tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Next Stage of Development Ch. 02

The Next Stage of Development Ch. 02


We laid in bed late one morning. It was a penthouse suite at a top hotel in the area. I almost lost track of where we were. Sarah, Danya, and I had been traveling for about six months so far. We started our way down the California coast from Oregon and spent a few weeks in each city along the way. We had fun through the Redwood forest and down in San Francisco. We spent several weeks in Los Angeles and San Diego. We flipped a coin to either go south into Mexico or to go east and stay in the US. We started heading east and made a stop in Las Vegas.

In bed, Danya was to my left and Sarah was to my right. They were both so gorgeous and they were both, very pregnant. I pulled the covers back from Danya's body and looked at her swollen belly. My child was in there. But what would it be? What would it be like? The Torbinas did something to me to alter my DNA and to somehow help the human race grow but I had no idea what that meant and what to expect from my offspring. I put my hand softly on Danya's belly and felt the baby kick! I smiled and even chuckled with pride.

I looked to Sarah and found a similar sight. Her belly, too swollen at about six-months, looked incredible. She glowed. In no way was I turned off by their pregnancies. In fact, they actually made me more aroused. We certainly didn't slow down our sex at all. We all fucked multiple times every day.

I slipped out of bed to let the girls sleep in. I put my feet out on the cold marble and went about my morning ritual. The hotel was about as good as it could get. High quality marble and six-figure art decorated the suite. Multiple bedrooms and baths allowed us to do what we needed and to have as many guests as we needed. We even got a personal butler to attend to our every need.

So how do I pay for it? Well...I don't. It doesn't take much. When we are checking in, I just ask if there are any suites available. If the person says yes, I ask to talk to the hotel manager. A quick connection with his or her mind and I suggest how great it would be to let me use the suite for as long as I want for free. The manager believes I'm some major player for the hotel and gives me everything. We even get free room service and other amenities.

After my morning routine, I make my way to the closet where I picked out some of my new clothes and headed out for some breakfast. I'm starving...and...I'm very, very horny.

Not that it is a drawback at all, but I do have to say it can sometimes be challenging to have so much sex. My sex drive is through the roof and in the last six months, I have had sex with no fewer than five girls a day. My record is more than 30. I lost count once at a nightclub and I just couldn't keep them away from me. Usually I get about a dozen girls or so.

I left the room and made my way down to a local restaurant where they sat me out on the terrace. I was dressed very well and, even though I didn't have a dollar to my name, I looked like a million bucks. I only took money when the opportunity presented itself. I never wanted to take money from someone who couldn't really afford it. There were a few women who were well off who were able to give us some funding, but it all dried up and right now we are broke.

Looking good certainly didn't hurt in getting the attention of girls around me. My mental powers have also grown. It has become easier for me to read minds and to place suggestions. I can make people think or do anything. There are limits though. I seem to lose the intensity as I try to control more people. I can do anything I want with up to about 10 people. But if we start getting into the dozens or hundreds, I start to lose my focus and I can barely read their minds coherently.

I have learned some new tricks. One is how my mental abilities seem to extend past reading people's minds. I have started to learn how to control physical objects. Mind over matter really. Nothing too spectacular yet but I have been able to lift objects about 20 pounds or less so far and then set them down gently. It is getting stronger. Each time I practice I can lift more and more and I am learning to do more with it in the air than just hold it. I can turn it and rotate it if I'm careful. I have to say I have dropped a few things here and there.

I was staring at the menu when the waitress came over. I could sense her coming so she didn't startle me, but I pretended as such.

"Hello sir. Can I get you something to drink while you look over the menu?"

I casually looked up at her and immediately connected with her. In doing so, her entire life of memories came flooding into my head. Her name was Kathy and she had been working at this restaurant for a year now. She hates it when her boss hits on her all the time but she makes great tips as she works her way through college. She really wants to be an artist and she has painted about 200 paintings of scenery and animals.

This happens without much effort. When I connect with people, I can learn all about them. Their names, histories, personalities, even their happiest or saddest memories can all come to me. At first it was very unnerving and it made my head hurt. Now I can do it without flinching.

"Oh! That is a great question. I'm debating between the Bloody Mary or your Energizer. What would you recommend?"

As she started talking about how great the Bloody Mary's were, her mind said something else. "He is so hot...I wouldn't mind hitting on me... wish he would just take me in the back and fuck me against the refrigerators."

She was a hot girl. She had medium dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail. Her makeup was well done and she wore a uniform fitting for the quality of restaurant I was in. She had a stark white blouse buttoned up except for the top three. More cleavage often meant more tips. He had a form fitting mini skirt covering her black tights. He wasn't the skinniest girl around, but she also wasn't overweight. She had a good look for her and was very beautiful.

I interrupted her sales pitch and suggested to her how she really wants to have sex with me. She stopped talking and stared at me as she day dreamed of me fucking her in the back of the restaurant. She slowly licked her lips and shifted her weight as she rubbed her thighs together. I reached out and touched her leg softly and slowly traced her skin up her skirt. The restaurant wasn't empty, but I was able to give us some privacy by making others ignore what they saw.

Her eyes closed as my hand drifted upwards when it finally came to rest on her ass. I slowly rubbed her skin and snuck my hand under her panties. She started becoming so wet, I could smell her. She was hot and she was ready.

I stood up and told her, "Let's go into the back. You really want to have sex with me. Don't you?"

Her face flushed, her pussy moistened, and she couldn't speak; she only nodded to the affirmative. She took my hand and turned to guide me towards the back. We navigated the tables and walked through the kitchen and into a back storage room. Once there, she immediately dropped her notepad on the ground and lifted her skirt to remove her soaked white cotton panties. She got her panties down, kicking them to the side and then turned her attention to my growing cock. She unbuckled my belt and opened my pants allowing my cock to bounce out into the open. Her eyes opened wider and she became even more excited to start fucking.

She sucked on my cock for a few seconds to lube things up and then immediately stepped backwards to lean against a stack of boxes behind her. She pivoted her hips backwards and she was more than ready. I stepped forward and took my cock in my hand as I slowly rubbed it around her labia.

She was breathing heavy as she said, "Please...put it in me...I need you inside me."

I decided to wait no more and I slid my full cock into her soaking wet pussy. I felt my tip press against her cervix as she took my full length and my balls rested against her skin. I started slowly thrusting in and out. She took a hold of my shoulders as she lifted her legs out to the sides and wrapped them around my waist pulling me in each time.

"Oh yes...your cock...so big...fuck...fuck...fuck..."

"I want you to start feeling an orgasm and it will be the best you have ever felt in your life." I told her as I repeated penetrated her body.

Her eyes shut and she went silent as the orgasm started to build inside of her. She drew her legs in towards her body and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and pulse as she opened her mouth. No sound came out but her body started to shake with each wave of pleasure.

It was at that moment I came as well and I felt my balls tighten as I buried my full shaft into her and started pumping my semen deep into her body. She gasped as she felt me start filling her up and her orgasm continued to ripple through her.

We cooled down and I slowly pulled my long shaft from her red pussy. She put her hand over her opening and she attempted to prevent any of my cum from oozing out of her. I found my cum is thicker than average and usually didn't come out at all. This was no exception and there was no cum escaping from her gaping love hole. She just rubbed her sensitive clit and purred in satisfaction.

She rose to her feet and held her hand over her swollen pussy. Her eyes locked onto me and I could hear in her head that she was highly infatuated with me.

"OH God...that was amazing...I never felt a man do that to me before." She thought to herself.

She slowly leaned towards me and kissed me passionately on the lips. Her hands gently held the sides of my face and she looked beautiful.

I told her, "You are wonderful. You are a good worker and a great artist. You are pregnant. You will not remember me, but you will think fondly of me. Wait here for about five minutes and then return to your normal work as if nothing has happened. Oh...and leave your panties off the rest of the day and you won't know why, but you are going to be incredibly horny all day."

She stared into space and I bent down and picked up her wet panties from the floor and stuffed them into my pocket and left her. On my way back to my table I passed the restaurant manager and stopped him.

"Excuse me." I connected with him and got him to completely focus on what I was going to tell him. "Your worker Kathy is a wonderful worker. You are not going to hit on her anymore and you are going to promote her to assistant manager next week. Give her a nice raise too."

He simply nodded and then I made it back to my table. I saw Kathy walk out and wobble a little as she stepped. She came back to my table and asked me if I wanted a drink and acted as if nothing had happened.

After my breakfast, three breakfasts really, I made my way back to the suite and found Danya and Sarah up and getting ready for the day. They had some room service and were now getting showered and getting dressed.

"Hello Sweetie" Danya said as I walked in. "Did you get some breakfast?"

"Yes...I went down to that restaurant and had the waitress and a great breakfast."

She smiled at me and said, "Oh...I bet she had a lot of fun. Did you cum? Do you need to have more sex honey? Do you want more food?"

Danya and Sarah understood what I was and what I needed. They loved me, but they never got jealous. They wanted me to fulfill my mission. They wanted me, and even helped me, to have sex as much as possible. They didn't know the whole story but they knew they were carrying my children but they wanted other girls pregnant as well.

"I'm good on sex for now but I will take some food."

"Oh good. I ordered extra for you dear. I know how hungry you get." She told me as she gently caressed my cheek and kissed me on the lips.

I sat down and finished the food they ordered as they finished getting dressed. Once they were ready, they looked amazing. They looked like pregnant sisters. They both had long blonde hair and were about the same height, but Sarah had a smaller frame than Danya. Sarah had some tight black shorts on and a blue summer sleeveless top on with flowers on it. Danya wore a multicolored striped maternity dress. They both glowed and smiled as they posed for me.

"You both look fabulous. I'm lucky to have you on my arms." I said as I approached them and turned while offering my arms for them to join me.

They smiled and took my arms as we walked out. The valet pulled the car around. I managed to get a new Mercedes from a dealership down the street. We climbed in and went out for our day. Danya had mentioned there was a new movie she wanted to see so we decided to make a day of a movie, lunch, and some shopping.

Once in the theater, we found our seats and had some time before it started. I found a young girl in the row in front of us. She was about 18 and she was out with two girlfriends to see the movie. They were all rather good looking and I wanted them. The three of us sat down and I connected with their minds. I told them to stand up and turn around to talk to us, which they did. There were about 20 people in the theater so I managed to control everyone and they all just ignored us.

I told the girls to take off their clothes and to come to me. Danya and Sarah just smiled and were happy for me to fuck them.

The first girl was a red head on top and bottom. She approached me and knelt down in front of me. I loosened my pants and slid them down as she started to suck my cock. She was really good and it didn't take me long to reach my first orgasm and give her a taste of my cum. Luckily, I had no problem with cumming multiple times and fucking girls over and over again.

She did her best to swallow my load but some did dribble down her chin.

"Oh my...you taste amazing! She said as she wiped her chin and held it to the other two girls, which they sucked off the glob of cum.

"That is delicious! It is like candy! I want more." The second girl said. She was a blonde and she didn't waste any time coming over to me. She turned around and slowly lowered herself down onto my cock. I slipped inside and she started bouncing up and down building a rhythm.

I connected with her and found her name was Natalie. She wasn't a virgin, but she had only had sex once before. It was with her ex-boyfriend and he ended up cumming after only a few seconds and she didn't get off at all. She was very disappointed in the whole experience. I thought it may be a good opportunity for her to realize how good an orgasm can be.

"Natalie, I want you to have an orgasm and it will be one you will remember forever as the best you have ever had."

Her body slumped over and her arms flailed to touch our bodies as she wailed. I felt her pussy clench tightly around my cock and I started to cum along with her pumping my seed deep inside of her.

"Oh my God...he is cumming inside me...Ahhhh yes!!!"

I finished with her and as she warily stood up, Danya just looked at me with a smile. My cock remained at full erection and was ready for the next girl. The red head returned and stood in front of me against the seat in front of us facing away putting her round ass on display. I stood up and took a hold of her hips as I plunged my cock deep into her.

"Holy Shit! Yes...You are huge...fuck me...please!"

I gave her a command to also have a mind-shattering orgasm and felt her pussy flood around my dick and start dripping to the floor. She shook as I rammed into her and came again filling her with fresh hot semen.

"OH MY GOD....YES!!!!" She screamed as her body shuddered.

The third girl stood to the side and was flushed red and rubbing her clit. She had darker hair and in connecting with her I found she was a virgin. I was able to control her body so there was no pain and only pleasure as I took her virginity right there in the theater. I walked to her and sat her in a chair next to Danya. I lifted her legs in the air and she reached down to spread her pussy wide for me.

"Please fuck me!" she whispered softly.

I crouched down and sunk my penis into her breaking her virginity. Normally, she would have shrieked out in pain, but as I planned, she had no pain and only felt extreme pleasure as I made her a woman. She howled as I started thrusting in and out of her as her orgasm consumed her.

I finished and filled her with my cum as well and then stood back up to let her up. They all stood in front of us and I gave them instructions to remember they went on a group date and they came onto a couple of guys at the movie. Later, they all had wonderful sex. They never heard from the guys again but they are each now pregnant and they will be happy for each other and remain friends together. They nodded and got dressed and returned to their seats and then acted as if nothing had happened. I pulled my pants up and sat back down with my ladies. I took a handful of popcorn just as the movie started.

Sarah smiled at me and said, "They are so lucky. Not all girls get a chance to have sex with someone like you Alexander. I love you."

We watched the movie and then made our way to have a wonderful lunch. The day was going wonderfully. I noticed an attractive patron at the restaurant and found she was a wife to a wealthy business owner in the area. They were sitting together and were discussing terms of a divorce. They were having trouble connecting for the last year and slowly grew apart. He was stressed with working with his businesses and found it difficult to maintain their income while giving her the attention she wanted. He felt giving her money would make up for his absence.

His name was Bruce and her name was Eliza. She was gorgeous and was a little older than me at about 35. She had light brown hair, brown eyes, and wore a white sleeveless dress flowing to the floor. I connected with her and I started to build a strong sense of arousal in her. I watched her demeanor change from frustration to desire as her breathing slowed and deepened. I told her to get up and to go towards the bathrooms and wait for me. After she got up, I excused myself from Danya and Sarah for a few minutes. They smiled at me as I left.

I met up with Eliza just outside the bathroom. I told her to come with me and we walked into the women's bathroom. Walking into a stall, the other women ignored us and I told her to take off her clothes. She had a great body and her husband was a fool to let her go. I opened my pants and told her I was her husband. I loved her and I wanted always to be with her. Her eyes lit up with excitement and she wrapped her arms around me and she started to become even more aroused.

I grabbed her ass and lifted her up. She draped her thighs over my hips and reached down to guide my cock into her throbbing pussy. She held her arms around my neck as she bounced up and down on my cock and I told her to orgasm right there.

She couldn't hold back and she dug her nails into my skin as she let out a scream. I felt her cum and joined her as I started to pump my semen deep into her fertile womb. She wanted kids and I knew this would be a great gift for her.

"You are going to be pregnant. You love your husband and you never want to leave him."

She nodded as she understood.

"Get dressed and wait about ten minutes. Then come out and join your husband. You are so happy to be with him and the baby will be a great joy to your family. Your husband works hard because he loves you and wants to provide for you. You will feel good about how hard he works to give you everything you want."

I left her to get dressed and walked out of the bathroom. I found the husband sitting there working on his blackberry when I sat down next to him.

"What the hell? Who are you?" he said.

I didn't say anything. I just connected with him and his expression changed from confusion to nothing.

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