tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe OC Stories: Kirsten and Ryan

The OC Stories: Kirsten and Ryan


This is a work of fiction and not intended to harm anyone or anything just for the erotic enjoyment of others. I do not own the rights to The OC.


Ryan Atwood came out of his Architecture Lecture in Berkeley along with the rest of his class. He was in his second year and was thoroughly enjoying it. It was a Friday and he would be staying with his adoptive family the Cohen's for the weekend. Their son, his brother/best-friend Seth was still in Rhode Island with his girlfriend Summer Roberts. Ryan walked across the lawns to his Jeep Wrangler. Thought of Newport crossing his mind. Marissa, his deceased love, Taylor his obsessive, neurotic lover. The old house which Gordon Bullit, Kirsten Cohen's old investor was rebuilding as a gift for them. Ryan started the engine and drove through the college roads till he stopped outside the Law Building. Sandy Cohen was waiting he ran a hand through his graying hair.

"Hey, kid."


"You've become too funny." Sandy said getting in.

"So heading to the Nana's this weekend?"

"Yep. Sophie and me. Kirsten has to stay and order the construction of her gallery."

"Yeah." Ryan said disbelievingly.

"Yes we all know The Nana isn't fond of the Kirsten and vice-versa."

"How is Sophie? Meaning Baby Sophie."

"Baby Sophie is fine she learnt a new word from Seth. X-Men."


"Kid can teach his sister all the way from Rhode Island."

"And the Nana how is she?"

"Well her Cancer is gone. She's met someone new and that's why Sandy Cohen is going down."

"Interrogation huh?"

"As always."

"When's your flight."

"In a couple of hours." Ryan pulled into the driveway.

"I love this house."

"Kid I've been meaning to talk to you. Seth isn't exactly planning a life in Newport. I know you love it there. And I doubt the Cohen's are going to move again. How do you feel about owning the Newport House?"

"Sandy." Ryan said as they walked up the steps.

"I know. I know. But you're our son, take it as...your inheritance."

"Sandy, its your house."

"Think about it kid."

"Ok." They entered the house they worked so hard to get back. Kirsten entered the hall still in her beauty, no wrinkles, golden hair surrounding her gorgeous face body still toned and sexy. Ryan had sometimes fantasized about her. He couldn't help but take in her breasts that were being hugged by her t-shirt, still round and firm.

"Hey Ryan." She hugged him.

"Where's Sophie?"

"Living room playing with Caleb."

"Cool." Ryan walked out of the room his heart racing. He smiled and forgot about Kirsten as he saw the little two year old blonde girl playing with a small golden retriever puppy.

"Wan." She smiled seeing him. She hadn't yet mastered his name.

"Hey Sophie. So what is X-Men?"


"Well its not perfect but Seth would be proud." Kirsten and Sandy entered the room. Sophie looked excited and stumbled towards him.

"Hello little girl." He picked her up and walked through the arch to the hall.

"So how was school?"

"Long. How was your day?" Ryan said avoiding looking at her by playing with Caleb.

"Well I seem to have bad luck with Construction Workers."

"You don't say." Ryan grinned.

"Could you take a look at these plans?" she said. Ryan nodded and stood up they entered the kitchen to see blueprints and drawings on the dining table. Ryan examined the latest one.

"What exactly did your guys do wrong?"

"I asked for a wall here to place some portraits but the support beams are too tall."

"What are the measurements?"

"The beam is three feet taller."

"Kirsten! I'm leaving for the airport."

Ryan knew Kirsten was in the shower as he paced his room. He could finally act on his lust and go in there, possibly ruin his relationships with the Cohen family or fuck the life out of Kirsten.

"Ah what the hell I'm already in college." He walked out of his room and down the hall to Kirsten and Sandy's room. He rummaged around their bedside table and took out the key ring. He rummaged till he found 'Top Floor Bathroom'.

Kirsten ran her hands over her large breasts in the shower her skin glossy from the water. She was thinking about Ryan. When she had hugged him before she had felt his erection press against her leg. Over the past few years since Ryan moved in Kirsten had found herself longing for him more and more. Sure Sandy loved her but sex every so often wasn't enough for her. And Ryan. That time she had heard him and Taylor in the pool house and Taylor's moans and screams of pleasure she had opened the door a tiny bit to see him pumping in and out of her with his massive tool. But could she cheat on Sandy? And what if Ryan said no? He'd tell Sandy and their marriage would be over. She didn't notice the bathroom door open because the shower door was so foggy. Ryan took his clothes off and the blurry sight of naked Kirsten got his dick good and hard. He locked the bathroom door and made his way quietly to the shower. He opened the door. Kirsten looked shocked. They stared at each other for a bit. No words needed to be said. He closed the shower door behind him and grabbed her his hands found their place on her ass and squeezed her ripe cheeks. Their bodies pressing against each other as they kissed.

"Fuck this. Do me in my bed." She said through the kissing. She turned the shower off and they ran to her room. On the bed he was on top of her and still kissing her, he moved down her body kissing her neck he moved to her right breast and took her nipple in his mouth and licked it with his tongue whilst tweaking and pinching her other nipple with his hand. He switched tits till both her nipples were good and hard he kissed in between her breasts and started to move down again kissing her stomach he avoided her pussy area and moved down her leg, teasing her, he caressed her inner thigh with his hand and moved back up.

"Do you want me to eat you out? Huh Kirsten?" he said his finger rubbing the skin over his clean shaven pussy.

"Oh fuck yes!" she moaned. He put her legs on his shoulder and ran his tongue lightly over her pussy, it was so sweet. She groaned.

"Stop teasing me!" he complied and drove his tongue in. It was like a jackhammer hitting all the right spots. He then focused on her clit making her closer and closer to cumming.

"Wait. I want to climax with you inside of me."

"That's fine with me." He stood up and put a hand on his cock intending to direct it into her.

"No. Let me suck on it first." She turned around and put a hand on his dick. He groaned at the softness of her touch.

"You like that?"

"I'd like it better if it was in you." She laughed and took his cock in her mouth. She gagged slightly. It was huge! 10 inches long and width to go with it. Soon she was bobbing up and down on his dick, her suction on him was amazing her hand was fondling his balls.

"I'm about to cum." He managed to say. She stopped a line of saliva and pre-cum trailing from his dick to her mouth. She wiped it away and got on her back.

"Kirsten we can stop here you know."

"Shut up and fuck me." He grinned and directed his cock to her pussy.

"Jesus! You're so tight!" he groaned.

"You're surprised?" she moaned clutching the sheets.

"Yeah. You did have a baby! Twice!"

"I'll tell you later. Just fuck me!" he pushed half-way into her the walls of her pussy tight on his shaft he pulled out slowly and entered fast. He continued till he was all the way in.

"Oh god this is so much more better than I imagined." He groaned.

"You were imagining this?" She managed to say.

"Hell yeah." He started to piston in and out of her. His shaft being devoured by her pussy. They were both moaning in pleasure. Their lust finally being fulfilled.

"Kirsten I got to tit-fuck you! Its been my biggest fantasy." Ryan said to her as he fucked her.

"Just....let...me come." She groaned. He nodded and fucked her harder.

"Oh yes! RYAN! YES! FUCK ME!" He complied.

"I'M COMING! DON'T STOP! OH YEEESSS!" Her orgasm shook her body as juices spilled out from their point of fucking. She was tearing the bed sheets her body was glistening with sweat her face in a look of total ecstacy. He didn't stop fucking her. He continued to pound her savagely.

"Oh god. You can tit-fuck me now." He pulled out of her his dick coated in their juices. He put his meat in between her large, luscious breasts. She pushed her boobs together to surround it and he started to fuck her tits. The softness of her skin, the eroticness of the situation made him close. He felt his balls tighten.

"That's right Ryan. Cum on me. Cum on my big tits."

"OH FUCK YEAH!" He roared he stood up over her as ropes of thick hot white cum shot from his dick it landed on her tits, stomach and chin. He groaned as he fell to her side. She cleaned herself up.

"That was amazing. Better than Marissa and Taylor and Teresa by a long shot."

"Good. Because Sandy isn't going to be home for two days. I've got a lot of lust that needs to be taken care of. This weekend I'm yours to use Ryan."

"Good. Suck my dick I want to cum in your mouth." She nodded and slid down his body and began giving him another of her world class blowjobs.

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