tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 11

The New Slave Ch. 11


Chapter 11 The Trainer Continues

It had been several minutes since he had cum in such a huge amount. Heather was more than impressed in the amount that he had expelled and was more than aroused at what she had just done. It was what she did on a normal routine day, but this slave was becoming so much fun. She had never dealt with a slave that was built like this one. He wasn't something special, but he was more than fun in his particular attributes. She had milked males that would be considered monstrously huge. She had milked males that put out huge amounts. She had been with a lot of slaves that she would later make an appointment with, but this one was different. Besides being so easy to control, he possessed balls that were nothing like she had ever seen. And she was more than enjoying their reactions to her training.

"Feeling better? Judging by the mess you made, I'm sure that you enjoyed it. The proof is in the pudding," she said, laughing at her own joke. "Baby, that's a lot of pudding," she said, picking up the towel and looking at the gooey mess under it.

He had calmed down quite a bit. His breathing was a little heavy, but his body was actually holding himself up in the chair now. She observed that he was showing no signs of arousal. It was obvious that he was finished. Kneeling on the soaked towel in front of her, she again wiped off his cock head. She glanced at the cock on the wall, making a mental note of the actual minute.

"That is a gorgeous set of tools you have there," she said, taking his cock into her hand. Having cleaned him up, she could now watch how much pre-cum he was exuding, after a very strong orgasm. His pre cum was obvious, a very slight amount appearing at the head. Even with her kneeling in front of him, her face only inches from his cock, he was showing no sign of arousal. She examined his cock closely, again checking the thick foreskin and the shaft. Even soft, he was around 5 inches long and almost as thick as he was when hard. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed, ending right at the base of his pubic bone, giving his cock an even longer appearance, because of less hair. She again took a long look at the stretched mouth, peeling the lips back and looking deep into him. She had heard of male urethral modifications, but this was the first one that she had ever examined up close.

"Did that hurt?" she asked almost affectionately, glancing up at him. The new slave was watching her closely. He slowly nodded his head up and down, indicating yes. She held the lips open wide and slowly moved her little finger to the entrance. There was enough pre cum that her finger easily slid into the opening.

"Does it hurt when I do that?" she asked, again sounding concerned about him. He nodded his head no. Smiling, she slowly slid her little finger into his cock head. About an inch inside the head, she met with slight resistance. From anatomy and from experience, she knew that there was a tight sphincter muscle just behind the head, inside a male's cock. Holding onto the soft cock, she pushed harder and felt her finger pop into the main shaft, just behind the head. Ross tensed slightly as her finger stopped past the resistance. The pre cum that was still oozing in his shaft lubricated her finger, allowing her to slide it in and out. The sensation was odd for both of them. The sphincter muscle created a slight popping sensation as her finger forced it to expand and contract. Even with finger fucking him, he was still showing no sign of arousal.

"Now that's what I call a whole," she said, smiling up at him. He didn't look pleased, blushing and looking away from her. It seemed to her that his 'modification' was something that he wasn't pleased with. It was sort of an oddity. The mouth of his cock was stretched open enough that it appeared puckered, fleshy lips on either side of the opening. Pulled open wide, you could see about an inch of the glistening pink tissue making up the inner shaft of his cock. Heather immediately knew that this 'oddity' could make for some stimulating play at a later time.

She glanced at the wall clock, noting that it had been just 5 minutes since the powerful orgasm. He was still completely soft, the head tucked under the thick foreskin. By this point, his balls had completely relaxed, dropping down inside the soft sack. She quickly examined his balls, seeing that the skin was as baby soft and devoid of hair, as was his cock. The entire sack, even though relaxed and soft, was huge, being tight at the neck, just under his cock, and widening out as they dropped down. The shape of each ball could be distinguished inside the sack, both being overly large and firm. She, like the doctor, noted their individual size to be about the same size as an avocado. Their appearance was definitely something beyond bloated. Their size had not diminished any, even after the copious amount that they had just expelled.

"Damn you are huge. I've never seen anything like those," she said, her hand trying to cup around one of the balls. He was still soft, showing no arousal at all. His cock hung limply, the head still tucked up inside the thick foreskin. She did notice that there was a continuous ooze of clear sticky fluid from the gaping mouth. She glanced at the clock again and noticed that it had been roughly 6 minutes since his orgasm.

She quickly got up and went to a cabinet, getting some more towels. She also picked up a package of rubbers, which she concealed inside one of the folded towels. Returning to the restrained slave, she put another folded towel on the floor in front of him, on top of the one that was saturated with his milk. She knelt down in front of him on her knees and scooted up closer to his body. Sitting back on her folded knees, she could lean forward and was only a couple inches from the massive cock hanging softly from between his legs.

"Ok, let's see what we have here," she said as she reached out and cupped the soft fleshy cock in the palm of her hand. She just sat there, holding it, watching it. His cock lay solidly in her hand, taking up most of the space of her palm. It was warm and so very thick. The head was still tucked deeply inside the foreskin. His balls indicated no sign of arousal, hanging heavily between his legs. She just sat and watched it for several moments.

"Do you know what a refractory period is?" she asked, looking up at him. He shook his head indicating yes. "Well, I want to see just how long your refractory period is." Heather knew from past experience that the average male was around 20 minutes, give or take 5 minutes for age. As a trainer, she needed to know how long an individual male's period was. She had read the notes from the doctor, indicating Ross' amount of ejaculate. She also read the report from Rachel, indicating his 'morning after test' amount. She had then jacked him off, quite successfully in record time with a more than normal amount of ejaculate. So far, each test indicated an extremely high amount of sperm. He was mass-producing sperm. His pre cum was still copious and seemed to be almost free flowing. Now she was watching the clock, in order to see just how long he could go between orgasms.

"It's such a nice cock. When you've been here for a while and get use to your new surroundings, I want to make an appointment with you. We'll both have a lot of fun, I can promise that." Slightly spreading her legs, Ross could see that her entire vaginal area was moist, a wetness that was now smeared over her upper thighs and pubic area.

She continued holding her hand out, his soft cock lying softly in her palm. There had been no change in its shape or size. It was still massively thick, a steady stream of pre cum leaking from the mouth. She glanced at the wall clock. It had now been just under 8 minutes since his orgasm.

"Would it help if I told you that I wanted to suck it?" she asked, grinning up at him. Even in the palm of her hand, she could feel his cock twitch. She glanced down and watched closely as it obviously thickened. The head slid forward slightly, beginning to peer out from under the heavy foreskin.

"Now that's what I like to see. I've always known that a cock can be coaxed into performing. Can you perform for me?" She said, grinning at him. Heather had done this before, hundreds of times, but this was the first time that a male responded immediately to her cock comments. She continued watching it, her face only inches from it.

"Ummm, it looks so good. I love to watch them grow," she said, making an exaggerated lick to her lips. She was making sure to not move her hand at all. All of his arousal was from her close view of it and from her talking to him. She watched as his cock thickened a little more, the head pushing out a little further. The pre cum continued to ooze, what seemed to be an ever-present supply. She continued to watch, but it seemed that his increase in size had stalled. He was still thick and the head was becoming more exposed, but it wasn't increasing any.

"Oh come on baby, make it grow for me. If you don't, I'll have to do it for you," she said, still intently watching the meaty object in her palm. He didn't gain any size, but she felt an obvious twitch in the soft cock. She watched for a few more moments, realizing that he wasn't growing any.

"Ummm, let me try something," she said, her head slowly moving downward toward his cock. Using her tongue, she barely touched the small exposed portion of his cock head. She immediately pulled back and watched as his cock shaft began to swell. She was mesmerized as it grew. The head pushed all the way out, quickly. The thick foreskin slowly rolled back, allowing the head total exposure.

"That's more like it. Show me the entire process. Let me see it rock hard," she demanded. She sat back and watched for another minute, seeing no change since the last large obvious swell that took place. The head was still exposed, but almost seemed to be softening.

"Oh, we can't have that," she mumbled, her head moving forward. Again she licked just the tip of the head, a long string of pre cum connecting her mouth to his cock. She quickly licked the head a second time, and then she sat back and watched. His cock began to swell again, the head moving farther outward as the shaft swelled to full length. She was now holding his rock hard cock in the palm of her hand. She glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that two minutes had passed since she first put his cock in her hand.

"Very good. You learn quickly. That is what I'd call an excellent refractory period. But can you do anything with that," she said, nodding her head at the meaty cock in her hand. It twitched again.

"Well, that tells me that it wants to play with me," she said, then opened her mouth wide and move her face in close to him. Gently and very softly, she sucked the head into her warm mouth. Immediately his body shook, a low soft moan coming from him. Her mouth wrapped around the swollen head and began to gently suck on him. Rock hard, she could feel the head flare as she applied more and more pressure to the swollen smooth textured head. Using her tongue, she could press it into the wide hole, stopping it up and pushing back the copious amount of pre cum that was oozing forth.

"Ummm, you even taste good," she said, breaking contact with the swollen member for a moment. Heather had sucked hundreds of slaves, and this one actually did taste good. His pre cum was almost what she would call a neutral flavor. It wasn't the usual salty tasting thick fluid. She began to suckle on him, her mouth glued over the head only, the foreskin back, outside of her mouth. She was hungrily sucking on it, pulling and pulling on the tender flesh with her mouth. Her oral manipulation had turned into a rhythmic pulling and pushing, her tongue working on the gaping mouth of his cock.

"Unnnggghhh," was the only thing coming from the gagged slave. His hips were thrust outward, his cock beginning to spasm. She continued the pressure on the head, sucking it like a baby on an engorged nipple. Her mouth was literally pumping him, using pressure on the sensitive member. By this time, both of her hands were resting on her thighs, doing nothing. She knew that with what she was doing, if she used her hands on his shaft or his balls, that he would erupt in her mouth. She kept up the rhythmic oral pumping, her tongue darting in and out of the stretched cock opening. Her mouth would fill with pre cum and she would swallow, doing this over and over.

"Unggghhh, Unggghhh, Unggghhh," he was panting, both balls about to blow wide open. She knew it as well as he did. She was working him hard, but she hadn't lost track of what she was doing. His hips had been thrusting, increasing in speed as she fed on the tender cock head. She allowed her mouth to continue on him, harder and harder, but her attention was on his body movements and his breathing. Her mouth would fill with pre cum and she would swallow it all, never losing contact with the throbbing cock.

"Unnnggghhhh," suddenly came from behind the gagged slave, his pelvis thrusting wildly at her face. With a loud pop, her mouth pulled away from the throbbing cock. Almost comically, he stood, restrained, his hips jerking outward, his cock bouncing and jerking as it neared orgasm. Pre cum leaked profusely from the tip, dripping onto her thighs and knees. Her head rolled back, away from the thrusting cock.

"Oh no you don't. Not till I want you to. Just because you want to doesn't mean you get to. You'll cum when I let you cum," she said, seriously looking up at him. She quickly reached into the folded towel and pulled out the rubber. Opening it, she expertly rolled it onto his cock, careful to not over stimulate him. He was still throbbing and close to cumming, but she got it on him within a few seconds. She had done it before. Besides, a huge amount of cum aroused her greatly, but not in her mouth.

Letting go of his cock, she watched in fascination as it bobbed up and down, hard spasms forcing the muscles to twitch. He thrust violently, almost as if he was trying to will it to cum. Without her mouth on him, he was slowly backing down from the powerful orgasm welling up in his balls. Knowing that he was on the edge, she sat for a moment, watching his reactions. He was desperate to cum. His thighs and stomach muscles were tensed up, quivering.

"Cum for me?" was all she said as she wrapped her fingers tightly around the middle of his shaft. Immediately he groaned and thrust his hips out hard against her squeezing fist. She wasn't moving her hand, but his hip thrusting made it all the more enjoyable. She immediately planted her mouth on the rubber-covered cock, sucking the head into her mouth with greater force than before. She was sucking as hard as she could, but only on the head.

"Unnnggghhh, Unnnggghhh, Unnnggghhh, anggggghhhhh," came from deep within his throat as the orgasm began to boil through his sack and cock. She could feel the head swell immensely, filling her mouth. Immediately, she moved her tight grip from the shaft and pinched off the cock head, holding it tightly between her thumb and forefinger. Her head jerked back as she watched her fingers hold back the gushes. Watching him, she saw his eyes shoot open in fear. He was cumming but she had somewhat cut off the pleasure. Her fingers held an iron grip on the spasms shooting through the thick cock. Holding him in this way, she could see the underside of his cock, the tender bulge that made up his urethra, swell immensely as the sperm backed up inside of it. She knew that it was painful but she also knew that release would be unbelievably pleasurable. She held it tight for only a moment, watching the swelling increase, then released it. Immediately the tip of the rubber shot outward from the force of the sperm blasting into it. It was filling up faster than anything she had ever witnessed before. Gush after hot gush of the thick cream shot into the rubber, visible, as the rubber seemed to pulse from the pumping sperm. He continued shooting into the rubber, his male milk being collected for the very first time. No one had ever captured his milk. In the past women had wiped it up, squeezed it out of their bodies, spit it out, flushed it away, and on one occasion had even sprayed it back onto him. But no one had ever captured it to save. The thought of what was being done to him made him continue pumping harder than he had before.

Heather continued watching as the rubber filled and filled. As his body began to slowly run down from all of the sexual gyrations, she was shocked to see the rubber hanging down from his cock, filled to the point that it looked like there was a gooey tennis ball inside the end of it. Once again, he had pumped out more than she'd ever seen. She wasn't even touching him as he pumped. When she let go of the head, allowing him to spurt, she just sat back and studied his body as he enjoyed himself. She was amazed.

"Come on baby, breath for me," she told him, watching his body slowly slump down. He was panting so hard that she was afraid that he would asphyxiate. She still sat in amazement, looking at the bursting rubber hanging down from his cock. He was still immensely thick, but not as long. He was going down fast. She glanced at the clock and saw that it had been only 13 minutes since his last orgasm. She smiled at him.

"I can see why the doctor loves you. You are more than an over producer. You're a virtual milk cow when it comes to sperm. Wow. I have never seen anything like that." He wasn't listening. He was still trying to catch his breath, pulling at his restraints, and the huge over filled rubber swaying back and forth between his spread legs.

"I have a feeling that this is going to be a very long day, for both of us," she said, reaching up between his legs. His balls were drawn tightly against his body, still in a state of high arousal. His cock was spent, his balls having just pumped out a massive load. They would slowly begin to drop down, in time. Heather reached up and began to gently massage the huge orbs, slowly pulling at them, trying to bring them back down. They would drop on their own, but she liked pulling at the slave's balls, immediately after they had cum hard. She knew it hurt, but she also knew that it told them who was running the show.

"Baby, we're just getting started. Are you having fun? I am." Ross was still recovering from the pent up orgasm. Her holding him back had been an odd but intensely hard and strong sensation, one that he had never felt before. She sat back on the towel, smiling and watching him. "I bet that you've never had anyone block your orgasm, have you?" she asked him, watching him closely. He could only shake his head no. "Well, in regards to your refractory period, I'd say you did excellent. Even I'm impressed. Now we know your amount, and we know roughly your sexual timing. Based on that, we can begin to judge just how much we can take out of you on a daily basis. And over time, you'll start producing more and more." She just sat there smiling at him, watching the full rubber sway back and forth. He was exhausted.

"Don't let them go to sleep, they're about to perform again," she said, reaching up and squeezing one of his balls. "I wasn't kidding when I said we were just getting started. We're doing this till there's nothing left. But don't worry baby, your body is going to love it... for a little while longer."

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