tagIncest/TabooThe Neighborhood

The Neighborhood


As he leaned back against it, Mark Jordan's hands gripped the counter top rhythmically as he gazed down at the sight before him. With his shorts around his ankles, his best friends' mom paused to swirl her pink tongue over the pulsing head of his thick cock as it glided up between her breasts. Seeing the glazed expression on his face, the sexy brunette MILF smiled and wrapped her big jugs even tighter around his pole.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my tits Mark," she moaned as he slid back down the soft valley for another round trip.

Gasping for air, he placed both hands on her shoulders pulling her tighter to his body. He shook his head in wonder at what had transpired to bring him here with his cock nestled firmly between Kay Reynolds's tits.

Up until the aforementioned moment, I considered myself an average nineteen year old. It was the summer after my first year of college and I had come home for a break from my studies. After a year of demanding pre-med classes, it seemed all I wanted to do was sleep late, play video games, nap in the afternoon and then crash on the couch watching TV with my sister, Kim, and mom, Vivian, at night.

It was just the three of us now. Dear old Dad had split two years previous after Mom walked into his office to find his young blonde receptionist tossing her mouth back and forth on his cock. So at least I didn't have the father figure around goading me into more respectable activities this summer.

The lazing off was getting to be a bit much I must admit. As I swung my legs out of bed that day, I looked down my trim torso and gripped my stomach.

"Whoa, need to lay off mom's cooking," I thought. Normally I was much more active, having been in track in high school and I kept it up in college along with some gym time as well. I stood and walked over to the mirror over my dresser.

I stood just over 6 feet, 180 pounds, most of it lean muscle. I ran a hand through my close cropped brown hair and examined myself more closely. The six-pack abs that I had worked so hard to get were rapidly disappearing under the double onslaught of too much couch time and home cooking. What hadn't been affected by my inactivity was straining the front of my boxers. I ran a hand over the head of my cock and groaned.

What inactivity does to the body, a quiet personality does to your sex life. I had never really had a girlfriend due to my bookish habits and shyness. There was the one time with Nancy Taylor, but that ended much too quickly for her and for me. Most weekends were limited to taming the boa myself or living vicariously through my best friend/neighbor Spencer's conquests. On the surface I had all the tools. I was considered handsome and fit, and if locker room comparisons could be trusted, a dick that resided at the high end of the scale. I pulled my hand away from the lurching bulge and at that moment I made up my mind to get back on track. I slipped on a pair of running shorts and shoes and headed downstairs for a quick bite.

Bursting out of my room with my newfound energy, I ran smack into my little sister who was just emerging from the bathroom.


Before I could make a move to catch her, my 18 year old sister bounced off of me and landed on her rear on the carpet.

"Watch where you're going Mark!"

"I...I'm sorry Kim, are you alright?"

What a bonehead In my rush to go running I'd plowed over my sister! I stood over her like a goofball and stared down.

She'd apparently just gotten out of the shower as evidenced by the towel wrapped around her body. Our collision had the cliched effect on the covering; loosening it just enough to reveal her rounded curves and tanned flesh. Horrified, I jerked my eyes back towards her face as she huffed and flipped her wet blonde hair out of her face.

Kim had just graduated high school and was headed out of state to another college on a cheerleading scholarship. The hours of routines and cheering had sculpted her 5'2" frame into one lean package. I had glimpsed enough to sear my brain with the fact that no matter how much she worked out and watched what she ate, those twin globes on her chest weren't going anywhere.

She raised her blue eyes to look up at me, frowning slightly. As the fact that I had my shirt off dawned on her, I noticed her gaze slipping back down my chest and abs to rest squarely on the tented out front of my running shorts. When I realized what she must be seeing, my face flushed a deep scarlet and I prayed for a hole to open up that I could dive into.

Her full red lips curled up in a knowing (?!?) smile, revealing straight white teeth. And for a second, or was it my imagination, did her tongue flick out and trace her upper lip?

"Wellll, in a hurry are we?"

"Kim...I'm so sorry! I was headed out to run and didn't see you! Are you hurt?"

I reached out a hand to help her up. She gripped the top of her towel with one hand and took my hand in her other. I pulled her to her feet. I expected her to take a step back as I had levered her up directly in front of me. She did quite the opposite, taking a half step forward, brushing my abs with her chest and bathing my chest with her warm breath.

"No, only my ego is bruised. Watch where you're going next time." She still did not step away and my nose was filled with the strawberry smell of her shampoo. I could not help myself and my eyes were drawn downward to the valley of cleavage that no towel could ever cover. She shifted her feet, bringing her right leg into direct contact with my rock hard groin. I jumped as if burned, plastered myself to the wall and scooted past her as fast as I could.

She turned as I fled down the stairs.

"Maybe we could bump into each other again soon...just ask next time," she laughed.

My ears burned as I took the stairs two at a time. Screeching to a halt at the bottom of the stairs, the smell of Kim's shampoo was replaced by the smell of eggs and bacon coming from the kitchen. Great. Now I'd have to interact with Mom before I could get out the door. Unfortunately, my crotch tripod still had a mind of its own, so I tried to readjust myself to a less obscene profile before seeing my mom. I crossed the living room and headed in the kitchen.

As I stood in the doorway I saw Mom struggling with something in the sink.

"Morning mom, what's up?"

"Oh! Mark! You startled me! What are you doing up so early!"

I hadn't been out of bed before noon since coming home and had not been subjected to Mom's early morning attire. Sickly, given my current condition, I noticed that mom had gotten in the habit of sleeping in only a night shirt and panties (I hoped), since I was away at school. I quickly lowered my eyes and turned my head to leave the room.

"I'm sorry Mom. I didn't know you weren't dressed."

"Don't be silly, I'm your mother. Come here, I need your help". I swallowed hard and turned back towards her as she continued to pull at something in the sink.

My Mom and Dad were high school sweethearts, getting married right out of high school. Mom had me before she turned 19 and stayed at home to raise myself and my sister while Dad went to school and then started his career. Flash forward nineteen years and you get what I was trying so hard to take no notice of. Vivian Jordan had always been a beauty judging from the family photo album and the years had only softened her features somewhat. She wore her brown hair short, in a bob and her green eyes squinted at the drain, while her full red lips pursed in frustration. She kept herself fit, swimming laps in the family pool and watching what she ate. I had never really noticed how voluptuous she was, since she always swam in a demure one piece and normally she was dressed by the time I got up. Today, however, was a different story.

As she pulled at what appeared to be a dish towel sticking up out of the disposal, I noticed the full curve of her breasts and how they swayed rhythmically in time with her efforts. She stood almost on her tip toes, as she barely cracked 5 feet tall and this caused her smooth, toned calves to ripple. My eyes continued up her tanned legs to her flaring hips and rounded ass which showed not a hint of a panty line. I was speechless with lust and horrified that my expression would give away my thoughts. She looked at me.

"Well, are you going to help me or not!"

I jerked out of my reverie.

"What's the problem?"

"Oh, I dropped the dishtowel in the disposal and now it seems like it's stuck"

"Here, move to the side and let me pull it out."

"No! I'm going to have to keep a hand on the disposal switch so it doesn't accidentally start up and chew it further down. Just reach around me. You're tall enough"

Fuck! Here I am with the boner to end all boners, my mother dressed in a mid-thigh night shirt, no panties, and she wants me to stand behind her and pull in tandem!

"Shouldn't we just call a plumber? I don't think I can..."

"Mark, just get behind me and help! We can pull it out if we work together!"

"But, but, I'm not..."

"Just do it," she snapped.

Okay, she asked for it. I stepped behind her and stretched my arms around her, grasping her upper arms and struggling to keep my crotch out of contact with her ass. At this angle I weakly pulled to no effect.

"Come on Mark! Grab my wrists and pull! I don't want to waste money on a plumber."

I hadn't realized I was holding my breath. I blew out a lungful of air and slowly pressed forward, gripping Mom's wrists and lodging my aching log right in the crack of her ass! She audibly sucked in a deep breath as the realization of my situation made itself painfully apparent.

"Oh my! I'm sorry baby, I didn't realize..."

"No Mom, I'm sorry...I got to go!" With that I turned and practically sprinted out of the room.

Vivian kept her head turned away until she was sure Mark had left the room, not trusting her composure. The length and thickness of her son's cock was like a brand on her ass and her mind was racing in places mother's minds shouldn't go. "My god," she thought, "Was that because of me?!" And in the next thought, "God that thing felt huge!" Unbidden, an image of how her son's cock must look flashed in her mind. She groaned as she imagined the long, thick shaft and throbbing red cock head glistening with a drop of precum....she shook her head as tears came to her eyes.

It had been far too long since she had felt the touch of a man, and between the hot log crammed between her ass cheeks and the feel of Mark's strong arms encircling her, she could feel the wetness seeping between her legs as her nipples hardened into little points of flesh. Unconsciously, she slipped her right hand under her night shirt and slipped her middle finger into her melting hole as her left hand cupped her full, firm breasts, alternating between them. There was no buildup, no slow motion cresting of a wave. As her finger frantically thrust in and out of her pussy at a break neck pace, her orgasm slammed into her. Her vision doubled as she bit down on her lip to keep from screaming. At just that moment, Mark came into sight, running down the street as if the hounds of hell were behind him. In her mind's eye she could almost see, and certainly imagine, how his cock must be bouncing in his shorts.

"Oh, my baby, my sweet boy..." she gasped and slumped against the counter top.

I think I set a world record for the 20 yard "Hump and Dash" from the kitchen to the front door. My feet barely touched the ground as my horrified mind came to grips with the realization that I was now a mother-humper! I yanked open the front door and almost had my second hit and run of the morning.

Nancy Taylor, Kim's best friend and another one of my obsessions, was just that moment coming up the steps. I barely missed her by pivoting to one side, which spilled me into the lawn. Startled, she jumped and squeaked in surprise. As I looked up at her from the grass, my mind could not help but spin back to a year ago, when I had finally gotten up the nerve to ask Nancy out before I left for college.

Nancy had always been around as long as I could remember. She was actually my age, having been held back in grade school. She and Kim had been friends since kindergarten and I had always thought of her as another little sister. That is, until puberty not only hit her, but wrapped her up in a warm embrace from which she emerged as a spectacular beauty. Nancy had always been pretty, but in that gangly, braces and pigtails vein. By that summer before her senior year, however, her legs had somehow gotten even longer and the girlish bumps and curves were gone, replaced by a woman's flaring hips and ass and large, gravity defying breasts that just made you want to cry and thank god. I was almost moved to tears many times in frustration and cursed god for my paralyzing embarrassment whenever she was around. I launched more loads in the dead of night imagining scenarios with her that summer than an army of porn actors.

I finally got up the nerve to ask her out and was floored when she actually accepted! I was on cloud nine when I took her to dinner and the movies. We were laughing and having a good time and I was finding myself more and more comfortable around this gorgeous black haired minx. After the movie was over, I automatically started driving towards her house. Nancy turned in her seat and pressed her firm, full breast against my right arm as her hand slid down in my lap and began to run up and down the length of my cock, which had been half-hard the entire night. I almost ran off the road when she moved her mouth up and traced the outline of my ear with her tongue.

"What's the hurry Mark? Let's drive down to the lake. I don't have to be home before one."

It was all I could do to keep the car on the road as Nancy kept up her ministrations in my lap while moaning and blowing her warm breath in my ear. After what seemed like forever, we came to the lake. I found a secluded patch of trees, parked and shut off the engine. I slowly turned to Nancy who had sat back in her seat.

She smiled at me as she pulled her T-shirt over her head. I held my breath as she reached behind her back, unclasped the hooks and shrugged off the lacy white bra. There they were! All my nights of self-mutilation had not done them justice. They were real and they were spectacular, capped with small pink nipples which seemed to capture the moonlight and glow there in my front seat. She then leaned over me and pulled my recline handle, her bright blue eyes never leaving mine. My seat sank back as I drank in the sight of her bobbling and shimmying 34D tits just over my head. I so wanted to take one of them into my mouth, but my dry tongue was stuck to the top of my yawing cavity.

"You know Mark, I've thought about this for a long time. I can't wait to find out if that thing is as big as it felt!"

With that she began to unzip my pants while unsnapping them with the other hand. Once that was done, she slipped her soft, hot hand into my boxers and wrapped her fingers around my rock hard cock.

"OOOOOH Mark! I have so got to see this for myself! Kim said you were big (What!?!) but that feels positively huge!"

She struggled to extract my 10" length from down my pants leg and levered it out into the open. Her eyes widened in surprise and delight as she took it into both hands (yeah, I know, another cliché!) and stroked down firmly. And that's when things went horribly wrong.

Without warning, my cock lurched in her hands and spat a tremendous stream of cum right between Nancy's eyes! She recoiled but wasn't quick enough to dodge the second salvo which grazed her left cheek and plastered her shiny black hair back. Horrified she fell back against the door as my cock swayed unfettered, belching streams of juice all over the interior of my car! My entire body convulsed with the intensity of the orgasm and it was at least two more volleys before I had the presence of mind to throw the tail of my shirt over the cannon, soaking up the last couple of blasts. I swear I passed out for a second, but unfortunately came to my senses shortly thereafter.

I first spied my damn, rebellious turncoat of a dick still standing at attention, then my eyes were drawn to the dash which was streaked by a line of cum, then to the radio which had taken a blast at point blank range. Movement to my right turned my head to take in what I had done to my date.

To say that Nancy was pissed would be an understatement. As I watched her, she raised a trembling hand to her face where my first blast was beginning to slide down the bridge of her nose. She then touched the side of her head where I had given her a sample of the worst hair gel imaginable. Her eyes burned as they looked at me.

"You fucker! Look at me! How in the fuck am I going to go home now! My dad will fucking ground me for a year and kick your ass from here to Timbuktu!"

I know I looked like a fish gasping for air as I struggled for something to say. Nancy however was not speechless.

"How about a little warning there hair trigger! I have never been so disgusted in my entire life! I can't believe I ever agreed to go out with you! No wonder you're such a geek! How could I ever have thought of sucking that big disgusting thing?"

At the mention of the work "suck" my eyes must have widened even further. Nancy actually smirked at my reaction.

"Yeah that's right Mark. I was about to give you the best blow job you would ever have had. Words don't do justice to how my lips would have felt wrapped around your cock. Now give me something to get this shit off my face and out of my hair!"

And that's how my lonely life went from bad to worse romantically. We solved the problem of Nancy's dad by her coming home with me to spend the night with Kim. I can only imagine how much detail my sister was treated to.

I had spent all of my senior year and breaks from college avoiding any contact with her. This was actually the first time I had seen her up close since that fateful night. After she got over the shock of me flying through the air in front of her, she smirked down at me, put her hands on her waist and cocked her hip to the side. She was dressed in a sleeveless tee and shorts (she must be going to workout with Kim) and the motion caused those glorious mounds on her chest to jiggle enticingly before they settled back, high, full and fat. If it was possible, my cock got even harder.

"Oh, Mark. Are you always in a rush?" Her tone was regretful and actually made me feel bad for avoiding her like a leper. Then, like a laser, her eyes locked on my groin. She clucked her tongue and shook her head, sounding wistful. "I hope that hasn't stayed like that since the last time I saw you. Hmmm?"

By now, my face was as red as a tomato. "Oh, no, you know, I...well...good seeing you Nancy. I've got to go!" With that I jumped to my feet and fled in shame down the street.

Nancy's blue eyes followed Mark's long, lean body as he ran down the street. She had meant to apologize for the way she had treated him the first chance she got this summer, but was distracted by his sudden appearance and the feelings that came rushing back when she spied his obvious erection. While she had made a big deal of how Mark was missing "the best blow job" he would ever have, her experiences sexually were in fact limited to sweaty grope and grabs at the movies. Not that each and every one of her dates hadn't whipped out their cocks expecting to be serviced. What with her bee stung lips and her big, fat tits, it was assumed that she could and would polish knobs like a house maid on meth. But in each and every instance, she was left disappointed at the size of her paramours and refused to even give a simple hand job. Word spread quickly and her dance card had dried up. Unfortunately, she found herself as a size queen, limited to obsessing about the one cock that she felt could have satisfied her. Damn him anyway! She turned and continued up the steps.

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