tagInterracial LoveThe Neighbors Son

The Neighbors Son


Angie was enjoying her first day home from school. A teacher for the last three years at the senior high school, she was glad to be off for the summer. She looked forward to not having anything she just had to do for the next couple of months. This was the part she loved the most about being a teacher. She was already enjoying just being able to lie around the pool in her back yard and work on her tan.

She looked extremely good in the skimpy bikini she wore around the pool when she was alone or with her husband Paul. Angie was five feet eight and weighed 120 pounds. Her legs were long and shapely; a perfect match for the luscious body they carried around. Large full breast mounted high on her chest never needed the support of the bras she had to wear while teaching. Bras were something else she would not need until school started back in the fall. Her hair was long and sandy brown. The ponytail she had it tied up in made her look younger than her twenty-seven years.

Angie wasn't conceded about her looks. She knew that she attracted a lot of attention from males of all ages. From the time she first started developing boys and men were constantly after her. That she was still a virgin when they married was something of a miracle in its self considering she didn't mind the looks she got from the other sex.

Paul was a handsome man that many women had lusted after. He wasn't a virgin when they married but even he hadn't had a lot of experience. They met in college and married a couple of years later when they graduated. He knew that he was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife. He took pride in other men lusting after her. He didn't have a jealous bone in his body. He even insisted that the clothes she wore be as sexy as possible. This was a problem when she was in school but once out for the summer she was happy to full fill his wishes.

On their honeymoon they had gone to the islands. A couple of days there and they discovered the nude beaches. The rest of their weeks stay was mostly on that beach. Paul was just as happy as Angie to be naked before others on the beach. The young couple attracted a lot of attention from everybody. Men and women alike hit on them every day. They didn't take any of them up on the offers but it did make for some heavy sex at night.

Angie found out that she liked to see naked men as much as Paul liked to look at the women. All of the people they met on the beach were not young. Some of them were in their sixties and the sight wasn't very pretty. She had come from a small Alabama town and never even thought about black men. Her father would have killed her if he even thought she talked to one. The black men on the beach drew a lot of attention from her. The beach gave her, her first opportunity to see other men nude beside her husband. She found the black men with their large cocks most interesting.

Angie and Paul made it a yearly trip back to the island as part of their vacation. They never went so far as to have sex with anyone else but it was exciting for them to see and be seen on the nude beach. It was on these trips that Angie began to wonder what it would be like to have the black men touch her white skin. Back at school she paid more attention to the few blacks in her class.

The three years she had been teaching at the High school she had been hit on by students and teachers alike. Her lively personality and refusal to get mad made her a favorite among all the students. Many a hard cock had set through class daydreaming of what she must look like under the stylish skirt and blouses she wore. She wasn't opposed to letting some of the senior boys have a peek down the top of her blouse as she bent over to help them. She found that watching the young guys getting turned on did the same for her. Paul could always tell when something like this happened because of the hot sex that night.

Angie was swimming laps when Al came by to ask her what she wanted him to do next. Al was the young son of one of their neighbors. Paul had hired him to do the yard work and keep the pool clean during the summer. He was a tall young black kid that had just graduated from High School and would be going to college that fall. They were the only black family in the neighborhood.

Angie liked to look at the young boy. He was really muscled up with large muscled arms and strong legs. He reminded her of the men she saw on the beach. His stomach was a hard six-pack and she just wondered what he had packed in his cut offs.

Al stood and watched as his employers wife swam back and forth in the pool. Like all the other young men he couldn't take his eyes from her almost naked body as she swam from one end to the other. He had never been this close to someone who looked like her. He knew enough to know that she was off limits to someone like him.

Angie finished her laps and came to the side of the pool. She stood in the water that only came up to her waist. Her arms were propped on the edge of the pool as she looked up at Al standing above her. "Good morning Al. What are you doing this morning?"

""Morning Miss Angie. I was about to cut the grass and I just wondered if you wanted me to start in front or back here?" Even to him it sounded foolish. What difference did it make where he started?

Angie looked up at him standing directly above her. His muscular legs were only an arm length away. She could reach out and touch him if she had the nerve. Her eyes moved on up his body to the growing lump in his pants, and then on up to his bare chest. He was the blackest man she had ever seen. Most of the blacks she had in school were at least a little light skinned but Al was completely black. Only the white of his eyes and the pink of his open mouth broke the totally blackness of the young fellow. She remembered that Abe, his father was almost as black but even he was slightly lighter.

Her eyes left his chest and moved to his face. Her eyes met his and she realized that he was focused on her tits. Several seconds went by without her saying anything. She had leaned forward with her arms resting on the deck of the pool. The move had opened up her top even more and she knew he was getting an eye full of her chest. Like before on the beach she let him look. She glanced down and saw his cock was now completely hard. Her cunt became moist even in the pool.

This brought her back down to earth. "What are you doing letting this young black man see all of your breasts?" She thought. She leaned back and her hands dropped down to her sides. Her breasts were at least somewhat covered. At least as well covered as the suit was meant to cover.

She was looking at him when he realized that he had been staring at her almost naked tits. If a black man could turn red then Al would have. He knew he had been caught looking, no, he had been caught staring. He wanted to drop through the floor. Angie knew how embarrassed he must be knowing he had been caught red handed. She also knew that most of it had been her fault. She just smiled at him as she walked out of the pool.

"Why don't you just start around here and I can moved the chairs out of your way when you get close to them." She climbed out of the pool and walked towards him. The wet bikini hid absolutely nothing. Her nipples were hard and sticking through the thin material of the suit. The rest of the suit was molded to her body.

Again he was staring at her. "Al. Al! Al!" It was the third time before he realized he was still staring at his pretty boss.

"Oh! Yes Mam."

"Al, we are going to be around each other a lot this summer. Don't you think you need to control your reactions?"

"I'm sorry Mam, but I couldn't help my self. I haven't seen many women before."

"I guess I should be flattered, but you want get any work done standing around. Now go get the mower and lets get started."

He was off like a shot. Angie had to laugh at the way he had acted. She knew that he had seen her in the suit before but she had never seen him act this way.

Through out the morning they worked together. He cut the grass as she pulled grass from the flowerbeds and moved the pool chairs around out of his way. She still had on her bikini and found she liked having the young black man sneaking looks at her as they worked. It was almost an hour before his cock finally softened just a little. She did her own looking when he didn't notice. She liked what she saw. He must be fully as large as Paul and most of the men she had seen on the beach. He was going to really be something when he was completely grown.

Angie fixed sandwiches for them and they sat down in the kitchen to eat. Once he was seated his eyes went to her breasts again. She saw him but didn't make any commit this time. Boys will be boys and she was glad that she could at least keep his interest.

After lunch she went back to the flowerbeds and he cut the front lawn. It was just out side her bedroom window that she found her plants had been trampled down. Her first thought was one of the neighbors dogs had slept in her flowerbed. Then she saw footprints. She looked up and saw that she was right under her bedroom window.

Someone had been looking in her bedroom window! Who would be doing such a thing? From the looks of things it wasn't just once. It had happened several times before. Standing up she found herself staring straight at the foot of her bed. It bothered her to know that someone had watched as she and Paul made love. At the same time she found herself feeling a little excitement in the pit of her stomach to know she had been watched. She got the same feeling she had when the people on the beach would stop and talk to them with them all nude.

She didn't mention what she had found to Al or Paul that night. Al finished up and she sent him on home even though it was plain to see that he wasn't in a hurry to leave.

The day spent with Al was like the days on the nude beaches. It had the same effect on her. She was ready for all the loving Paul had when they got in bed. It was only after her first climax and Paul was bring her to another high that she thought about who might be out side the window watching. At the same time she thought about the watcher Paul had his climax. The thought of someone watching and Paul's hot cum pushed her over the edge again. One thing for sure with Paul she never had to worry about being full filled. He was good and made sure she was completely satisfied. It was at these times she felt guilty for thinking about being with anyone else.

Paul was soon asleep as she got up and headed to the bathroom. With the door closed behind her she slipped on a robe and went out the other door. She moved through the dark house to the back patio door. She slid the door quietly open and moved silently out into the dark night.

There weren't any lights on that lit up the back of the house. She moved around the corner where she could see the light from her bedroom. Standing deep in the shadows she knew that who ever it was couldn't see her. At the same time if they moved in front of the window she should be able to see who it was.

At first she didn't see anyone. Either they had not been here tonight or they had already gone. She continued to watch with her heart beating fast. Then he moved and she saw the outline of a figure as he stood up to look in the window. All she could see was the outline of him and she couldn't make out who it was. All she could tell was that he was a large man.

After several minutes of watching he gave up and started back around the house. His path would lead him right past her hiding place.

Angie willed herself to be perfectly still. She just knew that he could hear her heart pounding in her chest. He passed close enough that she could have touched him. Then as if he had a change of heart he started back towards the window. The light from the window gave just enough light for her to see that it was Al!

When she recognized him she took a deep breath that she was sure he heard. He was involved in watching the window that he didn't see her slip back around the house and through the back door.

Back in the bathroom she thought about what she had just seen. It didn't surprise her that it was Al. After all most young men would do the same thing if they thought they wouldn't get caught. She thought about what she needed to do about Al. If she told Paul he might beat the hell out of him or he might just laugh it off. She was never sure with Paul.

She knew that he had seen her naked before and Her and Paul having sex. Instead of making her mad it had just the opposite effect on her. She remembered the last year at the beach. She and Paul had finally made love right out in the open. When they finished a group of people stood and cheered for them. It made her and Paul so hot that they made love over and over most of the night.

Knowing that Al had watched her and Paul was having the same effect on her now. She dropped the robe and opened the door to her bedroom. She walked slowly across the floor to the bed. Turning she made sure that Al got to see all of her he wanted. Once in bed she reached over and turned out the light. If she could have got Paul awake she would have fucked his brains out again that night.

The next day went much the same as the day before. Al showed up just as she was finishing her laps. Again he watched as she got out of the pool and walked slowly towards him. He could picture in his mind her being completely naked the night before. His cock was instantly hard which Angie noticed at once. He couldn't see her cunt and know that she was soaking wet just thinking of him seeing them the night before.

That morning he helped her plant some more flowers as they worked together around the yard. She didn't bother to change from her little bikini and he once again only had on his cut off jeans. Both of them spent a lot of time checking the other out.

Al couldn't take his eyes from her. The more he saw of her the more he wanted to see.

Angie had some of the same thoughts. She wondered what kind of trouble she could get in being with such a young man. She felt guilty about not telling Paul about the watcher last night. There had never been a secret between them until now, and she didn't like it.

The lump in his pants had her thinking thoughts she knew she shouldn't have. As the morning continued with the close contact between them she continued to get more and more involved. She had let him have more than just a few good looks at her tits in the small top. The lump in his pants had continued to grow. All this did was make her want to see what he had hidden in his pants. After all, he knew all she had and turn about was fair play.

By lunch she had all she could take. She was ready to make her move. She wasn't going to have sex with him but she was going to make him show her what he had not so very well hidden in his pants.

Again she fixed sandwiches for them. As she sat across from him at the table she looked up at him and caught him looking at her breasts again. She wondered, doesn't he ever get tire of staring at me? She decided to shock him.

"Do you like what you see?"


"I said, do you like what you see? For two days you have stared at my tits like you would just like to grab them."

He dropped his head in embarrassment but didn't say anything.

"What is the matter? If you want to see them why don't you just ask like a man instead of staring every time I bend over? You aren't the only man that has wanted to see them. Do you think you are different from most men?"

He finally looked up. "I'm sorry for looking but I can't help my self. You are so beautiful and I haven't ever seen real breasts up close."

"Don't be sorry for looking. Men have been looking at me since I was a kid. I am use to it. I even like it. I just don't want to be stared at all the time. What do you mean when you said that you haven't seen real tits up close? Is looking at me through the window not close enough for you?"

She was sorry she had said the moment it came out of her mouth. His face fell and she thought he was going to cry. The shock of knowing he was caught was too much for him. He stood up and started to leave the room. He wouldn't meet her eyes as he headed for the back door.

"Al. Stop. Come back here."

At the sound of her voice he turned and walked back towards her. His eyes were still on the floor.

"Look at me." He raised his head expecting her to give him hell but was surprised to see her smiling at him. "How long has this been going on?"

"Not but a couple of months. At first it wasn't but once a week but then it got where I came over every night as soon as mother and dad went to bed. I just couldn't stay away."

"Do you know what might have happened if it had been Paul that caught you instead of me? You could be dead by now and no one would have done anything to him for killing a peeping tom."

"I never thought about that."

"How old or you?"


"Why doesn't a good looking boy like you have a girl friend?"

"I am just to shy to ask any of them out."

"You are to shy to ask a girl out but you can sneak around in the night peeping through windows?"

"It is easier this way."

"It was easier until you got caught. All you got for your trouble was being able to see a naked woman. You could have done better with your own girl."

"Girls my age don't look like you. After seeing you I didn't bother with the young ones."

Angie was flattered in spite of knowing she should admonish him for spying. "Have you ever been with a woman?"


"Come with me." She stood and led him to the spare bedroom. "Now pull off your pants."


"You have seen me naked. Now I want to see you."


"Would you like me to tell Paul about you?"


"Then pull off your pants. I want to see what has been so hard for the last two days."

He reached down and unsnapped his pants and hesitated before pushing them down his legs. He didn't have on any underwear and when his pants slipped below his cock he was naked to her view. For the first time in two days his cock was soft. He pushed them on down his legs and off his feet. He stood before her naked with his eyes on the floor.

Angie walked around him. She was sizing him up like a prize steer at the auction. She liked what she was seeing. She stood before him and looked at his soft cock. "It was a lot harder than that this morning. Lets see what we can do to get it up."

"Look up at me." He again lifted his head. "Do you want to see my breasts up close? Would you like to touch them?" She looked down at his cock that was quickly getting hard. "Looks like that works."

He looked down and sure enough his cock was more than half way back up. Just thinking of her tits worked on him.

She turned her back to him. "See that string on the top. Pull it and your wish will be answered."

With trembling fingers he reached for the string that held the top on. One slight pull and it came loose in his hands. She turned and the bikini top fell into his hands and she stood before him naked to the waist.

Al could not believe she was willingly letting him see her beautiful tits. Many of his fantasies were answered right then.

Angie looked down and his cock was fast getting to full attention. She reached for his hands and pulled them to her. She covered each tit with his hands. She gently moved them over and over her breasts. She watched as his black fingers covered her white skin. "Look at your hands on me. Is this what you wanted?"

He could only nod his head. He wasn't able to speak.

She moved his hands from her tits and dropped them to her waist. She turned them loose and reached for his head. She pulled his mouth to her tit and pushed her nipple into his open mouth. "Suck on it gently." He was afraid to do anything but what she asked.

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