tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Naughty Doctor Ch. 02

The Naughty Doctor Ch. 02


Celia was stretched out on the table, her breasts exposed, nipples hard, she watched the ceiling. A poster with some sort of motivational message was up there. She gazed softly at the image and came to as her doctor's cool hands touched her feet. "Ok, now Celia I'll need you to be very cooperative as we move on with this examination alright?" Celia shifted a bit as she lay there so vulnerable, she knew he was going to have to touch her in places that only her hand had explored before. "Yes of course doctor," she said in a low tone, her voice getting a little uneven as she felt her stomach flip flop at the thought of her doctor actually going down there.

Her doctor stood up at the end of the table now and looked down at her as he spoke, "Celia can you reach down and pull your robe up for me please?" , his authoritative voice scaring her a little. She reached her hands down to her sides and grasped hold of her gown, then slowly pulled it up. Her doctor was watching as it slid over her long legs, to the top of her thighs, and finally uncovered her lacey white panties. He smiled, then looked to her and smiled as he praised her, "That's a good girl Celia, now lets take them off shall we? Would you like to do it or would you like me to do it for you?" feeling confused at the options she had, she just nodded in his direction, "You can take them off doctor."

Celia's doctor looked at her as he took his fingers gently to the top of her panties, the feel of his fingertips on her bare belly made her tremble slightly, he noticed and a smile came over his face, "It's alright sweetheart, this won't be painful." He assured her and then began to take off her panties. One hand on either side of her waist as he began to pull them down, over her hip bone and then uncovering her innocent pussy, her brown tiny ringlets exposed to the air she felt a little surge go through her as she watched him.

He was looking at her pussy now, she didn't know what to think of all the emotions she had. She felt her face getting red as he uncovered her entire bush then began to take her panties down the rest of her legs, until he finally lifted them off. "I'll set these here on the chair for you Celia." He folded them up and set them on the chair in the office over by the door.

Her doctor took his place again, at the end of the table by her feet. "Ok, now Celia I will need you to bend your knees and scoot your bottom all the way to the edge of the table here, just keep your feet at the end and spread your knees wide sweetheart." Celia lifted onto her elbows and bent her knees, then pushed her bum to the edge of the table to where he was, her pussy now right in front of his face, she saw him looking as she spread her knees open to expose herself freely to him. He looked up at her face and smiled, "Thank you dear, you can lay back down again now." Celia lay herself down and kept her arms at her sides, playing with the paper covering the examination table with her fingers, she was nervous now, she looked back up to the motivational poster for comfort.

Celia's doctor was right in front of her pussy now. He couldn't believe his luck, he looked at her innocent clit, her lips that had never been licked, and that opening that had never been taken. He inhaled, quietly, and became lightheaded with the scent of this young pussy in front of him. Clearly she had been aroused while he performed his breast examination he thought to himself, looking carefully at the tiny bit of wetness that had managed to escape despite her tightly holding her legs together. He marveled at the thought, this sweet 18 year old girl, not yet taken by a man, but here for him, exposing her pussy, not knowing what would be correct procedure and what would be a ploy to give him release, and allow her to experience an orgasm.

"Ok now Celia, I need you to just relax, I'm going to touch you a little bit to check on your sensitivity alright?" Celia tensed up, then released herself slowly, "Alright doctor, go ahead." She felt his touch on the inside of her thigh first, pushing gently on her leg, moving them further apart and opening her up even wider. Then she felt a touch, it made her jump slightly, "Easy, easy girl just stay relaxed." His voice calming and soothing Celia settled back into the table, now very aware of his every touch on her sensitive pussy.

He seemed to be using just one finger. He was tracing the outline of her pussy, Celia felt his fingertips move around her, he picked up some of the wetness that had leaked out and spread it with his finger, he moved his fingers all the way up, straight up between her lips and to the top of her clit. She wanted to jump off the table, her body was going wild inside and she didn't know what to make of all these new feelings. No one had ever touched her that way before and it brought up urges in her that were inappropriate for having in front of her doctor.

Celia closed her eyes and just focused on her doctor's finger, it was touching and prodding all around her pussy and would end up at her clit at which point she would feel her body go weak. She could feel him breathing on her pussy and knew that he could likely smell her now, as she got more and more wet with his sensual touch.

He stopped touching for a second and stood halfway up and looked through her legs to her face, smiling he asked, "How are you doing Celia? Tell me what you are feeling sweetheart." His voice taking on that of a concerned father, she shyly spoke up, "I..I'm not sure doctor, it's a lot of things.." The smile now gone from his face he asked again, "Celia I need you to explain things to me so I can understand how your body has developed, now lets go through this again, this time I will ask you questions while I am touching you and I want you to answer me honestly, understand?" She recognized that the tone in his voice meant he was serious and needed her to cooperate like he had requested prior to the exam. "Yes doctor, I understand."

He sat back down again and used both hands this time on either of her thighs, he was a bit rougher this time and when he pushed her thighs apart Celia felt a little pain between her legs because of how tense she was. She knew that she wasn't being very accommodating to him and relaxed herself so he would be pleased and see her ready for his test again.

Celia laid back and waited for the doctor to question her. How could she tell him that she loved the way it felt, that she wanted him to touch her more that way, that she wanted him to keep his finger on her clit, not move it away so fast. She closed her eyes and concentrated this time, she would be honest with him, and get this examination rolling.

His finger touched again, this time it went right to her wet spot, he moved his finger quickly back and forth through the wetness. "You feel this wet area Celia?" He asked her, "Yes I feel it." She quickly responded her breath frantic, she spoke the words fast so she could swallow. His finger took the wetness and once again began to move it all about her pussy. He took his finger up one side of her lips to the top, dragged his finger slowly across her clit, he paused there for a moment, and pressed down on it, sending a surge through her, then carried on to the other side of her small young pussy. "How did that feel Celia? What was it like when I pressed my finger down on your clitoris?"

Celia blushed at his using the medical term for her clit, it seemed so powerful for him to use it, it almost aroused her further as it came out of his mouth, he dragged it out, making it feel like a dirty word, instead of a term. " I liked that doctor", she felt the relief of telling him how it was making her feel, "That's great Celia! That is a very good sign, you know it's one of the most sensitive spots on your body, I would expect that it would make you feel very nice, and I can see here that you have let a little more juice out, you naughty little girl." He laughed, and Celia felt herself tense up a bit more. Did he call her naughty? Was she being bad right now? It confused her again and she had to try to focus once more as he asked her to relax.

"This time Celia, I'm just going to play a little with your clitoris and see how responsive it is to the direct touch." Celia understood exactly what he meant, she knew he was trying to coat his explanation in thick words, but she knew that this part is the one she would love the most. She prayed that it wouldn't feel as good as it did when she would play with herself. She didn't want to moan in front of her doctor.

Her doctor stared into her pussy, wondering how long he would be able to stand it for, watching this young girl go through all these supposed tests, and not have the slightest clue as to his intentions. He licked his lips as he watched her pussy, now wet from his finger sliding all over it. Reaching out his finger he went straight to her clit, he touched it and felt the little innocent thing jump, his dick hard in his pants it took everything inside him to not whip it out and stick it into her right now.

He started tapping her clit, his pace starting slow and soft and then increasing in speed and becoming a full out hit by the end of his finger, almost as though he was spanking it with his fingertip, things racing through his mind as his thoughts turned devious. What a bad girl you are, he thought, spanking her clit again and again, such a bad girl to lay here with your pussy open wide for me. You love this don't you? You love lying there with your legs spread open, you love the feel of my finger spanking you. He almost moaned aloud as his thoughts drove his desire through the roof. He continued to tap at her clit and he took a glance up at her face. He saw her breathing heavily, her chest up and down, her tongue darting across her lips, licking them quickly. He wanted to take her, he wanted her all for himself. He would perform every test he could on her, and she would be so wild by the end of it he could easily influence her into giving herself to him.

His thoughts out of control the doctor once more stopped the attack on her clit and sat back in his chair for a moment. He saw Celia continue to breath heavily, almost not aware yet that he had stopped his assault on her innocent body.

To be continued...

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