The Naughty Family Ch. 01


"How do I look, Daddy?" she asked, twirling about, making the hem of her dress rise up, showing off bare ass cheeks and the flash of g-string panties.

"You take my breath away, Jilly," I said huskily. "You are a beautiful woman."

The drive into the city was a bit tough for me. With the top down, Jilly's long blonde hair swirled about wildly, giving her a very sensuous look improved by the fluttering of the hem of her dress, the wind pushing it up her thighs, offering splendid peeks at her panty covered mound -- the white silk molding itself to her mound, clinging more wetly with each passing glimpse.

The roar of the wind kept us from having too much conversation, but a lot can be said with one's eyes and my daughter seemed to proudly preen under my admiring glances at her, finally reaching out to hold my hand when I wasn't shifting gears, pointedly glancing down at the ever prominent bulge in my crotch as my not so little girl's sexuality kept my cock hard and throbbing.

Once we were in the city, angling towards the downtown region, we were able to talk. "Jilly, what would you like to do first? Go shop for some dirty movies or have lunch?" I asked.

Brushing hair back from her face, brushing the long strands away from the exposed portions of her breasts, Jilly turned to me and said breathlessly, "Let's go to one of the adult bookstores, Daddy and see what kind of naughty things we can get."

I nodded and tried to calm my wildly beating heart as we turned onto Washington Avenue and began passing the adult businesses. Decades ago, it had been mostly a warehouse district, but now it was home to most of the city's more risqué businesses. There were several strip clubs or Gentleman's clubs as they preferred to be called. Adult bookstores selling magazines, toys and videos came in all sorts of sizes, but I pointed us towards one of the larger ones that Sandra and I had visited a few times over the years, "The All-American Adult Bookstore," which sported dozens of American Flags and a under the huge sign on the roof, under the business name were the words, "Celebrating our 1st Amendment!"

I pulled into the large parking lot -- maybe a dozen other cars already there and turned the engine off. I looked over to Jilly who was sitting there with a funny look on her face, her breasts heaving heavily as she was breathing pretty hard. "You ready to go in, darling or are you having second thoughts?

My daughter turned to me and grinned. "My daddy's taking me to a dirty bookstore...hell yeah, I'm ready!" I got out and went around to open her door. My vixen of a daughter, turned and lifted her legs out of the car, spreading them as she did so and exposing her crotch to me -- every bit of her labia visible as the now soaking wet silk material of her panties clung tightly to her pussy. Jilly made sure I got a real good glimpse before she took my offered hand and climbed out of the car.

She stepped up into me, her lithe, shapely body pressing into mine as she said, "I am so excited about this, Daddy. I'm about to wet my panties!" She gave me a kiss on the corner of my mouth, her dark brown eyes dancing with excitement.

I tried to give tit for tat as I said in what I hoped was a rye voice, "Well, judging from what I could see, you already have!"

I was gratified to see the surprise in her face at my comment, but she recovered well, slipping her arm through mine and saying, "Shall we?"

Arm in arm, we strolled through the doors of the bookstore, immediately attracting the attention of everyone in the establishment when the sensors bonged, announcing our arrival. I saw a mixture of expressions of both lust and envy among the store's visitors and workers -- lust over the nubile beauty on my arm and envy that she was obviously with me.

Jilly was wide-eyed with wonder as she took in the sheer massiveness and quantity of adult material all about us. The shelves holding the DVDs were arranged in a strange labyrinth that took some time to navigate and I was charmed and amused as my daughter gave little gasps or giggles as she saw sections of dirty movies she had never imagined.

We wandered through the DVD section for several minutes and then passed on into the magazine aisles, both of us very much aware of the discreet and not so discreet glances we kept getting from other customers. A rough looking man with tattoos running down both arms and on his neck in jeans and shit-kicker boots licked his lips as he undressed my daughter with his eyes. The woman he was with, maybe my age or a little younger and wearing tight jeans and a halter top that was maybe two sizes too small for her breasts was doing the same.

A young man perusing a rotating book rack of old Greenleaf porno novels, stopped and studied us, smiling gently and nodding to me as we passed him by. An older man, his balding head covered by an old fishing cap, stared at Jilly unashamedly, licking his lips as his eyes crawled up and down her sexy body.

From the magazine section, we wandered through the "toy" section with Jilly stopping now and again to pick up something and examine it carefully. A package of metal balls, like huge marbles triggered a puzzled look from my daughter and she said softly, "Daddy?"

I chuckled and could barely believe I was having this conversation as I replied, "Ben-Wa Balls, darling. You um, put them in your pussy and leave them there as you walk around all day. Supposedly it will make you have little orgasms all day long."

Jilly's eyes grew wide and she said, "Wow!" as she sat them back down and continued to explore.

She took a package off a rack that said simply, "Anal Plug," and again arched her eyebrows. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Can get them in plain or vibrating varieties," making my daughter laugh like a school girl with the giggles. I noticed her nipples, hard since she'd emerged from the house had actually seemed to swell.

My daughter oohed and ahhed as we examined the huge wall display of dildos and vibrators. I pointed to a slender, smooth surfaced vibrator, the color and shape of a carrot. "Your mother's favorite," I said. "She's gone through three of those in the last fifteen years." I enjoyed watching Jilly's mouth drop open in surprise again. It actually felt good throwing her off balance.

It felt nasty and exciting to watch my daughter pick up various dildos and vibrators, seeing her handle the fake cocks was surprisingly arousing. She was all agog at so many shapes and sizes, some unbelievable long and others incredibly thick. One was labeled "Holmes," and when she again asked for clarification by murmuring, "Daddy?" I smiled and told her I'd explain when we returned to the movie section. I struggled with the urge to simply cum in my pants as she stroked the long and massive rubber dong, her eyes wide with wonder.

Eventually, we again made our way back to the DVD section, Jilly now studying movie titles with an intensity I wished she had when studying for tests. As she examined a series of amateur lesbian videos, I looked about and noticed that a quartet of young women had entered the establishment from a door that said "Restricted." They had split apart and were slowly winding their way around the store, pausing here and there to converse with the customers.

While we were in the "Classics" aisle of the DVD section and I was showing Jilly the cover of a DVD entitled, "The Best of John Holmes," one of the young women, a statuesque bleach blonde with a head of tightly curled hair approached us -- wearing a wife-beater T-shirt and cut off jean shorts. The shirt did little to hide her large breasts, the tops and sides flowing out of the thin T-shirt. Smiling at me, she asked, "Would you and your friend care for a dance?" Her eyes were a light yet striking blue.

Jilly looked back and forth from the young woman to me, her eyes wide with surprise as I said, "No thanks, but I appreciate you asking."

The woman glanced at us both and smiled again. "Well, maybe later." I nodded and she moved on, setting her sights on a middle aged guy with glasses examining movies on the MILF aisle.

As we watched her move away, her very full butt cheeks swaying sexily above full, long legs that ended in three inch heels, Jilly reached out and squeezed my arm and said in a near whisper, "What was that about, Daddy?"

"Well, sweetheart, you can pay that young lady or one of the other girls working here," I nodded towards a young black woman with her hair straightened and colored a bright red, dressed in a yellow baby-doll negligee and then towards a chubby brunette wearing a very tiny halter top and silk running shorts, "To give you a lap dance in a private room over there." I nodded towards the door with the "Restricted" sign.

"Really!" my daughter exclaimed. "Just a lap dance?"

I laughed and said, "Well, I think it differs from girl to girl and depends on what you're willing to pay."

Jilly eyed the blonde who'd propositioned us and said, "Omigod! Have you and Mom ever done that?"

I wagged a finger at her and said, "I'm not sure you should be asking after the naughty side of our sex life, sweetie." I paused, teasing her for a moment before adding, "I might have had a birthday lap dance or two, but it wasn't here."

An evil grin broke out on Jilly's face as she leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Oh, Daddy...that is so fucking hot!" We continued to explore the movie section, both suddenly and keenly aware of the working girls circulating around us. Jilly's gaze was drawn again and again to the tall curly headed blonde.

Suddenly, Jilly reached out and snagged a movie off the shelf titled "Taboo II." Reading the back cover, my daughter said with a teasing voice, "Ohhh, Daddy...a movie about incest!" She held it up, pictures of Honey Wilder and Kay Parker in the throes of orgasm recalling memories. "Have you ever heard of this one before, Daddy?"

I nodded slowly as she quickly asked, "What kind of incest, Daddy? Do you remember?

I cleared my throat, suddenly finding it a bit hard to speak. "All sorts, Jilly. Um, lots of mother and son and some brother and sister and um..." Jilly grinned with anticipation as I said a little more softly, "And a daddy and daughter." I thought I had blushed as deeply as possible but as my skin began to burn, I realized that my daughter might have the capacity to go much further in embarrassing me.

"Omigod, Daddy -- that sounds pretty raunchy. I'm going to get it!" Jilly gushed, waving it in the air. Very quickly, my daughter moved about and found more videos -- some sounding raunchier than those of her brother's. "SLITLICKERS AND CUMEATERS" a compilation tape of professional and amateur sex scenes and "BIG COCKS & TINY TWATS," and last but not least, "DAUGHTERS THAT LOVE DICKS!"

Jilly was showing me her last selection, aiming to get another rise out of me and I'm sure I'd have been speechless or maybe I'd have thrown her down on the ground right then and there and fucked her, but at that moment, the curly headed blonde again loomed up and said, "Hi, just thought I'd check again, see if you had changed your mind." She batted her blue eyes at me and then nodded at the small collection of DVDs Jilly had collected and said, "You do know that if you buy two or more full priced DVDs, you get special bonuses on our dances."

Before I could answer, Jilly took a step closer to the young woman and said, "Really? Did you hear that, Daddy? What kind of specials?"

Hearing Jilly call me Daddy got me a very speculative look from the curly headed blonde and she closed the distance between herself and my daughter, her hand going up and around Jilly's body to start rubbing her bare shoulder. "Well, whatever dance time you agree to, two DVDs gets you an extra ten minutes and each one after that gets you an extra free ten minutes." She eyed the DVDs that Jilly was clutching to her breasts and said, "Right now, you'd get an extra forty minutes with me." She reached out with her free hand and offered it to me. "I'm Sindy, by the way -- with a 'S' instead of a 'C.'

Jilly giggled and looked at me and said excitedly. "Can we, Daddy, can we?" She waved the DVDs at me and said, "Forty free minutes, Daddy!"

Ten minutes later, we were standing in a small, but clean room that smelled of disinfectant and sex. There were two straight-back wooden chairs sitting side by side and another off to one side. There was an old fashioned free standing coat rack with several empty hangers and a table with lotion, tissues and a few sex toys, including a long and slender carrot colored one identical to the one I had pointed out to Jilly earlier. On another table was a cheap CD player. Up in a corner of the ceiling was a mounted video camera.

For $100.00, we had bought thirty minutes of Sindy's time to be used for lap dancing for either or both of us, plus the additional time our DVD purchases had given us. Sindy locked the door and gestured for us to take seats. The lighting was focused on the center of the room, not too bright, but not so dim as to make it hard to see.

"Make yourselves as comfortable as you like," Sindy told us in a sultry voice. We both sat down primly on the chairs. As she began pushing buttons on the CD player, Sindy asked us, "So who gets a lap dance first?"

Jilly and I looked at each other and my daughter pointed to me and said, "I wanna see you dance for Daddy!"

Sindy giggled and said, "You all are kinky -- doing the daddy-daughter roleplay."

Jilly did a little shimmy, making her breasts jiggle enticingly and then very suggestively said in a quiet voice, "What would you say if I told you we were the real thing...that he really is my daddy?"

The curly headed woman shivered and said back, "I'd say I'm getting wet just hearing you say that!" She started the music, some slow bluesy-jazz number, lots of sexy saxophone and other horns with whispery drums, and began to dance slowly, very relaxed and practiced as she began to move. She turned her back to me and wiggled that very rounded ass in my face and then deftly began to worm herself out of the shorts, revealing two full and ripe ass cheeks. She was a big girl, nearly as tall as my five foot, eleven inches with long legs and a big, luscious ass. A blue G-string emerged from between her cheeks as she slowly backed into me, nudging my legs apart and slowly, teasingly coming closer and closer to sitting in my lap.

Finally, I felt her soft ass cheeks brush along my lap, making contact with the hard bulge jutting upwards in my trousers. "Mmmmmmm, Daddy!" Sindy purred, looking over her shoulder at me and winking. "You got some candy in your pocket for Sindy or are you just happy to see me?"

I heard Jilly giggling beside me and glanced to see her staring avariciously at me, her breasts heaving upwards as she grew excited, licking her lips hungrily. Then Sindy drew my attention back to her and hissed softly, "Are you ready for them, Daddy? You look at them all the time. You wanna a good peek?" Still facing away, Sindy slowly pulled the wife-beater T-shirt upwards and over her head, flinging it away to land on one of the hooks of the coat rack.

"Mmmmmm, Daddy, they feel so good!" Sindy moaned, her arms moving as if she were playing with her breasts and then she spun quickly, her hands cupping her huge, unfettered tits -- huge, gourd-like udders that hung low, sagging a bit with weight, but very exciting with two very wide nipples -- the width of quarters and jutting out a quarter inch peeking out from between her fingers. Then Sindy was in my lap, her breasts pressed into my face as she ground herself against my erection! "Daddy, you're so big and hard," she moaned, pressing herself into me.

"The camera doesn't work, so it's okay to touch them, Daddy," the young dancer whispered in my ear. "Go ahead...I know you want to." With a groan, I filled my hands with her meaty tits, feeling the flesh slip and slide along my fingers while she worked her pelvis back and forth along my lap, both friction and the warmth of her pussy, heating up the khaki cloth covering my cock.

Then her hands were on either side of my head and she rose up, straddling the chair as she stood and drew my head down so my mouth was on her fleshy breasts, a solid nipple catching on my lips for a moment. You can suck on them...bite 'em if you want...Daddy!" A thick and swollen nipple brushed by my lips again and I took it in my mouth, teething it lightly while I let my hands slide down Sindy's waist and then cup her fleshy ass cheeks. As the song played on, we shifted back and forth between the young woman sitting on my lap, her crotch caressing the hard-on in my pants and her rising up, body still swaying to the music as I kissed and licked her breasts.

Suddenly the song ended and she stepped back, breathing a little heavily, a sexual flush spreading on her upper chest and face. We both glanced at my daughter as the next song began. Jilly was on the edge of her chair, one hand pressing down against her crotch, the other fondling a breast through the silky material of her dress. "Daughter's turn," Sindy called out in a sing-song voice as she moved towards my daughter.

Sindy moved in close in front of my daughter, shaking her breasts in her face as she smiled down at her, her knees slowly pushing Jilly's legs apart, making her skirt slide back to reveal her panty crotch was a sodden mess and that my daughter was so wet that her inner thighs glistened with her juices. Sindy did a quick squat, placing her face between my daughter's thighs and took a deep breath before saying, "I think someone's turned on, Daddy!" and then glancing over at me with an evil grin.

Jilly let out with a moan as Sindy began blowing on her wet crotch and then slowly leaned in as she began to rise up, dragging her breasts over my little girl's thighs and crotch, Jilly's wetness leaving streaks of juice on the lap dancer's breasts, rubbing them along Jilly's stomach and then her breasts before straddling the chair and letting my daughter rub her face between Sindy's immense tits.

Jilly was trying to roll her hips to meet up with Sindy's crotch as she ground it against my daughter's body and I admired their lewd and flexible motions. As she had done with me, Sindy leaned in and whispered something to Jilly and then I watched my daughter running her tongue over the dancer's massive breasts and then her lips latched around a thick nipple and began to suck, making the curly haired blonde moan with pleasure. "Love your tongue!" she gasped.

She allowed Jilly to love up her tits for a minute, but then as the song began to wind down, she again lowered herself into a squat, brushing her lips against my daughter's, their tongues flickering out and touching momentarily before going lower. Sindy kissed the exposed portions of Jilly's breasts, actually tugging on the top of the dress to expose more of Jilly's tits until the upper portion of her puffy aureoles were exposed, her tongue rolling over them. She stopped when her face was again between my daughter's thighs, this time making my aroused daughter moan by actually rubbing her face against her soaked panties.

Sindy rose up and danced in front of us, her tits rolling and bouncing as the third song -- a faster rock song ramped up. She licked her lips, running them around to gather up the wet juices she had picked up from Jilly's panties. "She tastes good, Daddy," she said huskily. "Fuck, you two are getting me hot too!" she added as she ran a hand over her own barely covered pussy and sure enough, the blue material had a darkened circle that spread as we watched her dance and play with herself.

"I'm so wet, you kinky fuckers," she moaned. "See?" Sindy hooked her fingers into the gusset of her panties and yanked them to one side, revealing a glistening trimmed nub of dark bush and thick, swollen labia already spreading like a ripe flower to reveal pink, very moist flesh.

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