tagFetishThe Panty Club Ch. 06

The Panty Club Ch. 06


Claire offered to drive the girls home, but only Amber accepted the offer, the other three choosing to make their way home.

Amber sat in the car, her hand resting on her teacher's thigh as she drove her home.

"Fuck that was so hot when you pissed yourself in there," Amber said, her hand sliding further and further up Claire's smooth thigh.

"God I was almost tempted to cum like you girls did," Claire responded, "I was so hot from seeing you all get yourselves off, but I really wanted to do something outrageous for you. Do you have time to stop by my place for a quick orgasm?" Amber checked her watch and decided that she'd need to call home first. She told her mother that she'd be doing some extra work at Anne's place and then grinned at Claire.

Once they were inside, Claire seized Amber and pulled her into a tight and passionate embrace, their lips and tongues locked together. Amber could feel Claire grinding her piss soaked crotch against her thigh and worked her hands around to squeeze her tight butt in response.

Claire was incredibly horny from the afternoon's fun and knew that she didn't have a lot of time with Amber, and so quickly commenced removing her clothes, pausing only to assault her each time she revealed an erogenous zone. At the same time she was stripping her own clothes off and dragging Amber towards her bedroom. She pushed her back upon the bed and lay her body across her student, continuing to kiss her and grind herself against her thigh.

Amber groaned at the intensity of her teacher's need, the urgency of it escalating her own desire with each passing moment. Claire sucked hard upon Amber's nipples before dangling her own breasts in front of her student so that they could be sucked and bitten on. She then moved her way up until she quickly straddled Amber's face with her pussy. She grabbed Amber's hair with her hand, pulling her student into it so that she was left with little option but to lick and devour what was in front of her, giving her no chance to even consider the fact that only moments before she'd been wearing piss-soaked panties and hadn't done anything to wash herself.

Claire ground against Amber's face, moaning as she felt herself pushed closer and closer to orgasm with each flick of her tongue or pull of her lips against her clit.

Amber ate her teacher's pussy with a ferocity that matched the urgency with which it had been forced upon her and very soon was rewarded with a rush of fluid as Claire convulsed and collapsed, her hand holding the headboard of the bed in a white-knuckled grip as she shuddered and came.

"Wow I think you really needed that," Amber grinned moments later as they again lay side by side.

"I most certainly did," Claire grinned, pulling Amber into a kiss again, the taste of her own pussy still lingering on her student's lips. "Do you have time for me to devour you?"

Amber checked the time on the clock beside Claire's bed. "No," she replied, her voice tinged with the disappointment that she felt. "I really do need to get going. But I'll definitely take a rain check!"

"Deal," Claire said, "Can I at least give you a ride home?"

"Sure, that would be great," Amber smiled. The two of them recovered their clothes from where they had been scattered and then Claire drove Amber home.


Amber stirred from a deep and refreshing sleep and after showering, pulled on her school dress before searching through her panty draw in what had become her favourite ritual of the day. She pulled out a pair of blue cotton briefs with pink love hearts decorating them and snuggled them up against her pussy, giving them a brief rub. She made her way to school, happily wondering what she would get to change into once she got there and met up with Claire.

She wasn't surprised upon her arrival at school to be unable to hook up with Claire and so met up with the other girls in the toilets. She handed off her panties to Teri and made her way to her first class feeling the air stirring against her bald pussy as she sauntered off down the hall. It wasn't until between classes that she managed to link up with her teacher and get a pair of panties from her.

Claire handed her a pair of blue satin briefs that had sheer horizontal stripes running through them.

"These are cute!" Amber said, holding them up.

"Though not as cute as what they'll hide," Claire whispered, her fingers seeking beneath Amber's school dress and rubbing against her bald pussy lips, drawing forth a trace of moisture, indicative of Amber's aroused state.

"If only we had more time," Amber sighed, watching as Claire brought her fingers to her lips to suck on them. Claire told Amber to swap places and lifted the seat of the toilet. As Amber slipped into her panties, Claire stood with her legs either side of the toilet and started to pee, the stream descending into the bowl of the toilet in a noisy rush. Amber moaned as Claire's fingers dipped between her legs and briefly passed through the stream of piss. Then the bell rang.

"Shit," Claire and Amber both echoed together. "I really need to get control of this or I won't have a job," Claire added. With greater caution, the two of them fled the toilets and made their way to their next classes.

At lunch time, Amber passed off the blue briefs to Teri, who noted just how wet they seemed to be.

"Well I've been horny!" Amber laughed, pushing Teri up against the wall of the cubicle, feeling her large breasts crushed between them as she kissed her. Teri responded willingly, her own tongue dueling with Amber's and her hands groping her friend's lithe body. Amber sank down to her knees and pushed Teri's skirt up, exposing the blue, love hearted briefs that Amber had passed to her before school. She pulled the crotch aside to expose Teri's full, swollen pussy lips and then ran her tongue between them eliciting a stifled moan from her. Amber devoured her friend hungrily, sucking and nibbling on her clit, driving her tongue between her lips, and using her finger to tease her in any way that she could until Teri shuddered and came.

Amber pulled the panties down so that she could put on the blue ones, then held them out again so that she could put the blue cotton ones back on, knowing that she'd be passing them off to Abby. Once again, Amber found herself pantiless as the two girls managed to escape the toilets and rushed out to the oval to meet up with their friends, aware that being Wednesday, they would be pissing their panties.

It turned out that Miss Martin was on yard duty and as she stopped to chat to the girls as she made her way about the yard. Whilst talking, she dropped a pair of black lace briefs into Amber's lap. She squatted down to chat with the girls, keeping an eye on the other people on the oval. As she squatted there, Anne handed her a green thong with a yellow checker pattern on it and then edged her butt forward, her skirt riding up to reveal a white satin thong. The girls all watched in anticipation and were soon delighted to see a quick soaking of the thong before piss soaked through and down her butt to seep into the grass. Abby went next; taking advantage of the fact that there was no one else even likely to come near to have her own turn. She was wearing the blue cotton briefs that Amber had started the day in and soon they too darkened with the soaking moisture of her pee before it passed through the wet fabric in a warm yellow stream.

Amber decided to go next, having settled the black lace briefs in place and joined the peeing fun. At that point though, someone came past, looking for help from a teacher and Claire had to leave the girls to it. As she wandered off, Teri revealed the blue satin briefs that Amber had just passed to her in the toilets and soaked them with her own piss.

As the bell rang, they all made their way to their next classes, Amber looking forward to swapping with Claire again once school was over.

They managed to meet briefly, just long enough for Amber to take a very wet white satin thong from her teacher and kiss her before running off home, Claire having to return for a staff meeting that she was running late for.


"Thursday, panty stuffing day," Amber thought to herself as she pulled a pair of pink cotton briefs from her drawer and slipped them on. She wondered what Anne would wear today that they would have to stuff into their pussies, one after the other. Just thinking about it made Amber horny and so she settled on her bed and masturbated until her mother was calling her and telling her that she would be too late for school. Her panties were already soaked, but that just made Amber happier, knowing that she'd be passing them on to Claire at the first possible opportunity.

Sure enough, she did pass them on to Miss Martin before her first class and then made her way to her first lesson wearing a black cotton thong that Terri had passed to her. She'd wanted to pull Teri to the ground and ravage her massive tits and eat her pussy, but that simply wasn't the sort of thing that you could do before school.

Recess came around and Terri handed Amber a pair of yellow cotton boy leg panties to slip on. The crotch was suitably wet and Amber sniffed them, delighting in the strong aroma that Teri had left embedded in the fabric.

"God you smell good Teri," She whispered in her ear, her hand closing on Teri's breast, squeezing it firmly. She slipped a hand under Teri's dress and caressed her bald lips (Teri was yet to meet up with Abby to get what ever Anne had started the day with). When her fingers were nice and slick with Teri's juices, she pulled her fingers out and sucked on them so that she could taste her friend's sex. Then she slipped her fingers into her own pussy, mingling their juices before tasting them. Wetting her fingers again, she offered them to Teri, who sucked Amber's nectar from them, moaning quietly. The bell interrupted their reverie, something that seemed to happen more and more as they stretched their swapping activities beyond just the panties, and they quickly made their way to their next class.

Lunch time came around quicker than even Amber could have hoped for and when she met Teri yet again, she knelt down on the floor as Teri raised her leg to expose her pussy. The very end of something red was poking from between her lips and Amber used her tongue and teeth to pull it from her friend's pussy until a red cotton thong was completely free of her wet grip. Amber held it to her face, inhaling deeply the aroma of Teri's pussy before she slipped the thong up and over her pussy, delighting in how wet it felt against her skin. Teri slid to her knees and, ran her tongue over the wet fabric of the thong as it rested against her pussy. Then she pulled the strip of fabric aside so that her tongue could make direct contact with Amber's bald pussy lips, slipping over them and between them as she pleasured her friend.

She continued happily licking at Amber's pussy until she heard Amber's breathing shorten, coming in rapid little gasps. She stopped, teasing Amber and as she slipped the thong back down her legs, reminded her that she was supposed to have the thong inside her, not be wearing it normally.

Amber groaned as the pleasure was removed from her pussy and told Teri to stuff it inside for her. Teri was only too happy to oblige and started to feed the thong between her friend's lips a little at a time. She kept working it in until there was but a scrap of the fabric remaining, then she assaulted Amber's pussy with her tongue, licking all around the bit that was left in view and then up and over her clit, licking and sucking at it until Amber's thighs clamped against the sides of her head, her body shaking. Quickly composing herself, Amber followed Teri from the bathroom and made her way to her final class.

She was pleased to discover that her regular teacher for the class was absent and that Miss Martin had been sent in to sub for him.

Claire tried to ignore Amber during the lesson, or at least not to pay any more attention to her than she paid to any of the other students. She wasn't very successful though, primarily because every time she got anywhere near Amber's desk, Amber would knock something to the floor. Claire would stoop to recover it for her and Amber would spread her legs, letting Claire see that there was a hint of red sticking out from her bald pussy lips. Claire knew that this would be the thong that she would receive at the end of the class and consequently spent the entire lesson slowly soaking the the yellow cotton boy leg panties that had been passed to her following the previous swap.

Amber hung around after class as all the other students fled the room to make their way home for the day and as soon as the class had emptied, Claire pushed her up against the wall where they wouldn't be visible to anyone and drove her tongue into her student's mouth, her fingers slipping quickly up under her skirt to tug the thong from within her pussy without pause or ceremony. Amber gasped at the sudden removal, groaning.

"You minx, do you know how much I just wanted to crawl under your desk and suck on your clit?" Claire hissed quietly as she felt the sodden fabric of the thong in her fingers. She scrunched it up and then pressed it against Amber's lips, telling her quietly to take the thong in her mouth.

Amber complied, opening her mouth as Claire pushed it in, a small part of the back of her brain telling her how filthy she was, taking a thong that had been inside 4 different pussies into her mouth, but it was over-ruled by the part of her that told her doing such dirty things was an incredible turn on. The fabric tasted of all the mingled pussy juices and Amber was surprised by Claire's next move as she pressed her own mouth against Amber's sending her tongue to play amongst the folds of the cloth inside her student's mouth.

They shared the thong this way for a few moments before Claire withdrew and pulled the thong from Amber's mouth with her teeth. She tucked it away in her pocket and told Amber to make her way home, leaving her to track down Teri to pick up the panties that she was supposed to be wearing. Amber tried to get her teacher to stay long enough just to get a taste of her pussy, but Claire was too conscious of the risks that she'd already exposed herself too and wasn't going to have a bar of it.

Friday rolled around bright and sunny and Amber pulled a pair of pink cotton briefs from her drawer for the day's pleasures which required that she wear exactly that style and grinned as she thought about the way that the day would end, with each of the girls cumming in their panties around at Anne's place.

The day passed without unusual incident, with each of the girls and their teacher meeting at the appointed time and swapping their knickers. Amber recalled each of the sets of panties that she'd worn during the day as she strolled to Anne's place, disappointed to find out that Claire wouldn't be able to make it, but happy that they had at least swapped. She had progressed from the pink briefs, through a pair of plain black cotton briefs, then to a pair of pale blue ones, a cute grey pair with white lace trim around the waist and legs and now she walked in a pair of dark green cotton briefs with grey horizontal stripes through them.

The girls all met up at Anne's place and being the last one there, Amber's entry into the house was something of a procession of deep tongue kisses as first Anne, then Abby and finally Teri each took their time to welcome her, sticking their tongues in her mouth and most of them feeling her pert breasts as well. She certainly made sure that she copped a good feel of each of theirs in the process.

When they were all settled on a seat or the floor in the living room, Anne announced that it was time for them to start making themselves cum. Each of the girls entered their own little happy place so to speak as their fingers dipped either into their panties or started by rubbing them vigorously against their bald pussies.

Abby was the first one to manage to orgasm, gasping and panting madly with her thighs clenched together, holding her own hand in place against her pussy. Teri quickly followed and Amber delighted in watching her large chest heaving against her school dress, wishing that the massive tits were close enough that she could suck on her large nipples.

She decided that she should really start concentrating on herself a little more as her fingers had slowed and nearly stopped in their efforts at pleasing herself. She withdrew them from her panties and rubbed the soft cotton of the green stripy underwear between her lips, feeling the moisture seep into the fabric. As she moved her fingers back within them and caressed her slippering and erect clit, Abby moved over and Amber gasped as she felt her friend's fingers pull firmly on her nipples, managing to grasp them through her school dress and her bra. Abby wasn't content with just that though and undid the buttons of her friend's dress one by one as she slipped her tongue between her lips. Amber tried to keep her fingers working, but had to pause until Abby's attention shifted from kissing her to freeing her right breast enough from the cotton bra she wore to be ble to suck upon the nipple she had so forcefully tweaked moments before.

Amber's head fell back onto thte couch in pleasure, a moan loudly escaping her lips as her nipple was bit and sucked and her own fingers resumed their assault on her pussy. It wasn't long until she joined the ranks of those who had cum, her pussy convulsing pleasantly as she looked and confirmed that Anne had also cum, Teri having moved over to assist her. The two of them were now casually kissing on the three seat couch.

"You know, there's something really obvious that we haven't done yet," Amber said to the girls a few minutes later as they sat sipping cokes.

"Oh?" Anne said, Amber's words having seized her attention, scarcely believing that it could be true. "Yeah, well I don't know about you guys, but I've had so many different pairs of underwear in my drawer since we started doing this that I haven't actually gone out and bought any new ones."

"Oh my god!" Teri said, we need to go shopping!

"Uh huh," Amber said, grinning.

"You're a genius!" Anne said to her friend, "You totally deserve something special. Ok girls, we all have to pleasure Amber for this brilliant idea."

The three other girls, giggling and discussing where they should go, quickly moved in on Amber to strip her first of her school dress and then of the white cotton bra that she was wearing until they had her sprawled naked on the floor. Anne quickly moved to the prime position between Amber's legs and started to gently lap at her wet, inflamed pussy. Amber wiggled immediately at the contact, so soon after she had just managed to cum. Abby moved to her breasts, sucking and pulling at her nipples with her teeth, lips and fingers and Teri suspended her own large breasts over Amber's mouth, dangling her large nipples within reach of her tongue and lips so that Amber had something to suck on as she was pleasured.

It didn't take long under this assault of pleasure for Amber to explode a second time. The three others allowed her to recover as they all donned a pair of panties that had been cum in as they finalised their discussions.

"So, we should hit up Gap?" Anne asked.

"And Victoria's secret of course!" Teri replied.

"And I still say we should go to Target," Amber confirmed. With that agreed, they girls all arranged to meet the following day.


Amber was excited when she woke the next day as she rummaged through her underwear drawer ahead of the planned shopping exhibition. She found a bright yellow stretch cotton thong and slipped it on before grabbing a denim miniskirt and pink t-shirt over a plain white cotton bra. She completed the ensemble with a pair of simple white flip flops that would be easy to kick on and off as they shopped and then shouting goodbye to her parents, headed off to Abby's place where they were all to meet.

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