tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Nabbed Nymphet

The Nabbed Nymphet


Tordin took his ease on a tree stump just a few yards from his modest log cabin. The honey mead was good after a long morning's work. The roof needed some mending after the long winter, and even though he disliked heights he managed it. He wasn't made for the tall places, and the northern faeries weren't kind to the elves of the north, not that he'd find any nearby.

The Northern Middlewood had been a good home to him over the last eight years. The humans to the south were more than kind, the creatures of the forest provided for him very well and in turn he always left a basket not far from his front door.

Winters were long though, and wood carving, playing flutes, even reciting the tales of his long ancestry, which took a month on its own, could get boring. Still, there was something about becoming his aspect in those times and rolling in the snow. He was ruled by the great Kodiak bear, and when he became one to spend the day in the wild everything changed. Sometimes it was difficult to return to his cabin, to revert to his stocky, heavy wood elf form.

Drinking mead was better as a man, he thought as he took another swig. His thick chest and slightly round belly were covered with hair. Tordin's arms, the thickness of some men's thighs, were the same and he considered shedding it as he carefully corked the wineskin. As he spied just a little snow left deeper in the forest he thought better of it. The nights would continue to be cold for a few more weeks.

Out of the corner of his eye he thought he caught a sign of movement. He pretended not to notice, suppressing a smile and sitting perfectly still. There were even more rewards to living in his northern elf form.

Tordin picked up his skin of mead again and pretended to drink. There were eyes on him and nimble feet carefully approaching using the thick trees as cover. He readied himself, waiting for the right moment as he acted casually, re-corking the skin again.

A slight rustle told him exactly where his quarry was and he was off the stump like a shot. By the time he reached her hiding place she was already eight yards away, running like the wind between the ancient fir and evergreen trees.

He leapt over a fallen log and before his feet touched ground they had transformed into Kodiak paws. Tordin was always faster on four feet, and he gained ground on his fleeing prize.

She came into full view then; nude, her mid thigh length light auburn hair flicking out behind her. She had generous hips and a waist that was a little too thin. A shriek erupted from the comely creature as she realized that he was almost upon her.

At the last possible second he leapt, reverting back to his northern elf form in mid air. His big, strong hands caught her by the waist, dragging her down on top of him as he crashed to the ground back first. The rough and tumble was easy play for him, and with her atop him she came to no harm.

Before she could squirm free he cupped her shapely bottom, caught his other hand up in her hair and pulled her head back. Her little helpless cry didn't stop him from looking at her thin, long neck, soft, pillowy lips and wild blue eyes.

As she arched her back her ample bosom came into view, tipped with round, tan tips, he couldn't help himself. The soft skin of her neck was cool on his lips as he kissed his way down to her shoulder and nibbled his way back up to her plump earlobe.

She gasped, and as he drew his head back he caught a suppressed smile.

His continued kissing down her neck, across her chest and finally at her upper breasts. He sent warm shocks through her when he pinched a nipple between his lips. She pressed herself against him. Tordin's mouth smacked away from the tender nub and took her lips in a firm, hot, deep kiss.

Her slender arms went about his shoulders as his hands caressed up her smooth back, then down to cup her shapely bottom. The dew between her thighs was obvious to them both, and his urgency was plain in the firmness of his manhood.

Tordin lifted her hips, and, not willing to wait any longer she grabbed him and pressed his head against her most intimate entry. Those big, warm hands let her hips go and she ground him deep inside her with a shuddering gasp.

She sat up, raking her fingernails down his chest as she did so, her mouth open, bright blue eyes on his dark brown. He watched her, caressing her belly, cupping her large breasts in his hands. Fingers pinched and pulled her sensitive, taught nipples.

Her hips rocked back and forth faster and faster. A sun was rising in her loins, the muscles of her belly started to tighten like the laces of a corset as her breathing came more rapidly.

A broad grin spread across Tordin's face as her efforts stopped, her breathing came in short little gasps and her hands clawed at his chest. He watched with pleasure as her eyes screwed shut, her belly quivered and her only cry was a strangled; "Ooh!"

As the last shudder faded he caught her legs under the knees, pulled her down to him and stood, still inside her. Gently he pinned her against a massive, broad oak and ground his hips before drawing back and thrusting inside her.

She let out a throaty cry at the sensation of being filled, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "Give me an autumn baby," she whispered.

Her request drove him on, but he still thrust shallowly a few times before pressing his full length inside her warm passage then repeated the strokes, several shallow and a few deep until he felt her skin warm to the touch, her breath in his ear came in faster gasps and finally he felt her clench around him.

His climax came only a few strokes later and his seed overfilled her.

Moments later she laid down atop him, playing idly with his thick chest hair. She knew that it would be completely gone when the summer came.

"You're early by half a season, not that I'm complaining," he whispered to her as he stroked her back.

"I had to see you."

His fingers traced her ribs. "The winter's left you lean. How are the midland forests?"

"It was too hot, and I spent much of it travelling."

"Oh? Are things not well?"

She shook her head against his chest slowly. "One of our sisters is still missing and the elders have finally found her."

"Where is she?"

"Across the world, somewhere I'll never be. Somewhere you're going."

"Across the world? I don't think so," Tordin chuckled. "I've more than enough to keep me fed, clothed, housed and happy right here," he gave her a slight squeeze.

She responded with a kiss on his chest before settling her head back down. The smell of him, earthy and warm and the fresh thawing forest around them was nothing short of incredible. "You're beginning your journey to town tomorrow."

"I was planning on it, the pass should be just clear enough."

"You'll stay there a few days to trade and you'll meet someone, you'll leave all this behind shortly after."

"You don't say," Tordin mused, shaking his head. "Seems like a lot to assume."

"It's no assumption. The elders told me that much about their visions. You could always turn away from the path but I'd be deep in sorrow if I saw you back in your cabin by summer."

"You want me to leave?" he asked in a concerned hush, stroking her hair.

"No," she looked up at him. "But you must. We have a beautiful, seasonal love. My sisters leave me with you because I'm the only one who is jealous of them when they meet you in the wood by chance or design. I'm not jealous of your children with them, your seed gifts them all with beautiful, strong babies, but when you lay with someone else it makes me shake."

"I haven't laid with another nymph or woman for years, you've nothing to worry over," he caressed her cheek, looking into those blue eyes, like lively crystals.

"I know you prefer me, but the winters, the and fall times, you're all alone."

"I have things to occupy me, besides, I'll endure it just to see you again."

"We teeter between you and I. One of us not willing to let go of his cabin and civilized tastes while the other lives in the deep wood, not willing to wear the trappings or keep the habits of a country woman or even become a wife. The future is lonely for us."

"Stop this dark talk, we've gotten on this way for years, and the gladness in your eyes tells me there's nothing to want. There's plenty of happiness just as we are."

"But it's not a life, not really. The elders told me of one who could be promised to you by fate. They gave me a choice, to go to you early and tell you myself or let chance set you on a path blindly. I needed to come and be with you once more before you left. One of my lost sisters needs your help and I know that when you hear her plight you won't be able to turn away."

"What makes you so sure?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. "You're more alluring than you give yourself credit for."

She chuckled quietly. "I'm a nymph of the wood. If there's one thing we know it's our power over man and elf kind. You're one of the fortunate ones. Our circle prefers you for breeding and over time you've learned to account for our charms."

"Not yours," he patted her bottom.

"Hush, I'm trying to get to it."

"All right, tell me what I'm to do for you and your sisters, but I'm still not promising that you won't find me back here once it's done, leaving a wreath for you on my door or giving chase through the wood."

"One sister needs you more than I. She was taken by a dark mistress and made to serve while she was still only a young girl. She's still helpless, knows nothing of our ways, may not even remember the forest. The ways of men have been pressed into her and even if we welcomed her back into the circle she'd crave a bed, a roof and clothing while staring out a pane to a forest she'd adore but never feel completely free in. She has gone from captive girl to ruined woman and has led a loveless life," a tear rolled from her piercing blue eye, her emotions were raw on the matter.

He wiped it away gently with the back of his finger. "I thought faerie kind were supposed to protect you in the south, that's where she was taken, aye?"

"Yes, but the dark mistress found a way to distract them."

"How long has she been away from your circle?"

"One hundred and nine seasons."

"Glory! You just found her now?"

"Yes, the dark mistress had her hidden magically until recently. Something or someone interfered with the barrier around her and I was sent on a great bird to have my last time with you then convince you to leave these shores, to help her."

Tordin thought about it for a long moment, gently caressing her face as he did so. "She's all alone?"

"All alone."

"Wiles or not, you and your sisters have a way to get me to do near anything you like."

"I'll miss you," she said quietly.

"I'll have none of that, not yet anyhow. We still have a whole afternoon and night to pass in each other's company." He stood, bringing her to her gently to her feet and pulling her into his arms. "I have a summer's worth of honey mead and enough fruit stores left to last the whole spring. Let's get some meat on those bones of yours."

She couldn't help but smile at him, he always knew what to say to raise her spirits. A feather kiss was his reward, that and another bit of news to whisper against his lips; "the elders told me something else too."


"At the end of autumn I'll give birth to a fat, beautiful, happy baby girl with your eyes. Thank you Tordin."


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Please do more

I could totally see this becoming a series, it's so well-written. I'd gladly read more of it, so please, consider writing more!

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by atraindriver02/16/18

Will there be more?

I enjoyed that, and I hope it will be the first of many as Tordin's adventures will make an interesting storyline.

By the way, it's taut not taught, at least where nipples are concerned!

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