears you are now fully attired, and service should start immediately."

"My Queen, Sir. Is there anything you would like?" I assumed my role and moved swiftly into the kitchen once the drink orders had been placed.

I watched the interaction continue as I prepared the drinks. No question there was an attraction. No question the interactions were personal, beyond the massage that was happening.

I heard Kalie comment to Marcus that with his services being covered for the entire weekend, other massages could be requested. Turning her attention to me "Stacie, Marcus and I will have our drinks in the atrium, looking out over the water."

Yes, M'Lady" I replied, watching Marcus hold a robe out for Kalie to step into. He made no effort to look away as she stood up from the table. I could see her beautiful oiled form smile up at him, putting her arms through the robes openings and allow Marcus to close the wrap from behind. Tying up the belt, Kalie walked into the atrium, Marcus following behind. He turned and looked at me, smiling and offering his thumbs up.

Finding an appropriate tray, I walked carefully, not wanting to make a mistake in my first service, anxious to appear professional and efficient. The two sat close together on wicker chairs facing over the water. They suddenly stuck me as an interesting match. Kalie's red hair, short and stylish, her pink skin, that of a true red head, one that rarely appears in the sun without serious sun screen. Her green eyes shone looking at Marcus. His skin flawless and smooth, dark and even, his bald head shining, dark eyes meeting Kalie's. The interaction was not a simple conversation, but their bodies seems to enhance their interaction.

As I placed the tray down, I noticed left Kalie's hand draped over right Marcus's forearm, listening intently to his banter. She left it there and accepted the drink with her other hand. As I offered the tray to Marcus, he accepted his drink with his left hand, his right hand I watched lightly touching Kalie's thigh kind of a gentle yet intimate dance. Her thigh was exposed with a slight slippage of her robe. She made no effort to adjust her open robe, looking up at me and smiling.

"Perhaps you can start dinner, Stacie" she added, almost dismissing me from their tete-a-tete, "I am quite hungry."

'M'Lady" I offered with a slight bow, unable to take my eyes off the fingers brushing her thigh. I moved away as inconspicuously as possible.

Setting the table for two, I made myself a small dining space at the counter behind a floral arrangement, never assuming to intrude. This would allow me to eat quietly nearby, just out of sight, yet be available should a request arise. Arranging the table with care, graduated cutlery properly arranged, stemware in order, the candles formed an arch above their settings. True to proper service, I made sure their drinks were tended to always. I noticed their interaction never waivered. I did not want to disturb them in any way, so my entrances and exits were silent. At the same time, I was interested is all that was going on, a voyeur with both anxiety and excitement, and I did not want to miss anything.

Once my cooking progressed to the correct point or readiness I announced the timing from perhaps five feet behind them, with my hands appropriately hands behind my back, to be approximately 30 minutes. The two stood to prepare for dinner.

"Stacie" my Queen beckoned. "Please come forward"

I stopped my return to the kitchen and returned to walk around the chairs and stood beside them.

"M'Lady?" I inquired.

"I have noticed that Marcus has quite an impressive package in his shorts while he sat beside me. This I notice while he was stroking my thigh, especially when he moved his hand closer to my pussy." Marcus smiled and moved his eyes from Kalie to my own. "I did stop him, of course, but let's just say that his discomfort was quite apparent, and it dawned on me that perhaps you may want to see what you have brought here for my enjoyment?" she smiled into my eyes. "After all, you have paid handsomely for this engagement and perhaps you should see for yourself what you have purchased. What it is I have awaiting me should I so desire."

Looking at the eyes that dove into my psyche, I recognized both the control and the playful nature of her statements. "Ah, that is not necessary, My Queen, but so kind of you to offer, " I stammered. "And dinner is almost ready, my Queen..."

"Nonsense" she replied. "I believe you should ask your master for permission to remove his shorts and enjoy the sight of your purchase. I would like to see what you bought me and would very much enjoy you unwrapping it for me."

I swallowed, but nothing seemed to go down my throat. I looked to her for respite, but no ground was given. I could feel myself perspiring. I could do nothing for either my excitement, or my anxiety at that moment. In fact, I could do nothing but comply. "Sir, if you would allow me to assist you, please" I offered as I dropped to my knees in front of this impressive man. "May I assist you in removing your shorts? My Queen would very much like to see what it is I have bought for her." I could see his impressive bulge growing, extending down his leg.

"Of course, Stacie" he beamed. "Let me help you with my shirt first" and he crossed his hands in front, grasping his t-shirt and raising it over his head in one motion "certainly she would prefer to inspect the entire package!".

"Oh my" my Queen whispered quietly as his body came into sight. "How lovely."

And he truly was. His upper body was well sculpted and hairless. His chest was firm with hard nipples perfectly firm and presented. His ab lines were well defined, and his body glistened slightly.

I raised my hands slowly to the waist band of his shorts on each side and gently pulled. As his small triangle of pubic hair slowly came into vision, the tent formed in front of his shorts was significant, the tent pole being pulled downward. To be gentle in his impending showing, in fact to avoid what I believed would be a sudden release and slap upwards on his abdomen, I reached into the top of his shorts and grasped an impressive cock. I could feel it twitch in my hand on contact, and I proceeded to pull his shorts over the tip gently with my other hand.

The cock staring into my face, a foot in front of my eyes was impressive to say the least. My stomach pulsed, as did my caged cock. My hand could not go around his dark impressive, veined shaft, and with three inches beneath my hand, and another two to the tip of his impressive head, his cock was almost nine inches long. The tip hand a bead of precum leaking from the circumcised head. His testicles were in a tight, dark sack, large and in proportion to the mammoth I held in my hand. Shaved except for the small, shaped patch of tight curls above his cock, it was, for lack of a better word, beautiful. Kalie stared, mouth open, her eyes smiling, obviously in agreement.

I placed my hands on each side again and lowered his shorts to the floor, and in doing so allowed his erect cock to graze the side of my face.

"Allow me to help" I heard my Queen offer quietly, reaching out and grasping Marcus's cock and while moving it slightly away from my face, pulling her hand from the base up to the tip, then down and back up. I watched my Queens small, white hand in incredible contrast to this black, quivering piece of meat. As her hand reached the tip for the third time, she pulled it further causing the drop of precum to grow and start to drip.

"Do not let it drip to the floor, Stacie. Where are your manners?" and she turned the head towards my mouth.

Without a second thought, and to my own surprise, I leaned forward, and removed the precum from the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue.

"I knew you wanted that" she purred as I sat back on my heels. Running her hands along the black beast in her hands, she looked at Marcus, and reached up and kissed him lightly on his lips. His eyes closed, and he reached in for more, their tongues touching lightly before my Queen put her hand on his chest, holding him at bay.

"Now that is quite enough for you, miss "my Queen offered to me. "While we dress for dinner, you will find something more appropriate to serve in, Stacie. I think your black stretchy dress and heels will do nicely with your cage and fishnets. We will be out shortly. Please ensure our dinner is ready to be served."

Turning to Marcus she continued "I am sorry to leave you like this" she offered "but dinner will be ready soon. I am sure there will be time for...more later" she smiled, reaching up and giving him a peck as she turned and walked away, allowing her robe to drop to the floor as she left the room, her beautiful ass offering a vision of beauty swaying through the door into the master bedroom.

As the door closed behind her, Marcus turned to me, "She is truly stunning, and very sexy, my man. To be honest, this would have happily been a freebie, not that I am planning to give a discount mind you!" he laughed, slapping me on the shoulder. "But if your Queen wants further service, that may be on the house!" he winked and walked over to his bag, carrying it through the kitchen and into his room beside mine.

I watched him turn, his cock standing proudly out in front as he strode away, his tight black ass being the last visual I had. I needed to grasp the chair beside me to stand up, my legs shaking as I did. The events that just happened played over in my head. I realized I had no time for this. I had work to do.


Part 4

The black dress requested concealed little but offered some form of sheer coverage as I moved. It stretched over my body tightly, openings in the elastic material showed my skin beneath, and the openings down the side left no doubt that the wearer had nothing underneath. The neck tied at the back and stretched the front upwards, putting pressure on the hem lifting it further upwards, my nipple rings extended through the mesh in front, the cage visible in outline by the spandex of the hem. My heels, while difficult to walk in, were by far my sexiest, and were intended to display a slutty manner. OK, everything I brought with me would offer this display. I took special care to tidy my make up, fix my hair, put on my earrings, and make myself as presentable as possible.

The music played softly, and the fire danced, crackling to add to the ambience. The candles were lit and flickered across the room. The table was quite lovely if I do say so myself. White linen table cloth and napkins. It truly was a romantic setting for two.

The amuse bouche on the table with water, wine, and aperitif glasses for the professional presentation. I thought it funny to have an amuse bouche. Literally translated, it is something to amuse your mouth. I unwrapped that just a half hour ago I thought, but I certainly could not put that on a plate! The main course was ready behind the counter, carefully covered for warmth, the bread in a basket for serving once my Queen sat down.

Marcus, of course, was the first to emerge. A crisp button-down shirt, three buttons open, showing a little bling. Tight fitting grey dress pants with a tight crease and sharp black patent shoes completed a suave, sophisticated look, with a high level of pure sexy. As he entered the kitchen, in recognition of my desired place, I demurely offered him a glass of wine from the bottle I had from served previously. I took the liberty of adjusting his collar slightly, more for effect, a display of service and place, than necessity. He was well dressed and groomed on his own.

"Very sexy Stacie" he offered "you dress up well, gurl" he flattered me, and I smiled inside. "I may have to invite a friend over who might offer you some attention. Would you like that?"

I did not know how to respond to that comment and hesitated for an uncomfortably long time.

"Well, I think you just might enjoy him, and he would definitely enjoy you!" Marcus continued my discomfort and interest "Should I ask your Queen?"

I did not respond immediately but finally uttered a quiet "perhaps" before tending to some final details when the door to the Master bedroom opened.

My Queen strode into the room, all eyes watching her. Her black dress clung to her curves with simple elegance and sexiness, the think silky materials leaving no doubt that she had nothing on underneath. Her sheer nylons were my favourite, a black seam down the back, and four-inch peep toe stilettos. Her hair was stylishly and carefully presented, high and swept to the side. Her cut is extremely short on the side offering a sexy powerful presentation. Tonight, her makeup was slightly heavier, done to impress, but as always, not over done. While I wished the presentation was for me, I was inwardly delighted it was not. So why was I jealous when Marcus greeted her, taking hold of both of her hands, and kissing her on both cheeks.

"You are a vision, my dear" he offered with genuine appreciation. Offering his arm, he escorted her to the table, and pulled out her chair. Smiling up at him, she smoothed her dress down her legs as she allowed him to seat her.

After allowing them to settle in, I came over to the table. I poured the sparkling water into the glasses and offered lemon slices. I did my best rendition of five-star service as I brought the wine to the table, offering first acceptance to my Queen in recognition of her position by showing her the label. With her nod, my service began in earnest with the uncorking, offering a tasting for approval, then filling the glasses before disappearing into the kitchen.

The next hour was focused on their needs, ensuring nothing was out of place, nothing overlooked. I watched the interaction, the laughter, the interest was mutual and unwavering. When I was addressed, it was for service. From the main course, through dessert, their glasses were never empty, their needs were always met. When at last it was time for an aperitif, my Queen beckoned me to the table.

" An excellent dinner, Stacie" she began "you have truly outdone yourself" reaching out, she reached under my dress and grasped my cage. This was not to create pain, merely discomfort and offer a reminder of my position, in case I had forgotten. "Marcus and I will have our after-dinner drinks in the living room in front of the fire." Your may clean the table and join us once the kitchen is cleaned up and prepared for breakfast" she smiled up at me.

"Thank you M'Lady I responded, honoured and most pleased with her comments. "May I have the honour of pulling out your chair, my Queen?"

"You may, and please ensure that Marcus has all he needs as well"

I took care to pull out her chair and turned to Marcus. "May I offer you anything, Sir?" I offered with a slight bow.

"Marcus smiled at both of us, and reached out, cupping my cage and balls in the same manner. "No, a drink with my date is all I require from you" he smiled "since you provided me with the sexiest date I have ever had" he laughed, joining my Queen in standing and heading to the living room.

Bringing over the small drinks moments later, I saw that the two has settled into the couch, Marcus with his arm over Kalie's shoulders, her head leaning back onto his arm slightly. Her knees were crossed, her dress riding up to mid-thigh. Marcus other arm rested on her exposed knee, turning him to her in intimate conversation.

I offered the drinks on the tray.

"Place them on the table, Stacie" Marcus stated, and I realized he did not want to relinquish his position. As I placed them on the table, my Queen turned to look at him with a smile and Marcus leaned in with a kiss, one that was not only accepted, but reciprocated with open mouth passion.

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