tagLoving WivesThe New Client Ch. 05

The New Client Ch. 05


(cont from Chapter 4)

I take my time getting glasses of white wine before going upstairs. I want to prolong the feeling of ecstasy with the realization that my wife has taken a new lover. I enter our bedroom to find Lynn sitting up in bed reclining against the pillows. She looks radiant just wearing a brief silk robe she likes to lounge in. He legs are tucked under her. The sash is loosely tide revealing that she is nude under the robe. I have been lounging in a pair of sweat pants and tee shirt.

I hand Lynn a glass of wine and take off my tee shirt before I join her in bed. I glaze at her lovingly, letting my eyes roam over her body, knowing a short while ago she was in the throes of passion with another man.

"What are you looking at? Most of the time you are all over me."

"I like how sexy you look when you come home like this."

"Like what?"

"Like when you have been with another man."

"You mean when I have been fucking another man? Or sucking his cock?"

Her explicit description sends that familiar shockwave that cuckolds experience when their beloved starts getting slutty.

I reach over and lightly stroke the top of her bare thigh, "You have a totally different feel about you when you fuck another guy. Are you going to tell me a new story? I take it you have started decorating Michael's house."

"Yes I have. I started this afternoon. Would you like to hear what happened?"

"You know I do. Your stories really turn me on. How did you meet? What did you do?"

Lynn begins to play with one of my nipples, "We met at Andrew's a couple of weeks ago. He told me one of his neighbors needed some decorating ideas for his townhouse. He said that he was good looking and I would probably like him. I told him that I would like to meet him and take a look at his house to see what would need to be done."

"I take it Andrew had more than decorating in mind?"

Lynn laughs, "Yes, he wanted to set me up with another guy."

She leans over and in her low slutty voice, "Does it turn you on for Andrew to set me up with another guy to fuck? I bet it does"

I don't say anything as she continues, "I was fantasying what this guy would be like. A couple of days later I was over arranging some window treatments in the upstairs spare bedroom when I heard Andrew enter the front door with someone else. I came down the stairs into the living room and found him with a really good looking black guy. Andrew introduced him as Michael."

"Did it surprise you he was a black guy?"

"That is not what I was expecting, but like I said he was really good looking. I found out later he is an executive with a local software company. He said he had been looking forward to meeting me. I reached out to shake his hand but Michael leaned over to give me a light kiss on the cheek instead. He placed his hand on my waist and when I leaned in for his kiss my breast brushed against his arm. He lingered for longer than he needed to feel my breast. I did not pull away but made eye contact to let Michael know I liked it.

I was wearing one of my knit tops with a scoop neck with my jacket unbuttoned. I wore a bra meant for Andrew that pushed up my breasts to show more cleavage, but Michael was able to a good view of the tops of my breasts as well. Since Andrew probably told him a lot about me, I didn't see the need to be ms. virginal."

"So you were already getting turned on? What else were you thinking?"

"Oh yes, once I saw how good looking and sexy he was I wanted more than a peck in the cheek and a feel of my breast.

"God you know this turns me on. Every since I watched you and Andrew I like to picture you with other men."

I slide my hand up her thigh and cup her mound. My finger barely puts any pressure on her slit and slides right in. I start a circular motion against her clit. I feel the familiar gooey mixture of her juices and cum. She moans and opens her legs as she straightens them out and sinks more into the bed.

"What happened next?"

"I was showing Andrew what I had been doing. As we moved through his house, I was conscious of both of their eyes on my body. When I would point out what I had done, my jacket would open up showing the outline of my breasts. It was a bigger turn on than usual having both of them looking at me."

My wife continues, "After we were finished upstairs we went back down to the living room. I sat down in one corner of the sofa. I declined a glass of wine and Michael volunteered to get me a glass of water."

"Let me guess. When he offered you a glass of water, you bent forward giving him a good view down your top."

"You know me to well," she said with a chuckle, "And I also had a good look at crotch level. Of course I couldn't help but think about what his cock would be like."

Leaning into me again she said," It turns you when I think about another man's cock doesn't it? Do you think about me sucking him? Would you like to watch me suck a nice big black cock?"

"After watching you suck Andrew, you know I would like to see you suck Michael. And the forbidden fruit aspect of seeing you suck a black man would be extra excitement."

"Were you able to show them anything else?"

"After accepting the glass of water I leaned back into the corner of the sofa. I had one of my legs on the floor and the other on the cushion."

"Just like the party."

"I thought you would like that touch. I opened my legs to stretch the fabric across my pussy. I was wearing a thin, white pair of slacks. Since the material was so thin, the outline of my lips was clearly visible."

"I bet you really like putting your pussy on display like that?"

"I did. I was conscious of showing off for both of them. I started having real naughty thoughts."

I pretty much knew what was coming, but I asked anyway, "What kind of thoughts?"

"I was thinking what it would be like to fuck both of them."

"I bet they were thinking the same thing. Did anything happen?"

"No, but the sexual tension was so thick you could feel it. I caught them both blatantly staring at my pussy and then at my breasts. It was especially a turn on since I was already fucking Andrew and it was just a matter of time before I fucked Michael."

"Anything else?"

"No. Shortly, Michael announced he had to be leaving. As he got up he told me to keep my seat. He leaned over to give me a good bye kiss on the check. He gave me a light kiss on my ear instead, telling me how glad he was to finally meet me."

"But you must have been real turned on."

"I was. After Michael left I took Andrew by the hand and led him upstairs."

"Wow. This is really hot. So you fucked Andrew that afternoon. Tell me about it."

"I already did. That is when I was on the bed on all fours while you ate out my dripping cunt."

"You did taste extra good that time. When did you see Michael again?"

"Last week. I was over at Andrew's in his bedroom, putting a new dust ruffle and other accessories getting ready for you watching us. Andrew was downstairs and I heard the door bell. He called up and said Michael was there."

"Were you dressed?"

Lynn answered laughingly, "Yes I was that time."

I didn't know what to make of that but just let it slide for another day.

"When I came downstairs, Michael was raving about the job I had done with Andrew's and could not wait to see how I would decorate his. I told Andrew I was through for the day and unless there was anything else he needed we could go over to Michael's house so I could take a look around. Andrew just gave me a smile as he kissed me on my lips and said to go ahead."

"I left with Michael and went over to his house. When we got to the entrance, I stood next to him as he unlocked the door. I leaned into his elbow so he could feel my breast."

"Is this still turning you on? Do you like me letting another man know he can fuck me if he wants?"

"You know it is. I cannot believe you are getting this brazen in such a short period of time. Were you checking out his cock?"

Lynn laughed, "You men and your cock sizes. Of course I was. You know I like to fantasize about big cocks. I could tell from the week before he was well endowed. This time he was wearing a jogging suit and I could see the outline of his cock. He caught me looking at his crotch a couple of times. That was making me even hornier than I already was."

"Michael gave me a tour through the house and was telling me some of the improvements he wanted to have made. I was giving him some of my recommendations on the direction he should take. As we moved through some of the hallways and into the various rooms, it gave me a good opportunity flash my breast. I was wearing a blouse with a couple of the top buttons undone. When he stood beside me he could see into the opening at my breasts. I could feel my nipples stiffening against the fabric under his gaze. At the entrance to one of the spare bedrooms as I was telling him what I thought we should do, he stood behind me and put his hands on my hips and leaned his cock into my ass."

"I leaned back into him to feel his cock and give him a good view of my breasts. He bent his head down to nuzzle my neck and said that Andrew told him what a good decorator I was and he couldn't wait to find out. As he was nuzzling me I told him that I was looking forward to decorating for him. He reached one hand around my front and unbuttoned my blouse the rest of the way. He could now see my breasts in the flimsy bra I was wearing."

"He slipped both his hands from my waist to fondle my breasts. The bra had a front clasp so he unfastened it and let my tits fall into his hands. I wore the blouse and bra for Andrew but was glad Michael was enjoying playing with my tits. The contrast of his brown hands against my white tits was really turning me on."

"Is it turning you on that a man I had just met just a week before was now fondling me and telling me how he wants to fuck me?"

"I can't believe that you were that fast. I can just picture your tits on display for him. What happened?"

"I just turned around and put my arms around his neck mashing my bare tits into his chest. I could feel his cock swelling into my belly. I gave him a big deep kiss and ground my mound into his cock. He ran his hands on my bare skin from my waist around to my back. One of his hands caressed my back and the other cupped my ass to pull me closer to his body. His hands were very smooth. I was thinking how good it would feel to have him run his hands all over my body. I told him I wanted to fuck him too, but that I had to get going."

"Was it turning you on kissing a black man? Feeling his cock?"

"Ohh yes, I was thinking here I was a nice white married woman telling a black man I wanted to fuck him. One that I had just met. Michael is a really good kisser. As we kissed he kept fondling my tits and making my nipples real hard. He slid one hand down to play with my pussy."

"What did you do then? Were you getting wet?"

"I was getting really turned on. His fingers felt real good probing my pussy through the fabric of my slacks. At that point I wanted him to take them off so I could feel him penetrating me"

"Did you?"

"As much as I was getting turned on I wanted to prolong the ecstasy until we had more time. I took his hand and moved it back to my breasts. I wanted to finish Andrew's house first before I did anything more with Michael. After a few minutes, I backed away from him and refastened my bra and buttoned back my blouse. We went down to the first floor and I got ready to leave. Before I left, he pulled me close and gave me another deep kiss."

"So when we were over at Andrew's Saturday night, you must have been thinking what you would do with Michael. Have you fucked him yet?"

"I fucked him just a little while ago. Are you turned on I have brought you another freshly fucked pussy?"

"Mmmm..you know I like your stories."

"Go down on my messy cunt and I will tell you all about it."

I slid down the bed and move between her spread legs. Her cunt is not a messy as it was with Andrew but it is still nice and gooey. I reach out my tongue and give it a couple of light flicks. Instead of pulling my head in, my wife just lays back to enjoy it.

"That's it. It really turns me on when you clean me out after I have fucked someone else. Does it taste different than Andrew?"

"It tastes about the same. I like to picture what you were doing while I eat you out. What happened when you got to his house?"

"He gave me a deep kiss as soon as I was inside and the door was closed. I laughingly pushed him away and told him I wanted to show him the color samples for painting his house. He grudgingly sat with me on the sofa to look at my recommendations for paint colors. I was wearing a blouse again, making sure the top buttons were undone, so when I bent over he could lust after my breasts."

"Was he even paying attention to what you wanted to do with his house?"

She just laughed, "I could have recommended stripes and polka dots, and he would have gone along with it. We went upstairs so I could show him how the color would match. When we got to his bedroom, he stood behind me with his hands around my waist. The bed covers were pulled back and on the bed was a sexy black camisole top with spaghetti straps and matching string bikini bottoms"

"I placed my hands over his arms and looking up at him over my shoulder asked him, 'Who are those for?'

"He just answered back, 'Those are for you. I wanted to get you something sexy for our first time together. Change into your new outfit and come back downstairs.'

"He went back down to the living room leaving me alone in his bedroom. I was really getting turned on looking at his bed and knowing I was going to be stretched out in it with my legs spread with Michael on top of me in just a few minutes. I took off my blouse and bra. After sliding off my slacks and panties I just stood there nude a few minutes contemplating what was about to happen. I put on the skimpy outfit and left the bedroom to go rejoin Michael. Does it turn you on for another man to get me a sexy outfit to wear for him?"

I answered by covering her cunt with my mouth and applying more pressure to her clit and lips. "I can just picture you getting sexy for another man. This is hotter than the stories with Andrew. Tell me more."

"It felt a little strange walking down the stairs in a flimsy outfit in another man's house. But it was a turn on. My pussy was getting wet with anticipation. I could feel my nipples getting hard as they rubbed up against the camisole top. It is just like I do here at home with you. I felt his eyes on my body as I came into view. Michael was on the sofa wearing just his jogging suit bottoms. He had taken off his top. He looked really good. He has a jogger's body, nice and lean. I joined him on the sofa and he immediately took me in his arms."

I picture my pretty blond wife walking down the stairs, her unfettered 36c breasts jiggling under her top as she offers herself to another man. In one way there was a sense of relief that she was fucking a different guy instead of just Andrew.

My wife continued her tale, "I told you I couldn't wait to feel his hands touching me all over my body. It was even better than I had fantasized. One of his hands was around me pulling me close to him and his other hand was stroking me. He ran his hand under my top caressing my back. I had my tongue as far in his mouth as I could get. His kissing was even better than the last time. I was stroking his bare chest and pinching up his nipple. He ran his hand under the elastic of my bikini bottoms and one of his fingers slid right into my slit. I opened my legs to give him better access."

"I started tongue his ear and getting real slutty just like I do with you, 'How do you like my hot white married pussy? It's wet just for your big cock.'

'Ohh god, you are hotter than I thought you would be. Your pussy is incredible.'

Lynn looked down at me through her spread legs, "That's it keep cleaning me up. Ohh make me cum."

I speed up the action of my tongue against her clit. As I continue to eat her I am picturing Lynn kissing and caressing her new black lover. She continues to tell me about him moving his hands around to cup and fondle her unencumbered breasts. She breaks off her tale and gives out a moan as she cums against my mouth.

"God that was great! You keep getting better at eating my cunt. You really like eating me after I have been freshly fucked don't you?"

I move from between her legs and lie next to her, lazily stroking her body, and tell her, "I have always liked eating you out, but it is even better after another guy has warmed you up. What else happened? Did you stroke his cock?"

"You like me playing with other cocks don't you? While Michael was playing with my tits, I broke off our kiss and started kissing his neck. As I was kissing and licking him, I ran my left hand down his stomach into the waistband of his jogging suit. I had a surprise."

"A surprise. What was it?"

"He wasn't wearing any underwear so I moved my hand further under the waistband feeling his curly hair. Then I felt his cock."

"Did you like it?" I said as I lean over to tongue my wife's breast and nipple while she continues to tell me about playing with Michael's cock. She has the salty taste of perspiration and cum.

"Ohhh yes. It was not as thick as Andrew's but longer. It was still nice and soft so I could experience that rubbery feel before he got hard. I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking him. The contrast between my white hand and his black cock as he became erect was really turning me on. I started kissing one of his nipples as I stroked him. Then I started kissing down his abdomen to his cock."

"Before I got down that far, he lifted my head and suggested we go upstairs to the bedroom where we could get comfortable. I sat back up. He got up from the sofa and took my hand to take me upstairs. The head of his cock was sticking up outside the waistband of his jogging suit. I was wondering how it was gong to fit in my pussy."

"But you weren't worried were you?"

Lynn laughingly replied, "No, I was thinking he may have to ease it in but as wet as I was I knew I could take it all. I went up the stairs and he followed. I could feel his eyes on my body. I glanced back and asked, 'Are you enjoying the view? From the looks of that tent I can tell you are.'"

"Michael reached up to cup my half bare ass and said, 'the view looks good and I know it is going to get better.'

I was getting more turned on than the times she told me about Andrew. I moved her hand to my cock. "Do you like stroking me after you've had another cock? What happened when you got to the bedroom?"

"I do. That's one of the best parts about fucking another guy is getting turned on with you after I get back home. We stood by the side of the bed and kissed again. Michael lifted my skimpy top up and took it off. I put my hands under his waistband and slid his jogging suit off of his hips. Now he was nude and I just had on a strip of cloth covering my pussy. I moved on the bed and slid to the middle to give him room."

"He just stood there lightly stroking his cock back to full hardness, 'Take off your panties and let me see you play your pussy.'

"I did as he instructed, spread my legs and put two of my fingers in my sopping cunt and looked him in the eye,

'Is this what you wanted? A nice hot white married pussy?'

'Andrew was right. You are hot.'

'Did he say anything else about me?'

'He said you were a good cocksucker. He also said you had the tightest pussy he ever fucked.'

"He moved on the bed and held me tight against him. I tongued his ear again and asked him if he would like to find out what a good cocksucker I was and if my pussy was as tight as Andrew said. It was turning me on to start getting that slutty."

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