tagGroup SexThe Morning After

The Morning After


We had fallen asleep around 3 AM after 2 hours of alcohol-fueled orgiastic sex.

I awoke in a haze. Muffled sounds filtered through the walls. Pinpointing their direction in my groggy state was impossible. Sunday morning daylight streamed through a gap in the curtains. The beam highlighted a myriad of dust motes adrift in their lazy dance. Crawling from the comfort of the warm bed, I staggered into the bathroom. Gena was already up but the sounds I heard were not from her. She hadn't dressed yet and was blotting her face with a towel, standing only in her panties. God, she looked good! This beautiful woman's black hair shined like moonlight on a mountain lake. Her eyes shone as dark liquid pools set in a flawless olive skin punctuated by a dazzling white smile. I stood silent for a moment longer, admiring the woman's reflection in the mirror. Gena had an amazing athletic body and perfect breasts.

"What was that noise you were making," I asked? Her breasts jiggled as she talked, making me horny for her all over again.

"That wasn't me, she said. Did you enjoy last night?"

"You're a great lover. I'm only sorry I was as drunk as I was," I said with an evil smile. I brushed my teeth and washed up as Gena finished brushing her hair.

"I enjoyed last night too. Mmm, you made me feel so good. Come." She took my hand and led us down the hall. Quietly pushing a door open I saw, to my surprise, a young girl and a young man on the bed, in the throes of passion. Gena whispered, "That's my cousin Cheri and her boyfriend, Ben. They were here the whole time last night."

I whispered back, "Damn, I never heard them. I see they didn't get enough last night," Gena giggled at the stupid look on my face.

"That's because we were making so much noise ourselves, silly."

"Or too drunk to notice, I added. Do you suppose they heard us?"

"Heard us, they watched us for a time!"

The woman lay on her back. Her blonde hair seductively splayed across the pillow. A golden curl framed one of her excited pink nipples. Her long, shapely legs spread wide to accommodate the young man between them. Gena's scarlet painted nails bit into his muscled body, pulling him closer.

Ben's tight ass muscles flexed in a slow rhythm as he thrust into the young woman's glistening pink folds. Cheri opened her azure blue eyes and smiled when she saw us standing naked in the doorway. The girl motioned for us to come in. Following Gena, I stood at the foot of the king-sized bed. Gena took her place next to Ben and began to stroke his ass. She teased his tight balls as he continued to fill Cheri with his sizable erection. My senses now awakened, I could feel my manhood crawling down my thigh as it became tumescent. Gena was rubbing her breasts against Ben and fondling the crack of his ass. She circled his puckered opening with a wet finger as he continued to prod Cheri.

My own cock was begging for attention, as I watched the threesome. Cheri beckoned with her hand, "Come, let me feel your hardness." I moved to the head of the bed where she could reach me. The young woman pulled on me with a small, warm hand which evoked a low needful moan from me. My pelvic muscles flexed uncontrollably, causing it to stiffen. Her grip led the smooth, spongy head to her lips. A drop of clear, sweet nectar formed at the tip as Cheri expertly played her hand back and forth along its length. A pink tongue snaked out to retrieve the liquid. The drop stretched into a crystal string between us. She wet her lips with the dew and engulfed my appendage, swirling her tongue around the slippery head. In her mouth, Cheri felt the organ pulse and swell as she pulled on it with a strong suction and tight lips.

Ben withdrew from Cheri turning onto his back allowing Gena access to his throbbing cock. She eagerly took him into her mouth and began to bob her head over him. I could feel my face redden with excitement as my blood began to boil. Wanting only to lick and kiss Cheri's beautiful blonde muff even though Ben had been in her only a moment before. She was dripping wet with their juices and craving more. I maneuvered myself between her legs in a 69 position and to her delight, took her swollen clit between my lips. I sucked hard on her button and ran my tongue through her slit, savoring that delicious flavor.

"Oh my God you're going to make me cum," she breathed as her body flirted with orgasm. I sucked and tongued her with heightened urgency. Slipping two fingers into her sodden passage, I began a slow massage. Keeping rhythm with the clenching of her pelvic muscles, I brought her to orgasm.

"Oh yes, yesss...," Cheri shuddered in the wild ecstasy of orgasm. Juices spilled from her as she forced herself against my probing fingers, again and again. Her fingers knotted in the sheets as she tensed in ecstasy. The blonde's orgasm slowly subsided as her boyfriends began.

With Gena's finger deep in his ass, her other hand manipulating his erupting cock, Ben came with a loud groan. His muscles tightened in climax around her finger. White lava began to fountain in great spurts. Her eyes fixed on his explosive eruption and contorted face. She took him back into her mouth to taste the last of his tangy flavor. Ben's body shook with his waning climax.

Cheri, now sensing my urgency, pulled away, turning onto her back beneath me. I straddled her on my knees, placing my thick cock between her breasts. She pressed them together as I began to 'tit fuck' her. She massaged her tits around me as I exploded, depositing creamy pools on her face and chest. Gena, overcome with lust at the site, let go of Ben's flaccid member. Using her tongue, she started licking my essence from Cheri's chest. The two women became hungry for it, competing with each other for what remained. Gena licked Cheri's breasts clean and shared the bounty with her in deep kisses. By the time my orgasm ended, they were both milking my spent cock, trying to urge out one last drop.

At last, Cheri lay still, enjoying the residual sensations of her orgasm. Gena was full of lust and needed her turn. Ben began kneading her breasts as his mouth inched down her belly to her craving pussy. Ben was still out of commission for a little while, though he was glad to help out a girl in distress. Ben's mouth found the soft dark patch of hair between her legs. Gena's back arched and her head tilted as if the motion could draw his tongue inside her. She put a finger in her mouth and sucked on it. Cheri saw her cousin's restless desire and brought out a huge life-like dildo. It had veins like copper plumbing running around the length of it. The monster was twelve inches long and thick as a baton with a hand grip at the base. Supple and rubbery, it looked like the real thing. Cheri twisted it against her own wet pussy to lubricate it with the juices. She ran the sizable head along Gena's pussy lips. Pressing against them until they separated, allowing it to enter. The woman's eyes rolled back as her cousin fucked her with the pseudo-cock as Ben sucked on her clit. That was all she was missing. With eyes squeezed shut and a long moan of delight, she came in an extended orgasm that shook the whole bed. Ben remained locked on her clit as Gena thrashed from the stimulation. I watched in fascination as the erotic scene played out before me.

For long minutes, Gena reveled in the pleasure of her orgasm. Finally, she let the dildo slip from her, stroking it with her fingers as she enjoyed the last tingle of her climax. Ben and Cheri retreated into each other's arms next to us.

We all lay in silence reliving the encounter. I glanced at the clock. It was 10:30. The day was still young. As it turned out, we remained together all that day, not wanting it to end.

Someone ordered pizza. After a lunch break and much chattering, it started up again. We continued to pleasure each other many more times into the night.

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