tagFetishThe Muse is a Goddess Ch. 01

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 01


I had been eaten by the coyote and crapped off the cliff. Now it was time for me, I was just divorced and free. I just turned 50 and every other thing in my life was now going very well. I had several ladies find me and provide mercy sex. And I was finding friends with great benefits. I thrived on sex so much and I was having a great time. Seemed like the girls really liked the tall big me. And you know what they say about guys with big hands and feet?............ We make great clowns.

I also play trombone so I decided to treat myself to a little learning. So I started playing at a local University in a concert band. Most of the people there were either collage age up to maybe 30 or so. I was the old guy.

At the first rehearsal as first chair trombonist, I found myself sitting next to the first chair trumpet player. What an incredible distraction. Long red hair with soft curls that flowed around intense green eyes. Cute freckles on her pretty face that kept going all the way down her chest and perky full breast as far as this tall man could see. The freckles continued from her feet up her legs and very nice shapely thighs to her cutoffs. Her derriere was round, and I believe it said hello to me. (That was a wise crack) This girl was voluptuous and I found no gravity present.

So I said "Hi, I am Alex." and extended my hand.

She replied with a giggle "I'm Heather. It is nice to have someone just say hello. Seems most students don't care to say hello."

I was falling for this girl like a parachute wrapped in peanut butter and jelly had no chance of doing the things I was thinking. This was going to be harder than I thought. Besides she was 20 years younger than me. Well, maybe 25. How could I expect anything but eye candy? And I was doing well with girls my age. If I was going to play and play well, I decided I was going to have to ignore the view and get back to the reason for doing this gig, learn to play trombone better.

Well, we trombonist have a reputation for being the smartasses in the band. We have the jokes. And being the wise old man in the band with the quick wit it was fun getting laughs.

So the Director stops and asked "What is it going to take to get the piccolos in tune?"

I replied "Shoot one."

Heather was just sipping a little water as I said that and then spit water. My heart went pitter patter because I got a big spit giggle.

At the break we chatted a little. Where we played, our horns and such small talk. Found we both played for the same band, me just many years before.

She asked "What do you think of that director?"

I said "The last time I saw him he was walking down lover's lane holding his own hand."

Heather put her hand on my chest as she laughed.

At another rehearsal a french horn player and a sax player were texting back and forth. They probably were boyfriend girlfriend. In a section of music, they played together in unison. The Director rehearsed this boyfriend/girlfriend horn/sax 3 or 4 times and they were still disconnected.

I said "They can text, but they can't communicate. They need to listen to the music, and then try to play along it in a non-disgraceful fashion."

Heather was turning red with all my jokes and struggling to play her trumpet. I was struggling with every wiggle of her body that drove me crazy with lust.

As the season went on my jokes and companionship made a good friend of Heather. She would hug me many times when we met. I'm just the bear that the girls love to hug. One day Heather arrived without her smile. I poked and prodded to find out what was bothering her. Finally got out of her that her roommates were not paying their rent so even though she paid hers they lost the apartment. She hugged me and was almost in tears.

After comforting her and holding her I said "You could shack up with me for a while."

"But I won't have any rent money for a month." She said.

And I blurted out "Heather, you are so cute and I am horny. Why would you need any money?"

Whoops, might have just over stepped boundaries on that comment. Fortunately she just giggled like I made another joke.

Rehearsal started and we just played like nothing else was said. Later, just before break she leaned over to whisper in my ear with her hand opening up her shirt so I could see a little more breast. "I think shacking up with you is going to be fun" I almost wet my pants.

So after rehearsal we caravanned back to my house. She had her car stuffed to the gills. I pulled in my garage and I hit the opener for the other garage door. Heather pulled right in. We wondered around the home, the garden past the hot tub and the though the rest of the house. Heather just kept thanking me for taking her in. She was stressed and was so relieved. The University was not in a great area, so sleeping in in her car in the parking lot had frightened her something fierce.

We were just standing in the house and she just kisses me like I was long lost lover. Then steps back flings her summer dress over her head like a flag and drops it on the floor. And says "Time for the hot tub. You need to get naked now too."

In the hot tub we kissed, groped and giggled. I was smitten with this beauty and very happy for my good fortune. We got out, dried each other off and headed for the bedroom where I asked her to lay face down on the bed. She was still tense from the stress of the eviction and I thought she needed a nice back rub. Besides for me sex is about giving, pleasing, caring and being the sex slave. Giving a back rub is just what I do. Her back was all knotted and I patently rubbed out each knot from one end to the other.

At one point she said "Oh my, that almost cracked." So with my big hands I gently worked up her spine popping each spot. It totally relaxed Heather.

"Ahhhhhh......." Heather said "But now my clit is swollen."

I needed no more encouragement. I flipped her over so my head was between her legs and I snuggled in to make the gentlest small licks to encourage the lips to open up. As they opened I discovered the biggest most luscious lips that were full and sensitive and her clit was the size of a pinky finger just growing up in front of me. So I touched it with my tongue. Then I licked across the clit every possible direction with the lightest of touch. Heather was cooing with several excited shrieks. Then she started just flooding all over my face. Her clit was standing tall now, so I wrapped my tongue around it like a tootsie roll and slid up and down.

Heathers arms threw out like wings against the mattress. Her hips were rising off the bed and her whole body was going stiff. I kept sliding my tongue up and down and just slowed off just a little so she could feel every nib on my tongue. I sensed by holding he back just a little that she was going to cum harder. And cum hard she did. She was also flooding out.

While Heather was catching her breath I started licking the underside of the tip with the tip of my tongue. Real slow at first, but with each tremble I was going faster into a frenzy speed. Her whole body was going stiff again and those incredible thighs were squeezing my head. She was screaming almost like they were words but, well she was really screaming.

She just started cumming and cumming then followed with several more orgasms. I made my big tongue flat and started sliding up and down the whole clit and she just kept having orgasm after orgasm and squirting all over. Must have been ten or twelve orgasms in a row. It was like orgasms were raining down on me. She started to push my face away and I just licked a little faster.

One more orgasm and she pushed me away getting too sensitive. So I stuck my middle finger in her pussy and curved it up into her G spot. Then I started going like crazy that G spot. In moments she was orgasming with squirts arcing out of her like a fountain in a garden.

After a couple O's I went back to licking. Heather was screaking and drooling. Then I hit the G spot again.

While I was doing her G spot she got a grip on the boys. My balls are made of brass and enjoy a firm grip and more. But that grip was intense, I was sure there was going to be some bruising. When Heather came I screamed. Wow, I did not think my balls could take so much.

Heather was a limp noodle I spread her legs, her lips and pushed the skin down around her clit. Then I went on a full speed attack on her clit sucking and licking putting her into another multi orgasm thing. Finally she screamed "No more! I gotta breath!" I rested my head on her tummy and listened to her coo and moan.

I asked Heather to give me a moment so I could get my ED meds then I could get serious about making her cum. Her mouth fell open with a didn't I just cum look. The ED meds made me so hard the skin was stretched tight. I was hard in record time. I think this hot voluptuous Goddess was having a real effect on me. While she was on her back I struggled up between her legs to fuck her. I gave her a bottle of lube and asked her to put it on me. She said she never needed lube.

So I spanked her clit with my cock. Her eyes opened wide and she reached for my cock.

"Oh my, it is too big! ....You're a monster, I want it!!!"

Well. I am not a monster, just a big man with a big cock.

Heather used a lot of lube and was pretty fast spreading it. I started pushing in very gently, an little at a time. Then I would wait for her to relax around it and push a little more in. When I was half way in I was up against her G Spot. I wiggled a little and everything felt so good.

"I am already cumming!" she screamed.

As she came I gently push in the rest of the way being careful to just gently squeeze in against her uterus. Then I started pounding up and down against the G spot. Heather just went into one long multi orgasm thing.

When the zings of orgasm got hot for me I pulled out and licked her clit. When the clit could take no more I fucked and pounded her G spot. I just kept going between licking and fuck her, a little game of mine called lick fuck.

Finally Heather called "Stop! Uncle! Stop! I can't take any more!!!!!"

So I stopped moving while I was buried deep inside and smiled at her.

I was just about to cum myself and was throbbing deep inside her. It was all I could do to hold still. Heather asked me how I learned to last so long and be so attentive to her. I told her that I had been trained with tease and denial a lot and that seemed to help.

"I love to tease! Pull out, I want to torture you!"

That was a command, so I pulled out. Wow! Was she excited! Orgasm denial was her game and she found out that I am a willing victim. She said she could keep me on the edge for an hour.

"Bet you can't" I said.

"Hmmm the terms" She said with the most devious smile.

I told her if I start to cum she had to finish me without ruining the orgasm.


But if she could make me go the hour she could lock me up in the chastity cage until our next play time.

"I love locking up a cock and your balls better be able to take it because that is the secret to an intense tease"

She grabbed my balls with a choke hold with one hand and slapped them with the other several times. I am now thinking, be careful what you think you want because you might get it. By holding the balls in the palm of her hand each slap crushed them too. She knew what she was doing. That little ball busting stopped the almost cum from fucking her to a feeling of just being horny. I was feeling her control.

Then I felt the wet, the warm and the oh so soft....... Holy blowjob Batman! Heather knew the fine art of the blow job. She licked the ridge of the head, licked the soft spot under the tip. And of course she tried to swallow me with her tongue sliding on the underside of my shaft. But I only got enough to feel good, never enough to flood her face with my cum.

She would get me right on the edge of cumming, then grab the balls with a choke hold and pull, giggle and squeeze. This held the orgasm muscle from pumping and the squeezing just added bruises to the blue cast caused from all the sperm build up.

She would hold my cock with one hand and twist the other on the tip....slooow. Then when I thought I was going to blow my load her fist hit the boys again holding then in her hand so they had to take the hit.

Every time I was stopped from cumming, Heather giggled. After a while I was so close that she would do a one stroke blowjob and I was at the edge again. My cock would throb trying to cum and Heather was giggling and laughing. It was clear who was the sub and who was the master.

She explained to me that she preferred oral sex most of the time. Heather said I gave her the best oral she ever had, and that she was going to keep me horny so I could be inspired to do more for her.

I was soooo horny and needed to cum bad. I never had been teased like this before. After Heather went way over the hour I noticed she seemed quite adept at putting on my large custom made chastity cage on. As much as I liked tease and denial it was apparent that Heather loved it more. After the lock clicked she put the key on her necklace.

Then she fell back on the bed and said "Eat me".

This time she had a softer orgasm that made her just relax.

Heather then curled up to on the pillow and fell asleep. I tucked her in and snuggled up to my new young hot Goddess every bit as horny as she was satisfied. Wow!

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by Wkd_Macey04/28/18

I enjoyed this

I like the style - very US, and the story is plausible.
I would have liked a little more character development at the beginning, but that's just my personal taste (some of my own stories can tend to 'dragmore...

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by TarnishedPenny04/15/18

Love the humor. Sex - good sex - should make one laugh from time to time.

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