tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 62

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 62


Chapter 62

Samantha's Tales -- Part 1

Samantha Kidd never expected to enjoy life in Regal Bay as much as she did. Since arriving in Regal Bay on the arm of her 2nd husband and their children in tow some eight years earlier, Samantha had slowly come to realize that there was nothing but sexual delights to be found in her new home town. And as her eyes opened wider and she took more in, she developed a taste for fit, younger men, most often men half her own age, and she was just 41.

Samantha had come from a family with money. She had been born and raised in Dublin, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. Her father was a lawyer, a junior partner now, and her mother a certified public accountant. Samantha had gone to school at Ohio University and earned her degree in the liberal arts. She never had any intention of making a living for herself, and just as soon as she could, she hooked up and married the first "man with a plan" that came along. His name was Craig Seeger.

Craig had come from a family similar to her own, in that they were well off. However, even though he had money in the bank, Craig had ambition. Soon after they married, Craig and Samantha had settled down in Jacksonville. As an intern at one of the city's major law firms, Craig brought in a healthy paycheck, plenty to allow Samantha time to enjoy the sun and surf much of the year.

Getting pregnant at such an early stage in her life hadn't been in Samantha's plans at all. Their daughter, Kelly, was born during the chilly late-winter months, and Samantha soon discovered that being a stay-at-home mother had its perks, as well as keeping her from having to work. Strangely, after she'd had their daughter at the age of 23, the wonderful sex she and her husband had shared all but vanished. Samantha found that she was lucky to get laid once a month. By the time she was 25, she had decided to divorce Craig. The divorce proceedings were lengthy, given the demands she was making, and even before the ink had dried, she had taken to sleeping with a neighbor on a regular basis; Matthew Kidd.

When Samantha and Matthew Kidd began their affair, he was newly divorced and the father of a son. His ex-wife was serving time for larceny, after walking out of a Kay Jewelers with more than sixteen thousand dollars worth of necklaces in her panties. It wasn't the first time Felicity had been caught shop-lifting, so she went down for a maximum sentence. Matthew filed for divorce the day she went away.

At the time, Matthew was 30-years-old, and had a good-paying, steady job working at the naval shipyards as a civilian security contractor. The conviction of his ex-wife cast something of a shadow over him as well, and shortly after Samantha and he married they moved to Regal Bay. Matthew had been offered and taken a position in the casino as a Gaming Compliance Officer, and life on the west coast would make Samantha happy as well.

Working in the casino, Matthew's hours varied from week to week, as he would pull either ten-hour or twelve-hour shifts a couple of times each month. This enabled him to work four days on, and then have three off, though on occasion he would do several fours with only two off, as the job required. He was also on-call, since he was a senior officer, and would have to go in to cover for call-offs from time to time. With Samantha not working, it wasn't all that bad. But as the years began to draw out, and their children growing up, Samantha took a job in town working at the Royal Treatment Spa and Gym, one of her usual hang-outs during the afternoons.

Samantha wasn't a health junky, but she enjoyed working out to kill time, and the work-out room had several televisions to distract from the pain. As the hours apart began to put a strain on their marriage, Samantha began to take notice of the young men working out around her, and the looks they gave her. She was much older than most of them, and yet felt just as sexual at 38 as she did at 18. When the opportunity first presented itself to her, she didn't hesitate to take it. The first time she cheated on Matthew was with a 22 year-old stud named Jim in the backseat of his SUV in the gym's parking lot. Since then, she had rarely said no to a casual encounter, or a serious fuck-session, with any of the young men who worked out with her. Samantha applied for and took an opening at the gym, and in the three years since, she's enjoyed several affairs.

Samantha's daughter, Kelly, was 21, had graduated high school with honors and was now enrolled at Regal Bay University in the liberal arts school. She had a room on campus in the dorms which she shared with another girl, though tended to still sleep at home most nights. Her room-mate was a nymphomaniac, Kelly had explained, and had different men in for sex three or four times a week. It wasn't Kelly's scene, as she had explained to her mother, and as such she maintained her bedroom at home.

Martin, Matthew's son, was also still living at home even though he too was taking classes at Regal Bay U. Martin was in the journalism program and worked part-time in town at the local paper. Like his step-sister, Martin tended to spend much of his time at home, playing video games on-line or surfing the internet doing research. The four people living in the Kidd house-hold were living very different lives by that point in Samantha's.

One of the young men of Regal Bay that Samantha had developed a relationship with behind her husband's back was a young Golf Club grounds man named Rick Malone. She had met Rick in the gym, of course, and had taken notice of him due to the fact he only ever worked out on the stationary bikes. She once asked him about this, and his reply was that he enjoyed biking since he was a kid and couldn't always get out and ride anymore.

"I was dreamed of racing in the Tour du-France," he told her with a wide grin one afternoon when she joined him. Side-by-side they had biked a simulated ten miles as they talked, and got to know each other. She discovered that Rick's mother and father lived a few houses down from where she lived. Rick was part Inuit Indian, on his mother's side, and his family had relocated to Regal Bay from Spokane, Washington, while he was in high school. After graduating, Rick took a job as a grounds keeper for the Parks and Beach Department, he had told her over recovery drinks in the gym's break area.

Samantha learned early on that Rick was married to a local girl named Nelly, and they had only been married a couple of years. Over the course of a few weeks, Samantha and Rick enjoyed time together in the gym. It wasn't that she wanted to break up his marriage; it was just that she found the young man so very attractive and wanted him for herself, at least on occasion. Over time Samantha and Rick grew to be more than friends.

Samantha enjoyed the outdoors and as such, she spent many hours either walking the trails or riding her mountain bike along the paths that stretched from North Bay to the Resort and Casino. She didn't consider herself a health-nut, as she enjoyed grilling hot dogs and chicken out back with her family on the week-ends, or drinking through a six-pack while watching college sports with her step-son on the satellite channels. She had always been a fan of sports, though mostly her attention was on the colleges, since that was where the strapping young men were. Samantha had developed a thing for young athletes since entering her forties, she admitted. Matthew had been one himself, though he wasn't all that strapping anymore at 49. As a result, her eyes ended up on the young men working out in the gym, most notably Rick Malone as he rode the stationary bikes in the gym.

It was a bright early-October Wednesday morning when Samantha arrived at the Malone's small apartment, slightly sweaty from her usual morning ride. Most mornings her route would take her from her home east of the Golf Club, through the golf course, north along the cart path that fronted the cliffs, slightly down-hill all the way through Van Winkle Park and to the edge of town. She would then return through the park along the eastern edge, up the cart paths through the golf course, to the Golf Club buildings proper, where she would utilize the Golf Club's locker room and a shower. Samantha's usual route was just over twelve miles, from start to finish, and usually took her a little under ninety minutes. On this morning, however, Samantha had continued on into town, along the boardwalk, past the marina, and ended her morning ride in front of the familiar apartment building overlooking North Beach. She paused to casually look around to ensure she didn't recognize anyone near, locked up her bike in the rack, and then headed on into the lobby.

Rick and Nelly Malone occupied a second floor apartment with a view of the next building over. After a soft knocking, Rick opened the door and greeted Samantha warmly with a gentle kiss as she entered the one bedroom apartment.

"I didn't think you were coming by this morning," Rick said as he closed, and then double-locked, the apartment door. His hands went to her waist and pulled the older woman close.

"I really do have things to do today, as I had said in my text last night," Samantha replied before allowing him to kiss her deeply. When they broke off, she continued, "But that doesn't mean that I don't have time for my morning exercise regimen." Rick was wearing only a baggy pair of beach shorts, and Samantha gave his fit, youthful torso a loving caress. "Besides, what makes you think I'd ever give this up?" She pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him again, much deeper than his wife normally did.

Rick had barely broken off his embrace of her before he had her lightly damp tank top up and off, tossed across the back of the desk chair. The armband phone case went next, after she had tugged the ear-buds out. Samantha's breasts were firm and she held them tightly during her rides encased in a sports bra. This Rick ripped away next, leaving her smiling before him with her beautifully tanned tits on full display. He took in her mature vision, thrilling at the sight of the large, caramel-colored areola and thick nipples atop the tanned mounds of womanly flesh. Samantha often sunned in the nude, whether at home on her patio or at the beach. It was, after all, commonplace in Regal Bay. The fact that she was only two years younger than his own mother never seemed to enter his mind.

"Somebody must be pretty horny!" Samantha laughed. She enjoyed Rick's stripping her of her clothing, as it was something her husband rarely did anymore.

"Nelly's on the rag this week," Rick huffed as he dropped to his knees before her. He hooked his thumbs into her exercise shorts and began drawing them, as well as her panties, down her legs. From his knees he was face to face with the fact that she shaved her pubic hair away, leaving only a thin racing stripe of curly brown hairs above her slit. He saw her labia, heavy with blood from her workout, slightly distended, as if offering them up for his approval. And he indeed approved.

"Fuck, Samantha! You are one beautiful woman!" he gasped, his eyes fully on her naked crotch now.

"Are you complimenting me or my pussy, young man?" she laughed. She stroked his head of dark hair as he leaned in and gave her a kiss, directly atop her pubic mound. "I guess that answers that."

After that brief kiss, Rick backed away and stood. His hands went to his own clothing then, and with his eyes now locked to her breasts, he began to hastily disrobe. Samantha settled onto the edge of the living room sofa and responded to his admiring gaze by seductively spreading and closing her thighs for him. She knew he often went commando, sans underwear, and wasn't at all surprised that he was this morning. His thick, somewhat stubby cock sprang into her view. She grinned, noticing that he had trimmed his thick, dark pubic hair away to short stubble since last she'd had him.

"I think I'd like a taste of that before we get too busy," Samantha grinned. With growing eagerness, Rick pulled Samantha through to the small bedroom he shared with his wife. Their full-sized bed was against the far wall beneath the window overlooking the parking lot. The room was small and only had space for a single dresser beside the closet, a single nightstand at the head of the bed, and a small entertainment center across from the foot of the bed. On it stood a flat-screen television and stereo/CD player. Rick turned on the stereo as he passed. The music he enjoyed was modern, of his generation. Samantha didn't mind, as it gave their act a bit of energy.

"Let me get a taste, before we get busy," Samantha told her young lover with a husky, lustful voice. Rick stepped forward as Samantha dropped to her knees before him. She reached up to take hold of is semi-rigid member and pulled it to her parted lips without another word. Her face lunged forward, taking him to the root.

"Ooohh, man!" he moaned as she began to gently, lovingly suck his cock to full hardness. Samantha had enjoyed sucking on Rick's slab of male meat for many months now. It was one of her few vices, if not an addiction. She loved to have a cock in her mouth. The scent of sweaty balls in her nose and the taste of salty cock on her tongue never failed to make her juices flow. She'd learned to pleasure a man with her mouth back in high school, and had perfected her skills since. Rick moved to the bed and as she continued to slowly, lovingly make out with his cock, he settled into the mattress. Samantha followed him onto the bed, and ended up kneeling between his parted feet as she continued to blow him. Rick stroked her short-cut brown hair and caressed her shoulders as she bobbed her head in his lap. Her mouth was wonderful and always sent wave after wave of electrical excitement through his body. He wished that he could figure out a way for her to train his wife to pleasure him better, some way that his wife wouldn't be pissed off at him.

"That feels so fucking awesome," Rick moaned as Samantha held his cock deep in her throat and wiggled her tongue along the underside. Her saliva flooded her mouth, warming his cock. She slowly pulled up, leaving him drenched in her spit. She wrapped her fist around it and began to jack him while turning her attention to his heavy scrotum. She lathered them with spit as well, before sliding a bit lower to tickle his sensitive flesh between his balls and asshole with the tip of her tongue.

When Samantha licked across his rosebud, Rick's hips rocked upward and he moaned, "Ooohh, yeessss!" She had found early on that he enjoyed ass-play, especially if it was her tongue. It was something she'd only ever done with him, and she knew he still hadn't figured out how to get his wife to do such a kinky, intimate act, either.

After a couple more flicks of her tongue, she switched off. After returning her mouth to his knob, she moved her saliva-coated fingers to his asshole and began to rub rings around the rosy. She felt his anus twitch, and without further warning, she stuffed her long middle finger up Rick's ass. The result was a flood of his warm pre-cum onto her tongue, as well as a deep groan from his chest.

"Uuunnggghhhhh!" Rick growled when she began to twist and thrust her finger up his ass. With his cock throbbing in her mouth, she matched her bobbing upon it with the work her finger was doing in his ass. Rick's hips began to move, thrusting and dropping, fucking her face and then her finger. His asshole was warm and tight around her digit, and soon she knew that he'd be ready to step it up a notch. But not just yet. She was saving that for another day, when they had a bit more time.

After nearly fifteen minutes of having his cock slurped and slobbered, and his ass hole worked over, Rick was ready to give a little himself. He lifted her head away from his cock and said, "It's my turn."

Samantha eased her finger from his ass and took his place stretched out on the bed, her head on the pillow his wife used. Rick rolled to his knees between hers and took hold of her ankles. He pushed her legs wide apart and took in the full beauty of her naked crotch, so open and inviting.

"Eat me, you cheating bastard!" Samantha insisted, Rick now entirely within her spell. Even if he had wanted to, he could not resist anything she might demand of him. She watched with a wide, wicked grin on her face as the young man, her personal stud, dropped onto his belly between her thighs and pressed his face straight into her crotch.

"That's it! Right there!" she sighed when she felt his tongue immediately go to her heated clit and begin to work it over. "Ooohh, goddamnit! That feels so good!"

Rick slurped noisily between Samantha's thighs as her juices began to leak. He turned his mouth lower and pressed, opened wide, against her entire pussy. He sucked and her juices flooded his mouth, which he hungrily swallowed before again plunging his tongue into her gaping, dripping hole. Samantha's cream flowed thick and heavy, something his own wife's pussy didn't do, at least for him. Rick had watched her masturbate a few times, when they were feeling kinky, and Nelly seemed to get off harder on her own fingers than with anything Rick ever did to her. He sometimes wondered what, or who, she was fantasizing about when she jilled off.

He pushed any thoughts of his wife aside as he continued to devour Samantha. Rick had been enjoying her intimate flavors for so long that he knew where to hit and when, and it wouldn't take him long at all to get her howling through an orgasm. Making a woman cum with his tongue made him feel so powerful, and made his cock throb as he listened to their moaning and grunting. Nelly enjoyed his mouth as much as Samantha, something both of the women in his life had in common, he mused.

Samantha stroked his head of short-cut hair as Rick enjoyed himself between her thighs. She loved having her pussy licked and sucked, and if a lover wasn't very good at it, she'd gladly teach them. She enjoyed watching him between her knees, the way his head bobbed and turned. Of late, he had taken to leaving his ass raised high in the air, she'd noticed, especially after she'd fingered his ass. She wondered if he was beginning to develop a "bottom" tendency. The next time, she vowed, she'd explore that thought a little deeper. Until then, she returned her mind to enjoying the building orgasm his tongue was bringing her.

"Oooohh, that's it, baby! Eat Mommy's pussy!" Samantha had been egging Rick on in this way since the beginning, teasing him about never getting intimate with his own mother. Samantha had met Rick's mother and if they weren't friends, they were at least acquaintances. Rick's mother, Leanna, was very beautiful, with long, black hair, and the deep tanned flesh of a Native American woman. Leanna was a couple of years older than she was, a small woman, little more than five foot tall, with nice breasts and a wide, flat ass. Although he would never admit it to her, Samantha knew that Rick had secret desires for his mother. The way he reacted when she teased him gave that away.

"Yes! That's it, baby. Lick Mommy's pussy right there! Oh, that feels sooo goooddddd! Aaaahhhh, yeeeesssss!" Samantha hummed as Rick's tongue brought on the first orgasm of her day.

Rick slurped up Samantha's cream as her orgasm rolled through her body. His own cock throbbed below his belly, ready to dive right in as soon as she completed her climax. He had learned from her to not jump right in, to let her enjoy the orgasm to the finish before stabbing his cock into her. He drank her juices down and centered his oral attentions onto her clit until she started to gently tug at his ears. That was her signal to him, and Rick lifted his face from her messy, glistening crotch.

"Fuck me, Rick! Stick your cock inside me and fuck me!" Samantha demanded.

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