tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Office - S.A.A. Pt. 01

The Office - S.A.A. Pt. 01


It was John Turner's first day at Scranton's Dunder Mifflin branch. He had met Jan Levinson at a SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) meeting when she had offered him the job. He accepted knowing that her real intention was to fulfil a fantasy of hers to sleep with an employee. It didn't matter to him; Jan was a very attractive woman. Plus, he was a sex addict and the fantasy of sleeping with his boss was appealing to him. She gave him the address and met him in the parking lot at 8:55 AM.

As they entered the building they were greeted by Hank, the security officer. "Excuse me, Ms. Levinson?"

"Hank, right?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am." Hank replied. He was surprised that she knew his name. Most of the people who worked there couldn't even come close. "Mr. Scott asked me to remind you that the cameras are here today."

"Damn it. That's today?" Her annoyance was clear through her expression; she pulled out her pocket mirror and checked her makeup.

"Camera's?" John asked. Jan had not mentioned there would be cameras. Not that it was a deal breaker, but it was not expected in the least. This was a paper company. What business would they have involving a camera crew?

"Yes, Michael Scott - your boss - he is a bit of an eccentric. He convinced corporate to allow him to bring in a crew to film a documentary on this branch." She seemed unamused by this. "Thanks Hank."

John followed Jan onto the elevator. "So how long will they be filming?"

Jan sighs. "It's Michael Scott. Could be years."

John watched as Jan adjusted her chest. His eyes then ventured down to her butt. Satisfied, John forgot all about the cameras.

They got off the elevator and immediately were confronted by the crew. After signing a release, they were mic'd up. John wondered if he would ever get used to wearing it. The cord felt uncomfortable under his shirt. The employee who set up John's mic ran him through some audio tests to ensure everything was sound.

"Okay, you may enter the set now." Said the employee.

"It is an office." Jan reminded them.

Jan entered first and was greeted by the receptionist - a young and very attractive woman with a perfect body which she hid under shyness and modesty. She caught John's eye almost immediately. However, not in the same way most attractive women did. Her face was both beautiful and welcoming and for the first time John wasn't thinking about sex, he wanted to know this girl. He had never felt that before and it hit him all at once like a slap across the face.

"Good morning, Jan." Said the receptionist. "Michael is in his office."

"Pam, I'd like you to meet John Turner. He will be our newest sales associate." Jan gestured for John to approach the reception desk.

"Hi, I'm Pam Beesly." She said extending her hand.

John was lost in her smile. He shook her hand without saying anything. Jan looked at him with curiosity and a hint of jealousy. She cleared her throat.

John snapped out of it. "It's nice to meet you, Pam."

"Pam, could you show John to his desk. I need a word with Michael." Jan was preparing herself for Michael. There were two cameras in the office and as of right now, both were in Michael's office.

"Of course." Said Pam. She looked at John who was still smiling at her. She blushed and stood up from her chair. John got a full dose of Pam's figure. She was even more stunning standing up. John struggled to make eye contact. His blood ran hot as she walked from behind the large reception desk. "Follow me, I will introduce you to everyone."

Jan sighed and knocked on Michael's door. He had been leaning back in his chair and laughing about something with both camera's fixed on him. Once he saw Jan through his window, the laughing stopped and he waved his hand vigorously at the camera crew to get out. They quickly flooded out of the office and Jan entered.

Pam cleared her throat. "Everyone, this is John Turner. He will be our new salesman."

Dwight, a fellow salesman, and one of the many eccentrics in the office, raised his hand. "Question, will he be providing his own clients or will they be taken from each of us, because Michael didn't say anything about -"

John felt obligated to clear the air. "I won't be taking anyone's clients. I have built many relationships and will be starting with them."

"Okay, now that that's settled..." Pam began, "John, this is Jim and Dwight."

"Hey man," Jim said with a subtle wave.

Dwight stood from his desk and approached John. "Dwight Schrute, leading in sales at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton and owner of Schrute Farms." He grabbed John's hand and shook it aggressively.

"Nice to meet you." John said, uncomfortably.

In an effort to rescue John from the clutches of Dwight, Pam interlocked her arm with John's and pulled him deeper into the office. John felt the soft flesh of Pam's bosom against his elbow. As they past Jim, he lifted a brow. He realized his affections for Pam were going to be contested.

"This is Phyllis and Stanley." Pam informed him, not yet letting go of his arm.

With his free hand, John waved to them. But John could care less. Right now the only thing that was on his mind was the comforting pressure of Pam against his arm. Did her hesitation on letting go of him a sign that she was in to him? God he hoped so.

Pam squeezed even tighter and walked him to Accounting. "Over here we have Oscar, Kevin and Angela."

"It is nice to meet you." Said Kevin in his dull voice.

"Glad to have you." Oscar said respectfully.

John turned to Angela. He could tell right away that she wasn't anyone to mess with. Her eyes said it all. Still John found her attractive. Angela looked at Pam and then at their interlocked arms. Pam picked up on this and let go of John.

"That's pretty much everyone." She said. Pam left John at Accounting and walked back across the office. He found her sudden change in attitude curious and followed her. "This is your desk."

It was across from Jim and to Dwight's left. John knew that being close to reception would give him plenty of opportunities to get to know Pam.

"Thanks Pam. You've been a lot of help." He smiled and touched Pam on her arm. It was a subtle gesture that made Pam blush and Jim straighten in his chair.

"You're welcome." Pam returned to her desk just as Jan walked out of Michael's office.

"John, this is Michael Scott." She said.

Michael walked out of his office a bit unhappy. "Could you start again - Jim, Dwight drumroll please?" He walked back into his office.

Dwight began immediately while Jim glanced at Pam and faked it. Jan sighed and rolled her eyes.

"John," she gestured like a game show host revealing the grand prize. "Michael Scott."

Michael hopped out of his office and bowed. "Thank you, thank you. You are all to kind."

Dwight was the only one clapping.

John approached Michael and extended his hand.

"Oh no, we do not shake hands." Michael said bowing again. "We bow."

John looked at Jan whose expression said 'just go with it.' And so he did. Michael then proceeded to kiss John on the top of his head. John stood up straight, not knowing what to say.

"I would like to welcome you, John Turner, to the best office in all of Scranton, PA." He looked at the cameras who were filming everything. "You may get settled in. But when lunch time comes 'round, I will be treating you to the finest cuisine in all the land. The Hooters on Penn Ave." Michael looked at the cameras again, uncertain. "Can I say that? Hooters won't sue us for using their name, right?"

"I think we're good." Assured the cameraman, giving the thumbs up.

"Then it is settled. To Hooters we will go!" Michael exclaimed.

"Yes!" Dwight said pumping his fist with glee.

"Uh no, just John and I. It is customary for a boss to treat his new employee to lunch on their first day." Michael said touching John on the shoulder.

"You didn't treat me to lunch on my first day." Dwight reminded him, a bit hurt.

"That's because..." Michael began.

Dead air.

All eyes were on Michael who clearly had nothing else to say.

Jan broke the silence. "So Michael, I will be checking back in later in the week."

"Maybe we could grab dinner. How about Friday?" Michael was growing excited.

"I'm busy that day, but I will be back to check on John." Jan turned to shake John's hand. "I will see you later this week."

"Bye Jan." said John. He could tell she was still very attracted to him. She held his hand longer than a normal handshake, save for maybe Dwight's. Everyone in the office picked up on this. Even Michael.

Jan left the office and John sat down at his desk.

"Twelve o'clock?" Michael asked John.

"Sure thing boss." John replied. Michael's smile was wide and full. The camera crew followed him back into his office.

John began making some calls. He sold his first shipment of paper within the first thirty minutes. Dwight had ceased all efforts at working to watch John. Once he had sold three more shipments, Dwight eagerly picked up his phone and resumed working. Only his pace was much more competitive.

With Michael in his office and Dwight working with intense focus, Jim got up from his desk and walked to reception. John watched as Jim took a couple of jelly beans from the jar and whispered to Pam.

She smiled at something he said. John felt pressure in his gut. He thought he might throw up. He had only just met her, and it was only a smile, but it felt like a betrayal. John had decided to put Pam out of his mind and focus on work.

That lasted about twenty minutes. He thought about that smile. What did it mean? What did the moment he had with her earlier mean? These thoughts felt juvenile to him. He hated Pam for giving him these feelings. He was happy with seeing women only as a means of sexual pleasure.

Although he was going to SAA meetings, John never expected to stop his behavior. Since high school, he had found no greater pleasure than the warmth in between a woman's legs. It was what he lived for. Sex was the solution to every problem. Maybe even this one.

John looked around the office. He needed to relieve this frustration, and the easiest way for him to do that was sex. Jan had left and wouldn't be back until later in the week. There was Phyllis, but John wasn't that desperate. Then John remembered that cute little woman with judgmental eyes in Accounting. What was her name? Angela.

John looked over his shoulder at Accounting. Angela wasn't at her desk. She was in the breakroom. This was the perfect opportunity. John stood up from his desk and walked toward the breakroom. Dwight watched him leave, but saw it as his opportunity to sell more paper.

In the breakroom, Angela was reaching for her mug which someone had place on the shelf too high for her. She attempted to reach for it, but at the sound of the door opening, she stopped and pulled her shirt down over her waistband. John noticed the round shape of her butt. She must workout. Angela didn't seem like the type, but her glutes said otherwise.

"Let me get that for you." He said already reaching for it. John grabbed it without any effort. He handed it to Angela who smiled and admired his kindness. She also took note of his muscular arms.

"Thank you." She said blushing. "I hate it when someone moves my things. It was probably Kevin."

"If it happens again, I'm just across the office." John said. He relaxed his eyes and stared into hers. She had beautiful eyes. They were intense and often angry, but beautiful nonetheless.

"How do you like the office so far?" she asked, clutching the mug nervously.

"Michael seems like a character."

Angela laughed. "You haven't seen anything yet."

They both smiled and stared at each other for a beat. Angela's heart began to pound and feelings she often avoided began to surface. She wanted to jump him right there. Thoughts of having him inside her made her wet and dizzy. John knew when a woman felt this and he could see that she was now.

He reached out and took her mug. She gave it up willingly and John put it on the counter. He looked her deep into her eyes and stepped in closer. She was speechless. Frozen in the moment. Not wanting him to stop whatever he was doing.

"I know we just met, but I find you incredibly irresistible." John delivered it with confidence, but he actually felt it was a bit cheesy. However, he knew from experience that women want to feel that way. Even the Angela's of the world.

It was enough. Angela's knees became weak, and she was staring at his lips. John knew he was in. Very slowly, John leaned closer and closer. Their lips met and Angela pulled him in even closer and began kissing him passionately.

John knew they would need privacy for what came next, so he lifted Angela off her feet and took her into the women's restroom. To John's amazement, the women's restroom had a couch. He set her down, and Angela pushed him onto it then proceeded to undress. For an uptight woman, Angela sure had a freaky side. She stripped like she had done it before, but John was sure she hadn't. Her nipples were hard and very pink and her vagina was trimmed but not shaved. John was fully erect and unbuckled his belt. Angela bent down and pulled off his pants. She kissed the tip of his penis softly while he took off his shirt. She then got on top of him and he entered her slowly. She came instantly. John was lubricated and she bounced up and down. Angela was enjoying every moment.

John picked her up and laid her down on the couch. Then he whispered in her ear. "You have great ass."

Angela stood up and leaned over the couch. "Take me this way." She said with her butt in the air.

John didn't hesitate. He took her from behind and admired her shapely figure. She had two more orgasms before they returned to the missionary position. They kissed and fucked until John reached an orgasm of his own. He pulled out and came all of her bush. Angela continued to kiss him as he rested next to her naked body. They laid there for a beat, catching their breath.

The alarm on John's watch went off indicating it was twelve o'clock. "Oh shit! I have to go to lunch with Michael."

He jumped up and began putting on his clothes. He stopped and looked down at Angela who was laying on her back with his semen on her privates.

"Don't worry about me." She said getting up. "Michael is probably looking for you."

John grabbed toilet paper from the stall and handed it to Angela. He kissed her before putting on the rest of his clothes.

"Wish me luck." He joked.

"Something tells me you won't need it." She replied.

John tucked in his shirt and casually exited the women's restroom. Creed, a man in his sixties, who John hadn't met, was standing at the open fridge eating an apple. John was certain he was busted, but Creed didn't care.

"I'm the new guy." John told him.

Creed wiped his hand on his pant leg and shook John's hand. "I'm the old guy."

John smiled and left the breakroom.

Angela exited the restroom shortly after. She paused in a horrified shock when she saw Creed. Again, he didn't care in the slightest.

"Hey Marybeth." Creed said before walking away.

Angela sighed in relief and returned to her desk. She opened a drawer and pulled out her cross necklace. After putting it on, Angela noticed Oscar and Kevin staring.

"Can I help you?" she barked. In fear of what she might do to them if they didn't, Oscar and Kevin looked away.

John knocked on the door to Michael's office. Michael opened it and tossed John a t-shirt. It was a white tee with the Hooters' logo.

"Only VIP members get these." Michael bragged.

"Then should you be giving them out to just anybody?" John asked.

"You aren't just anybody, John. You are my plus one which automatically grants you VIP status." Michael opened his blazer to reveal he had already put his tee on.

"Thank you." John said.

"Go ahead, put it on." Michael told him. "You can use my office."

John walked into Michael's office and took his shirt off. At reception, Pam looked through the window of Michael's office as John changed. Through the blinds she saw John's perfectly toned shirtless body. He was attractive, no doubt about it.

After putting on the Hooters tee, John exited Michael's office. A huge smile came over Michael.

"Doesn't he look great, Pam?" Michael asked her.

"It suits you." She said, putting it lightly. John smiled.

Michael threw his arm over John's shoulder and turned him toward the camera. "For the documentary."

Michael posed as if someone was taking a photo. The cameraman looked at him and said, "It only takes video, you don't have to pose."

"Let's go." Michael eagerly walked toward the door and John followed him, waving to Pam on the way. She smiled and waved back.

Jim walked up to reception. "What do you think about the new guy?"

"He seems like a nice guy." Pam replied.

"Michael seems to like him." Jim pointed out.

"Dwight doesn't." She added. They both giggled at that. "I thought he was going to lose it when Michael gave John the shirt."

"I'm pretty sure Dwight has double his sales just to compete with him. I mean he has got to know there is no way John can top him in sales on his first day." Jim whispered.

"Especially since Michael wants to be his best friend." Pam began, "He probably won't make another sale again."

While they were laughing at reception, Dwight was working his ass off.

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