tagMatureThe Old Neighborhood

The Old Neighborhood


You were driving down the street with your mind a million miles away when I saw you. I hadn't seen you in probably 15 years. You used to come over to my place all the time with the other kids in my son's class. It seemed like we always had a dozen boys over after school. Now I am home alone most of the time. The kids are long since gone and my husband left shortly after. I knew you were still in town from the local gossip but I don't get out much so I hadn't run across you. I remember when you came over you were always so helpful. Here I am in the yard with this damn mower that won't start. It would be great if I could get some of your help now I was thinking as you honked and waved. I waved back and to my surprise you pulled over.

"Mrs. Meyer, How ARE you?" you asked in your polite manner I remember from so long ago.

"Kenny, we've known each other too long for you to be calling me Mrs. Meyer. Angie, please."

"Angie," you reply. "It has been so long. How are you? You look great!" From the look on your face I can see you are embarrassed to have said that. I know I look good for my age. When you boys all hung out here I saw you ogling me. I looked good then but 15 years later I am still turning heads. At almost 50 I still have the body of a young woman. I work hard to keep it that way. My tits never have begun to sag. They are as full and firm as they always were.

"I'm doing good. You look pretty good yourself." I couldn't help but smile as you shuffle your feet. Just like a shy young boy. "What are you up to?"

"I was just driving around checking out the old neighborhood when I saw you here. You having trouble with that mower?"

"As a matter of fact I am. Would you have time to take a look at it for me?"

"I have all day Mrs...Angie."

"I would be so grateful if you could get it going for me," I purred. I couldn't help myself. I gave you a very sexy smile and actually slid close enough to almost touch your ear. I saw the hair on the back of your neck rise in your excitement. "I'll run inside and make some lemonade. Come on in when you get it figured out."

I went inside and mixed up the drink. I heard you laughing and walking through the front door shortly after. "And just WHAT is so funny young man?" I asked as you stepped up to the kitchen sink to wash your hands.

You turned to look at me as you grabbed a towel for your hands. "You were just out of gas."

At that I too burst out laughing. I had been struggling with that stupid thing all morning. "Ok Smarty Pants. You got me on that one. Now sit down and have some of this," I said sliding the glass over to you. I turned to get another glass from the cupboard when I felt the sting of the towel across my ass. "KENNY!! What was THAT?!" I asked.

"Sorry, Angie. I couldn't resist. Being in this house just brings out the little boy in me I guess," you claimed with a sly grin on your face.

I couldn't help myself. I was getting excited. It had been a long time since I had a man in my house. I turned towards you. I'm not sure what my original intent was but as I stepped closer my womanly instinct just took over. "Kenny, you're not a little boy anymore," I breathed as I stepped even closer. "You're a MAN now. I need a man Kenny."

"A..A..Angie," you stammered. "I...I...I don't know what to say.

"Don't say anything. Just kiss me," I demanded as I came within your reach. Being the good boy you always were I didn't have to tell you twice. I had butterflies in my stomach as our lips met. You were so soft and gentle. I know you weren't sure. Hell I wasn't sure until our tongues entwined then I knew I was doing the right thing.

I took your hand and rested it on my full heaving breast. The tank top I was wearing barely contained it. Once you had my "permission" you scooped it out and took it between your lips. My knees grew wobbly as you sucked my nipple into your mouth and let your tongue flick it about.

"Oh Kenny!!" I moaned as my fingers worked their way through your hair. Your lips on my nipples were arousing feelings in me I hadn't had for years!! I knew I had to have you right then and there. I walked backwards taking you with me. When I came against the table I raised my leg and sat on it. I reluctantly pulled your head from my breast and looked into your eyes. "Take me Kenny. Take me NOW!!" I was on fire and I NEEDED you to help me out.

You stepped back and looked longingly at me as you shed your clothes. In no time you were standing before me, your long, hard, young cock calling out to me. I dropped from the table onto my knees on the floor in front of you. My tongue snaked out and licked the length of your hard shaft as my fingers wrapped around your balls. Your moans of enjoyment encouraged me. I let my tongue wander over your smooth, soft skin until I had reached the very tip. A couple of flicks of my tongue and then I had to swallow you. Your cock felt so good sliding deep into my throat. I massaged your balls as my mouth sucked you deeper and deeper. I could feel the boiling in your balls and as much as I wanted to taste your hot cum I wanted to feel you throb in my wet cunt even more.

I stood before you and dropped my shorts to the floor. I hadn't bothered with panties today so I stood before you with my wetness gleaming in the afternoon light. You picked me up and set me back on the table. Your hands roamed over my chest pulling my top over my head as you kissed the inside of my thighs. Just as your tongue found my clit you tweaked one nipple. I exploded, drowning you in my sweet juices. You lapped up every drop sending me over the edge again and again.

After what seemed an eternity spent in heaven you came up for air. I looked into your lust filled eyes and begged, "Fuck me Kenny. PLEASE fuck me!! Slam you hard cock deep in my quivering cunt" With that encouragement you sunk home with one full stroke. My back arched off the table as I screamed out in yet another orgasm. The walls of my pussy grabbed at your hard cock as you slammed it in and out of my aching pussy.

Without warning you pulled clear of my pussy and stepped back. I whimpered and looked at you with a defeated pout on my lips. "Oh, I'm not done with you yet," you answered my look. "Turn over!" You took my hand and helped me to turn over to my stomach offering myself to you in a most submissive form.

I felt your hard cock rubbing against my clit, teasing me terribly. You rubbed it up and down my slit coating it in my juices. I was about to beg you to slide it in when I felt the pressure against my arse. Your hands were on either cheek opening my ass wide for you to have easy access. Part of me wanted to object and part of me wanted to feel you enter my forbidden passage. I said nothing as the pressure increased. You were very gentle, sliding in slowly, allowing me time to adjust. When you were all in you stopped and settled for a moment before you started pumping in and out. Slowly at first then faster and faster. I could not believe how good it felt. I hadn't had a cock in my ass in forever and you were taking such good care of me. The faster you went the harder your balls slapped against my clit sending volts of electricity through my spine.

I started to spasm yet again when I felt your body stiffen. I knew you would fill my ass with your hot seed any minute now and I could hardly wait!! "That's it Kenny. Cum for me baby. Shoot deep in my ass!!"

You needed no more encouragement. With those words echoing in the kitchen you thrust forward and spilled your hot juice deep in my ass. It took several strokes to milk it all out of you. You gave me such a load it was running out and down my leg by the time we were done. You collapsed on top of me to catch your breath, then slowly eased you way out. You cock was just loosing its edge as you slid free from my vise-like grip.

Exhausted you fell into a chair and I turned over and slid off into one myself. We sat quietly for a few minutes before either of us could speak. I finally broke the silence, "So you said you have all day?" We both burst out laughing then. I hope you plan more trips into the old neighborhood.

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