tagBDSMThe Mistress Journal: The Watcher

The Mistress Journal: The Watcher


MAY 11th 2007

Karen started getting on my case about spending too much money and questioned where it went. That is why there is such a gap. Luckily, the lies seemed to pacify her but this still meant waiting for another meeting with Mistress Nikki. As the weeks went by, I set money aside and let it add up. The day that I could afford another session, couldn't come sooner. Mistress was a bit stunned to see me back there, figuring we had ended our time together.

"Well, well, well. He has returned. Once you are committed to me, you are to keep that up."

"But my wife..."

"No excuses slut! I don't fucking care! Today, for being a bitch, you will watch the action, rather than be in on it. Now kiss my boots and apologize."

There was no point in arguing. I ran my tongue along the black shiny 4'' stiletto heel and kissed the tip of her boot, moving up the length with my lips.

"I'm sorry, so so sorry Mistress. It won't happen again."

"You're damn right it won't," she yelled before inhaling on her menthol cigarette.

In the corner of the room was a steel chair with straps for your legs and wrists. It would be my front row seat during our time there.

"I'll be right back little whore." Nikki leaned forward, blowing thick smoke into my face while squeezing my crotch, "And I do mean little."

Her red rubber clad ass swayed from left to right, glimmering from the over head light. Little glimpses of her black panties could be seen with every other step.

The room was completely silent once the sound of her heels stopped. The surroundings hadn't changed much since my last visit. Voices were faint but grew louder as she walked back into the room, chain in hand, attached to a collar that a tall, light skinned male wore.

"Meet Toby. This will be the man that will be enjoying the pleasures that you most certainly don't deserve."

There were no expressions to be seen on his face since a rubber hood masked him. A zipper was in place of his mouth and it was closed. The eye holes were too small to really see anything.

"Okay, come over here and sit down. I'll strap you in, and then Toby and I can begin."

The smell of latex was intoxicating as Mistress Nikki leaned in to tighten the straps, pressing her large breasts into my face. They were tighter than I expected them to be and moving wasn't an option. As she wanted, I was stuck, sitting still, naked, watching. An erection was already in progress from the sight of the rubber wrapped tits, so tightly pressed together, forming remarkable cleavage.

"There we go. Try and move you little fucker. You're trapped. Okay Toby, sit over there like a good boy. You've been excellent this last month and it's time to be rewarded. You love rubber, don't you Toby?"

The rubber hooded man shook his head frantically while spreading his legs a bit.

"Good. Then you will certainly enjoy the soft touch of my rubber gloves on your big pecker."

The sound of the glove snapping on her wrists filled the room; she turned towards me and grinned devilishly.

"The smooth embrace of rubber could have been yours if you weren't such a worthless fuck."

Toby tilted his head back as her gloved fingers ran slowly down his long shaft, causing him to moan out. Her fingers wrapped around the thick piece of meat and held tightly, moving up and down at a rhythmic speed. My cock had fully grown by now and was throbbing at the sight of all of this. Sounds of pleasure filled the room.

"God, you have such a big cock Toby. You see this cock? This is what a real man's pecker should look like. His is so much longer and thicker. This is the kind of cock that could leave me dripping wet with several orgasms. You know that you could never do that with that thing you have over there. I bet you wish those hands were free so you could whack it around. Pathetic little shit."

Nikki's tongue poked at his balls and slid up to his thick head before she engulfed it all. There wasn't a single sign of Toby's cock; every single inch was inside of her mouth, as saliva ran down his sack. The sounds of enjoyment that echoed throughout the room were pure torture. She would stare me straight in the eyes, slapping his cock on her soft lips a few times before reinserting.

"Toby like? Yes, of course you do. Perhaps you deserve even more; you have been a good little slut. I'm going to let that big 10 inch monster of yours ride between my latex covered tits. Would you like that?"

He nodded his head, "Yes master. I'd love that so much."

"All you had to do was be a good boy and you could be fucking these gorgeous tits."

Pain circulated through my cock, craving an orgasm for relief. I watched attentively as she pressed her boobs together around his dick. Nikki squeezed them together and bounced them up and down, causing lots of friction.

"Oh shit, fuck my tits. Cum all over them!"

The cock poked up from the top of the breast now and then before being devoured by the latex. It was becoming more difficult to take. I started fidgeting in my seat.

"You are fucking these titties so good; look at how much he's enjoying it. You going to explode all over them? Huh?"

He nodded as the moaning got more rapid. It was amazing to me that he lasted as long as he did. The watching without being able to touch at all had me dripping pre cum, so I couldn't imagine.

"I feel that you are close. Cum on my tits. Be a good little slut and make mistress very happy."

His head tilted back and forth as he panted, finally having an orgasm. A huge blast shot up and hit the bottom of her chin and ran down her neck, catching her off guard. The next couple squirted onto her cleavage and the latex that covered her nipples.

"Wow, look at all that sperm. Looks so damn good, mm."

Mistress Nikki licked her lips but then looked over at me struggling. A smile came over her face.

"You know what, I'm going to give you a break this time. It was your first offense. You won't let it happen again, correct?"

Wildly, I shook my head from side to side. No way in hell would I miss another session and upset my master.

"Good. I'm going to free one of your hands and let you get yourself off. You got to watch us put on a show, your turn to perform for us."

My wrist was very sore and red once it was set free. The moment I put my hand up to my mouth for saliva, for lube, she stopped me.

"Uh uh. No spit. It wouldn't be very fair for mistress to not allow lubricant though. I'd hate for you to chafe and whine like a little bitch. All of this semen is yours to use. You have no choice!"

Her large breast moved closer towards me, I could smell his seed. My hand scooped a large thick portion that rest between her tits. It was still warm as I coated my shaft with it. Mistress lit up a cigarette and watched me rub myself. Surprisingly to me, his sperm was an excellent lube. The feeling it gave was astounding and that show that they had put on had already pushed me near the brink of orgasm. It didn't take long before my cum gushed out of the head, mixing in with his seed, covering my balls.

"Very nice, slut. Toby, please come over here."

What did she want him for? Her hands loosened the straps for my legs.

"Lift your legs up high and spread. Toby, rub your cock on his asshole."

Her grin scared me as much as this guy's giant rod, as smoke flowed out of her nostrils. His plump head ran through the semen and down to my virgin hole. My mind went in ten different directions and panic was setting in. I closed my eyes, fearing the awful pain. The head traced the outline of my hole, dragging the warm cum along it.

"Bet you'd love that cock inside you. Do you want his thick pecker in your dirty little shit hole? Huh? Want him to tear up your shit hole, whore?!"

Though I was scared, I knew what she wanted to hear, "Yes master."

She laughed loudly, "Well, too bad slut, maybe next time. Both of you little fucks are dismissed."

Relief set in. I fumbled with the other strap and set my bound hand free. I'd make sure to get here as often as possible from now on. I'd hate to disappoint my master.

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