tagLesbian SexThe Other Woman Ch. 01

The Other Woman Ch. 01


Deana is a sexy, vibrant free-spirited BBW. Her oval face is framed by long auburn hair that cascades down across her milky white shoulders. When men look into her blue-green eyes, they're drawn in like a moth to a flame. When it comes to her ruby red lips they look so tempting. All you want to do is plant a kiss on them that would curl her toes. When it comes to sex, she always thought of herself as heterosexual. That was until her recent encounter with another woman.

As we look back on the events before the encounter, one can see a happily married couple with a great sex life. However, at times Deana felt unsatisfied. She wanted to do more, to try new things that would excite her beyond ecstasy. While secretly masturbating, she fantasized about different ways to gratify her increasing desires.

One such fantasy involved having sex with another woman. Deana wondered, what would it feel like to be touched by her? The more she thought about it, made her want to try it, for real.

Deana would lay naked on the bed and imagined the other woman was with her. Beads of sweat would cover her forehead as their naked bodies embraced. She'd be trembling when her lips touched hers, locking in a passionate kiss. Her skin would be set ablaze when she felt the woman's light feathery touch. She moaned, arching her back as two hands began kneading her breasts and fingers pulled at their taunt nipples. After that the digits tickled their way downward toward Deana's pussy. They parted the lips, examining the wet silky folds, before running circles around her clit.

All the while, sliding one then two fingers inside Deana's vaginal orifice, finger-fucking her deeply as their tongue flicked her clit.

By this time, she'd begin to start to shaking slightly and uncontrollably.

Deana then pinched her clit and screamed, "Yessssssssssss!" While climaxing so hard that she left a large wet spot on the bed. Oh God, she was cumming harder than she ever had before.

Deana knew then that she needed to find another woman who would help her fulfill the fantasy. Her only problem was that she lived in a small mid-western farm town. Finding a woman to experiment with was nearly impossible. So she decided the next time she was alone to search online and see what would happen.

The following day, it turned out that her husband had to work the late shift. Usually when he did this, Deana would usually go outside, watch the stars come out and view the constellations. However, that night it was even too hot and humid for that. So she sat down on the sofa, and thumbed through the TV channels, but didn't find anything interesting. Afterwards she walked into the bedroom, picked up her favorite book, and started reading it. But that, too, was boring.

Then it dawned on her, here was the chance she'd been waiting for.

Deana then went over to her computer, logged on, and started surfing the net.

Soon she entered one of her favorite chatrooms, called the BBW room. After the usual chit-chat she found herself in a private conversation with another woman named Ruth.

As they talked the two of them discovered that they had a lot in common. They both loved to cook, watch the stars, and read erotica. When it came to sex, it turned out that Ruth was just as mischievous and kinky as Deana.

Ruth then confided in her, "You know Deana, when I'm in a hot, sexy chat, I often masturbate. Oh God, I love using my toys and web cam, it makes me cum harder! However, what I like best about my cyber-sex encounter is telling my husband about it. It really turns him on and I get a wild, hot fucking. Honey, you ought to try it."

"Oh my God, Ruth, that is so hot. You know, I have a video camera too, and I use it sometimes. But I don't tell my husband about it. He's just not into trying new things like that. I can hear him now whining and complaining. "Darling you're a happily married woman and shouldn't show your naked body on cam. Why what would our friends think?" I myself don't give a damn what our friends think, it's my life, not theirs.

"Oh, now that's a shame. Hey honey, maybe I can help you find ways to let me, put it this way, light his fire."

They both had a good laugh about that. When the conversation began again Ruth started describing herself. She was a full figured woman that stood about five foot one, with short red hair, green eyes, and long sexy legs. After that she typed, LOL with stats that would make a preacher blush. Next thing Ruth did was tell Deana that she was bi-sexual.

"You sound sexy. Wish I could see your picture. As far as being bi, that's ok, I won't hold that against you." She then told Ruth a little bit about herself.

After a brief pause, Ruth typed, "Deana, have you ever had an experience with a female sexually?"

"I like the idea of being with a woman sexually. It turns me on a lot and I often fantasize about it while I masturbate. I have never been with a woman for real, just had a few hot cyber chats online."

Ruth typed in bold hot pink letters, "Would you like to play online with this woman now, baby?"

Without hesitation, Deana replied. "Oooooh yes, I would!"

Ruth then asked if she was willing to continue the chat cam to cam.

Deana then confided in Ruth that she had reservations about using it. Especially with people she just met. Because lately when she did, the person she was chatting with always laughed and said she was too damn fat to be on cam.

Ruth replied, "Ok, why don't you let me be the judge of that. Send me a picture of yourself."

Deana sent her a picture thinking the worst. After a brief pause, she read Ruth's boldly typed reply. "WOW, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY! I wish I were there to prove it to you right now.

On the other hand, they could type or use voice chat until Deana was comfortable with caming."

Deana's senses were elevated. Her pussy was drenched and she had not even removed any clothing yet. When the request for voice chat popped on the screen she clicked the "yes" option.

Ruth then stated in a sultry voice that echoed clear to Deana's clit making it throb. "I'd love to cater to your every need, love. Nevertheless, right now, I think you should really not talk or type at all. We need to give you something sexy to distract you from your woes."

Deana thought for a moment then asked, "What do you mean---'we?' "

Ruth then confessed that Alan, her hubby, was sitting next to her. They were both horny as hell and wanting to have a bit of naughty fun online. After a brief pause, Ruth typed, "Let's tease him for awhile."

By this time, the anticipation was turning Deana on so much that her juices had soaked clear through her jeans. "Oooooooh, let's go for it. This sounds like fun!"

Ruth then instructed Deana to go get any toys that she had. That was easy, since the computer was in the bedroom. There was already a small dildo and eight inch vibrator in the drawer next to her. She took them out and laid them next to her on the desk.

"Good. Now remove your bra and suck your nipples loudly so that we can hear it. After that, continue taking off all your clothes, we want you totally naked, sweetie."

"Ooooooh God, my clit is throbbing. I can't wait to see what you want me to do next."

"Next thing we want you to do is turn on your vibrator and rub it over your clit, baby. MMMM, I can hear it buzzing, bet that feels good! Now, if you're comfortable with doing so, turn on your camera."

By this time, Deana's pussy was dripping like a faucet she couldn't turn off. She wanted the two of them to see how wet she was.

After turning on her camera she asked, "Can you see how hot my cunt it?"

"Oh God honey, we can see it! It's making Alan's cock drool! I'm also using my vibrator and my pussy is on fire. Oh fuck, I wish I were there to taste your sweet nectar! Now slide the toy deep into that pussy of yours. "

Deana did as directed and heard Ruth moan when she slid the toy into her hot-box. She then licked her lips, purred, as she ran the toy from her swollen clit to her puckered asshole.

With a quivering voice, Ruth said, "You're doing just fine."

Deana could tell that Ruth was just as excited as Deana was. When she heard her hubby say, "Spread her legs Ruth and give me room. Daddy wants to taste your hot cunt!"

As Deana watched the two on cam she shrieked, "Ooooooh fuck!" She almost climaxing on the spot, but decided to wait and cum when Ruth did.

Ruth responded with a seductive tone, "Deana, tease yourself more. Let me see you run that toy from your clit all the way to your asshole. Now if you like to have your ass fucked, hold it there and let it vibrate your back door."

As they watched, Deana teased her clit, then lubed the vibrator with pussy juice, then placed it on her asshole. With her free hand she encircled her clit and slowly pushed the toy into her ass.

She shook her head and deeply inhaled, "Mmmmm Ruth, this feels so fucking good."

"I bet it does sweety. Alan loves to fuck my ass. You're making us so fucking hot!"

Deana heard Ruth gasp, and wondered what was happening, because she could not see both of them on cam. The next thing she heard was Ruth screaming, "Fuck my ass Alan! Oh yes just like that, deeper, harder my love!"

Deana's heart was pounding so loudly she figured the two of them could hear it. With a shaky voice she cooed, "Ooooh yes, fuck it good, Alan."

She then rammed her ass hard with the toy as her fingers tantalized her clit. After a few thrusts she exclaimed, "Aaaaaaaargghh, I'm cumming!"

"Oooooooh fuck, I love watching you! Deana, you're so hot on cam. Now keep fingering your cunt, Alan is just about to fill my ass with his cum!"

Deana could tell by Alan's breathing that he was close to cumming. She began rubbing her clit feverishly again. "Ruth, I wish you were eating me as Alan was fucking you in the ass!"

Alan yelled, "Hot-Damn, this feels so good! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, I'm cumming!"

The events caused a chain reaction between the two women and they shouted in unison, "I'm cumming!!!!!"

Alan then told Deana, "God, I wish the three of us were together in the same room."

"I do too honey. If I was there, I could straddle your cock while eating Ruth's pussy."

As the three of them came back down to earth, Deana started to sob. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin everything by crying."

Ruth asked, "Awww hon, what's wrong?"

With a tearful voice she explained her husband's apprehension to have fun outside just the two of them. Every time she tried talking to him he wouldn't hear of it.

Alan then spoke up and said, "Well, maybe we can send you both free tickets to join us when we go on vacation. That way maybe we can talk to him and see why he's hung up about things."

Deana just chuckled, "Now that's a great idea, a vacation with a hidden agenda. Let me talk to him and see what happens."

Ruth then said, "Ok you hot, sexy thing. Keep us informed. I hope we can play like this again."

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