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"Amy," Mrs. Anderson said. "You always do so well in class and I was hoping you could help me out. Coach Kennedy has a girl on the basketball team that's been having trouble with some of her courses. I was hoping you could tutor her."

"I-I'd love to," Amy stammered. "But..I don't have a lot of free time."

Amy didn't have a lot of time. She was a member of the student government, the school paper, the quiz bowl, and a few other assorted activities. She was thin. She could have hung out with the popular girls with her tight body, full lips, freckles, and big green eyes. However, her high IQ didn't help her fit in, and her astigmatism couldn't be corrected with contacts, but required thick glasses. Perhaps she could have overcome one of the strikes against, her but not both.

"It would be a big help for the basketball team. It'd also look good on your college application. I'd give you extra credit, but you don't need any."

"I guess I could." Amy replied.

She should have listened to her gut, it turned out to be one of the worst decisions in her short life.


"Hi Jill," Amy said. "I'm supposed to help you study. What subject would you like to go over?"

Jill was a tall girl, nearly six feet and 175 pounds, most of it muscle. She wasn't big boned, but she wasn't small boned either. She had a square jaw that served to keep the few boys that her height didn't intimidate away. Her best feature was her eyes - they were a pale blue and ringed in ebony.

"Algebra..I guess." Jill said with a sigh. She took out a book and some paper. "Can you help me with these problems?"

"What seems to be the problem?" Amy asked. The problems were obviously homework and she was there to tutor, not to do someone's homework.

"Like....you know...how to work them. Can you show me how to do them?"

"I'm not supposed to do your homework Jill, that's not going to help you when there is a test."

"This is so lame," Jill said, folding up the book. "They said you were a tutor and you can't even work these problems."

"I can work them," Amy retorted. Indignant that this dumb jock thought she couldn't do Algebra when she was taking Calculus. "Here I'll show you and then you can do them."

Amy began to work the problems, while Jill talked. About the Algebra problems at first. But then really stupid things. About how boring Algebra was. About how sleepy boring Algebra problems were. About how heavy your eyes felt when you worked math problems. About how your feet would fall asleep. Then your calves. Then your legs. Then your shoulders. Then your arms. About how relaxed you felt. Like a twig flowing down the stream, twisted here and there.

Oh my God! Jill couldn't believe her eyes. She was no beginner to hypnotism. She'd found a book about hypnotism in her attic several years ago. It was old and dusty and hard reading. She'd tested it on herself and then some of the girls on the team. Simple stuff, just using it to help with free throw percentages with positive visualization. On a fluke she wondered if she could hypnotize this stuck up little geek into doing her homework. And wonder upon wonders, the girl's eyes were closed.

But was the little geek really hypnotized?

"Hey Amy, you are a little poodle," Jill said. "My friendly little poodle. And poodles bark. Can you bark little poodle?"

"Arf..arf..." Amy barked. "Arf..arf" Her tongue stuck out of her mouth as she panted.

"Good girl," Jill ruffled Amy's hair like she would a pet, then held up her chin so she could see those big brown trusting nerd eyes. "Whose my good little girl?"

"Arf arf!" Amy barked and gave a friendly lick to Jill's outstretched hand.

Jill had a pet at home. She's been given friendly licks and never thought anything unusual about it. But now...now..her loins tingled. And forbidden thoughts flooded into her head. She forgot all about her plans for her homework.

"You have a nice long puppy tongue," Jill said, her face growing flushed. "Can the little doggie touch her nose with her tongue."

"Arf," Amy barked and curled up her long tongue, touching the tip of her nose.

"Relax Amy," Jill ordered. "You aren't a puppy any more."

Amy's face grew lax and she snored lightly.

The devious gears began to turn in Jill's mind. This little nerd wasn't half bad. And the tongue on her....Jesus. And to a girl like Jill who'd never had a boyfriend and wondered if she'd ever have a boyfriend...well...her ideas for Amy centered around sex.

"Amy do you like girls or boys?" Jill asked.

"Boys." Amy replied.

"That's real shame," Jill said. "With a tongue like that..."

And then an idea crept into Jill's head. A sneaky and sadistic idea. She was almost ashamed to voice it. But she did anyway. She couldn't help herself.

"If any boys ask you out, you tell them no way. You got me Amy? Boys are trouble. Boys cause pretty girls to get bad grades. You don't want bad grades do you?"

"No. I want good grades."

"That's good, because Amy-girl's brain wants good grades and to be a good girl." Jill smiled wickedly. "But Amy-girl's body has ideas of its own. Amy's brain likes to show off how smart it is, and Amy's body likes to show off how sexy it is just as much. It loves showing itself off in flirty little clothes. Sexy clothes. Do you understand me Amy's body?"

Amy nodded her head.

"Amy's brain like boys. But Amy's body likes girls even more than Amy's brain likes boys. And Amy's body like me most of all. Amy's body like to please me. Likes me to touch me. Amy's body..."

Jill could feel her sex drip with excitement. Did she dare do this? Could she do this? "That's good Amy's body," Jill said, her hand stealing up her classmates blouse, beneath her bra, and discovering rock hard nipples.

Amy moaned.

"Amy, what's your middle name?" Jill asked.


Jill shifted her hand into Amy's jeans, and explored the girl's wet folds with a long finger. "Amy's body, from now on I'll call you Ashely. It's a pretty name. Much prettier than Amy. Ashely you want me. The sound of my voice turns you on and makes your pussy drool. You can't resist me. And Ashley baby, I don't like you covered up so much. I want you to show me some skin. I want to see you wearing something much skimpier the next time I see you. Do you think you can handle that?"

Amy nodded enthusiastically.

"Amy's brain, I'm going to just call you Amy. That's simple enough. However, when I talk to Ashely, you are just not even going to be able to hear what I'm saying, okay? It'll just go in one ear and out the other even when you aren't hypnotized anymore. Do you understand Amy?"

"Yes." Amy replied.

Jill wondered what she'd done to this geek. Wondered if it would work. It was a sadistic thing to do to another human, but she couldn't help herself.

"Amy you'll wake up when I snap my fingers. Your brain won't remember any of this, but you body will. Your body will remember everything." Jill said, and snapped her fingers before she could do more.


Amy blinked her eyes and shook her head. She felt as if she dozed off.

"Okay, let's look at this problem together," Amy said. "We are solving for X."

"Ashely, unbutton the top button of your blouse." Jill ordered.

Amy's hand slid to her chest and deftly undid a button.

"Ashely, undo another."

The next button was undone as Amy continued on oblivious working the Algebra problem.

"Ashely lean forward...that's my girl...more.."

Amy leaned forward. She had the same problem most girls with modest breasts did, when leaning forward, the clothes tended to sag, leaving the breasts quite exposed.

"Amy, has anyone ever told you, that you have the cutest little titties," Jill laughed, taking a quick picture with her camera phone.

Amy gave a puzzled look, confident she'd misheard what Jill said. Then looked down and realized that she'd heard correctly. Her hands darted up and clutched protectively over her breasts. Crap! That dumb jock had a picture of her naked breasts.

"What are you, an A cup?" Jill teased. "I can't wait to show this to the team."

"You can't!" Amy exclaimed going after the camera. "Give it to me!"

Jill stood up and lifted her arm up. It was over a foot and a half from Amy's reach. She tugged at Jill's arm to bring it into range.

"Ashely, help me out here." Jill said. "I want to see those titties again, just don't let Amy catch you at it."

Amy was far too occupied with getting the camera phone to pay attention to what her left hand was doing. The buttons were already undone. Another joined them and then her small cups were flipped upside down.

Jill stiff armed the skinny nerd, and captured another 2 pictures of the struggling bare breasted senior. "Oh that's even better!"

The fight went out of the young tutor as her hands once again clutched protectively over her small orbs. This time she took car to right up upended bra and fasten her buttons back. She realized there was no way she could overpower this dumb jock. Maybe the girl would listen to reason.

"You'll get in big trouble if I tell."

"You won't tell." Jill said. "I'll show the pictures to everyone if you do."

"I..I.." Amy stammered.

"You can start by doing my homework," Jill said. "And stop being so fucking condescending, do you understand?"

"Yes..." Amy hadn't realized she'd been condescending. She guessed the girl had picked up on the fact that she felt that tutoring a dumb jock was beneath her. "Okay...and then will you delete the pictures?"

"That we can talk about next time," Jill said. "However, I promise not to show them to anyone else." For now - Jill added silently to herself.

"Okay." It seemed to be the best Amy could hope for and began to finish

Jill's homework. All of it.


The next day was a rude awakening for Amy. Quite and very literally rude. When she woke up, she was fully dressed, but not in her nightgown, but in regular clothes. Well, not quite regular, they were her clothes from middle school. She'd long since outgrown them and stored them up in the attic. Or so she thought. And yet now she was wearing them.

She desperately wanted not to be wearing them, but it was as if her head was a passenger and her body had other ideas. Amy even decided she'd skip school, but decided and doing were two different matter, because she got in her car and drove to school all while her mind shouted no - no -no. Drove to school and walked inside wearing a Hello Kitty baby doll dress that was all the rage 6 years ago. Six long years when she wasn't so shy, when other girls weren't so obviously more well developed.

Amy could feel the heated stares. Could see the girl's whisper to one another. Her cheeks blossomed a brilliant red. She stared down at the floor and tugged at her hem as much as she dared. For every inch of thigh that was covered, mean an inch of her top that was exposed. She walked quickly to her locker and fumbled with the lock with trembling fingers.

"Amy what in the world are you wearing?" Her best friend Monica asked.

Oh God. I don't know. I don't want to wear this. I think I'm going crazy. How can you tell someone that?

"I..I..I'm doing a paper on ...ah..how clothes and appearance shapes ..and factors into ... interactions with others in a group dynamic. I thought I could try to use social media to boost my chances at a Yale scholarship."

"That's ...brilliant." Monica said. "You amaze me sometimes."

She looked her friend up and down and shook her head. "I would try to steal your idea.. but I don't think I have the confidence to come to school looking like that. My God, my cheeks are hot...I'm blushing just standing here next to you. Look at those girls whispering about you. Aren't you embarrassed?"

What Monica didn't say was that her friend looked like ... not quite a slut. She gave a quick glance over at the sluts - Stacy. The girl was showing at least as much skin...but she looked like a high school slut. Amy looked like ...something else entirely.

You have no idea how embarrassing this is. Blushing furiously and knees trembling, Amy grabbed a few books and hustled to class. Eager to get away from more questions she didn't have answers for.

She managed to get through her classes and the questions from teachers. "Is everything okay Amy?"

Then there was study hall, which she wasn't looking forward to. For one, Jill already had pictures of her breasts...and who knows what kind of opinion the dumb jock would have after seeing her like this.

"Oh Amy what are you wearing?" Jill asked her blushing tutor.

"I..I..I'm doing a paper on ...ah..how clothes and appearance shapes .." Amy stuck with the same lie she'd used so far today with success.

"What the hell are you going on about?" Jill asked. "I mean what are you wearing? Is that a Hello Kitty baby doll dress?"

"I don't keep up with brands." Amy's cheeks burned bright and hot.

"Brands!" Jill said. "There's a big ass cat face on the front. You are a trip girl. Where did you buy it?"

Amy didn't think her cheeks could blush any more, but somehow they managed. The dress was six years old and was not something a girl her age would buy ..much less could buy.

"It was a gift," Amy lied.

"Amy you said this was for some paper?"

"Yes...I'm doing a paper on ...ah..how clothes and appearance shapes-" Amy continued,

"Ashely, I'm very proud of you." Jill said. "You exceeded my expectations. I want you to model your dress for me and shut her up.

Ashely took over and soon Amy was eagerly striking provocative poses. Thrusting up her small breasts. Lifting her hem and showing off panties that were far too tight and showed everything there was to show. Then the rear. Sticking out that cute tight ass.

"Ashely, lean forward." Jill said, taking out her camera phone. "And spread."

Amy's legs spread, her panties sliding up, hugging and bunching as the slim geek shifted her hips this way and then that. Jill smiled and captured it on video.

"Neat," Jill said. "Can you help me with my homework again?"

Amy was glad to do anything to change the subject from the way she was dressed and quickly got to work. Jill talked to her while she worked and before she'd finished three problems, she was hypnotized once more.

"Ashely...we have a big problem," Jill said once the tutor was under. "I like you and you like me, but Amy's not so keen if you know what I mean. Baby you did such a good job on dressing her today...do you think you can keep her from blabbing about anything that goes on between you and me?"

Amy nodded eagerly.

"Are you sure?"

The nod was even more vigorous.

"Good girl. And we both know that Amy prefers boys, but I was hoping you could convince her otherwise. Do you think you can manage that?"

Amy nodded once more.

Jill went to lock the door. The usual study halls were in the school, with open windows to the outside and doors with windows. Luckily this dump was in the back of the gym. There was the coach, but they were busy with classes outside.

"Take off the bra and panties Ashely." Jill ordered. "Throw them in the trash...no better yet, put them in my book bag. You won't be needing them anymore. I want you bare assed and ready for me, do you understand?"

Amy nodded.

Jill pulled the petite girl to her by the hem of her dress. Shoved a hand beneath her dress and exposed the mousey brown curls of her pubes and gave then a sharp tug.

"When I say bare-assed, I mean BARE ASSED. I want this pussy smooth as a whistle tomorrow Ashely, or I'll be very disappointed.

Jill worked her finger in and out her wet classmate. "Do you want to cum Ashely?"

Amy eagerly nodded.

"From now on, you only cum for me." Jill said. "This is my pussy. Mine. Do you understand?"

Amy moaned and nodded, her slim hips pumping in time with the movements of Jill's finger.

Jill danced rubbed Amy's clit. "Cum for me Ashely. Cum for me."

With a whine, Amy stiffened and jerked as she was overcome with pleasure.

"Let me get a few more pictures," Jill said. "Spread your legs. Now your lips. That's my girl." Jill took few more pictures of the docile geek.

"Now it's my turn Ashely," Jill said, shimmying out of her pants and pulling down her panties. "Hurry..let me feel that tongue."

And she did feel it. It was everything she imagined it would be. Long. Agile. Soft. Like velvet. Teasing her. Pleasing her. Inexperienced at first. But that tongue was a quick study. Her insides quivered and grew hot. She'd taken this straight little geek and turned her into a queer little pet. A pussy pet. She grabbed a handful of Amy's hair and pulled the girl in tight. Waves of heat and pleasure centered in her sex and then soaked through the rest of her body.

"Clean me up Ashely pet," Jill said, as Amy laved the thick secretions from her soaked pubes. Running her hand lovingly through Amy's curly hair, she snapped her fingers. "Amy wake up."

The first thing Amy realized was that her knees hurt. And that her lips and tongue were sore. That someone was running their fingers through her hair and that...oh dear God...her mouth...her tongue. The dank smell of sex.

She quickly pulled away. God, she wanted to retch.To puke. Mentally she did, but it seemed her body didn't mind that fact that she'd had her mouth on a...a girl....down there. Oh Jesus. Oh God, and she was naked. She was ..dripping wet. This was not happening. She wanted to pinch herself.

What the hell was she doing? She'd black out again. The young tutor grabbed her small dress, quickly stood, and stuffed herself back into the tight garment. Shaking like a leaf.

"If you are going to act that way," Jill said. "That'll be the last time I help you with one of your weird research projects."

"I..I.." Amy stammered. Had she? She'd lied about the other research project. This sounded plausible. Like a lie she'd make up...if she found herself in such a situation. "I'm sorry?"

Her mind was in a tizzy. She was screwed up in the head big time. She was blacking out. She was doing things..awful things. She was going to have to get help as embarrassing as it would be.

"Okay." Jill said, as she pulled up her panties and jeans. "So?"

"What?" Amy whispered.

"By the way, what exactly was it you are researching?"

"I..." Amy was drawing a blank at thinking of a lie to explain why she'd need to go down on a.. a girl. Oh Jesus. "I ..I..it's complicated."

"Well, just let me know if you need to do some more experiments," Jill said. "I never realized that science could be so...fun. I don't go for girls...but I could go for more of that, if you know what I mean."

"Ahh..thanks?" Jesus, did she actually say that? "I mean..thanks for your participation."

"No, thank you." Jill winked. "You could write a book on what you just did and girls would line up to buy them for their boyfriends."

Amy's cheeks burned with heat. Worse, she could feel juices leaking. She looked around nervously. "Where..where are my bra and panties." They were 6 years old and uncomfortably tight, but now she was desperate to put them back on.

Jill's brow wrinkled. "You weren't wearing any. Are you sure you are okay?"

"Yes." There was nothing else Amy could say.

"You should go clean up your face." Jill said. "You are a mess. Not unless that's part of your research too.

Amy shook her head and blushed.

"Luckily, the girl's locker room is right down the hall." Jill said, pointing with her thumb.

"Thanks." Amy rushed to clean her face. It was a mess alright. She looked like she'd stuffed her face into a box of glazed donuts. And the smell, no matter what she did, she could still smell the musk of Jill's sex.

Amy was terribly afraid, but she was going to have to get help. Some kind of help from someone. Though, Amy was a bright girl, she'd never heard of anything like this happening before. Well.. there was one thing. Multiple personality disorder. But most people tended to believe it wasn't a real condition.

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