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The Panty Perils of Me 00


First of all let me apologise to my regular readers for my long absence as I am back to working full time, which leaves me very little time to write. Hopefully you will enjoy the further adventures of Ms. Harley as I have been drawn to write a side series of stories that relate to the A Woman's Journal series.

I can't promise how often I will be able to submit additions, but sincerely hope that you enjoy my efforts.

The Beginning

When one is in the midst of a series of embarrassing as well as forced exposures it is somewhat difficult to recall where it all began. It seems that my delving back into the workplace resulting in my employment at S&M Investments as written about in A Woman's Journal has had an added consequence. Not only am I learning a lot about myself and others through my recent career start, but it seems that my newly developed outgoing personality has brought me to the attention of my neighbors and acquaintances.

It is the day of the semester ending teacher's conferences for my daughters and I am in a hurry as usual having come from participating in one of my new client's business activities that had me riding on the back of a large motorcycle. I believe that it went by the name of Boss Hog. I am a bit worse for wear as a business jacket, skirt and heels are not exactly motorcycle wear, so I am hoping to get in a quick shower before attending the conferences.

While constantly checking the time, I throw on a beige colored silk dress not taking the time to wear a slip underneath, particularly since I don't own one nor even checking myself in the mirror before I run out to my car. I drive too fast to the high school to attend my daughters' teacher's conference parking in the school parking lot and running to the front steps to be as close to on time as I possibly can.

The teacher's conferences are considered an essential part of a child's education and provide an indicator as to the interest of the parents in their child's development. Since my husband is constantly traveling, I am in essence a single parent and will not allow my situation to serve as an excuse to be late.

Immediately upon arrival I know that something isn't quite right as most everyone in the hallways is staring at me as if I am wearing nothing but a bra and panties. I can't for the life of me figure out why so many men, young and old, are smiling as I make my way through the maze of hallways to my first scheduled conference.

As I hurry past the glass display case showing off all of the various trophies and awards that the school has achieved over the years, my reflection stops me in my tracks. It is now quite apparent why I have garnered so many looks and outright stares. The florescent lighting in the hallways of the school has the effect of making my dress almost transparent and it does look like I am wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

I want to shrink in embarrassment and shame for seeming so brazen with my exposure. How was I to know that the material of my beige dress would become so revealing under your average school's lighting choice?

I can feel my face flushes crimson, as my first impulse is to use my hands to cover my now not so private areas.

It seemed perfectly natural to put on a matching sheer white bra and string bikini panty set underneath my beige dress. It never occurred to me that I would be showing my lingerie selection to everyone at the school.

We have probably all dreamed of running through the hallways of our high school in either our underwear or nude, only for me this wasn't a dream. My mortification was all too apparent as my mind raced through my options.

The easy one was to get the hell out of there, but these conferences were too important to miss as they played a rather major role in a student's progress as well as their ability to receive written recommendations for college.

I really had no other choice but to continue my lingerie show and endure the continued stares and obvious delight of my unintended exposure.

As I continued my quest to arrive at the first scheduled conference I managed to pick up an entourage of young men most of whom lived in my neighborhood. It was quite apparent by their overheard comments that I had achieved the designation of MILF.

Adding to my consternation was their rather aggressive attitude towards my exposure following me from one scheduled conference to another without attempting to hide their intent of ogling and leering at me. Although it all seemed somewhat innocuous at the time, it was to lead to a series of further exposures of not only my lingerie but a long dormant desire of exhibitionism that I didn't know that I had.

I am sure that it only took me seconds to arrive at the doorway of the first scheduled teacher, but it seemed like hours as I purposely slowed my pace in full acceptance of my dilemma.

I will admit that there was a positive result from my transparency as all of the male teacher's extended their scheduled time with me while at the same time making sure that I spent most of my time standing in front of them under the florescent lights as they not so discreetly traced the outline of my barely there undies with their eyes.

Despite the humiliation of having my children's teachers stare at my nipples and crotch, by the time I got back to my car, my entire body was vibrating with such a raw sexual energy that I couldn't concentrate enough to drive, but simply sat there with the conflicting emotional response of tears in my eyes and a very wet spot between my legs.

Thus began a series of events and circumstances that I will henceforth refer to as The Panty Perils of Me.

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