tagLoving WivesThe Other Man Ch. 03

The Other Man Ch. 03


Sharon looked fantastic and hot. Her auburn hair framed her pretty innocent looking girl-next door face. The nicely done make up and glossy lipstick gave her a sophisticated look. While we sipped our drinks Sharon modeled a white sheer negligee we had purchased. Evan greeted her, gently took her hand, kissed her softly on the lips and placed his hand on the skimpy panty that covered her firm ass. She looked delicious and everyone was eager for the evening to proceed.

Unlike the prior times I was with Sharon, this time there was no uncertainty as to what the evening held in store. It was clear that Sharon was going to willingly entertain three very horny guys while her husband watched and enjoyed. We each complimented her on the outfit and continued our sexual banter. Burt pulled out a joint and passed it around. Sharon took a long hit and noted it tasted better than she expected. She headed off to try on another outfit. Joel cautioned that Sharon had never smoked dope before.

Sharon emerged in a silver satin bustier and panty set that was stunning. It displayed her breasts to their best advantage and highlighted her curves. She mingled with each of us while continuing to drink and taking several additional hits from the joint. She whispered to myself, Burt and Evan as Joel asked what was going on.

I asked Sharon to retrieve the bondage kit we had bought at the adult store and to put on the black lingerie that we had bought for her. As Sharon headed to her bedroom to change, we playfully browsed through the items in the bondage kit. Then we quickly moved over to Joel and grabbed him and placed him on one of the seating chairs in the room. I told him we were following Sharon's instructions and that if he cooperated he would be fine. Joel didn't put up much resistance as Burt tied each of his limbs to the arms and legs of the chair as Joel and I held him in place. We also secured his forearms and calves so he was very securely tied to the chair.

Sharon entered the room dressed in a black lace half bra and panty outfit with a garter belt and seamed black stocking with 4 inch heels. Half her nipples were exposed and her exposed cleavage and midriff glistened with the heat of anticipation. She could have posed for the classiest of mens magazines and had a come-fuck-me look that could have melted a hundred priests. The joint and booze had taken affect and Sharon was in a very good mood, giggling at Joel's predicament and coaching us to make sure he was tightly tied. When we were done she asked for our helping removing his pants. That was not an easy task as he was tightly tied but we collectively managed to get his pants pulled down to the ropes around his knees.

Sharon grabbed his rock hard cock and fondled it softly as she informed him of her plans for the night. He was going to remain tied up and Sharon was not going to touch him nor could he since he was tightly tied. She was going to let Burt, Evan and I have our way with her until he ejaculated without being touched. She gave him a peck on the cheek and then turned to her guests. As Joel protested Sharon called for some music and another joint.

Since we had been flirting and teasing all day we were all more than ready for some action. Sharon said we were going to do some dancing first. She kicked off her heels called Evan to be first. They stood about five feet in front of Joel and clung to each other and rocked to the music. Evan's hands roamed over her body freely fondling her ass and breasts. Sharon unbuttoned Evans' shirt then proceeded to undo his belt and zipper before sliding down his slacks. His boxers were next and his fully engorged cock sprung free and was soon nestled against

Sharon's stomach. Sharon fondled his package for a few moments before asking Evan to sit down and calling me to the floor.

Joel was rock hard and signs of precum revealed how excited he was. He begged for a blow job but Sharon just giggled. As I approached, Sharon quickly removed my clothes then turned around and pressed her ass and back up against my body and grabbed my arms so they were wrapped around her while she faced her husband. As she squirmed her ass against my cock she placed my hands on her breasts. I needed little additional direction as my hands began to massage her breasts and body traveling from the breasts to hips and back exploring her curves. I pushed one bra cup down so here breast popped out and slid my other hand into her panties.

For the next several minutes I fondled Sharon and had her panting as my fingers on one hand aroused her nipple and the other was working her slit only slightly hid by the black lace panties. Joel squirmed and his cock throbbed as he watched his wife only a few feet away being pleasured by someone else as two other men watched intently. Sharon panted and shook as a small orgasm shook her body.

Burt stood and removed his clothes as Sharon caught her breath. His 8 inches was at full mast as he positioned himself to that he could nurse on Sharon's bare breast. Burt said it was his turn and I cooperated and stepped away. Sharon was pliant as Burt pushed her bra cup down revealing her other tit. Sharon mumbled something but it turns out it was not a protest, only a request to position her so that Joel would have to see what was happening. Burt kissed Sharon deeply with his tongue probing her mouth and his hands fondling her body. He was soon sliding the black lace panties down Sharon's legs revealing her firm ass and nicely trimmed pussy. Sharon, now an experienced tease, had known to put her panties on after the garter belt and stockings so they would continue to frame her figure after her panties were removed.

Joel was squirming in his seat and his cock was hard and nearly purple in color and twitching slightly.

Sharon broke the kiss and declared "I need some cock". But she had a specific plan in mind. She asked Evan with his 8 inch cock, to lay on the carpet in front of Joel so she could sit on him. Not one to argue when your cock is rock hand and a beautiful woman is telling you how she wants to be fucked, Evan quickly took his position. Sharon straddled him then looked at Joel and told him she was going to impale her hot pussy on Evan while she jerked off Burt and myself. "I know what your favorite fantasies are and we are going to act out yours first before I take these guys into the bedroom and wear them out tonight. With that Sharon slowly lowered herself. She grabbed Evan's cock as she got low enough and guided it toward her well lubricated slit. She stroked the cock a few time then rubbed it back and forth along her slit before lowing herself. She moaned as Evan's large cock head entered her. Sharon pumped up and down a couple of times before her legs gave out and she impaled herself completed on Evan. She squealed as the cock pushed to full depth in her hot love hole. Evan groaned as well but instinctively his hands found their way to her ass and tits as he fondled the gorgeous blond housewife only a few feet from her near naked husband. As Sharon and Evan established a rhythm, she motioned for Burt and I. We approached and Sharon told us that Joel's favorite fantasy was having another man cum on her face and tits so she expected a huge load from each of us after a day of teasing. She said we could have her for the rest of the night after Joel ejaculated.

We needed little encouragement as Sharon put her glossy lips over my cock and began to work her magic. Since we had first met less than a year ago she had become an accomplished cock sucker. Sharon took Burt's cock in her right hand and began to jerk him off as she sucked me while rocking on Evan. Sharon was squirming and moaning around my cock as she got ever more excited. Evan was tweaking her nipples and thrusting into Sharon as he neared a climax. Sharon's switched to Burt's cock and ordered me to jerk off on her face. As my hand replace her lips around my cock, her hand moved between my legs and she fondled my balls and probed for my ass hole. Burt announced he was about to come and pulled out of Sharon's mouth as Sharon plunged her finger in my ass sending a bolt of excitement through my body. I beat Burt and began erupting. I pointed my cock at Sharon's face and the first huge stream landed on her forehead. Burt came almost simultaneously and joined in the cum shower. Sharon ranted about wanting to get plastered with cum and fucked as we collectively pumped about ten squirts on Sharon's beautiful face. Evan grunted and began unloading deep in Sharon's pussy as the cum dripped down her face and fell in globs on her breasts. I turned to see Joel's cock twitch and begin to erupt and told Sharon that Joel was cumming.

It was the most unbelievable sex scene I had ever had and I collapsed to a nearby chair to catch my breath. Sharon Grinned in trump as she sat with Evan's shrinking cock still in her cunt. Joel looked exhausted and Burt had taken a chair as well. We all recovered but kept our eyes glued on Sharon's cum covered face and tits. After about ten minutes we regained some strength and Burt went to get some towels and Sharon climbed off Evan.

I got us all drinks as Evan handed out towels. Sharon wiped the cum from her face but not before licking her lips. Joel asked to be untied but Sharon just smiled and told him to relax. Sharon turned to Burt and asked if he had another joint to share. Burt said he thought he had one in a bag in the car and Sharon said, " If you get me another Joint I will let you fuck me up the ass in round two." Burt said he would shower up first then go to his car while the rest of us cleaned up. Sharon grinned then suggested Burt miight want to invite that big black guy working as a valet to the party while he is in the lobby.

Joel, still tied to the chair, squirmed against the ropes and his cock began to show signs of life. Sharon giggled and headed to the shower saying she planned to try on the red lingerie next.

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