tagMind ControlThe Mind is Flat

The Mind is Flat


For my readers...at first this story may seem deeply out of step with my normally romantic and deep thought provoking works. But look a bit closer. This is one of my darker pieces inspired by an online psychology course that I took by the same name. It is the cautionary tale of what can happen to us when we fail to recognize our own flaws and weaknesses...when we just follow the crowd towards what we think of as...success.


Lauren stared critically into the mirror. At nineteen, she was just beginning her college adventure. And getting into the right sorority was the first step. She had pledged three, the same way that she had applied to three colleges. The dream one. The one that she was likely to get into. And of course her safety, if all else failed. So far she had received offers from her safety and the likely one. Tonight was her final mixer at the dream sorority. So she wanted to look her best.

This was a higher class of people so she had toned down her usually enticing attire. Her navy blue cotton skirt came to just above the knee. She wore a simple but expensive light blue blouse. Even her black pumps were a good two inches lower than her usual choice of heels. Her blonde hair was pulled back from her face and she had used a couple of clips to keep it up off her neck. The usually heavy hand that she employed with her make-up had been lightened as well. Overall she barely recognized the young woman in the mirror.

Lauren was pleased as she made the five minute walk across campus to the sorority house. Even though the guys did not stare at her with open lust, their heads still swiveled as they stared after her. Maybe she would dress like this more often. She tapped lightly at the door when she arrived. As it opened, she was surprised to see that only a dozen or so people mingled about the large living area.

"We only invited a few pledges to this event," explained the dark haired young woman who was the President of this particular sorority. She showed Lauren in and immediately stood up. "Welcome everyone. We are glad that you could join us for this final opportunity to show us why you should be Kappa Delta Zeta Theta Beta Babe. Tonight is rather simple really...truth or dare."

Lauren smiled, she had been playing that game since junior high school. She looked around at her competition and her confidence increased. Each of these young women looked more like they belonged in a science lab than a sorority house.

"To make things a bit more interesting though, we will begin with a dare for everyone," pronounced the President. She held up a clear beaker full of a pinkish cloudy substance. "The chalice of truth contains not only forbidden alcohol...don't tell anyone...but three magic ingredients. I am not going to tell you what those are yet. Instead you will be given the chance right now to drink," she paused and looked at each girl in the eye, "or leave. It is that simple."

Lauren saw a couple of girls looking at one another. One actually stood up and walked out the door without a word, her head held high. A couple stared at the floor and wrung their hands nervously. Wanting to make a good impression, Lauren stood up and said, "I'll go first."

The brunette looked at her and smiled, "Somehow I thought you might." She passed the cup to Lauren, who took a very long gulp of the liquid. It was not unpleasant. It tasted rather like a strawberry daiquiri at first. But there was a distinct bitter after taste that coated her tongue. She refused to show her displeasure as she passed the beaker to the girl next to her.

The young woman stared at the glass container and raised it slowly to her lips. She sipped lightly at it and made a grimace when the aftertaste fully hit her. Then she passed it to the next girl. And the next and next until all half a dozen or so remaining girls had imbibed from the chalice of truth. Then the President smiled knowingly, "Know that you have all accepted the challenge of drinking from the cup I will tell you the first secret ingredient: come. We had all our brothers at Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Dom masturbate into the chalice of truth just before you arrived."

Lauren could see the shocked and sometimes disgusted expressions of a couple of girls. But she just laughed. "What? It isn't like it is the first time you have swallowed, is it?" she mouthed off to the others.

The President smiled again. "The next round is truth. We will ask each o you a question. If you get it right then you pass automatically into the next round. If you get it wrong then you must take another drink from the chalice...or you are out."

Lauren smiled even though her head was beginning to throb just a bit and her vision was getting fuzzy around the edges. Worse still her clothes felt too tight, too restrictive, as if they were made of sand paper and she longed to rip them from her body. To be free. She was so distracted that she did not even hear the brunette ask the first young woman her question. If she had then she would have been even more uncomfortable.

Then it was Lauren's turn, "What is the square root of one-hundred?"

Lauren shook her head. In all the times that she had played truth or dare it was never like this. She had expected some silly question about when she lost her virginity or what color underwear she was wearing. Not this.

To make matters worse the pounding in her head was increasing in volume and tempo. And math had never been her thing. At that moment, she could barely remember what a square root was, or even the number one-hundred. She shook her head, "That's a dumb question."

The President smiled but this time her face contorted into a mask of disgust or so it seemed to Lauren. "Not the correct answer. Do you wish to drink," she held up the cup. "Or leave?" she waved an overly large hand towards the door that seemed to open magically.

Lauren giggled and took the cup. She took another large gulp and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand in a very unlady like manner. She handed the glass beaker to the girl next to her and fought with all her will power to stay on her feet.

She was distracted as the other girls managed to answer their questions. One got hers wrong but after looking over at Lauren, she choose to leave rather than drink again from the chalice of truth. As thee door closed behind her, the President pronounced, "Very well done. The second magic ingredient is an aphrodisiac. I know...those are not real. But Viagra is. And it works just as well on women as it does on men."

Lauren giggled again nervously. Another young woman stood up, "This is ridiculous," she said as she looked around at the others. "I'm out of here." She walked out the door as well. They were down to just three girls. Lauren smiled as she calculated that her chances of making her dream sorority just multiplied exponentially.

The brunette spoke again, "The final dare is not for the faint of heart." She met the gaze of each young woman. She held Lauren's for a bit longer than necessary. Then she motioned for the doors to open. There stood two young men.

The first one was well over six and half feet tall. His chest was broad, tapering to a narrow waist. The second was slight, almost painfully thin in fact. Both had their heads covered in black hoods. You could not even see their eyes as those too were covered in mesh like material of ninja or fencing hoods. "Ladies, let me present the beast and the geek. By now each of you should be feeling," her smile was almost diabolical as she paused, "randy shall we say."

The two men were led into the room. "Your dare is simple. Choose one...beast or geek." Another long pause ensued as she stared at each girl remaining. "Or leave."

Another girl shook her head and stood up. She pushed past the young men in the door way as she almost ran from the sorority house.

"Well that makes things a bot easier, doesn't it, ladies?" Her eyes lit on Lauren. "Since you have drunk the most from the chalice of truth, you may choose first. But be ware...all is not as it seems."

Lauren studied the two young men carefully, well as carefully as she could with the throbbing in both her heads overpowering all reason. Despite her outward appearance, she was not as experienced as all that. It was all bravado. She had only given her virginity to her high school sweetheart a couple of months before on prom night.

She realized that she stood little chance of either tricking or overpowering the beast in what ever was to come. But with the geek she stood at least a fighting chance. "Geek," she stuttered.

The larger figure stepped forward as Lauren shook her head, "I said geek not beast," she stammered.

The girl smiled, "I heard what you said. But you judged strictly on external appearances. Geek here has a four point oh grade point average with a major in organic chemistry and a minor in Greek. He is the captain of chess club and president of the maths club. He is very much the king of the geeks."

Lauren shook her head in disbelief as much as to clear the cobwebs that were beginning to encroach upon all her reasoning skills, limited though they be.

"You are geeks for the night...to do with as he wills. Or you too may leave."

The girl next to her did not even wait for the beast to be presented to her as her option, she ran from the room as fast as she could in four inch heels. Lauren realized that the position in this sorority was hers for the taking. She had only to survive a night with a geek. If what the girl said was true, how bad could it be?

She nodded her head and the hooded creature took her hand in his. He bowed to the President and led Lauren away to the basement. It was dark as they descended the stairs and Lauren began to question her choice. She replayed the options again in her muddled brain but came up with the same conclusion...she wanted in this sorority.

She felt herself falling and opened her mouth to scream but before a sound emerged from her lips a cloud came up to cushion her landing and something soft was stuffed into her mouth. She tried to spit it out, whatever it was, but it kept forcing itself deeper and deeper into her mouth. It took Lauren a good two minutes to realize that the thing in her mouth was growing bigger and harder with each thrust.

Even her drugged mind could focus enough still to draw the logical conclusion from that. She was sucking the geek's cock. And unless her senses were seriously screwed up, he was huge. Much larger than her boyfriend was.

Then she felt something cold and hard clamp tightly about her wrists above her head. She fought back then. But it was useless. She could only surmise that they were handcuffs. She just hoped that someone had a key somewhere.

Her legs were pried apart by smaller hands. She felt cold manacles encircling them as well. Then she heard the deep rumble of laughter. A symphony of it.

She was free to speak then as the geek's hard cock popped loudly from her mouth. The soft purr of President was in her ear. "Your final dare: geek is tired of your mouth. Where does he finish off?"

Lauren felt tears welling in her eyes. She wanted to demand that they release her this moment but she realized that this situation was one of her own making. Each decision she had made up until now had led her to this point. From the choice to pledge this sorority to the erroneous assumption that the smaller man must be the geek. This was her doing.

She had come so far. Success was within her reach. She had been sucking the geek's cock for a good ten or fifteen minutes. She had felt it throbbing harder and faster in her mouth with each moment. He was surely close to orgasm. It would all be over soon. She could have what she wanted. She had only to make one final choice and endure those consequences. And the prize would be hers.

She knew what the girl was asking. And the choice was obvious. She was an anal virgin and there was no way in hades that her first time was going to be with something so thick that it stretched her mouth to the point of pain. Besides she had gone on the pill a couple of months ago, so even if these people were stupid enough to play that kind of Russian roulette, she was not.

"In my vagina," she whispered as she embraced her fate.

The other woman laughed and shook her head in the dim dank darkness, "Come now...vagina? A slut like you must have a well used pussy or even a nasty cunt for sure."

Lauren swallowed bile and turned away to close her eyes to what was to come. She had known that pledging sororities came at a cost. She had known that all the well-meaning regulations in the world could not protect pledges from hazing. And still she had chosen to pledge anyway. She would win in the end. Hell, in that moment she determined that not only would she get into this sorority, but one day she would be in the position of power. She would become President of Kappa Delta Zeta Theta Beta Babe.

But first she had to endure the rest of this night.

She felt the huge bulbous head trying to force its way into her body. Despite the Viagra, she stark reality of her situation was doing little to arouse her. "She's too damned dry," she heard a deep male voice complain.

"I can handle that," was the feminine response. Then Lauren felt something soft and wet between her legs. She recognized the tickle of soft hair against her inner thigh just a second before a wet tongue was lathing her from clit to asshole and back again.

As much as Lauren did not want to enjoy the humiliating experience, the tongue between her legs was expert. It licked and sucked and nibbled in all the right way. Even as she fought the fires that were suddenly raging inside her body, she felt hands moving beneath her blouse across hot bare skin. Fingers found her lace of her bra. Pointed nails pinched and tugged at her hardening nipples until her body mindlessly arched against the face between her legs.

Just as she would have sailed over the edge of the earth into oblivion, it was gone. The tongue. The hands. All of it. Gone. Lauren moaned and mewed like a kitten seeking out strokes from its mother. "She's ready now," came the voice.

Then it was inside of her. The hot thick poker was pounding away at her. There had been no slow and tentative easing of it into her tight channel. No, it had been thrust up fast and hard. And it was getting faster and harder by the moment. Deeper than Lauren would have thought possible.

She would have cried out in pain but suddenly something was over her face. Something soft and wet. That voice reached through the fog of her drug and alcohol induced oblivion, "Time for you to return the favor, little sister. Eat my pussy." Weight shifted, pinning Lauren even more as the girl ground her hips on her face. Lauren fought to breathe and began to lick and suck in self-defense.

Then she felt it. The massive thing inside of her swelled even more. Then it exploded like a volcano spewing forth burning lava into every crevice of her being. She sighed as she pushed her tongue inside the girl on top of her. She had done it. It would all be over soon. And she would have what she wanted.

She felt pain slice through her scalp as the girl ground her hips harder against her face. "You think it is that simple, little sister? Oh no, geek drank from the chalice too. All that Viagra will ensure that you have a night to remember."


Lauren woke in her room. Every muscle in her body ached. Her head pounded worse than she could have ever imagined. She covered her head with a pillow to block out the sun light. Her jaw hurt from being stretched first across the geek's overly large penis and then made to lick and suck for hours at the President's cunt. And between her legs felt like raw meat...very wet raw meat. She was just thankful to Margaret Sanger for the birth control pill that would at least protect her from certain consequences of her choices.

She tried to get back to sleep but pain kept her from it. Inn desperation she decided to get up and grab some orange juice from the fridge and a handful of pain killers. She managed to slowly drag her body about her dorm room to do just that. She studied its bleak walls and thanked her lucky stars that she had had the courage to follow through on her choices. She would be out of here soon...and off to a nice comfortable room at Kappa Delta Zeta Theta Beta Babe.

Then she noticed the slip of paper under the door. She thought about ignoring it but knew that it would take awhile for the pain killers to work and until then she would be plagued with curiosity. She gingerly walked over and knelt down to pick it up. She did not have the energy to stand back up so she knelt on the floor as she opened it up.

It was the typed list of successful applicant s to Kappa Delta Zeta Theta Beta Babe. And her name was not on it. Inn fact the first name on the list was the girl who had walked out at the beginning of the night. She had been named Freshman head.

Lauren felt her stomach roll. Her head pounded even louder and harder as the room swam about it. Anger boiled in her gut. 'How dare they?' She would bring the whole damned game down round about them. She would go directly to campus police. To the dean. She would tell them everything that happened. How they had drugged and raped her. The whole sorority would be shut down...as it should be.

Then Lauren noticed the handwritten scrawl on the back of the paper...

Kappa Delta Zeta Theta Beta Babe only accepts the best, most intelligent women. We are the power makers of the future. There is no place among our ranks for sluts and mindless followers.

Oh and if you think to go to the authorities, well I should tell you that the whole thing was taped and we will use it in our defense. You were a willing participant in your own demise. Your choices led you to this point.

If you are a wise person, you will learn from these lessons and allow them to make you a better person. Alas, most do not, instead choosing to become bitter and more set in their erroneous ways.

Oh a final thought...you never asked about the last ingredient in the magic elixir in the chalice of truth. In addition to the Viagra, geek added a special fertility potion that he is working on. It is showing real promise in terms of efficacy (look it up you stupid cow). So good luck with that.

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