The Painter


She was sleeping late that day. Her husband was going to be at work all day and had already left. Happily, he had let her sleep as they had been out late the night before. It had been a nice night out with friends for dinner and drinks. She thought to herself how they just do not do that enough. There were so many friends who they did not see enough. They should make more of a point of inviting people over she thought to herself for the umpteenth time.

It felt good lying in her bed as the warm breeze came through her windows. She had had another long week and she needed to just lie there and enjoy her solitude. It felt good to be in her bed in her lace nightie. She only wore this when her husband begged her. It made him extremely horny as he could see her nipples through the pink lace fabric. When she was standing the fabric didn't completely cover her ass cheeks, which he also loved as he really enjoyed looking at her behind, grabbing it, massaging it, and telling her how any man who saw her in this nightie, or just saw her ass would want to throw her on the bed and take her right then and there. He'd tell her how he could make piles of money as he could charge for the privilege of just watching her walk by in this nightie while they caught glimpses of the red hair between her legs and her nice pert 36B's of a much younger woman.

Even though she was tired from her week and their evening out, she had acquiesced to his pleading and put the nightie on. She had to admit that she had enjoyed watching him quickly build a tent in his shorts as he leered at her and later loved feeling his hardness against her belly as he savagely kissed her; rotating between groping her ass and massaging her breasts before laying her down and pushing into her.

It had been a satisfying ending to the evening. She hadn't been in the mood but it was fact that the lace rubbing across her body had an effect on her as much as the visual had an effect on him and the outcome was nice. She reached down, spreading her legs a little, pulling the fabric up just a bit and lightly tickled down below. She moaned, remembering the night before; she smiled, and she dozed off.

She had forgotten all about the painters coming that day to put the second coat on the outside of their house and to prime and paint the exterior of the windows. As she slept she did not hear the ladder being placed against the outside of the house. Not hearing was perhaps understandable as she slept on the third floor of a Queen Anne and the ladder was actually leaning 30 feet away from her. Most of the house had a steeply pitched roof but just outside her bedroom window as a large flat roof where the house ended at two floors. The painter had scurried up to the second floor and was now comfortably preparing to finish his work on the third floor exterior without the need of a ladder.

The day before the painters had removed the combination storm/screen windows so they could be scraped, painted and reinstalled. He lifted the first window and screw gun and approached the first window. As he did he was thinking to himself how lucky these people were to have this house. It was a very fine house; larger than most he had worked on. He was looking forward to finishing the job but had enjoyed working for these people as they made progress payments on time and without complaint. They were nice people, he thought to himself. He especially was taken by the wife. There was something about her that made him look forward to seeing her. Maybe it was her smile, or perhaps that she was a redhead; he'd always had a thing for redheads. Or maybe it was her body...yes; he agreed with himself it was probably her body. The work outfit she was wearing that first day he met her really clung to her ass nicely and when they all sat at the kitchen table to sign the agreement he hadn't been able to keep his eyes off his legs long enough or often enough as her skirt rode up her thighs making him wonder what it would be like to be between those legs.

He set the window down, retrieving his caulk gun to seal out the water. Cutting off the tip of the caulk tube and shoving a nail into it to get the caulk to run he began applying a bid on the frame of the window. As he did so his eyes followed the tube...and he froze. "Oh my god" he thought. He was looking at the woman, lying in bed. "Oh my god" she doesn't have panties on! He froze. What to do, what to do. He just stood there with caulk running out of the gun.

He whispered to himself "my god that pussy is just as beautiful as I thought it would be" as he stood staring between her legs. I have to get out of here he thought to himself as he continued leering. He felt his dick rising as he stood staring at this woman. He reached down, touching himself, adjusting himself, allowing for more room in his pants as he continued to grow, looking at her sex. He had adjusted himself but still left his hand on his dick. He squeezed it feeling his hardness. He rubbed it a little, looking around to confirm that nobody could see him from the nearby houses.

He felt himself get dizzy as his dick took command of his senses. He kicked off his shoes.

When he later thought back to this day, and he did often, he wouldn't really remember moving into the house through the open window but he would never forget standing there, a scant ten feet or so from the foot of the bed staring at those beautiful full lips between this woman's legs. He took a step closer followed by two more. The woman moved. He froze. "Oh my god, he thought, she's going to see me!" Even finishing his thought he knew that at some level this was worth it even if she did seem him. And oh my...her legs had parted even more with her movement. He shuffled forward to the foot of the bed. He could hear her breathing. It was soft, steady, heavy; she was sound asleep.

He moved down to his knees, ogling every part of this woman. He watched her ankle, moving his eyes up her calf to the inside of her knee and up her milky white thigh. "Oh god" he thought, he was going to cum in his jeans just looking at this woman. He knew he was in a dangerous spot; a spot more dangerous than he had ever been in. If she was to awake obviously she would freak. She would certainly call the cops, who would call immigration who would certainly send him back to Mexico, but somehow he just didn't care. He slowly leaned toward her over the bed.

"What an amazing body" he thought to himself. As he moved closer he could see how she had nicely trimmed her bush. He could see her freckled skin through the fabric of her nightie. He could see her nipples! "Oh my god, I can see her nipples" he whispered to himself. " has such nice tits...oh god I wish I could suck on them" he thought not taking his eyes off the areolas surrounding her beautiful nipples that he so wanted to suck. "I have got to have this woman" he again thought, forgetting the Cops and the INS as was thinking only with one part of his body. "God I want to fuck her" he again repeated to himself looking again to her pussy.

He leaned closer, placing his hands on either side of her legs as he moved his face toward his goal. He could smell her now. He could smell that wonderful smell of a woman's pussy. It had been so long since he had licked a pussy and he really wanted to lick this one. He now was just inches from his goal. Inhaling deeply; taking in her sent; he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He flicked it toward her just touching her pussy hair with the tip of his tongue. She didn't move. Her breathing didn't change.

He moved an inch closer. His nose was practically touching her mound of hair above her lips. He stuck his tongue out another time...probing...probing. His tongue touched her lips. She didn't move. He moved his tongue up her slit, spreading her lips aside as he moved. She moaned! He froze.

He saw her hand moving toward her crotch. He quickly backed away. Her hand brushed against her pussy as she rolled over with one leg stretched out toward him and the other bent up toward her chest. "Oh my god" he whispered to himself again. He pose was exposing her pussy to him more than before. "What did this mean" he asked himself. "Could she be awake? Was this her way of inviting him toward her?"

That's when he heard something. It was the cat! Her cat was coming up the steps and mewing as he approached. This surely would wake her. He knew he had to get out! He dove out the window within some part of a second and hid behind the wall out of view. He heard her call out for the cat. "That was close" he thought as he felt his heart beat starting to return to normal.

He quickly stood and started banging around pretending to get ready to start painting the wall of the house. He looked over at the window. The cat was looking at him from the window sill. The woman was calling for the cat, telling him to come inside as she walked toward the window still wearing nothing but her nightie. She picked up the cat, holding him to her breasts as she peaked out the window.

"Oh, I didn't know you were here" she stated.

He just waived and smiled as she looked down. That is when they both noticed his boots, still lying beneath the window where he had kicked them off a few moments before.

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