tagLesbian SexThe Nudity of Lana Ch. 03

The Nudity of Lana Ch. 03

byWannabe Chick©

Synopsis: In Part 1 of “The Nudity of Lana”, 18-year-old Lana Cooper went for a hike through the Minniwaska Nature Preserve, only to discover a secluded trail reserved for clothing-optional hikers. Gathered a small swimming hole was a local nudist club called the Albany Women’s Naturist Society. One member, a woman in her thirties named Barbara, introduced Lana around until she was finally comfortable enough to remove her own clothing and join in the fun. Now Lana has decided to go for a walk in the woods, naked, and be alone with her thoughts.

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Lana Cooper had turned her back on everything she’d known and embraced nudism with open arms. Now the innocent, 18-year-old girl was naked in the woods, walking and thinking, feeling the cool grass between her toes. It seemed strange to her that, only a few hours ago, she had never given nudism a second thought. Now she knew her life and nudism were inextricably linked.

She thought back to the nudist area she’d found at the Minnewaska Nature Preserve, where she’d met the Albany Women’s Naturist Society. She thought of how free she’d been ,hanging out with all those naked women, sisters in nudism. Although she was only a kid, they had embraced her as one of their own. Lana had embraced them as well. Her life had changed, not because she had changed, but because something had awoken in her and it could never be put back - not that she wanted it to be.

Suddenly, Lana heard voices. She instinctively ducked behind a tree, worried it might be clothed hikers or a park ranger. She was not embarrassed at the idea of being caught naked but she didn’t relish the idea of explaining this to her parents if they had to pick her up from a police station.

As she watched, she saw two figures emerge from the trees. Their pink, fleshy color let Lana know that she was safe. It was two other nudists. Her first inclination was to call out, but something stopped her at the last second. She lingered back, watching and listening.

The nudists were Maggie and Sandy, from the group. Maggie was an older woman, in her fifties, with short salt-and-pepper hair. She was a sweet woman and beautiful, in spite of her years. The second person, Sandy, was a chubby, college student from New York City who possessed a voluptuous sensuality which was only amplified by the confidence with which she moved. Sandy was proud of her body and loved to show it off.

The two women moved into a clearing, twenty feet or so from Lana’s hiding place. It was at that moment that she noticed the two women were holding hands. It was odd, she thought, but she didn’t dwell on it. The two women, oblivious to Lana’s presence, released one another’s hand as Maggie pulled a folded blanket out from under her arm. They unfolded it together and spread it on the ground like a picnic spread.

“ I love this spot,” said Maggie. “It’s so beautiful, so quiet. The privacy is nice too.”

“Privacy is over-rated,” said Sandy, smirking. Maggie laughed.

“I guess I’m not the exhibitionist you are,” said Maggie, shrugging.

They talked as they finished spreading out the blanket. Once it was all down, Maggie stood up. Sandy crawled on her hands and knees to the center of the blanket, her wide butt pointed right at Lana. Once she had reached the center, Sandy rolled over on to her back, supporting herself with her elbows. Her legs were crooked up with her feet against the blanket, pressed together.

“This would be a nice spot for a picnic,” Maggie observed.

“Yeah,” Sandy agreed.

“Too bad we don’t have anything food,” said Maggie.

“Oh,” said Sandy, grinning devilishly, “I have something you can eat.”

Maggie turned towards Sandy, who slowly spread her legs, revealing a furry, pink vagina. Lana’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Then it got even worse. Maggie knelt down on the blanket at Sandy’s feet and began to kiss the insides of the college girl’s thighs, slowly working her way down. Sandy lay back, closing her eyes as Maggie tormented her.

Lana suddenly felt very exposed and very guilty. She knew she shouldn’t be watching this. She took a step back, hoping she could slip away. The sound of a twig snapping broke the forest silence. Sandy and Maggie’s heads both jerked in her direction. She was caught.

“Lana, is that you, dear?” asked Maggie.

“I’m really sorry,” Lana stammered. “I was just walking and I saw you. I didn’t mean to spy. I’ll leave you alone now.”

“Wait,” said Sandy. “Come here.”

“Sandy . . .” whispered Maggie to her lover.

“It’s OK,” the girl replied. “Lana, come here please. We want to talk to you for a minute. Don’t be shy.”

Lana stepped out from behind her tree, nervously covering her breasts with her arms. Looking at the two women before her, how perfectly at ease with their nudity they were, she felt silly. Lana’s arms fell at her sides and she over to her friends. She stood beside the blanket until Sandy reached out for her hand. Lana sat down next to Sandy, who sat up and closed her legs.

“We’re not mad at you,” said Sandy, “so don’t worry about that.”

“OK,” said Lana.

“I guess you saw enough to know the truth about Maggie and I,” said Sandy.

“You’re lesbians?” Lana asked nervously. The word felt alien in her mouth, but mostly she was concerned about embarrassing them. Maggie already looked pretty embarrassed.

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” said Sandy.

“I know,” Lana replied.

“Love between two women is a beautiful thing,” Maggie said. Lana didn’t respond.

“I was in high school when I first realized I was a lesbian,” Sandy told her. “I had a teacher named Mrs. Olson. She was my History teacher. She was in her forties and very sexy. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. One day, she asked me to see her after class so I waited until everyone had cleared out of the room. Mrs. Olson shut the door and locked it, then asked me to sit down. She pulled up a chair across from me

“She told me she’d called me in to talk about my grades. They were slipping even though I was a smart girl. She wanted to know if I was having trouble at home or something. I finally confessed. I told her that I was attracted to her and I was scared because I thought I might be gay. She listened patiently. By the time I was finished, I was in tears. She moved her chair closer to mine and rubbed my shoulder.

“She told me it was OK. She wasn’t angry. She was mostly concerned that she was a distraction to me. I didn’t know what to say. Then she told me to take my clothes off.”

Lana’s eyes widened. Sandy laughed.

“That’s what I thought,” she continued. “Well, my every fantasy was happening, so I didn’t argue. Mrs. Olson told me she would help me live out my fantasy so I wouldn’t have to be distracted anymore. So I did it. I stood up and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. Mrs. Olson watched me and I felt really exposed, but I liked it. I pulled of my pants and sneakers. I pulled my sweatshirt and my t-shirt off so I was only wearing a bra, panties, and socks.

“Mrs. Olson just watched. She wanted me to undress myself. I guess that turned her on. I took off my bra and she stared at my tits which were really big for a girl my age. Finally, I sucked up all my courage, and pulled off my panties. Once I was naked, Mrs. Olson had me turn around in a circle so she could see my ass. Then she ordered me to get on my knees in front of her. She pulled her dress up to her waist and told me to pull down her pantihose, then her panties.

“Then we did it. I ate her out in the chair. I had no idea what I was doing but she didn’t seem to mind. Then she told me to lay down on my back and she ate me out. She even licked my asshole.”

“Weren’t you afraid of getting caught?” Lana asked, transfixed by the story.

“That’s what made it exciting,” said Sandy. “Once it was was over, I got dressed and we left. That day, I became a lesbian and a nudist at the same time.”

“Cool,” said Lana, for lack of anything better to say.


“Are you into girls?” Sandy asked her. The girl shook her head dumbly.

“I’ve never done anything like that,” she said.

“Would you like to watch Maggie and me?” Sandy asked her.

Maggie seemed horrified. Lana didn’t know what to say. Would it be rude to decline? Sandy was so mature and confident. Lana looked up to her and didn’t want to look like a baby by refusing. Besides, she was a little curious.

“OK,” said Lana unsurely.

“Great,” Sandy replied, smiling.

The college girl sat up and reached out for Maggie. The older woman seemed reluctant at first, but apparently her desire for Sandy superceded her hesitance at having sex in front of a 18-year-old. The two women wrapped their arms around one another and began to kiss. Maggie’s hands wandered down to Sandy’s butt and began to squeeze.

Lana could see their tongues intertwining as they kissed. She had seen porno movies once or twice, but they were always women having sex with men. To see a woman with another woman was completely different. It was more gentle, more sensual.

Maggie broke the kiss and put her hand on the back of Sandy’s head. She guided the girl’s face down to her right breast. Sandy began to eagerly suck Maggie’s nipple as the older woman’s eyes rolled back. Then Sandy switched to Maggie’s other breast. As she sucked, she looked over at Lana, who was watching with rapt attentiveness. Sandy smiled at her with Maggie’s nipple between her teeth.

Then Sandy leaned back. Maggie was on top of her, sucking her breasts. Sandy was delighted by the feeling. Maggie gradually moved down, kissing Sandy’s round stomach, then her bush. Lana watched as Maggie buried her face in Sandy’s crotch, early devouring her pussy. Sandy was in ecstasy as her older lover ate her out.

Sandy reached out and took Lana’s hand. The girl held it as she watched these two women making love. Then Sandy’s hand released Lana’s and came to rest on her thigh. Sandy rubbed Lana’s leg, her hand come closing to the girl’s vagina.

That was enough for Lana. She stood up. Maggie stopped and looked at her.

“I can’t do this,” said Lana. “I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong?” asked Maggie.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I’m really sorry.”

“Lana, stop,” said Sandy, halting the girl before she could leave. Lana hesitated. Sandy stood up and walked towards her.

“I . . .” Lana began.

“I’m the one who’s sorry,” said Sandy. “I thought you might like it. I didn’t mean to scare you. Please don’t be freaked out.”

“I didn’t hate it,” said Lana, “but I’m not ready for this.”

“That’s fine,” said Sandy. “Still friends?”

She opened her arms and gave Lana a warm smile. Lana stood still for a moment, then grinned. She let Sandy hug her and could feel a wet nipple press against her shoulder. She stepped away, then gave a hug to Maggie, who was happy to receive it.

“I’m going to find a spot to pee, then I’m gonna go find Barbara,” said Lana.

“I’ll go with you,” said Sandy.

The two girls walked a little ways into the woods until they found a nice spot. To Lana’s surprise, Sandy squatted down right in front of her. Without a trace of shame, Sandy let loose a golden stream of urine. She looked up at Lana questioningly.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked.

Lana squatted down across from Sandy, who smiled at her. Lana felt her bladder open and she began to urinate in a long, hot flow.

“Damn, girl, how much have you had to drink today?” Sandy asked, smiling. Lana laughed.

Once they were done, they both stood up and walked back to the clearing. Lana said goodbye and gave each woman an additional hug and a kiss on the cheek, then returned to the river. As she walked through the open forest, she thought about what had just happened. She had been excited by what she’d watched, but that excitement had scared her. She didn’t know if she’d been excited by the sex itself or because it was two women doing it.

She finally reached the rest of the group. Dozens of women, of all races and ages, were spread out across the large clearing, playing and socializing without the hindrance of clothes. She found her friend Barbara, tanning on her stomach.

“Have a nice walk?” Barbara asked.

“Yes,” Lana answered. “Hey, can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure, hun,” said Barbara.

“It’s about Sandy and Maggie,” said Lana, lowering her voice. “They’re lesbians.”

“I know,” said Barbara.

“You do?” Lana asked, surprised. “Are all the women here lesbians?”

“No,” said Barbara, laughing. “This group is for women of all sexualities. Tina, for example, only likes men. Maggie and Sandy are only into women.”

“What about you?” Lana asked.

“I like both,” said Barbara, rolling on to her side, subtly showing her breasts and vagina to Lana, whether she realized it or not.

“Oh,” said Lana.

“Is that a problem?” she asked.

“No,” said Lana. “I was just wondering.”

“That reminds me,” said Barbara. “Some of the girls are camping here overnight. Would you like to stay?”

“I guess,” said Lana, after thinking about it for a minute. “I’d have to go get my tent, though.”

“I have a two person tent,” said Barbara. “You can share with me if you want. You’d better let your parents know. Will they mind if you stay out?”

“I don’t think so,” said Lana. “They’re pretty cool.”

“Wonderful,” said Barbara.

The two friends smiled at one another. A pajama party without the pajamas, Lana thought. She couldn’t wait. The longer she went without clothes, the better. She lay down on the ground next to Barbara and the two chatted as they soaked up the sunshine.

The nervousness Lana had felt was gone. She was out in the woods, with her friend, and she was naked. What could be better?

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