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'We're going to the movies tonight petboy' read the text, 'I will pick you up in one hour, be showered and dressed. No underwear tonight.'

Mistress hadn't contacted John in almost a week, and he was starting to worry that he had done something to upset her. Apparently she had just been busy after all. John hurried to the shower and resisted the urge to stroke as he cleaned himself, he expected Mistress would spend plenty of time teasing him tonight and the last thing he needed to do was exacerbate the situation by stroking before hand. Of course, stroking to completion was out of the question, Mistress would be very displeased. He had tried to sneak an orgasm in before seeing her once or twice, somehow she always knew, and she always made sure he regretted it.

After showering John dressed in an unassuming pair of slacks and an oxford shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror, it would take a very keen set of eyes to make out the outline of his cock against the thin fabric of his slacks; still maybe he should play it safe and switch into a pair of jeans instead, the thought of anyone being able to tell he wasn't wearing underwear was just too embarrassing for him. He didn't have time, his phone chirped again, Mistress was waiting outside. He hurriedly grabbed his keys, wallet, and phone and scurried out the door to meet her. John slid into the passenger seat of her idling car.

"What a good boy," Mistress cooed as he sank into his seat. She reached over and stroked his chest and arms with her free hand.

John wasn't prepared to be praised and touched like that so soon. He let out a shudder and a moan of pleasure. Then, embarrassed at how easily Mistress could excite him, be put his hands over his mouth to stifle any further noises. Mistress giggled as she watched her little slut squirm for her. She put the car in gear and started to drive. She let the silence speak for her for some time, letting John's slide unassisted down some submissive rabbit hole. Finally, after a few blocks, she spoke again.

"I trust you are dressed as instructed pet?" she asked.

"Yes Mistress," John replied with well trained immediacy.

"I want you to show me slut," Mistress instructed as the car pulled to a stop at a red light. "Unzip and take your cock out for me."

"Yes Mistress," John replied with some reluctance, he looked around at the other cars in traffic, could they see him? John unzipped and opened his pants up, showed Mistress that he was indeed nude underneath as he pulled his cock out for her.

"Awww," Mistress replied with an exaggerated pouting of lips. She glanced over at his cock, only mostly erect. "Why aren't you any harder than that for me slut?"

"I'm sorry Mistress," he replied "I am just a little nervous about being in the car like this, someone could look over and see."

"That's not excuse pet boy," Mistress replied, her eyes back on the road now. "Stroke that cock for me until you are on the edge like a good slut."

"Yes Mistress." John reached down and stroked hard and fast, quickly bringing himself to full erection. He continued to stroke in silence while Mistress drove, occasionally stealing a glance over to peak at her stroking pet boy and allowing herself a pleasurable smirk at the way he obeyed her. She slowed down as lights flashed and the train tracks and the arms came down. They would be here for a moment.

"Should I stop stroking now Mistress?" asked John as his cock pulsed and throbbed near the edge.

"No slut, but you may slow down a little so you don't cum." she replied.

As she did a large SUV pulled up next to them at the tracks. Inside John could see a group of college girls, on their way out for a night on the town no doubt. He looked over at Mistress feeling panicked, but she just gave a subtle shake of her head to indicate he wasn't allowed to stop. Mistress bit her lip and watched her pet stroke with shame and anxiety. It wasn't long before one of them looked over and sway what he was doing, from her vantage point there wasn't much John could do to hide. A second later they were pointing and giggling and staring. John felt his face burn with humiliation.

"Please Mistress!" be begged, almost in tears as he masturbated in front of complete strangers like a perfect pervert. "Please let me stop!"

"No slave." she replied coolly, masking her excitement well. "If you are too embarrassed you can close your eyes pet; but you are going to keep stroking. In fact, you are going to cum on command while strangers watch you."

"Oh goddd Mistress..." was all John could manage as he closed his eyes and prepared to cum all over himself in the car. What choice did he have? He couldn't help but obey her. Mistress started her count-down.

"10...9...8..." she counted slowly and deliberately. Then she casually pushed the button to lower John's window, letting him feel the cool air rush in, and now he could hear the giggling and jereing from the girls in the SUV.

"What are you?" Mistress interterjected in the middle of her count-down.

"I"m your pet Mistress, your bitch, your obedient little cum whore." John replied loudly, knowing Mistress wanted to make sure the girls could hear.

"7...6...5...4..." she continued "who owns that cock slave?"

"You do Mistress, I am your property." he replied, whimpering and moaning with desperation and hot shame.

"3...2..." Mistress could see the precum leaking from his cock.

"STOP! Hands off pet." she ordered.

John obeyed, shuddering and shaking with his eyes closed and cock on display for a another minute before the train passed, the arms raised and the car started to move again. Mistress rolled up his window.

"Very good boy," she smiled, rewarding her slut with praise.

It wasn't much longer before they arrived at the theater and pulled into the parking lot. Mistress turned off the car, not looking at John who waited with his cock still out and throbbing.

"Lets go pet boy, we don't want to be late." She said as she left the car. John had to hurried push his cock back into his pants to follow her. He was still rock hard, and he had to tuck his cock head under the waistline of his pants to keep it from being obvious. As they stood in line for tickets, he hoped nobody would notice it. Of course, Mistress did, and she folded her hands behind her back and subtly stroked her slut through his pants in the line. John did his best not to make noises, but of course he failed.

They bought their tickets and headed into the theater. John was relieved to find it only half full, and even more relieved as Mistress lead them to the very back row. His relief evaporated suddenly as Mistress leaned in to whisper to him.

"Cock back out now slut." she ordered matter-of-factly.

"But Mistress," John protested under his breath. "The house lights haven't even been dimmed yet!"

Mistress didn't say a word, she just stared at him with a cool and casual confidence that dared him to defy her. John relented, as he always would. He took a look to both sides and then reluctantly, but obediently, he unzipped and put his cock on display for Mistress.

"Good boy." She replied as her instructions where at last obeyed. She smirked at his cock, pulsing and twitching with excitement, until the house lights finally came down and the previews started.

John started to relax, feeling far less exposed as the darkness wrapped around him. That didn't last long, as it was only a moment before Mistress wrapped her arms around him and pulled his body up against hers. He hand slide down and started to stroke his cock slowly as the previews started to play. John had to bite his lip hard to keep from cumming on the spot, he closed his eyes and tried to think non sexy thoughts, but nothing but smut was coming to mind.

"Please Mistress" he whispered as she stroked him in the theater. "Please you're going to make me cum."

Mistress smiled and hummed. "Wouldn't that be embarrassing for you slut?" She mused as she started to stroke a little faster. "If I made you blow your load all over yourself in public? Maybe made you walk out of the theater with your own cum staining your pants and shirt? If I wanted that, there's really nothing you could do to stop me, is there pet?"

"No Mistress," John admitted with an audible whimper. "I have no say in how you treat me, I am just your pet, your property, your submissive slave whore."

"Good girl John," Mistress replied as she stroked him even faster, then she slowed. "But don't worry, I am not going to make you cum on your clothed today..."

Mistress paused, shooting John a wicked grin. Even in the dark, he could tell that look wasn't good for him.

"...take them off instead."

John stared slack jawed at Mistress, surely he had misheard her. "Take them off...?"

"Yes pet, your clothes. You are going to be completely nude in public for me." Mistress replied, as if what she was instructing was something simple and expected, and John was just having trouble understanding that. "Don't worry, its dark and we're at the back of the theater, no one is going to see you."

"Mistress..." John whimpered in protest, but even as he did he found his hands sliding to his waist to push his pants down. He unbuttoned his shirt and placed it on the chair next to him. His heart was pounding, his palms sweating and his breath coming in sudden gasps. He shook with nervousness at being this exposed in a place this public. There were dozens of people in the room with him.

"Good boy," Mistress pulled him back in close to her and played with his cock again. This time, it was more to amuse her fingers than it was to drive him towards the edge, but that didn't stop him from fighting back orgasm after orgasm.

"Spread your legs slave, lean back and put your feet up on the seat." Mistress ordered.

John obeyed, leaning back into his owner, trustingly spreading his legs to give her more access. She fondled his balls a little, even occasionally fingering around his asshole, but mostly she just played with his hard and desperate cock. While she wasn't looking, she was deeply in tuned with his excitement level. On several instances she stroked him right up to the point of precum before expertly backing off just enough to keep him on the edge. This went on for a period of time that John couldn't measure. He didn't even know what movie they were seeing, he just closed his eyes and surrendered to Mistress completely. If she wanted him to cum on himself in public, he would. If she wanted him to be caught in public nude, he would. He let himself sink deeper and deeper, knowing that Mistress owned him more completely than he had ever thought possible.

"Open your mouth pet," Mistress instructed quietly.

John didn't even think about obeying, his mouth just opened, as if Mistress was controlling the neurons therein more directly than John himself. A few sudden strokes along his cock, and John exploded in a massive, violent orgasm. He convulsed and shuddered as he came, and after all the teasing, he came like a shotgun. His load shot hard against his own face, in his mouth, even up into his hair. He kept shuddering and spasming helplessly as his orgasm subsided and the last loads of his cum leaked down the sides of his shaft.

Then he realized that Mistress hadn't told him to cum, and he looked over at her nervously. But she was smiling at him pleasurably, and he realized that while she hadn't said it with words, her hands instruction to his cock to cum on command for her had been abundantly clear. It wasn't until then that John looked at the screen and realized the end credits were rolling, she had stroked and teased him for the entire movie.

"You may put your clothes on so we can go slut, but you are not going to clean the cum off your face. I am going to walk you out of here with your face coated in cum," Mistress instructed as he raised her hand to John's mouth.

"Yes Mistress, you own me." was John reply as he obediently licked his mess from her fingers and swallowed.

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