tagLesbian SexThe Nudity of Lana Ch. 02

The Nudity of Lana Ch. 02

byWannabe Chick©

Synopsis: In Part 1 of “The Nudity of Lana”, 18-year-old Lana Cooper went for a hike through the Minniwaska Nature Preserve, only to discover a secluded trail reserved for clothing-optional hikers. Gathered a small swimming hole was a local nudist club called the Albany Women’s Naturist Society. One member, a woman in her thirties named Barbara, introduced Lana around until she was finally comfortable enough to remove her own clothing and join in the fun.

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Lana and Sandy, the voluptuous New York University grad student, had been playing Frisbee together in the grass for twenty minutes or so. Lana’s awkwardness about being naked had long-since departed. For the first time, she felt truly free. Being naked in the woods with these women was the most emotionally satisfying experience of her life.

“You’re getting sweaty,” said Sandy.

Lana looked at Sandy, who was herself glistening with sweat.

“So are you,” she replied.

“You want to go cool off?” asked Sandy.

“Sure,” Lana said.

“Come on.”

Lana followed Sandy, leaving her bag of clothes behind. The older girl led her to the swimming hole where she stepped down a submerged step of rock and into the water. Sandy extended her hand to Lana and helped the girl in as well.

The two of them splashed around together. Lana felt wonderful with the cool, refreshing water on her bare skin. As the two girls were frolicking, two more women approached. They were Barbara and Maggie. Barbara was the first woman Lana had met and the woman who had introduced her to her new friends. Maggie was president of the Albany Women’s Naturist Society, an attractive woman in her fifties.

Barbara and Maggie stepped into the water, greeting the two girls. Sandy crossed the small pool and sat down on a rock beside Maggie. Barbara glided across the water to sit beside Lana.

“Did you have fun?” Barbara asked.

“We did,” answered Sandy. “Lana is a natural nudist.”

Maggie and Barbara smiled at the girl, who blushed slightly.

“Are you enjoying being naked?” Maggie asked her.

“Yes, it’s wonderful,” said Lana.

“You’re a wonderful girl,” Barbara told her. “All the women have been remarking on how pretty you are.”

“Really?” the girl asked.

“Really,” said Barbara.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked.

“I think you’re beautiful,” said Barbara.

Barbara moved a little closer to Lana. She leaned her left elbow on the ground beside her and took a lock of Lana’s hair in her fingers. She brushed it away from the girl’s face and tucked it behind her ear. She kept her fingers there, stroking Lana’s honey-blonde hair. Lana slowly turned to face Barbara. She had never been this close to a naked woman before. She looked up into Barbara’s eyes. Barbara smiled, then lowered her face towards Lana’s.

Suddenly, Lana jerked her head to the left. Something had caught her eye. Maggie was leaning close to Sandy, whispering something in her ear. Sandy smiled broadly and nodded to the older woman. They stood up together, water dripping down their bodies.

“Sandy and I are going to go walk for a walk in the woods,” said Maggie. “Do you want to come Barbara? The more the merrier.”

Barbara smiled oddly.

“No thanks, Maggie,” she said. “You two have fun.”

Confused, Lana watched as the two women climbed out of the water and walked, hand-in-hand, towards the trees. Their hips and their bare rear ends swayed as they disappeared into the forest.


“Where are they going?” Lana asked Barbara.

“A small piece of the trail is specifically designated for clothing-optional hiking,” explained Barbara, “but the acres around this spot are rarely hiked. We’re pretty far from anyone out here.”

“Oh,” said the girl.

“This spot is nice,” said Barbara, “but it’s nice to be out among the trees, away from other people, just alone and nude with nature.”

“Well, they aren’t really alone,” said Lana. “They’re together.”

“You’re a clever girl,” said Barbara, smiling. Lana blushed.

“Thank you,” she said.

“I want to introduce you to some more friends,” said Barbara. “Is that OK?”

“Yeah, it’s OK,” said Lana.

Barbara rose to her feet and stood in front of Lana. The girl was eye-level with the furry bush of pubic hair over her older friend’s vagina. The sight of it made her swallow hard. She looked up only to see Barbara’s large breasts looming over her.

Then a hand was extended to her and she took it. Barbara helped Lana out of the pool of water. Together, the two nudists walked over to a group of three women.

Two of them were teenage girls who were so remarkable in appearance, Lana assumed they were sisters. One had long, curly red hair with freckles and green eyes. She had C-cup breasts with big, pink nipples. Her sister had the same face and body, but straight brown hair and brown eyes. The third woman had the same brown hair, tied back in a pony tail.

“These are the Rolstons,” said Barbara. “Madison, Samantha, and Claire.”

“You’re related?” Lana asked, somewhat incredulously.

“We’re a naturist family,” said Claire, the oldest of the three. “My husband and I met at a nudist retreat and got married a few months later. When we had children, we decided to raise them as naturists too. Madison is 18 and Samatha is 19. They have a brother too, John, who’s 12.”

“And I thought I was young to be a nudist,” said Lana.

“You’re young considering you didn’t come from a nudist family,” said Madison, the red-head.

“Are there lots of nudist families?” Lana asked.

“Oh yeah,” said Claire. “You just need to know where to look to find nudist friends.”

“Cool,” said Lana. “So where’s John and your husband?”

“This is a women’s group,” said Samantha. “Women only.”

“Duh,” said Lana, blushing at her mistake. The other women smiled and Barbara put a hand on her shoulder to let her know she shouldn’t be embarrassed.

“Our private lives and our personal lives are balanced,” said Madison. “When we’re home, or when we’re at a nudist park or a beach, we naked. When we’re out in the real world, we wear clothes.”

“Of course, we’re always desperate to get back home so we can take them off again,” said Claire, and both of the girls laughed. Lana and Barbara smiled.

The conversation turned to other things. Barbara talked to Claire, Madison, and Samantha while Lana just stood there, feeling out of place. She looked around at the other women who were on the trail. She recognized Tina from earlier, talking with a middle-aged black woman. Maggie and Sandy still hadn’t come back from their hike. It gave Lana an idea.

“I think I’m going to go explore the woods,” she said.

The Rolstons all looked at her in surprise.

“Are you . . . going with her Barb?” Claire asked Barbara.

“No,” she said, shaking her head. “Have a good time, Lana.”

“It was nice meeting you,” said Madison.

Then, she did something Lana didn’t expect. She wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close in a friendly hug. Lana had learned to be comfortable being naked around other women, but now she felt her bare body pressed against this teenage girl. Lana could feel Madison’s breasts pressed against her own and the girl’s hands on the small of her back.

Madison released her, only for her to be hugged by Samantha this time. The brunette’s hug felt better because now Lana was slightly used to the idea of being hugged by a naked girl. Lana returned the hug, giving Samantha a squeeze. There was something nice about hugging nude. It was a gesture of genuine affection and trust.

“Have fun,” said Barbara.

Lana waved goodbye to the four of them and headed towards the trees. As she did, she turned back, to see her backpack full of clothes lying beside a tree. She had a feeling that she was truly leaving the regular world behind and entering the realm of nudism. She suddenly realized that everything she’d done today had been a step down this road. Before her was unspoiled wilderness and she would enter it, unspoiled by social expectations. For Lana, this was a rebirth of the spirit and a new life lay ahead.

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