The Masters' Heart


He laughed when her eyes widened and she shook her head. He parted her lips with his fingers and made a small sound of appreciation again. "Her inner lips are a dark succulent pink." He ran his finger over her again, "And look, her clit is hard, waiting for my attention." He flicked it with his fingernail and she jumped as electricity shot through her. Thomas laughed as more fluid gushed from her. "I think we have our girl Max. Look how responsive she is." He leaned forward and drew her clit into his mouth with a small sucking noise.

Behind her, Max growled low in his throat at the evidence that they were indeed reaching her. He rubbed the plug over her sphincter. "Oh, yes, we were definitely right." As he got to the last word he rammed the plug home. It slipped through the tight muscles, stretching her wide before the base hit her. He pulled it in and out in a few strokes, twisting as he did so and then shoved it in as deep as it goes. Antoinette screamed, her hips bucked against Thomas's face as the orgasm threatened to overwhelm her.

Max was unsatisfied with the sound of the scream through the gag. He wanted to hear her every moan, whimper and scream. "Tom, I am going to remove her gag. I want to hear her."

Thomas's reply was muffled by her cunt. Max took it for assent and stood up. He unbuckled the gag and pulled it from her mouth. Max tossed the gag and then slid his fingers up the back of her head. He twisted his fingers in her thick hair and wrenched her head to the side. He stared at her mouth, which was slightly swollen from both the gag and her arousal. He snarled a bit and swooped to claim her mouth. He forced hers open with his tongue and plundered her mouth. His other hand cupped her face as he explored her mouth.

Antoinette's pleasure started to peak. Thomas was working magic with his mouth and Max tasted like whiskey and danger. She hadn't known danger had a flavor until that moment. Then Thomas slipped a finger into her and groaned against her clit. Antoinette screamed at the sudden invasion.

Max pulled back enough to mumble against her lips, "No, you may not cum yet," and Antoinette whimpered. She fought to hold it back and her body started to shake. Max ravaged her mouth again, this time he cupped her breast with one hand, squeezing and stroking it.

Antoinette fought hard against the orgasm but the sensations were just too much she couldn't do it for much longer. Her mind warred with itself. She wanted to be a good girl on the one hand but on the other she was a strong Dominant. She should be able to have an orgasm when she wanted to. She made up her mind that next time the orgasm crested, she was going to cum.

Her pleasure reached its peak and she was just about to let it take her away when something in her heart flipped over and she pushed the need to be defiant away. Antoinette fought back the orgasm as Max nibbled on her lower lip and Thomas fit another finger to her pussy. She fought to ignore some of the sensations so she could hold back her pleasure and please these two men.

Max broke the kiss and smiled at her. He moved away and got a bigger butt plug. He came back to Antoinette and grabbed the base of the plug she had in her. He twisted it; making her whimper, then he got a good grip on it and pulled it out. As he did, he whispered, "Cum slut!"

Thomas bit down on her clit at the same moment and the orgasm nearly tore Antoinette in two. She screamed, her breath hitching and as she struggled to drag it in to let out another scream. As the orgasm ebbed, Max plunged another, larger plug into her ass. It spiked the orgasm again and again as he pumped it into her, twisting and pulling it out before shoving it back in. Thomas fucked her with his fingers, hard, faster as the muscles of her cunt clenched and pulled and sucked on him. He groaned, imagining his cock in their place.

As if with one thought, they began to slow their assault, let her calm down. Antoinette shuddered and then sagged against her bonds. Max and Thomas both stepped away from her and looked at each other with please grins on their faces. Then Max stepped forward to scoop her into his arms. He nodded to Thomas to lower her arms.

Thomas did so carefully. Even so, Antoinette whimpered as blood began to flow back into her arms and hands. Max carried her to the bed, laid her down and together the two men massaged the blood and feeling back into her arms.

As she came out of the orgasm induced stupor Antoinette began to think again and to struggle again. "No no! You can't make me yours! You can't make me serve."

The two looked at each other across her body and each raised one brow before looking at Antoinette.

Thomas reached out and slapped her across the face. "It's too late for arguments, my sweet. You already belong to us. You have for weeks." Antoinette's voice was silenced abruptly. She lowered her eyes and her head tipped to one side, her hair falling across her face.

Max smiled a smile that sent thrills and chills through her. "'Get used to it, little bird, you will never be able to leave us." He took her chin in his hand and turned her face to his. He searched her emerald eyes with his black ones just before he lowered his mouth to hers, nipping at her lower lip until she opened to him. As he slid his tongue into her mouth, Thomas flicked her nipple with his tongue then sucked the nipple into his mouth.

Antoinette gasped at the onslaught. She lifted her hands, let them drop and lifted them again. Part of her still wanted to rung screaming but the rest of her very much wanted to touch the two men who had made her want them beyond all reason.

Max chuckled softly into her mouth then moved to her neck, his teeth grazing her skin before he licked her gently.

Thomas took the opportunity to capture her mouth. He explored her with pleasure and like he had all the time in the world. His tongue danced around hers, drawing hers into play. Antoinette moaned softly. He bit her lower lip, then her upper and plunged his tongue back into her mouth.

Max, meanwhile, bit her neck, sucking and licking as he marked her skin. Teeth almost pierced her, making her scream into Thomas's mouth, as Max bit down on her again. He moved down her throat to her chest, licking, nibbling and kissing his way down. He tongued her nipple and sucked it into her mouth as his hand slid over her belly to cup her between her legs. He stroked her out lips lightly and chuckled as he found her soaking wet. Max let her nipple slip from his mouth and almost growled, "I see that she does want to be here." He lifted glistening fingers to Thomas.

Thomas took his mouth from Antoinette's, leaving her gasping for air and whimpering for more, and looked down at Max's hand. He smiled down at Antoinette, "You can't resist us. We won't let you. Although it seems we don't have to work too hard."

Max reached up and coated Antoinette's lips with her own juices. Thomas immediately licked her lips and resumed kissing her.

As Max slid down Antoinette's body and sharp teeth nipped at her hip as he moved around her. He picked up one of her feet and licked and kissed her ankle. Antoinette jerked and gasped. Max tightened his grip and stroked her leg with one long lick. He nibbled behind her knee, making her jerk, twist and giggle just before she moaned into Thomas's mouth.

Thomas slid his hands over her chest, caressing and squeezing her breasts; rolling and pinching her nipples in his fingers. His mouth moved across her cheek to her ear and he whispered in it. "I'm going to shove my cock down your throat and you are going to do your best to swallow it, little slut."

Antoinette opened her eyes and stared at him. Her face was flushed, her eyes dark and heavy-lidded with arousal. Her lips were swollen and, as he watched, her small pink tongue darted out to capture the moisture of their kiss.

Thomas groaned and pressed one more quick kiss on her mouth. He stood and removed his clothing. Antoinette watched as his hairy chest appeared and followed the line of hair down the middle. The hair on his belly seemed to flow inwards from the outside, conspiring to lead her traitorous eyes south. She watched as Thomas undid his belt and opened his pants. He hooked his thumbs in his waistband and shoved the pants and boxer briefs down. Antoinette smiled as Thomas's cock sprung free. It was perfect, smooth yet veiny, thick without being scary, long enough to please, short enough to deep throat.

Thomas knelt on the edge of the bed, one hand on the wall above her head and stroked his cock. He grinned down at her, "Open up little bird, I have something for you."

Before she fully registered that her brain had given her body a command, Antoinette opened her mouth, one hand lifting and slipping between his legs to cup his balls in her palm as he guided the head between her lips.

Thomas gasped as she started to flick her tongue over the tip, sucking on him all the while. Little moans and whimpers escaped her throat as he shoved deeper and Max finally reached her pussy with his mouth.

Max licked her slit with one long stroke before pushing between her folds to flick her clit. He smiled with satisfaction when her hips bucked a little and her thigh trembled. Then he sat up and removed his shirt, baring a broad expanse of muscled, tanned flesh. He lay between her legs and strong tanned arms encircled her hips. He arranged his grip so he could open her up to his gaze. Pale white flesh parted to reveal dark pink secrets and he marveled at the contrast just before he lowered his mouth to her.

Max explored every crease, nibbled on every lip and beat her clit into submission until Antoinette was writhing in his arms. Her fluids covered his face and the hand he moved to fuck her with. After her third orgasm, Max played with the plug in her ass, pulling it halfway out and ramming it in, making her scream around Thomas's cock. He loosened her up then added a second finger. He sucked and nibbled on her clit while he worked at opening her enough.

Finally, Max lifted his head and watched his friends cock sliding in and out of the cock hungry mouth. Antoinette's hands were running up and down Thomas's legs, over his balls and up his belly in a rhythm that was almost hypnotizing and completely unconscious on her part. "Thomas, are you going to share her mouth?"

Thomas nodded, shoved his cock deep in her throat and smiled when she gagged, "Swallow it my pet, don't choke." Then he pulled out slowly, pulling her hands away from him when she tried to hold him there. His cock left her mouth with an audible pop and he sighed then shook himself. He turned Antoinette's head to the other side as Max left her, pussy and ass gaping, hips thrusting upwards in a silent plea for more.

Max looked down at her swollen lips and lust darkened eyes. He watched from the corner of his eye as Thomas knelt between her knees and latched on to her clit with his teeth.

Thomas's hand disappeared between her legs and Max turned his full attention on Antoinette. He undid his pants and pushed them to his knees. His cock sprang out and Antoinette's eyes widened at the sight of it. It was very long and very thick. She didn't think that it would all fit in her but, dammit, she wanted to try. The head was an angry purple and she wanted it in her. Now. She mewed and opened her mouth.

Max's eyes darkened even further and he slipped his cock between her lips. Immediately she wrapped one hand around the base and the other slid up his thigh to his ass. She cupped and squeezed and dragged her fingernails over the soft flesh as she tried to work as much of the nearly twelve inch cock as she could into her mouth. It was so thick she could barely work her tongue around to stroke the shaft, never mind the head. She was sure as hell going to try! The hand on his shaft stroked him as she worked her mouth down the length of him. The lower she went the thicker she got.

Antoinette was drooling her eyes wide in a strange mix of panic and arousal by the time she'd gotten seven inches into her mouth and throat. Max put a hand on the back of her head and held her there for a few seconds when she tried to pull back. Her hands tightened reflexively on him and let out a high pitched grunt around him as her need for air became desperate. Max smiled softly and pulled back until only the head was in her mouth. Desperately, gratefully, she sucked in a lung full of air. Antoinette was so happy to breathe again she laved his cock with her tongue.

Thomas chose that moment to bite down on her clit and her entire body spasmed.

Max looked at Thomas, Thomas looked back and they smiled wickedly. Max adjusted the position of Antoinette's head for maximum depth and rammed a good portion of his cock down her throat. "Breathe when I pull back, little one." He started fucking her face with slow strokes until she got the breathing rhythm down. Then he took her hand from his shaft and placed it on his ass with a soft command to keep both hands there. Her eyes widened and then closed.

They flew open again scant seconds later when Thomas pushed three fingers into her tight but sopping pussy. Her hips bucked and she screamed her pleasure and surprise around Max. Thomas latched his mouth onto her clit and bit down. The orgasm hit Antoinette with the force of a freight train just as Max rammed his cock down her throat.

Antoinette was in heaven. She couldn't believe where she was, with two gorgeous men, being used, yes, they were looking after her pleasure but she knew being used when she it. Her mind was no longer resisting them, her body belonged entirely to them and her brain and emotions were rapidly catching up. Her thinking processes had shut down further with each orgasm and now she was in subspace. She was little more than an animal who processed the things her new Masters were doing to her body. Words were no longer a part of the way Antoinette thought. If she thought at all.

Max fucked her face as Thomas loosened the muscles in her cunt and both actions, combined with subspace, served to make Antoinette little more than an animalistic slut.

Max's balls tightened and he pulled out of her mouth with a groan. Antoinette whimpered, her mouth open, and he held his hand out to her as he spoke. She grabbed it with both hands and started licking, nibbling and sucking on his fingers. "My friend, I need to be inside her." "'Oh hell yes." Thomas moved away from her. Antoinette felt bereft and whimpered, her hips bucked, desperately seeking attention. "Don't worry slut, we won't leave you alone for long."

Max gently extracted his hand from her grip and Antoinette simply lay there, twitching as the electric shocks of intense pleasure went through her. The two men each grabbed and arm and hauled her to her feet. Thomas held her up, stroking her body with long light strokes that sent shivers through her. She wanted more. She wanted it harder, firmer, more there.

Antoinette pressed up against Thomas, her hands roaming over him. She wrapped hot fingers around his cock and started stroking. Thomas groaned as she played with him.

Max stretched on the bed and gestured to Thomas. "I think she needs help."

Thomas looked down at Antoinette and tipped her face up. "Come on, we're about to fill you up good." Thomas guided her around the edge of the bed. Together he and Max got her straddling Max's hips. She was limp; responsive but took no initiative, Antoinette was way gone into subspace.

Thomas slapped her face lightly. "Come on little girl, you need to work with us."

Antoinette blinked and her eyes cleared a little. Thomas smiled at her as she gazed at him with a surprised look on her face. "Good! Now that we have you a little more alert, look where you are."

Antoinette was straddling Max's hips, her pussy hovering just above his cock. Max could feel the heat of her and wanted in. Her back was straight, hands resting loosely on her thighs. Max reached between them and grabbed his cock. He lifted her with the other hand before guiding the head to the source of heat. Antoinette moaned when Max brushed the head of his cock up and down her slit before pushing it into her. Max put his hands on her hips and pressed down. Antoinette got the hint and began to lower herself down.

Immediately, she began to squirm. She tried to lift off. She gasped, "'Big, too big."

Max smiled, "Oh no, I'll fit in you. You just need to relax." He looked at Thomas. "How about a little distraction?"

Thomas grinned and put his hand in the middle of Antoinette's back. He pushed, hard. Antoinette fell forward, catching herself with her hands on either side of Max's chest. Max took the opportunity to push another inch into her. He closed his eyes and groaned as her muscles spasmed around him. Thomas grabbed her hair, twisted her head to one side and guided his cock into her mouth. He fucked her face hard, ramming his cock down her throat.

Max pushed her hips down, pulled his hips back and thrust forward, shoving another inch into her. He ground his teeth together, trying to hold on to his control, after all he only had three inches in her and there was a lot left to go.

Thomas too was grinding his teeth. Antoinette was drooling and pretty much cooing around his cock. "Hurry man!"

Max nodded and said, "Let her go then, sit her back up."

Thomas pulled Antoinette's mouth off him and pushed her back upright. At the moment she was fully vertical Max thrust up with his hips and pulled down on hers. Two more inches slid into her.

Thomas moved behind them and knelt behind Antoinette, over Max's legs. He spread some lube on his cock and reached for the plug in Antoinette's ass. He put one hand on her back and pushed her forward again. He trusted Max to catch her.

Max did indeed catch her and as Thomas twisted then pulled the plug out; Max locked his lips on Antoinette's. Thomas quickly replaced the plug with his cock, pushing into her in one long stroke. Both men stopped moving and let Antoinette adjust to the cocks within her.

For her part, Antoinette was stunned. She had the biggest cock she'd ever seen worked half way into her cunt and one of the nicest she'd ever seen in her ass. She was so far in subspace she could barely form a coherent thought. Her body was...well, she wasn't sure it was hers anymore. She'd never felt this way before. There was not an ounce of Dominance left in her at this particular moment. Max's cock twitched within her and, deep in her ass, Thomas's did too.

Max bit her lower lip and Antoinette groaned. She pushed back against Thomas and both men took this as their cue and began fucking her. They developed a rhythm that never left her empty for a second. It only took a few strokes for her to start cumming again.

For Antoinette, the two men fucked her long and hard. They pounded into her with the aim to possess, to tame and to please. They pounded into her to please themselves. They took her and fucked her senseless. Antoinette had no true sense of self for a long time after they were done.

To Max and Thomas, Antoinette's body was too tight, too luscious to contain themselves for long. All her muscles quivered and squeezed around them, milking them, caressing them. They tried to hold out longer but first one then the other reached orgasm far too soon, slamming into her with faster, harder strokes until that last one that had them deep inside of her, showering her with their pleasure.

For long moments they remained there, locked together, while Antoinette's final orgasms worked their way out of her. Each muscle twitch made both men groan and gasp as their sensitive cocks were tormented by the dying throes of her pleasure.

The two Dominant males had meant to take Antoinette, turn her inside out and return her to a different version of herself. A version of her that loved them, belonged to them and craved to be with them. Only time would tell how successful they were. But, as Thomas pulled himself out of her he realized that they may have been wrong in their prediction of what would happen tonight, for Antoinette had captured him as much as he had captured her. He looked at Max as he lifted Antoinette's limp body from his friend. Max smiled ruefully, he too felt just as bound to Antoinette as they'd meant to bind her to them.

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