The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 13


Tanya slid her ring finger in beside her other two thrusting fingers without difficulty. She unfolded them to put them in line and then proceeded to slowly fuck him with the three fingers, twisting them a quarter turn when they were completely embedded in him, third knuckles pressed hard against his resisting anus.

Marisa knelt beside Tanya in aroused silence as she watched the black fingers disappear into him with stroke after stroke. Only the feel of saliva leaking from the corner of her slack mouth brought Marisa back to reality. She lowered herself down to the rubber mat, turned over on her back and slid herself under the Judge's heaving belly.

She turned and saw the oversized shiny cap covering his incredibly engorged dick head jump up and down as the assault on his asshole sent muscular contractions all through his groin. She located the clips holding the cap to the metal tube around his shaft and unhooked them. Then, holding the base of his jumping pole with one hand, she worked the thumbscrews on the clam shell tube loose until they were free from their sockets. With one motion, she opened the tube along its seam and removed it from his shaft.

Marisa watched the shaft instantly grow as soon as it was freed from the tube. Holding it at the base she felt the powerful pulse driving blood into his dick, swelling it with each beat. She held the cap on his dick with two fingers, pushing down to keep the thin rod planted deeply in his urethra. Marisa located the small, plastic collection cup near her and positioned it under the Judge's shaking, heaving belly. She knew the Judge couldn't take much more before he either exploded or collapsed from heart failure.

Tanya was smoothly reaming his ass with three fingers, stroking him deeply and dragging her fingers out against his front rectal wall to provide maximum stimulation to his incredibly swollen prostate. After a dozen more strokes, she curled her pinky under the other three fingers and slid it into his stretched rectal opening with only the slightest of resistence. His well oiled hole stretched and sucked up the fourth finger.

The Judge held himself very still, pressing back against her hand thrusts to maintain position to avoid the pain in his nuts from the slightest movement forward. Every part of him was shaking and quivering as he fought for air through Katrina's sopping wet gash. Blood continued to pump into his already hardened shaft. He could feel the tension in his groin being raised higher and higher. His entire being was now centered in his feverishly hot groin, straining to release the enormous pent up pressure from the entire afternoon's constant stimulation.

Katrina felt his hot breath against her wet cunt as he panted like a dog after a mile run. She felt the electric charge of orgasm course through her as she squeezed his head against her pubic bone with her powerful legs.

Tanya poured another stream of warm oil over his crack and her penetrating fingers as she curled her thumb under her four fingers and slid the tip of it into his stretched anus as she shoved her fingers deeply into his gut.

The Judge felt the sudden change in girth and grunted but he was in such a state of sensory overload that he felt no pain, just a kind of irresistible force stretching him apart. He did everything he could to stay absolutely still while she penetrated him. She withdrew her fingers about half way before sliding them in again, this time with her thumb tightly curled under the digital phalanx. She was in - five fingers.

Even in his aroused state, the Judge felt the difference as his ass was being opened up by her penetrating hand. Tanya slowly twisted her hand a quarter turn one way and then the other, stretching every part of his opening. She saw the top of his stretched anus redden as the already torn flesh leaked from dozens of rent capillaries.

Tanya had her thumb in up to the first knuckle but felt resistence from his already overstretched asshole to the lump of her thumb's second knuckle. Slowly, she sprayed a steady stream of warm mineral oil over the back of her plunging fingers; turned them a quarter turn and then steadily bore down with her penetrating fingers. Tucking her thumb in just a slight bit more brought the desired result - the second knuckle disappeared into his obscenely stretched hole. She was in him up to her thin, black wrist.

The Judge grunted loudly in pain and surprise as he felt the last knuckle slide in him. He tried to remain still but his body betrayed him, instinctively thrusting itself forward to relieve the horrible pressure against his stretched opening. His balls turned dark purple as his sudden jerk forward yanked the parachute harness so tightly against his punished testicles that the stiff leather dug a groove into the tender orbs.

Katrina's legs tightened behind his neck pulling him tightly against her dripping slit as she ground herself up against his nose and upper lip to prolong her upteenth orgasm. Tanya poured more oil on her wrist and forearm and then pressed ahead, sliding her black forearm into him, reaching in with pointed fingers to the back of his hot, moist bowel. Slowly, she continued in, smooth forearm skin sliding against his gripping anus.

With about half of her forearm in she stopped and held it there, feeling his inner gut collapse around and grip her searching, penetrating fingers. Marisa reached over to the snap ring holding his balls tightly to the spreader bar and unhooked it, removing the parachute harness in one motion.

The Judge felt the sudden reduction in pressure on his punished balls and was relieved, but the relief was short lived. Moments after he felt the sudden release of tension on his scrotum, he felt the cool, long fingers of his tormentor slowly encircle his scrotum above his dangling nuts and grip it tightly.

Using his testicles for added leverage, Tanya began pistoning her arm in and out of his asshole, slowly at first and then with increasing speed. It felt like a baseball bat was being rammed up his ass as Tanya methodically pummeled his stretched rectum with her slick, sinuous, black forearm.

At first she kept her fingers pointed and folded together to minimize the girth of her hand, but slowly she unfolded them as her speed built. A loud squishing sound accompanied every thrust in as his ass shook and quivered under the assault.

The Judge was grunting now with every thrust, the air being forced from his lungs with every blow. He felt as though he had been split open but to his surprise felt little pain - only incredible pressure in his gut with each thrust and a burning, throbbing, spreading feeling of vibrating pleasure in his prostate as her finger tips continued to press hard against it with each passage of her hand in and out.

Slowly, Tanya increased the girth of her hand by unfolding the fingers and curling them, forming a fist as she powered her way in and out, drawing white, foamy lubricant with her on the out strokes. Tanya's black arm was a blur as the girls looking on behind her knelt down and inched closer for a better look. Some of the girls were rubbing themselves along their wet slits, others were passively receiving the fingers of others. There was heavy breathing all around as Tanya's pistoning arm reached a fever pitch of speed. One of the onlookers started to chant encouragement to the sweating, grunting black girl and was quickly joined by others to form a chorus of support.

"Yes, yes Give it to him Tanya - Give it to him. Give it to him. Give it to him!"

The chant quickened as the black girl's arm pistoned, machine-like into his stretched, bleeding rectum. White froth covered her arm as she mercilessly punched in with her tightened fist. She gripped his scrotum tighter, rhythmically squeezing his balls in time with her thrusts.

Marisa sensed he was right on the edge of exploding and immediately pulled the cap and rod from his dick and put the plastic cup over his outrageously swollen dick head. She gripped his shaft with her other hand to steady and aim it, that final touch being all that was necessary to trigger his explosion.


Thick streams of white cum shot from his engorged dick into the plastic cup that Marisa held, using her other hand to grip his shaft and guide the torrent down into the waiting receptacle. The Judge was involuntarily thrusting his hips in wild muscular contractions that looked more like a seizure than sexual relief. John felt the hot torrents shooting out of him in an almost painful release of tension.

Tanya continued to piston in and out of his ass as he shot wad after wad of hot cream into the cup. She squeezed his balls just before each ejaculation to force out every bit of jism that he had stored there. Harder and harder she squeezed, pumping his sore testes like it was a rubber bulb on a blood pressure cuff, as the amount of sperm lessened with each successive burst. The electric bolts of pleasure froze him as it contracted every muscle in its path up his spinal cord to the base of his skull.

With the thrusting fist in his ass and hard squeezes on his ball sack, the bolts of pleasure combined with a sharp, biting pain to form a third thing - something nameless but all encompassing. It tore through him and the experience would leave him forever changed.

After his orgasmic convulsions finally stopped, Tanya slowly withdrew her arm, spreading her fingers as she slid them out of his greased anus until they finally broke free from the grip of his nether hole. Although the Judge had passed out from the sensory overload, Katrina and her many assistants had no difficulty untying him, flipping him over and re-securing him to the spreader bar.

Marisa closed the metal throat band tightly above his Adam's apple while Katrina drew his still cuffed wrists up towards the base of the wooden post, securing them with thick cord to the ring embedded in the base. She pulled all of the slack out of the cord, nearly pulling his shoulders out of their sockets, exposing his hairy armpits. His rounded white belly continued to rise and fall as the air rushed in and out of his widely stretched mouth.

Katrina came back and straddled the prostrate jurist, looking down at him with a mixture of satisfaction and contempt. Lightly, she kicked him below the ribs with her stockinged foot to see if he was awake. When he didn't respond, she straddled him, feet on either side of his neck and lowered her hot, slick bottom onto his chest. Marisa handed her a plastic capsule which she immediately broke and thrust under his nose.

The acrid smell of ammonia brought him around as he struggled to avoid the smell, slowly becoming aware of his surroundings. The Judge groaned loudly from deep in his throat and struggled for air as he realized that Katrina's weight was keeping his chest from expanding, preventing the sort of deep air intake he needed.

"Welcome back your honor - you have one final experience to share with the women you victimized. You have been subjugated, controlled, raped and mouth fucked. Can you guess what this final experience will be?"

Marisa stepped forward and handed Katrina a set of large, metal tongs with a thick, serrated rubber coating at the business end. Katrina deftly reached into his widely stretched mouth with the tongs, gripped his tongue and pulled it out, nearly ripping it out by its roots. The Judge reacted with a cry of pain and surprise - "AaGGhhhhh!"

"Jocelyn, please come forward."

A small, shapely young blonde stood up from among the kneeling onlookers, smiled a half smile and stepped forward. The Judge looked up past Katrina's shoulder and saw first her face and hair and then the rest of the girl's body as she came forward. He was struck by the perfect shape of her breasts, full and rounded, capped by large, strawberry colored nipples.

She was wearing only a pair of powder blue silk panties, noticeably wet in the crotch. He looked back up at her face, at her pouty red lips and deep blue eyes and thought she looked vaguely familiar. She stopped at Katrina's side, bare feet just inches from his right ear. Again he strained to look up at her but at this close range he could no longer see her face, only her long, slim legs, blue silk covered crotch and the round undersides of her breasts.

"Jocelyn - this is Judge John Maynard Reynolds. Judge Reynolds - this is Jocelyn St. Claire."

The Judge looked slightly puzzled, thinking as he heard the name that he had heard it before.

"What's the matter your Honor - Kat got your tongue?!" Katrina laughed as she squeezed down harder on his tongue with the rubber tipped tongs and pulled it out a bit more.

The Judge's eyes suddenly got wider as he remembered - remembered where he had previously met the young blonde. It was the strawberry colored nipples. They were so unusually perfect - tilted up with thimble sized nipples.

"Yes your Honor," Katrina continued with sarcastic emphasis on the word "honor," as she saw the look of recognition on his face, "you have met her before. She's the another young lady that you personally abused, forcing her to suck your cock and swallow your cum. She was only fourteen at the time. That was five years ago. She's grown up quite a bit, don't you think? And she remembers - oh how she remembers that afternoon when you held her hair tightly and fucked her mouth, shooting your load deep down her throat."

The Judge's eyes grew wider still as more of his past caught up with him. Jocelyn stepped over his upturned face to straddle him, looking down towards his feet, and slowly lowered herself down on her haunches. She settled herself lightly on his forehead, crotch pressed against the bridge of his nose.

The Judge's world went black as her rounded ass cheeks pressed into his eye sockets. She curled herself lower, moving closer to his open mouth, gathered up some saliva and slowly let it drip from her full lips, down into his open mouth.

"Yes your honor, it's me, your little Jocelyn," she said.

She lowered herself further still, lips just a few inches above his as she whispered in a low, hoarse voice choked with emotion -

"Next time you will be all mine and this day will seem like a picnic in comparison before I'm done with you."

The words of the young girl struck home as the Judge realized, for the first time, that this was not a one time experience. They owned him now - body and soul and the retribution would be terrible and endless.

In the darkness, the Judge felt something thick and warm strike the back of his tongue and roll quickly down his throat. It was faintly salty as it coated his tongue and the back of his oral cavity.

The thin stream continued; the Judge swallowing and gulping several times before he realized what it was and gagged, trying to force it back up. Jocelyn held the plastic cup filled with his jism several inches over his mouth and continued to tilt it in a controlled manner to maintain a thin stream of the slick goo pouring onto the back of his tongue, down his throat and into his belly.

The Judge struggled to avoid the warm syrup but Jocelyn just leaned her weight a little more on his forehead to thoroughly pin his head in place.

"How does it taste your Honor? Hope it warms your belly as much as it warmed mine."

Jocelyn laughed as she watched the last few thin strings of his white goo fall into his open mouth and slide down his throat. Judge Reynolds gagged and coughed uncontrollably as he fought to keep the goo from sliding down his windpipe.

It was the last thing he remembered from the session. They must have given him some sort of drug because the next moment in time that he could remember was his slow awakening in the back seat of his car, parked along the shoulder of a remote country road. It was night time. He had no idea where he was or even what day it was. He found the keys to his car in the ignition and found his way home using the car's GPS.

. . .

The Judge eased himself down into his soft black leather chair that he had prepared first with towels and a thick, down pillow to cushion his striped ass cheeks and torn rectum. The bottom of the black cotton running suit trousers they had provided was soaked with a combination of liquified lubricant that continued to leak down from deep in his bowel, and the antiseptic they had used to wash his bowel and groin, shooting some of it way up his rectum with a large syringe.

He was so exhausted that he felt weighed down by the very air around him. The Judge tilted his head up and looked at the ceiling, noticing the elaborate carvings at the top of his floor to ceiling mahogany bookcases. He couldn't get the humiliating finish or the words of the little blonde girl, Jocelyn, out of his mind.

He had found an envelope slipped under his door when he arrived home. Using his heavy silver letter opener to unseal it, he pulled out the envelope's contents. There were two items. He placed them both on his desk blotter.

He stared at them, looking at one, then the other, then back again to the first. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh as he picked up the first item. It was a thick, cream colored card with thin, fancy script writing.

There was a faint floral scent about it as he brought it to his nose for a sniff. He looked it over carefully, noticing first the elegant, raised letterhead at the top, "The Aurora Foundation." Next the word, "Invitation," the "I" being especially curled and fancy. The body of the brief text contained the date and time of the next Foundation "Fund Raiser," at which his presence was requested. He felt the smooth, thick card and the grooves of the letters engraved deeply in the rich paper and knew that life as he previously knew it was over.

He looked over at the other item - a single photograph. He picked it up and looked at it closely. The photograph was a clear, close-up picture of him as he was being fucked in the ass by Marisa. The look of bliss on his face was unmistakable. She was in him to the hilt and even with the dental device forcing his mouth open, it was obvious that he was excited and aroused, eyes wide open in manic pleasure.

He turned it over and found a short line of text in small, precise handwriting - "Check out the web site honey."

The words cut through him like a spear.

"Oh God - They wouldn't, they wouldn't . . . ." he cringed.

He turned on his computer, waited what seemed like an eternity for it to boot up, and quickly got on the net, selecting Katrina's home page from his bookmarks. The familiar figure snapped onto his screen, startling him.

He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up as goose bumps ran down his sides. The cruel, emerald green eyes sliced through him. He selected the "new photos" choice from the index and saw the photo that was on his desk snap quickly into focus on the screen. He gasped and sucked in a slug of air, letting it out slowly as the photo became razor sharp, everywhere but on his face. It remained blurred. He let out a sigh of relief but the message had been received. But for the blurring of his face, his entire career and reputation would have been destroyed.

In almost a detached fashion, he clicked through the other "new photos," all of them from his recent session. His face was blurred or otherwise obscured in all of them. Despite all of the remembered pain, the photos excited him. He looked at them and relived the incredibly intense sensations, the constant gnawing fear, the exhilaration of release, the joy of complete submission.

"God help me but I loved it," he whispered quietly to himself.

The Judge looked up from the screen, around the darkly paneled room with the endless rows of heavy case books and legal tomes and felt something inside of him close, sealing off a previous life. He felt another part of him open, something new and somehow liberating. He looked down at the invitation and felt an intense mixture of excitement and fear.

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