tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Office: Pam's Interview Ch. 01

The Office: Pam's Interview Ch. 01


Pam Beasley awoke earlier than usual this morning, excited yet a little on edge about her job interview at Dunder Milflin. 22 years old and pounding the pavement looking for work has been exhausting these past few months with mailing out resumes and attending job seminars and interviews. She decided against art school, for now, with hopes of securing a job that would earn her a living wage and utilize her hard work ethic and personable attitude. Pam was tired of working at fast food joints, tired of burning her delicate hands in the French fryer, tired of the late hours, she was determined to get this job.

She didn't know much about Dunder Mifflin other than it was a wholesale paper supply company. She hasn't been to their building before but has talked to Michael Scott on the phone after he received her resume in the mail.

"Hi this is Pam," she answered the phone, a few weeks ago.

"No this is Pam," a male voice said on the other line.

Pam stammered for a moment, "Umm, no, this is Pam, who's this?"

The voice replied, "This is Pam who's this?"

Pam was unsure what to say but felt it rude to do anything but stay on the phone and find out what the mystery caller wanted. She paused and allowed a few seconds of silence between the two parties. "GAA HA HA HA HA, gotcha! This is Michael Scott from Dunder Mifflin."

He asked her to come in and interview for a saleswoman position which she gladly agreed to. She was glad she saw the ad in the paper that day and that she decided to mail off a resume. She had a good feeling about this interview today though, she felt she'd be a good fit for this company and selling paper. She knew she was young and beautiful and that would go a long way in the sales game. Arising from bed in her panties and tank top, she headed for the shower before starting her day.

Upon entering the bathroom she gazed in the mirror at her sparkling green eyes, her smile, her level of confidence was high and her smile showed it. She momentarily caressed her womanly curves from her breasts to her waist to her hips, down her hourglass figure. Removing her panties with her forefingers, she noticed her pubic hairs were beginning to show again, it's been a few days since her last shave. After removing her tank top she then gazed at her nude feminine figure in that mirror. She had a great body under all those frumpy sweaters she wears. Pam cupped her breasts followed by pinching her nipples between fingertips and palms. She lifted her breasts by the nipples and gave them a little jiggle and said aloud, "Yessir I'm going to nail that interview today, Mr. Scott is going to love me and want to hire me."

Pam stepped into the shower and began soaping her body. Reaching for her razor, she shaved her vulva and ass, it gave her extra confidence knowing she was clean and polished down south. Nothing like a good ass-shaving to make you feel like a million bucks she thought. After showering there was one more thing she needed to do before leaving for the interview, she needed to unwind her tense nerves.

She wrapped a towel around her wet body, stepped out and walked back to her bed. Lying on the bed, she pulled out her favorite dildo, the one that most similarly resembled a penis. It's been a while since she broke up with her last boyfriend and her sex drive has been in overdrive recently. She knew that cleansing the pipes would go a long way to relax her for the stress of an important job interview.

Pam has never had much luck with men in her life. When she was a high school senior she had anal sex with her volleyball coach in his office once. It was risky and dangerous because other coaches were down the hall in their offices; it was all too possible that she would have been caught that day bent over a desk with her ass filled with coach cock. After that experience she has only had a couple boyfriends up until now, and even fewer sexual encounters with them.

Pam has only had vaginal sex a few times in her life but anal only that once. Not that it felt bad but her boyfriends never expressed an interest in anal. Having the coach's cock in her ass wasn't unpleasant by any means, in fact it was quite sensuous. Pam's anal cavity was definitely a pleasurable zone, after all, she takes advantage of it during her masturbation times too. Sure vaginal sex felt good too but no sexual acts with her coach or her boyfriends compared to the times she masturbated. Maybe they were inadequate lovers, she didn't know. Her inexperience prevented her from knowing for sure. But she did know she loved masturbating and did it quite often. She loved being in control of her sexuality and avoiding any perceived pressure of pleasing another person. She was a very sexual being but her shyness and social awkwardness was a hindrance in her love life.

Pam reclined and removed her towel, opening her legs, she began ever so slowly massaging her vaginal lips. Her aching womanhood yearning for stimulation, she spread her freshly shaved legs a bit wider and tickled her vagina with the penis. Holding a breast in her left hand and slowly working the dildo into her pussy with her right hand and she gasped in pleasure. Her lubricating juices were abundant with anticipation of penetration. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, her toes curling under as she penetrated herself with the foreign object.

When she masturbated it never took long for her to reach an orgasm. Pam moved her left hand from her breasts and nipples to her delicate ass pucker. Inserting the first knuckle into her ass, she also rubbed on her plump pink bean with her right hand and fucked herself for only a minute before she started quivering, shaking and moaning softly. Fingertips doing circles around her bulging clitoris, she then removed the dildo and smeared her flowing pussyjuices on both holes for ample lubrication. Then she inserted two fingers into her vagina to give her that 'fullness' organic feeling she craved when masturbating. She slowly wriggled her finger in and out of her ass and her taught stomach tensed even further, raising her bare feet off the bed a few inches she experienced a pleasure she has caused in herself many times before. Only a minute or two of vaginal and anal penetration was necessary, for she was a very sexual woman. Eyes clenched shut she murmured "Ohhh FUCK yeah," followed but a deep quick grunt, creating a delight in her that released some tension she was feeling.

Slowly Pam sat up and removed her fingers from her dripping pussy and butthole. "Whew, all ready to go."

She stood and wiped her pussy and hand and dressed in her lucky matching bra and panties and the business professional attire she wore for interviews, black skirt, white collared blouse, black blazer, and heels. She never wore much makeup, she didn't need it. She didn't use nail polish at all. Her eyelashes were naturally thick and long and she had full juicy lips. She only applied a thin layer of lip gloss and mascara. After fixing her hair she grabbed her folder of reference materials and headed for the door.

Upon entering The Office at Dunder Mifflin she was greeted by a friendly older woman receptionist. "Pam Beasley, here for an interview for a sales position with Mr. Scott" she said confidently.

"Yes Ms. Beasley please wait right here" and the receptionist smiled and pointed to one of the several chairs by the front desk.

Pam sat, crossed her legs, and eyed around the room, seemed normal enough, a few faces glanced at her and smiled. One squirrelly looking fellow in particular with glasses and a piss yellow shirt just frowned at her, but she didn't let it bother her. The receptionist noticed Pam looking, "That's just Dwight, don't mind him, he's always suspicious of people meeting Michael."

Pam nodded in confirmation.

"Ah our potential new teammate!" Pam heard approaching her. "Michael Scott, pleased to meet me." The man said, offering his hand to shake.

Pam stood and smoothed her tight skirt and offered a hand back. "Hi Mr. Scott yes I am please to meet you" she giggled and smiled nervously in response.

"Please, Mr. Scott is my dad, to all my loyal subjects here I am Michael, please follow me into my office" he said with a bow and a smirk, pretending to lift a hat and return it to his head as he turned and sauntered towards a waiting open door.

Pam followed obediently, inviting more stares from the employees as she walked over, she felt self conscious, like there were eyes on her body, on her ass as it jiggled in her skirt. All the employees were just wondering who she was she guessed. Michael sat behind his desk and motioned for Pam to sit opposite in one of the chairs. "Pam, may I call you Pam? Pam this is Jan Levinson, a member of corporate of our fine company who will be assisting in this interview."

Pam turned to Jan who was standing off to the side in the small office room. Jan was all business, conducting herself with the utmost professionalism, offering a firm handshake and a half hearted smile. Pam glanced Jan up and down, beautiful woman, a few years older than Pam, dressed in a similar business professional fashion. "Pam please excuse Michael, he's a salesman at heart, always trying to make people laugh by acting like an idiot."

"Oh... umm... it's okay" Pam replied a bit embarrassed, half looking at the floor in front of her.

"Guilty as charged!" Michael stated with a toothy grin as he picked up a childish toy from his desk and played with it sheepishly.

Jan spoke again, "Pam, first off, thank you for coming to interview with us. Michael and I will try to portray our company and our corporate culture accurately and we just want you to feel at ease and act naturally so we may accurately assess if we would be a good match for each other. To let you know about the position, we need a confident sales woman, one that is prepared to work hard, to go the extra mile so to speak, to win over our clients and maximize each paper order. Before we start the interview process, do you think you have the courage to perform this task?"

This caught Pam off guard a bit. Courage, what courage? Why should it take courage to sell paper of all things? Jan noticed Pam's apprehension, "I'll explain in a minute" Jan offered.

Pam arrived confident but the way Jan and Michael looked at her made her a bit apprehensive. Their stares, looking her up and down, she felt judged and assessed. Even though she was sitting what appeared comfortably, legs crossed, she felt she was on a catwalk at a Victoria's Secret fashion show in wings and underwear.

After a brief pause Jan spoke again, "What I mean Pam, is that courage is required with some of our clients that expect a bit more, how should I put it, personalized service. Courage to be comfortable in any situation. Speaking of comfort, I noticed you dangling your heel off of your foot, go ahead and remove your shoes, we want you to be comfortable here."

Pam thought it a bit strange to ask her to remove her heels but she complied, placing her heels under her chair. She crossed her legs again and noticed now Michael and Jan both eyeing her naked feet and calves, observing her pretty pink puffy toes.

"That's right" Michael chimed in, "Here at Dunder Mifflin we offer a special kind of personal business relationship that most other paper distributers wouldn't dream of."

Pam sat silently, a befuddled look on her face. They haven't even asked her any questions yet, nothing about past work experience, nothing about her skills and aptitudes, yet they were beginning to describe a very peculiar circumstance. "Before we begin the interview do you have any questions for us?" Michael broke her temporary thought.

"Yes" Pam tried to regain her confidence, "Why does the ad mention a saleswoman and not a sales person, any particular reason you need a woman?"

"AH HA!" Michael half shouted, "I'm glad you asked, we have several men that go the extra mile, take Creed out there on the floor for one, he's spent years in the field pleasing all our clients, but what we really need now is a younger woman, er, that is, a woman with a special kind of energy to sell our paper."

Jan helped Michael out, "What Michael is trying to say is this company needs a woman's touch. Take me for example, I've worked my way up from sales person to my current position in corporate. Women are natural fit at Dunder Mifflin and we need a young woman now to groom into becoming a great asset to this company" she stated diplomatically. "We need a woman that can take the job seriously, though it may be something hard, and handle it well."

"That's what she said!" Michael yelped, grinning from ear to ear.

"Michael!" Jan yelled.

Michael lowered his countenance to his desk, but unable to wipe the smile from his face.

With that, Jan stood up and removed her blazer, her pert tits standing at attention under her white blouse. "Now Pam, during this interview we need to see the kind of service you're prepared to offer our clients, please stand up and get undressed. We need to see you naked."

"WHAT?!" is all Pam could get out of her mouth as her jaw hung open. "Get undressed? What's this all about?"

Michael sat grinning, reclined and placed his hands behind his head. "What Jan is hinting at is this personalized service she speaks of, some of our clients prefer sexual favors to go along with their paper order. It's that extra oomph to close the deal."

Pam sat exasperated, stammering, "what, huh, umm, but why would they need that, don't they just want to buy paper from us?"

"Weeelllll...."Michael hemmed and hawed, "Yes and no, our prices aren't the best in town but we discovered that offering...how does one say... additional perks, will go a long way in swaying their decision to buy from us. Some clients will only buy our paper if a pretty girl like you is willing to suck their cock and spread her legs. Or in Creed's case, just suck their dick, but he's pretty old and most clients get turned off by that sort of thing. Meredith also, for example, she used to be the hottest piece of ass in the office but look at her now, all old and wrinkly. You know how men are suckers for redheads, but Meredith is too freaking old now. Her pussy so stretched out it has an echo. We need some new blood in here to increase our business."

The room fell quiet for a moment, Jan stood a few feet from Pam with a 'well watcha gonna do?' look on her face towards the younger woman. Both Michael and Jan where watching Pam for any sort of reaction. Pam really needed a good job and this job promised good pay, good benefits, and good hours.

"Well, okay, you just want to see me naked for now, right? I'm just shy is all."

Jan noticed Pam was unsure of herself and didn't quite trust her interviewers yet. She stepped towards Pam and began caressing her arms. She then kissed the younger brunette lightly on the lips and caressed her cheek. Looking into each other's eyes, Jan said, "Yes, you're beautiful, can we please see more of you?"

Pam nodded and offered a closed-lipped smile in acceptance.

Jan closed all the blinds in Michael's office for privacy as Pam stood and nervously smoothed her clothes. Looking at Michael, then at Jan, Pam unbuttoned her blazer and set it on the chair behind her. "Here let me help with that" Jan said, stepping towards her.

Jan unbuttoned Pam's blouse and unzipped her skirt, tossing them both to the same chair. Pam stood in her matching purple laced bra and panties, goose bumps forming on her body. She glanced around the room, at Jan, at Michael, still trying to decide if she wanted to do this. She was a sexual woman who loved sexual pleasure but she's used to having solo sessions.

Pam looked down at her heaving breasts, her accelerated breathing is creating a rise and fall action of her ample bosom obvious to Michael and Jan. Pam continued to hold her head downwards and placed her hands on her belly, out of shyness and nervousness she didn't know where else to put them.

Jan noticed Pam's shyness, "Never been naked in front of a man and woman before? It's okay, you can be frank with us."

"Umm not really, I mean, well, my boyfriend and I used to hang out naked at his apartment but that's the closest thing to this, but I just met you guys so this is different," she said softly, half looking down, half looking at Michael's desk.

Jan looked directly at Pam's face, "Pam we need an aggressive, take charge kind of saleswoman here, but as this is your first interview we'll give you time to time to get acclimated to our corporate culture."

Standing up again, Jan spoke more softly now as she touched her own clothing, "Maybe this will help to loosen you up, after all, we have both male and female clients you'll be selling to."

The layers came off, Jan removed her blouse, her skirt, then her bra and her panties. Standing completely naked the woman was displaying all her natural glory. Michael and Pam watched the show, seeing Jan's voluptuous body, her perky tits jiggling as she took her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Pam's lips parted half an inch, she licked her bottom lip and stared intently at the beauty before her. Flat stomach, shaved snatch, toned legs, when Jan turned to toss her clothes aside they caught a glimpse of her round bottom, no tan lines, just all uniform smooth skin and beauty. Her breasts hanging and jiggling with the movement of placing her clothes on the chair, Jan's nipples were pointed to the clothes laying there that used to cover them. She stood erect again and they noticed she was thin and well proportioned. Jan flipped her straight brown hair over her shoulder, placed her hands on her nude hips, smiled, and looked Pam up and down, "Well honey can we see you naked now?" she asked.

Pam slowly took her bra shoulder straps down and reached around the back to unclasp the hooks. As she looked up again she noticed Michael doing something under his desk. Oh crap was he jerking off behind his desk? This attention was beginning to turn Pam on though, she gained some confidence as she tossed her bra aside. Her sweater kittens sprung forth from their restraint and hung free, the sudden temperature change caused her nipples to harden and protrude slightly. The soft underflesh of each breast was semicircular and each was perfectly symmetrical to the next no matter which way she turned or how she leaned her body and caused her breasts to shift how they hung. The flesh above the nipple was gently concavely curved from above the breast to the nipple. Jan and Michael stared at Pam's bare breasts in awe. Michael began to extend his arm to touch one but Jan slapped his hand with ninja speed. "Michael! Not until I say it's okay!"

Pam giggled at Jan treating Michael like a mother treats her 8 year old. The brief comedic relief brought levity to her nervous situation and helped to decrease any inhibitions she had a moment ago. Placing her thumbs in her panty waist band her true sexuality was beginning to show. She paused and playfully said, "Why isn't Michael naked? This isn't fair to let us get all naked first."

"By all means she's right you know" Michael said, standing up and removing his suit jacket. "What manly man wouldn't like to be naked with such fine beauties as yourselves!" he said like a king of the castle.

He then unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a surprisingly toned body, Pam was impressed, he looks like he works out. His broad shoulders, toned arms and flat stomach made Jan half smile with admiration. Pam as well began to feel aroused and could sense a wet spot building in her panties. Pulling down his pants Michael revealed the loudest purple boxers Pam has ever seen, his huge boner poking into the fabric and trying to escape from the shorts, nearly standing at attention and ready to go. "Oh my" Pam gasped, placing her hand over her mouth. "Your cock is huge! And the fellow is already saluting!"

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