tagIncest/TabooThe Mother I Never Knew Ch. 02

The Mother I Never Knew Ch. 02


*The love of family is never lost; it is thrown away*

(This is NOT a tender story about a Son and Mother sexually reconnecting after years apart. This story is about the perception of sexuality, breaking through the walls we build up and a Man coming to grips with a side of himself he's never been forced to confront and the women who help him get there -- yes he will have sex with his mom eventually, so there.)

(To the 'friend' of Major Grey for pointing out what you do to get the Silver Star as well as the Bronze Star)

(Not too much later that morning)


I am drying myself next to my bed after Heidi and I have finished showering when Mom pops in. She slaps Heidi in her ass and flops on the bed. She has on some khaki shorts and a black tank top that reveals she is wearing a black, see-through bra we had bought from Heidi's store only yesterday. It is bad enough seeing it on hanger; to imagine my Mom's massive titties trying to burst out of the damn things is eerie.

"I'm wearing the matching panties too," Mom teases me, "though this thong is going to take some getting used to." Now I have this image of her huge, muscular ass cheeks choking the existence out of a piece of flimsy silky fabric stuck in my mind. I have to do something.

"Heidi, aren't you going to get dressed?" I change the subject.

"Do I have to?" she perks up to the point that he nipples bounce hypnotically before my eyes.

"Stay naked," Mom smirks at me, "but you have to bend over at the waist and touch your toes every ten seconds if you do." Heidi puts her back to me, bends over with the aid of wrapping her arms around her knees and bends over. Her hair cascades down to the floor while she looks between her open legs and smiles at me.

"Like this?" she giggles as I moan and shift my cock inside my jeans.

"No, you have to put some clothes on," I insist. Heidi pouts and stands back up.

"Damn," Mom bitches. She slides off the bed and walks over to Heidi, putting an arm on her shoulder. "Can I have a gun?"

"What!" I gasp. "No! Last time you had a gun bad things happened." Things like the death of my father/her husband.

"I'll trade you my bitch here," Mom offers me surprisingly eager and highly submissive Heidi, "and a pack of smokes."

"You can't trade me Heidi," I grumble. I want to say 'she's a human being' but I know that's going to fly like a lead balloon. "She's mine," I tell Mom. "Heidi, get over here." Mom and I match wills yet again before she winks and pushes the white haired nymph to me. Heidi stumbles slightly then rapidly shuffles to my side.

"Bad girl," I spank her ass hard enough to shake her. I have no idea where that came for and I'm rather horrified about it too. Heidi yips. I want to turn, comfort her and tell her I'm sorry but she is rubbing up against me like a happy little kitten before I can respond. Heidi looks up at me adoringly so she misses Mom's amused snort and mouthing 'freak' to me.

"You will wear something," I insist to Heidi, "in this house. Understood?" Heidi nods vigorously and Mom waves us both off, washing her hands of the episode, and leaves. I quickly finish getting dressed and head downstairs as well. I am cooking up the group of us -- my suddenly expanded household -- when Heidi comes down dressed as well.

Or, I imagine, dressed in a Heidi-like fashion. She is wearing a black bustier with gossamer cups, black fishnet thigh high stockings and black ballet slippers. That's it -- nothing more. No panties, skirt, tunic or sarong. Her beautiful bald pussy is right there in the open screaming 'come get me'.

Mom looks up from the paper. I notice she is squinting. I'd seen it yesterday when she looked at the computer screen but I had other problems at the time.

"You told her to get dressed," Mom chuckles. "She got dressed so no bitching."

"That's dressed?" I stammer.

"Fine, I'll take care of it," Mom shrugs. She turns to Heidi who remains her normally upbeat self. "Is that dildo with the bumps on it a vibrator too?"

"Yes...Sienna," Heidi confirms. Mom motions Heidi forward and when she gets there, smacks Heidi's ass.

"Go get it damn it," Mom chuckles. Heidi gives a 'meep!' then skips off -- and I mean skips off like a little school girl -- to get her sex toy. I second later she runs back around the corner like hell itself was coming for her only to stop in front of me. I look past her before meeting her gaze.

"Yes?" I questioned

"Do you want me to go get the vibrator?" Heidi asks fearfully. Mom starts laughing.

"Okay -- yeah -- sure," I worry. Heidi seems terribly relieved. As she turns to leave, "Heidi, how old are you?"

"Would it make you happy if I told you I was eighteen?" giddy with whatever frightened her having evaporated away.

"Sure...I guess," Then, "wait, I gave you liquor," I pointed out.

"Oh, in that case I'm twenty-one," she beamed happiness my way. "Do you want me to say I'm older?"

"No...no," I sigh, "Let us stick with the lies we are using right now." Heidi skips off again, happy as a clam. Once she's safely bounding upstairs, Mom's chest heaves with mirth.

"Son, I tried to tell you -- she's a freak," Mom said with surprising patience. "She's got no home, or if she does, she's a squatter and that means no light or electricity. She stores her belongings somewhere no doubt."

"How do you know this?" I questioned.

"Eventually they get caught robbing a place, get strung out on drugs, or become prostitutes because they've got no one and nobody," Mom explains. "People like her get eaten alive once they get inside," I assumed 'inside' means prison. "Or on the outside, they end up disappearing because no one gives a fuck about them."

"Fuck Mom, what am I supposed to do?" I groan. Mom gave me a steely glare.

"You look like your Dad but you are not your Dad," Mom declares. "You served and you didn't have to; you served as a grunt when you could have been an officer, you were in combat when your Grandfather could have kept you safe and you dashed over open ground to save men in your unit while the rest kept to cover -- I read about how you won your Bronze Star, Joshua and I was and am very proud of you."

"Beverly men have served since the Spanish American War," I shrug. I had grown up seeing the pictures of those ancestors hanging around the house growing up. "Dad..."

"Your father would never have served in combat, Josh. I adored him, loved him but in the end, he wasn't the man he portrayed to the world," Mom says.

"His last betrayal wasn't his first," she continues. "I tried to get your grandparents to see it but they wouldn't. If I divorced him I would have lost both of you...which happened anyway, I know. You and Natalie think being raised by your grandparents was rough? Being raised by your Father would have been worse."

We hear Heidi coming back downstairs.

"Maybe we can finish this conversation later," Mom sighs. "You need to clean out some of your closet and drawer space."

"Why?" I ask as Heidi comes in with the requested black vibrator. I stir the oatmeal a bit more though it's almost ready.

"Why?" Heidi pipes up.

"Well, you could give the little freak her own room," Mom sneers as she motions for Heidi to come over. Heidi looks my way and I absently gave my consent.

"Own room?" Heidi bleats uncertainly.

"But," Mom slaps Heidi's thigh for the interruption, "she'll only be crawling into your bed every night anyway. She's a total whore that way, trust me." Heidi was looking rapidly back and forth desperately trying to gain clarity on the discussion.

"Yes?" I direct to Heidi.

"What are you two talking about?" she trembles.

"You are moving in," Mom beats me to the punch. "He is thinking about giving you your own room while I think it would be easier to move your stuff into his."

"I...oh," Heidi exhales, "You guys are playing with me," she grins weakly. "Not funny guys."

"No, I'm serious," I correct Heidi.

"Listen bitch," Mom rumbles. "Your ID isn't bad but it has your date of birth as 01-07-77, which would make you thirty-six. There is no way you are thirty-six. Is Heidi even your real name?"

"What are you going to do to me?" Heidi requests nervously.

"Well, I'm going to serve you breakfast, take you to work then get to work myself," I state calmly. "You should be more worried about the fact that you are holding a dildo that Mom wants to use on you right now."

Heidi still looks uncertain.

"Come here bitch," Mom motions her over. I want to know how I ended up here when all I wanted to do was show an ounce of kindness and compassion -- first to Mom and now Heidi. I give Heidi a nod telling her it is okay.

"Bend over the table," Mom directs Heidi. Heidi does so reluctantly while Mom toys with the device. It takes me a moment to realize Mom has never used such a thing before. It is thrumming and buzzing inside a minute and Heidi's behind wiggles in anticipation. Mom starts inserting it into Heidi's pussy.

"It's awful loose back here," Mom comments. "If I stick it in, can you keep it?"

"Yes," Heidi hiccups. "Yes, I can."

"Well, if you can keep it inside until breakfast is over you can stay with us ya freak," Mom offers. Heidi's head pops up my way, her eyes pleading.

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, I think. I need to say something that translates over as positive to Heidi's way of thinking.

"As long as you are always available for sex," I add. I can't believe I just treated a woman that way. My grandfather is undoubtedly rolling in his grave.

"Okay," she smiles happily at me, "I can do that. Is there anything else I can do?"

"Yeah; there will be domestic stuff," I shrug. "Scrubbing my back in the shower, keeping me warm in bed at night, and getting me drinks and stuff while wearing what you have on now...or stuff like that."

That feel so lame and by the way Mom rolls her eyes, she thinks so too. Whatever Heidi thinks is lost with her head bobbing up and down repeatedly.

"I can do that," she gives a dazzling smile. She's still smiling when Mom rams the dildo all the way in and cuts it on.

"Hang on to it Whore," Mom commands. "Since Joshua is paying for you, you're a whore now and not a freak." Holy Hell, I'm now taking care of a second person, three if you count Grandmother. I dole out portions of oatmeal, reaching over a vibrant Heidi to place one on front of Mom and then putting another in front of Heidi.

Heidi's teeth are clenched tight and her eyes are shut in concentration. She sniffs when she smells the bowl and her stomach growls in hunger. I take my place at the table and start to eat. Ten seconds later I realized that Heidi isn't and can't feed herself so I will have to do it for her.

"Here you go," I tap her lips with the first spoonful. Heidi looks at me as if I've betrayed her. "Breakfast can't end until you've finished your bowl," I point out. The frown fades and she looks slightly embarrassed. When her mouth opens I stick the spoonful in and let her suck it off.

"Ram it in," Mom mumbles around her own mouthful of gruel. "She's deep-throated your meat and that's a pretty impressive feat."

"Stop it Mom," I grouse, "I'm not going to torture Heidi."

"Mmmumff," Heidi garbles. She gulps down her food then, "It's not torture. I'm good with things going down my throat," she gleefully informs me. I DO NOT GET this girl.

"Heidi, when do you have to be at work?" I inquire.

"The store opens at ten so I like to be in by 9:30," she replies in a sing-song voice. "I get off at eight and can be outside at 8:05 pm." I feed her another spoonful.

"Since we have the time I want you to give me a blowjob at my computer while I go through my e-mail," I try to sound casual. Heidi gobbles down her food.

"I'd be happy to," Heidi coughs. "Your cum is tasty."

"And you like that he doesn't stuff it down your throat when you are choking," Mom chuckles.

"Exactly how would you come about this knowledge?" I stupidly ask. Seriously, why do I want to know about my Mom's sex life either her brief time with my Dad or all her other time in prison?

"Trust me Son," Mom shakes her head. "They are men who feed you their dicks without a thought for the reality that we have both a gag reflex and teeth and men who don't. You are the kind that avoids the emergency room." Oh fuck!

"Heidi, do you have a primary care physician?" He look is one of puzzlement then fear. That would be a 'no'.

"If I get you an appointment, will you let me take you to see a doctor -- get you checked for any problems and a prescription for birth control?" I ask. I'm now confronted with an identity crisis, or more appropriately, a false identity crisis.

"Who the hell are you going to get who will neglect her total lack of a Social Security number?" Mom scowls my way. I have the sudden insight that Mom no longer utterly despises Heidi.

"Natalie," I state. Mom laughs uproariously.

"You are going to talk your stuck-up sister, who wouldn't even talk to her own mother when she was in prison, into helping your new whore?" Mom glares at me.

"Trust me," I promise, "Natalie will help me out. She's not a bad person." Mom snorts.

I'm thinking about what to do with Heidi when the obvious hits me in the face.

"Heidi, you don't have to see a doctor if you don't want to but it would make me happy if you would agree," I tell her. Heidi thinks about it so much a disaster is barely avoided. Heidi's face scrunches up tightly.

"Almost lost it," she hisses. She almost let the vibrator slip out of her cunt. Mom decides to be 'helpful'. She pulls the dildo out with its distinctive whizzing growing louder. It diminishes soon enough as Mom reinserts it and Heidi's face contorts with pain as Mom presses the vibrator into Heidi's ass.

"Hmmm, nice and snug," Mom snickers. Seconds later Heidi squeals. Mom runs a hand from Heidi's knee to mid-thigh, holding up two slick fingers up for my appraisal. "You had better eat her food or get ready to mop the floor -- she's gushing and I'm not a domestic." I manage to feed one more spoonful to Heidi before rapidly cleaning both our bowls myself.

(Later that morning)

I've gotten a blowjob and had a little tug of war with Heidi. She finished getting dressed and retrieved her baggage.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"In case you change your mind," she looks self-conscious and worried. I might send her away, or worse, send her away and keep her stuff.

"Take it back to 'our' room," I point her back to the stairs. She blinks like a doe caught in the headlights before nodding and sprinting back upstairs. I give her a swat to the ass to hurry her along. At her place of employment, I hang around to make sure she opens the store safely before heading out.

"Is everything okay?" Heidi acts coquettishly. I seem confused so she comes up and pushes her body against me. "Normally I'm being pushed into the back room or even the front counter by now."

"Do those people want wake up with your beautiful smile blazing away to be the first thing they see in the morning?" I challenge her. She has no comeback.

"I'll be at the door at 8 pm and we are going out to get you a little black dress unless you have one," I demand. Heidi nods but she's really lighting up the room with her renewed confidence.

"Do you want me to wear underwear?" she asks innocently. I have to filter that request.

"Yes, but only something I can work one set of fingers around," I nod sagely and by the twinkle in my freak's eyes I can tell I've hit the ball out of the park with that request.

"I'll be waiting," she promises.

"No, I'll be here before you close up," I correct her. "Then, if I think you've had a good day, I'll let you give me one of your masterful blowjobs."

"Great," she claps her hands, "make sure you have your Mom give you some action before you come over because I really want you to be hard a really, really long time."

I nod. I nearly miss the door and walk through the glass exterior wall on the way out I'm so thunderstruck with the course my life seems to be taking. By some miracle I drive home without breaking the law, or being killed in some traffic mishap.

(Just Get Out!)

I walk in and am hit with the dying voices from the front room. I pop in to take a look.

There are three women dressed like they've raided a Hip-hop/Army Surplus crossover shop. The closest one has a blue teardrop tattoo like Mom's except where the newcomer has one, Mom has six.

"Hey Sienna, is this your old man?" the leader, the nearest one, jokes.

"What the fuck are you doing in my house?" is my polite reply.

"That's my Son," Mom says cautiously. The leader opens her jacket and shows me her nickel-plated 9mm Beretta stuffed into her waistband.

"Your brat had better behave," the woman leers with some serious menace.

"Mom, I'm going to my room," I warn her. I'm not sure why as I think these are criminal associates of hers from the outside world. No footfalls come pounding after me so Mom hasn't betrayed me. I take the stairs two at a time upstairs, get to my room and lock the door from inside. I'm inside my gun safe -- I cannot walk into it but its large -- and put on my armored vest first.

Next comes my Benelli automatic shotgun, the holsters for two .40 calibers and my K-bar. I double check everything before checking the hall is clear before returning to the living room. This is hardly the first room I've swept, though this is the first time doing so in my own home. I have the advantage in knowing where the 'hostiles' are and the layout of the room.

"This gun does not go 'cha-chunk'; its blast will not penetrate the four-layer brick wall behind you, and I will find out your names when the cops come to fingerprint your corpses," I say in my 'combat veterans' voice. The three gangsters jerk slightly in their seats. Whatever bullshit the leader is about to spout dies as her vision takes in the tunnel of the shotgun that will shoot her in the face.

"Sienna?" the female gang-banger at the other end of the sofa says in a hushed tone.

"Damn Josh, are you really planning to kill all these bitches?" Mom says totally deadpan.

"I'm searching my soul for a reason not to," I remark.

"You fucker, you had better put that gun down," the leader spouts fearfully.

"Did you kill any people when you were in the Marines?" Mom quizzes me.

"Five, but I don't count that group down the well -- I dropped a grenade down where they were cowering -- that doesn't count in my book," I relate.

"Sienna, call your boy off," the leader snaps.

"Joshua, if I try to stop you, are you going to shoot me?" Mom actually sounds amused.

"No -- I'm going to shoot the first two -- they are packing so the police will believe me when I say they were reaching for them; then I will cold-cock you and kill the last one," I explain. "You planning to do something stupid?"

"Nah Son, I'm good. I'll sit this one out," Sienna laughs coldly.

"Listen up Ass..." the leader growls.

"You are going to shut and listen," I interrupt. "She's my Mom and I just got her back, so I don't care who you are. She's out of your gang -- no discussion."

"You can tell your...whatever you call you chiefs - or I'll tell the next dumb bunny they send," I say with a steely calm. "I'm going to count down from five to zero then I'm going to start shooting unless each of you take your guns out with the thumb and forefinger and place them on the ground then your wallets and phones. If you don't, you will next be talking to Lucifer and I'll be tipping one back with the head of the local precinct and bitching about the reduction in the quality of low-lives heading uptown. Five..."

By 'One' I have their guns, knives (they were playing it safe) phones, and wallets (these girls don't carry purses). I have them file out and heading for the door when the leader decides she is too much of a bad-ass to keep quiet.

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