tagBDSMThe Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 13

The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 13


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The Judge shuffled along behind Marisa on hands and knees, sliding along the cold, smooth dungeon floor. It didn't seem real to him. He felt like he was caught in a surreal nightmare from which he could not awaken. He looked up and saw the pale legs and small round butt of the diminutive girl as she led him to a dark, thick, wooden post rising from the dungeon floor about twenty feet ahead. He noticed how tiny her feet were as she walked ahead of him. She walked so lightly and gracefully that her heels seemed to barely touch the ground. The Judge couldn't believe that he was totally under the control and mastery of this childlike figure.

He looked around as he crawled and saw the audience of young woman slowly rising from their vantage points and slipping on or adjusting the small pieces of filmy nylon, silk, latex or leather that comprised their outfit. The Judge was shocked by the number of them - He had seen a dozen of them already but another dozen or so had been behind him or otherwise appeared from side entrances.

They were as diverse as could be imagined. It seemed as though every race and color was represented. There were asian girls with straight black hair; some long and silky, others cut short like Marisa's. There were black girls that ranged in color from a light coffee tan to dark purplish black. The caucasian girls ran the gamut of fair skinned blondes to dark skinned, black haired hispanics with every shade of hair and skin color in between. They were every size, from Marisa-like waifs to large, big-boned girls towering well over six feet in height.

Despite their great diversity, they all had one thing in common - all of them were staring at the Judge, eyes locked on to him and none of them were smiling anymore.

As he neared the wooden post, the Judge was able to make out more details. The post itself was a simple four by four stained nearly black in color with a variety of steel rings embedded at the top, middle and bottom and a pulley at the top with a line running through it that was tied off to a steel chock embedded in the post. The line was terminated at the free end hanging out of the pulley with a snap clip.

There was a black rubber mat in front of the post with several tethering devices anchored in the concrete floor protruding up through the mat. Off to the side was a stainless steel cart with a variety of bowls, buckets and implements. Looking around, he didn't notice how close he was to the post until he felt the change in floor texture as his left hand came down on the rubber mat.

The audience of young woman closed in around him as Marisa stopped short of the post and used the leash to position him on the mat. He noticed, for the first time, a flat metal bar set horizontally about three inches above the mat. About three feet long, two inches wide and a half inch thick, it was supported at each end by metal legs passing through the mat and into the concrete floor. It had a small ring at each end and on the top at the center.

Marisa used her feet to position his legs under the bar and then spread his knees wide so the ends of the bar were above the crevice behind each knee.

The girls continued to close in, forming a semicircle behind him. They were silent. The Judge heard only the slight sounds of their barefoot or stockinged feet padding on the smooth dungeon floor and the creak and rustle of their clothes.

He was so distracted by their movement that he didn't notice Marisa kneel down beside him and lock his leather knee cuffs to each end of the flat metal rod. The spreader bar had him wide open, a thin, whitish fluid was visible leaking from his bright red anus. Marisa shifted around behind him and tugged back on the leash, signaling him to straighten up on his knees.

The Judge passively knelt in front of Marisa, eyes glazed in semi-shock as she wordlessly pulled his arms behind his back and locked his wrist cuffs together with a barely audible "click."

Katrina had walked over to the wooden post as Marisa positioned the Judge's legs and leaned up against it, arms folded as she watched the proceeding. With his wrists locked behind him, Katrina straightened up and closed the distance between them with two strides, gripping his hair and yanking his head back to force him to look up at her.

"Okay lover boy - time to do a little close-up training for my girls on how to get a man off. Bend over and put your chin in that chin rest." Katrina pointed down at a small, leather covered, metal "L" shaped bracket embedded in the floor in front of him as she spoke.

The Judge slowly bent over at the waist and lowered himself, pulling his ass up to shorten himself sufficiently for his chin to fit into the bracket which was only a couple of feet ahead of him.

Katrina planted her foot firmly between his shoulder blades to hold him in position as Marisa slipped an inch wide, "U" shaped metal collar over the back of his neck, the ends sliding into receiving sockets that locked it tightly in place. Marisa handed Katrina one of the two nipple clamps she was holding and then knelt down to attach her clamp to his right nipple, the Judge groaning loudly as she squeezed it tight and then clipped the free end of the short chain to a small ring in the floor. Katrina mirrored her efforts with the Judge's left nipple.

"Yes your Honor, you're cumming along verrrrry nicely - we're almost done getting you ready - just a few more special touches to get it juuuuust riiiiight."

Katrina went over to the stainless steel service cart and picked up an odd looking leather harness that had cuffs, straps and buckles. She came back and straddled the Judge's prostrate torso lowering herself until she was sitting on his cuffed wrists, pinning them to the small of his back. The Judge felt the damp heat from her aroused cunt as she shifted herself forward a bit. He felt a leather cuff being buckled on his left arm, just above the elbow and then another cuff above his right elbow. He saw Marisa's tiny feet as she positioned herself in front of his face and then slid her feet forward, touching his shoulders as she straddled his neck, facing his raised ass.

She lowered herself slowly, squatting down until the small, rounded cheeks of her tiny butt made contact with the large bone at the base of his neck. She shifted around a bit and then let her weight settle on him, completely pinning his upper body to the concrete floor.

Katrina stood back up, still straddling the Judge's waist, planted her knee in the small of his back and suddenly pulled back hard on the leather straps connecting the cuffs, jerking his arms back as the distance between the cuffs was suddenly and violently shortened.

"You can thank your good friend Mandy for providing me with the idea for this little device. You remember her don't you? You had her work me over before you sentenced me. She used a more primitive version of this arm binder on me. It worked really well and I never forgot it. How does it feel your Honor - like your shoulders are being ripped from their sockets? Eh?"

The Judge groaned loudly as his upper back and shoulder muscles protested vehemently against the sudden assault. He felt like he was being folded in half, lengthwise, and couldn't bear the pain. Slowly, his stiff muscles stretched to accommodate the position, the sharp pain diminishing to a dull ache. Katrina waited a few moments and then gave the straps another hard jerk, tightening them further.

"AAArrrrgggggg," the Judge groaned loudly from deep in his throat as his upper arms were jerked further together, leaving only six inches or so between them.

He felt the leather straps being looped around his arms and cinched into buckles, holding his arms in place. Katrina's knee in his back hurt him as she leaned forward to complete her work. Marisa shifted around a bit while sitting on the base of his neck as Katrina's exertions aroused her. She rubbed herself back and forth, leaning forward to get some friction on her swollen clit.

With his arms pinned together and shoulders pulled painfully back, Katrina stood back up and stepped over his waist, "dismounting" him. She reached down and helped Marisa stand up. She brushed her lips with her thumb as Marisa drew close to embrace her. Katrina nodded and smiled at her.

"Let's give him a finale he'll never forget," Katrina whispered as Marisa brushed by her. Katrina's hand lightly kneading her small, rounded ass cheek as she went by.

Katrina stepped back over in front of the Judge, black stockinged feet on either side of his face, reached up behind her right shoulder and grasped the free end of the rope dangling from the pulley at the top of the wooden post. She pulled it down to waist level and handed the snap clip end to Marisa who was waiting for it behind the Judge's raised ass. Marisa clipped it to the ring joining the Judge's wrist cuffs together behind his back. Katrina grabbed the free end of the rope dangling down from the other side of the pulley and tested it with a light tug. The slack came out of the rope and the Judge's bound wrists jumped up a couple of inches in response.

"Yes, this will do nicely," Katrina purred.

"Okay Tanya, you're up - Let's see what you've learned," Katrina said facing the semi-circle of girls behind the Judge.

The front row of girls parted to make way for one of their own to step forward. There was a slight pause, the sound of rustling and light steps and then a figure came forward. She came around the front and stood a few feet behind Katrina, just in front of the wooden post. The Judge heard the sound of her movement and shifted his eyes left to pick up her form. As she crossed into his field of vision, a gasp escaped from his widely open mouth.

She was a combination of extremes - extremely tall at six foot three inches in her bare feet; extremely slender, she was runway model thin; and extremely dark complexioned, her skin color being so black that it had a kind of purplish hue. Every part of her was elongated - she was a collection of vertical lines in motion.

She moved with a slow, loping grace, long legs striding, long, stick-like arms swinging by her side as she moved. She had a ballet dancer's bearing and dignity, her long angular head was held erect on top of a swan-like neck. She wore only a white, elastic thong bikini panty that seemed especially bright and vivid against her black skin. It covered only the slit of her shaved crotch and disappeared in the crevice of her ass between two perfectly round buns. A thin coat of perspiration covered her body giving her a freshly oiled look.

"Yes John, we have a new playmate for you - Tanya. She's been with us for two years and is getting close to graduation. She needs a little practice for her "final exams," and she asked specifically for you. Oh, you probably don't remember, but Tanya is one of the girl's you sent up to serve hard time after refusing one of your propositions. Should be fun, eh?"

The Judge looked up at her, straining his neck and eyes to elevate sufficiently to take her all in. Tanya looked down at him and smiled a kind of half smile and dampened her dark lips with her bright pink tongue. She took a couple of steps towards him, Katrina stepping aside to make room for her. With her toes on either side of his chin, she slowly squatted down, knees flaring out to maintain her balance. At this close range, all he could see of her was her long flexed legs and white bikini covered crotch. She put her hands on top of his head to balance herself and gripped his hair. She leaned over and whispered menacingly in his ear:

"You're all mine now, you're Honor."

She patted him on the head as she stood back up, stepped over to the service cart nearby, picked up a few things and joined Marisa who was standing behind the upraised rear end of the trapped jurist. Katrina returned to her previous position in front of the Judge's face, stockinged feet on either side of his chin. She was still holding the other side of the rope and she gave it a few light tugs to get his attention.

"John, I love to have my toes licked and sucked and you've got an open mouth that is not busy right now - let's put it to work, shall we?"

Katrina slid her stockinged toes into his mouth which continued to be held wide open by the dental device on his back molars. At first he did nothing, but when Katrina jerked down hard on the rope, yanking his arms up painfully behind him, he put his tongue to work licking between her toes at a furious pace.

"Ahhhh, that's better your Honor - see how easy it is to make me happy."

As the Judge licked Katrina's toes, Tanya set down several implements and knelt down behind his ass. She looked down and enjoyed the sight of his pink balls swaying like a double pendulum. She saw the stainless steel restraining tube gripping his dick and the cap squeezing his engorged dick head, forcing the swollen glans out through the small seem between the cap and the tube. She looked back up and saw his swollen red anus, still covered with a white ooze, his inner thighs shiny from the run-off.

She cupped his balls in her palm as though weighing them and then circled his scrotum above his balls with her long fingers, thumb and forefinger making a large "O." She tightened her grip and smiled as she saw the Judge react, flinching, trying to get loose. She pulled down on his ball sack and watched it stretch, balls pressing against the thin, lower skin of his scrotum.

She pumped his balls like she was milking a cow, feeling the squishy vessels in his scrotum as she gripped it. The Judge was groaning with both pain and pleasure but little of the sound came out with half of Katrina's foot stuffed into his mouth and his tongue working hard to massage her big toe.

Tanya reached over beside her and picked up a black leather parachute harness and fitted it quickly on his ball sack, thin silver chains dangling down, joined together, terminating in a small snap clip.

Even as widely spread as he was, and he was spread to the max, the snap clip dangled a good two inches above the target attachment point, the small ring at the top center of the spreader bar. Undeterred, Tanya slid the harness down on his ball sack as far as it would go, pressing it hard against the top of his balls and then made up the remainder of the distance by slowly pulling down on the snap clip, stretching the loose skin of his scrotum, down, down, and down some more.

The muffled screams of the Judge who feared that his balls were being slowly ripped off by the vengeful girl were barely audible through his foot stuffed mouth as the center of his manhood was stretched to the limit. With steady effort, she covered the distance, finally clipping the stretched balls to the spreader bar ring to hold him in place.

"Okay your honor, let's get to work making my other foot happy," Katrina chirped cheerfully as she pulled her right foot out of his mouth and slid the toes of her left foot in. To emphasize the point, she jerked down hard on the rope, yanking his arms up another six inches, straining his shoulder muscles.

Tanya sat back on her heels as she watched his trapped and stretched balls turn from pink to red and then to purple as his fleshy white ass cheeks quivered in pain and fear. His irritated red anus winked open and closed as he awaited the new assault on his core. He tried to reduce the stress on his balls by lowering his ass but couldn't, his widely stretched knees unable to move wider, held fast as they were to the ends of the spreader bar.

"C'mon lover, you're not keeping up, get that tongue working," Katrina ordered as she gave the rope another tug.

"Ahhhhggggggg," the Judge responded to the additional twist on his arms.

Tanya ran her fingers lightly up and down the inside of his widely spread ass cheeks, brushing his sensitive anus with her softly rounded, French manicured nails. Each brush caused him to shake and quiver harder as arousal overwhelmed his senses. Tanya smiled broadly enjoying the show.

His painfully engorged dick strained against its metal boundaries and jumped with each contraction of his butt hole. She leaned over and picked up a plastic squeeze bottle from the warm water bucket beside her, turned it upside down above his quivering white crack, cupped her other hand under his anus and squeezed out a warm stream of the clear, viscous mineral oil. She rubbed it lightly into his crack, coating every part of the fleshy crevice with the warm oil.

Marisa watched Tanya prepare his ass and longed to be in her place. There is nothing, nothing as hot and sexy as fisting a virgin asshole, she thought. Well, if I can't take him, the next best thing is to watch a long black arm disappear into his fat white ass. And anyway, I'll get my turn next time.

As Tanya inserted the tips of her middle and forefinger into his anus and began to stretch him, slowly circling her fingers around and around just inside of his rectum, Marisa glanced over at Katrina and sensed that she wanted to relinquish the rope to focus on her own pleasure.

She padded on over and took the rope that Katrina readily offered to her as she pulled her foot from his mouth and squatted down in front of his face, lowering her butt to the floor as she wrapped her powerful, stockinged legs around the back of his trapped head. Katrina slowly pulled herself in with her legs, jamming her hot, dripping cunt against his open mouth as she pressed down hard on the back of his head with her muscular calves.

Marisa added encouragement by pulling down on the rope, twisting his arms up further.

Instinctively, the Judge tried to counter the twisting pressure on his shoulders by raising his torso but that effort was immediately cut short by the sharp pain in his nuts as they held him fast to the spreader bar.

He had been balancing the pain in his shoulders and balls by making slight adjustment in his torso and raised ass but all such balancing play was now gone as each tug on the rope just ratcheted up the pain. Marisa slowly hauled down on the line drawing the Judge's bound arms up painfully twisting his shoulders.

The Judge's muffled protests went unheeded as she raised his arms up to the desired final position. With his arms nearly vertical and the Judge shaking uncontrollably, she stopped and tied the rope off on the metal cleat embedded in the post. She used a locking loop to ensure his wrists stayed up where she had put them.

With one final check of the rope's tautness, she turned and stopped a moment to take in the thrilling sight of Katrina practically suffocating the old gent with her cunt as Tanya prepared his ass for her fist. She touched herself lightly below her engorged clit and pressed up, sending an electric charge of pleasure through her. She squeezed her thighs together around her hand to milk the sensation before regaining control of herself and heading over to kneel beside Tanya. She had one final, most important task that she had to do.

Tanya continued to stroke the inside rim of his anus with two fingers, sliding them further in with each stroke. Her long fingers slid in well past the mid point of his rectum, digging deeply into his sensitive core. She continued to pump her fingers in slowly, turning and twisting them as they went, pouring more warm oil over them as she coated his ass thoroughly with the slippery substance.

The Judge's groans of pain began, almost imperceptibly, to turn into groans of pleasure as her sliding, twisting fingers massaged his prostate through the thin rectal wall. He tried to hump back to take in more of her fingers but was stopped by the parachute harness holding his balls down tightly to the spreader bar. With his face buried deeply in Katrina's slit, he was slipping into "sub land," that almost catatonic state of sensory overload.

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