tagInterracial LoveThe New Client Ch. 06

The New Client Ch. 06


This story contains wife infidelity, cuckolding, light bondage and multiple interracial partners. If these topics are a turn-off or disgust you, then please move on to the Disney Channel.

I appreciate the feedback I have received and some of the correspondence. I have taken some of you suggestions and interwoven them into my stories. I look forward to your continued comments.


With her new client, Michael, Lynn is becoming even more uninhibited than she was with Andrew. I am not sure if that is due to the forbidden fruit aspect of fucking a black man or her experimentation with a different partner. I wonder if she sees Andrew and now Michael as sex partners or lovers. Some how the term "lover" is more exotic and alluring.

Sex is like it was when she was decorating for Andrew. She continues to tell me what she did with Michael when we are making love. Or having sex. I am not sure which it is. But I continue to enjoy it. As she comes in the door one time I notice a little bit of jiggle with her breasts. I give her a welcoming kiss and fondle one of her breasts through her blouse. To my surprise she is not wearing a bra. I open a button and reach inside to cup her bare breast.

"What's this?" I ask.

"Do you like it? It was Michael's idea. Don't you like how you can reach in and feel me without a bra? I know Michael does."

Hearing her describe how comfortable she is being intimate with another man starts to set me off again. We go upstairs where she tells me what they did while I eat her cum filled pussy.

"What about the workmen. Can't they tell you aren't wearing a bra?"

"I think they can. I guess sometimes I am a little careless. You still like me showing off don't you?

Hearing that, I have a nagging feeling that she is not telling me everything. But I do not press her on the issue.

One evening she comes home looking disheveled and kisses me very aggressively melding her body into mine. She pushes her tongue deep in my mouth. I taste the familiar salty taste on her lips and tongue.

"Mmm.. you taste good. You must have had a good time with Michael tonight."

"Do you like the way I taste? What do I taste like? Tell me," she practically commands me.

I felt that tightness in my chest as I said, "You taste like cock."

"You like the taste of cock on my lips don't you? Except tonight it is not the taste of cock."

"It's not? What is it?"

"You are tasting cocks. Michael had a friend. I sucked them both and then they took turns fucking me. You want to hear all about your nice wife fucking two black men don't you?"

With that revelation my cock begins to stir. I just barely whisper that I want to hear all about it. She takes me upstairs and in a commanding voice tells me to get undressed and get on the bed. While I undress, she goes into the sitting room where her dresser is located. I am on the bed nude when she comes back carrying silk scarves. Now I know I am in for an extra treat. She takes two of the scarves and ties each one of my wrists to the bedposts. Then she takes the other two and secures my ankles to the foot board. When I am bound she stands by the bed and I watch as she undresses. I want to reach down and play with my cock, but can't with my restraints.

After unzipping and dropping her slacks to the floor, leaving her black bikini panties on, she unbuttons her blouse. As she unfastens the buttons I see she isn't wearing a bra again and as her tits come into view, I can see red marks all over them.

Lynn looks down and just smiles as she says, "Looks like they got carried away."

She gets on the bed just wearing her panties. She gives me deep kisses while playing with my nipples. Slowly she runs her right hand down my stomach to my cock and balls.

"I just love how you get turned on when I have been out fucking other men. Would you like me to suck you the way I sucked Michael and his friend? You will have to wait. That is why I tied you up."

Rolling on her back she lifts her hips and slides her panties down her legs. She kneels beside me and holds held up her panties showing me the white cum stains on the crotch. The stains are highly visible in contrast with the black color of her panties.

"Can you see the cum? There's a whole lot more in my cunt. I brought you an extra messy cunt tonight. Would you like a good taste?"

I just lie there and watch as she straddles my chest. As she lifts her leg I can see the dampness in her hair surrounding her open cunt. The musky scent of semen and pussy juice hits my nostrils. I can only moan. Lynn is getting extra slutty tonight from the combination of my helplessness being restrained and fucking two men. She rests her sopping pussy on my chest letting me feel the wetness as cum starts to slowly ooze out. I look up at her swollen breasts and can see the marks made by her lovers. There are even love bites on the underside of both her breasts.

She lifts her body and places her cunt above my mouth, "Does my pussy feel good? Here let me give you a good taste."

With her hands on the headboard she lowers her cunt to my waiting mouth. She puts downward pressure and I can feel and taste cum dripping from her cunt. I start to use my mouth and tongue.

She starts moaning, "That's it. Eat my cunt. You must like the extra treat I brought you tonight?"

"After the carpet guys were finished, Michael came back home and I was showing him the progress. He really liked the job I was doing. We decided to relax with a glass of wine. We kissed and he unbuttoned my blouse to feel my tits and squeeze my nipples. I slid my hand into his slacks to feel his cock."

"He broke the kiss and told me, 'Go up to the bedroom. I have a new outfit for you. Then meet me down in the rec room. I have a treat for you.'

"I went to his bedroom and saw he had laid out a black bustier with garter snaps, black stockings and thong panties," she tells me as she continues to grind her cunt into my face. She is smearing her juices from my nose to my chin. I start to strain against my bonds, getting turned on with the thought of my wife becoming so familiar with another man's bedroom.

"I put on the outfit and looked in the mirror. It was really sexy. The bustier really pushed my tits up. I had trimmed my pussy earlier in the day. It looked so good framed between the bustier and the stockings; I decided to give him a surprise and did not wear the thong. Do you like it when Michael buys me outfits to wear for him just like you do? I was really getting turned on as I went down the stairs."

"As I started to enter the rec room I called out, 'Who wants some white married pussy?'

'I do,' said Michael.

'I do.' It was another voice.

"I stopped. Michael and another black man were standing over by the bar. Here I was practically nude in front of a man I never met. Michael laughed and told me to relax. As I slowly walked toward them, I felt their lustful glaze on my body. Since I didn't put on the thong my bush was clearly visible. Michael introduced the other man as his friend Jason. Jason told me that he had heard a lot about me and had been looking forward to meeting me. He was a little taller then I am and stockier than Michael. "

"Michael took me in his arms asked me how I liked my surprise. I answered by giving him a passionate kiss. He started stroking me. Then I could feel Jason starting to stroke my bare hips above the stockings. They were standing on both sides of me, running their hands all over my body. I was moaning and telling them how much I liked it. After kissing Michael, I turned my head to kiss Jason. It was incredible, kissing a man I had just met. Michael was fondling my ass and Jason cupped my mound. My pussy gave me away, his fingers slipped in without any pressure. I put my hands on their cocks. Jason did not feel as long as Michael but nice and thick."

While eating my wife's used cunt I could picture her standing between two men feeling their cocks and having their hands moving over her breasts, ass and pussy.

"I was moaning and alternating kissing both of them. Jason was about to make me cum playing with my pussy. Michael lifted one of my tits out of the bustier and put the nipple in his mouth. They were both talking nasty and Jason was telling Michael what a hot piece of married white ass I was."

"Michael broke off our kiss and told me, 'suck our cocks. I told Jason what a good cocksucker you are.'

"With that command I got down on my knees. I unbuckled Jason's slacks and unzipped him. I put my hands on his waist band and pulled his slacks and briefs off his hips. His cock sprang out and hit me in the face. I was right, it was nice and thick. I stroked him with one hand and flicked out my tongue to lick his head. I looked up at Michael, 'Do you want to watch me suck his cock?'

'Yea, show Jason how you like to suck cock.'

"I leaned forward and slipped my lips over his cock and drew him into my mouth. I could feel him inhale as the warm moisture of my mouth covered the engorged mushroom head. I applied pressure to the underside of his cock with my tongue and started drawing him in until he hit the back of my throat. I couldn't believe how turned on I was on my knees with both of them watching me. With the bustier they had a good view of my tits and cleavage."

Michael told me, 'Don't forget his balls. Give him a good licking.'

"I let his cock slip out of my mouth and ran my tongue down his shaft to his tight swollen balls. They were nice and big. I could just imagine how much cum they held. I licked and kissed them all over. Jason was moaning and telling me how good I was at sucking cock."

The mental picture I am forming is driving me over the edge. I want relief but can't do anything but continue to eat her pussy. She is getting wetter as she relives the experience.

"Please, untie me. I can't stand this. I have to play with my cock while you tell me about sucking Jason."

"It was your fantasies that started this. You will have to be patient. Keep eating my gooey cunt. Lick further down", she commanded.

I cannot believe how assertive my wife is getting. She shifts her body so I can lick her from her slit to the pucker of her ass. Her juices, Michael and Jason's cum coat her all over.

"While I was sucking Jason, Michael undressed. I felt his cock against my cheek. I turned around and slipped his cock in my mouth and pulled him in as far as I could get. I looked up and saw both of them watching me. I alternated between sucking both their cocks. By this time there was cum starting to leak out of their slits. I took both their cocks and rubbed the heads against my lips so I could get a taste. I sucked them for a long time until my mouth was getting a little tired."

"I told both of them, 'I need you to fuck me.'

"Jason moved me over to a sectional couch and I got on my back with my legs spread. Does it turn you on I was spreading my cunt open for a man I met less than an hour ago? His cock was nice and hard as he aimed it at my slit. I reached down and guided him to my opening. There was no finesse on his part; he just jammed it in to the hilt. I gasped and lifted my hips to meet him. The thickness of his head stretched me wide open. I was getting real noisy telling him to fuck me and how good his cock felt."

"I looked over at Michael sitting in an overstuffed chair stroking his cock, 'I think I will watch for a while', he said."

'Just like my husband, I giggled.'

"Jason had a nice rhythm as he penetrated me as far as he could get. I unzipped my bustier and unfastened my stockings. The bustier fell away exposing all of me to his gaze as he continued to fuck me. I put my arms above my head stretching my breasts. Jason started kissing my breasts and taking the nipples deep in his mouth. I felt him sucking under one of the nipples. That is when he must have left the love bite. He even started slapping my breasts and my erect nipples."

"Did you tell him to stop?"

"No. It sort of hurt but felt good at the same time. I just told him to keep fucking me. While I was getting fucked by Jason, I looked over at Michael stroking his cock waiting for his turn. Jason picked up the pace and started to really pound me. I could feel him tense as he started to cum.

'That's it, cum in my white married pussy,' I told him."

"I am not sure how much cum he shot in me. It seemed like a lot. But you would know that better than me."

I apply more pressure on her pussy and increase the motion of my tongue as I feel Lynn about to cum.

"Ohhh God, that's it make me cum! Aggggh... God you are good. Did my cunt taste good with two loads of cum?"

I just lie back as Lynn lifts her cunt from my tired mouth. The mixture of juices has coated my face from nose to chin. She moves her body until she is straddling my hips. Her open cunt is just out side the reach of my cock. She leans over and kisses me. I strain against my bonds.

She leans into my ear, "You want some pussy just like Michael and Jason did don't you? You like seconds, now you can get thirds."

She teases by sliding her cunt just over the head of my cock. I buck my hips trying for more penetration. She finally eases my cock all the way in. Her cunt is wide open after being stretched my two men.

"After Jason came, he slumped against me kissing my neck and telling me how good I was. After a few minutes I could feel him getting soft in my cunt. He slipped his cock out and squeezed some more cum into my pubic hair. I just looked down at my breasts and saw the redness and the love bite. At first I was worried, but then realized it would just turn on you some more. You don't mind Jason marking my breasts do you?"

I do not reply. I am reveling in the exquisite feel of her used love canal surrounding my cock.

"Michael started to get up. I just told him to stay where he was. I went over to his chair and straddled his very erect cock."

"As I slid down his entire length I told him, 'Hmmm.. you must have gotten turned on watching me and Jason.'

'God yes. Your are so wet,' he said as he started to thrust into me"

"His cock was getting coated with my pussy juice and Michael's cum. He leaned over and started kissing my breasts and nipples. I told him to take it easy they were still a little sore. Then I could feel him starting to suck the underside of my breast that didn't have a love bite."

'Don't do that. What will my husband think?'

'If he doesn't mind you fucking both of us, then he won't mind you bringing home a couple of souvenirs. You are going to tell him you fucked both of us aren't you?'

"I told him that I would. As I rode Michael's cock, Jason came over and stood by the chair. He held his soft cock and guided my head so I could clean him. Now I had one cock in my pussy and the other in my mouth."

I try to fuck her faster as I picture my wife in such a lewd position. She is able to control the motion due to my restraints. I notice cum spots on her breasts among the redness. She raises her breasts so I could lick them.

"Can you taste the cum on my tits? That's it lick it off like you cleaned my pussy."

Lynn slowly rocks back and forth grinding her clit against my erection while I gently lick and kiss her tender breasts.

She continues her tale, "I was really turned on after fucking Jason and now sucking his cock again while riding Michael's cock. Michael was telling my how much he liked my freshly fucked cunt. They were getting really nasty with me. They were both talking about their white married slut. He started slapping my breasts as he fucked me. I started to moan as I told him not to stop in between sucking Jason. He started bucking against me and I was thrusting back. Jason took his cock out of my mouth as he watched my bucking against Michael. We both came at the same time. Michael was groaning and I was grunting before letting out a shriek. As I started to lean against Michael, Jason pulled me back and jacked off all over my breasts. He did not cum as much as before, but it was still enough to leave you a taste."

"We all started laughing after our release. Both of them kissed me. I reached down and flicked off some of Jason's cum that had dripped onto Michael's chest. I lifted myself off of Michael's cock and we all sat down on the couch to relax and unwind. They were caressing me more gently now. I looked down and saw the redness on my tits. They started apologizing about getting so rough, but I told them that I liked it."

As her excitement mounts she sits up with her hands on my chest and speeds up her movement to achieve climax. For the second time since arriving home she lets out a moan as she cums. After her release, she collapses against me.

"How many times does that make?"

"I don't know. Between the three of you I feel fucked out. How do you feel about me getting that wild? In you fantasies did you ever think I would really take on two guys?"

"I guess it is taking me by surprise. But it is still a turn-on. Can't you tell?"

She looks down at my erect cock and just laughs, "I guess that did turn you on. Let me give you a treat."

I just lie back still restrained as my wife proceeds to give me a slow wet blow job. While she performs her ministrations on me with her tongue and mouth, I have my eyes closed trying to picture the scene of Lynn with Michael and Jason. As I cum I arch my back as much as I can as she takes me in her mouth.

She finally unties me and we cuddle together lightly caressing each other. I cannot help but lean over and kiss the love bits her lovers have left on her breasts.

After relaxing Lynn gets up and returns with a furniture catalog.

"What's that?" I ask.

Lynn just replies, "It's time to pick out your chair."

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