tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 06

The Panty Perils of Me 06


How often do you find that you are thinking of someone or a situation that involved someone and suddenly the phone rings and it is that person on the phone?

On Thursday night I was spending some private time with myself remembering the fraternity party with Arnold.

OK, OK, I had my special massager stroking my purring kitty when my tablet chimed letting me know that I had just received an email.

The email was from Arnold stating that he needed another big favor from me and in exchange he would provide me with all of Jackie's information i.e. cell phone number and email address.

I very reluctantly pushed the off button on my intimate friend and quickly typed back, "What do you need from me?"

He wrote back saying that he needed a date to another theme party that was being held by his coed academic society. I still was so proud of Arnold for joining a fraternity that fit his personality that I had no impulse whatsoever but to say "Sure."

He explained that it was a Boss and Secretary theme and hoped that I would be his more mature secretary. It wasn't meant to be sexy as most everyone was using it as an excuse to dress in business clothes and essentially tease each other about their fashion sense.

It sounded like fun.

I wrote back that I wanted to put a little twist on the theme and asked him to wear a pair of chinos, a dress shirt, and a sleeveless sweater.

Poor Arnold replied that he was looking forward to wearing one of his father's suits again, however when I threatened to not go he conceded.

I wrote back telling him to meet me in the parking lot of the park again at 8:30 as the party started at 8:00. You never want to be the first ones there.

Yes, I like to make a special entrance particularly when it involves young hormonal charged men.

Friday night I got dressed for the party using another excuse that I was going to my monthly PTA meeting, which wasn't until two more weeks. My husband gave me a strange look regarding my attire, but had seen me in the ensemble enough times before for work that he quickly dismissed any suspicions.

As I sat in the parking lot, I saw a set of lights approaching, but waited to get out of my car to make sure that it was Arnold and I didn't want him to see me until he was parked right along side.

It was Arnold and as he stopped at the passenger side of my car, I exited walking in front of his headlights so he could see me clearly.

My twist for the party was that I was the boss and Arnold was my secretary. As a result I was wearing a black leather jacket without a bra and a matching black leather mini skirt with reptile skin high heels.

The skirt was just short enough to show a lot of my legs, but not too short to show everything.

It was something that I regularly wore to work and always received compliments on.

I thought that it was the perfect outfit to represent a dominant career woman with a potential for kink.

Arnold was perfectly speechless as he watched me slide into the front seat alongside of him. My skirt naturally bared more of my legs than when I was standing. I didn't even bother to look down, as I only needed to watch Arnold's eyes to let me know how much more of my legs had been bared.

By his look I would say that my skirt was about 4 inches below my crotch, and with a quick glance southward, I confirmed it.

Arnold's chinos had a telltale tent forming right between his legs as I said, "Hello, Arnold." Touching him on his right leg.

I absolutely love how he stammers when he is both nervous and excited.

It was so tempting to slide my hand up and verify his reaction to my leather ensemble, but I refrained.

Once he gathered his composure, he turned to me and said, "Why couldn't I wear a suit again?"

I explained that just like last time, I wanted to put a twist on things.

"Tonight" I said, "I am the boss and you are the secretary."

Arnold didn't respond, but seemed to be OK with my plan.

We ended up parking about 4 blocks from the party as the streets were filled with cars: a typical Friday night on any college campus.

Arnold almost ran around the car to open my door for me, which I thought was a part of his secretary role for the evening, but when I looked up at him I noticed where his eyes were placed.

My young date for the evening was trying to look right up my leather skirt as I exited his car.

I guess that I can't blame him as the last time that we were together he saw me in very little more than my panties.

As I moved my right leg out of the car it was only inevitable that my movement would create a space offering an unobstructed view of my black lace bikini panties.

Arnold stared at the opening caused by my spread legs.

"See something you like?" I asked with a smirk.

Arnold blushed and mumbled something sounding like "I, I, er, um, yes, I mean"

I will admit that I revel in the knowledge that a young man in his 20's wants to see me unveiled. When a woman reaches her 40's so often we feel that our looks have deteriorated and we are no longer sexy.

I think that this is why I enjoy being with Arnold. He is so good for my ego.

I let my legs remain slightly splayed as I listened to Arnold mumble and noted that his eyes never left my upskirt position.

I swear that I could feel heat forming between my legs as if Arnold had x ray vision.

I climbed out of the car wrapping my arm in his and let him escort me to our destination.

We headed to the student Union as the party was being held in the main ballroom. I felt quite different than the first time. My insecurities where gone and I was looking forward to an evening with a group of 20 year olds.

We entered the Union and just like last time, everyone stared at Arnold and myself. I am sure that the sight of someone my age at a university party is quite rare, although from some of the discussion that I overheard during the course of the evening, it seems that my reputation had preceded me.

The thought of being in just a pair of panties and an open jacket was quite intoxicating particularly since the memory of last time has resulted in so many wonderful orgasms.

I reminded myself that I was no longer that person as a delicious quivering sensation brought my lower lips to full bloom.

Yeah, I'm not that person all right.

I literally shook my head to clear the memories and looked around the large ballroom where most of the couples were located.

I was quite impressed with many of the couples as we were not the only ones with a gender role change and many of the young women had worn some very sexy secretary outfits.

What was so different from the first party was the intelligence level was much higher and it wasn't so sexually charged.

Still I got Arnold into his role right away by ordering him to get me a drink, find me a place to sit, get me something to eat, etc.

He fell into it perfectly making me realize that he would actually make a very good personal secretary.

I did add a little spice to the party, as I would frequently slap his bottom telling him to "hurry along" or grab the front of his belt to pull him close as if to make sure he understood my requests.

After a while I noticed many of the other female bosses emulating my methods and often as our eyes would meet, they would smile at me.

It seems that I wasn't the only one with a naughty mind.

The party was a lot of fun but ended too quickly as I wasn't quite ready to go home feeling frustrated that all of my clothes were still on.

Did I just admit that??

As we headed down the main stairs of the Union, I remembered to ask him about Jackie's information. I was feeling a bit tipsy from the alcohol, which for me is usually accompanied by horniness.

I really wasn't ready to go home.

We were on the second flight of stairs as the ballroom was located on the 3rd floor when I stopped walking. Arnold immediately noticed that I wasn't following him and turned around towards me.

I couldn't seem to stop myself as I asked in a very loud voice while at the same time unbuttoning the back button of my skirt and pulling the zipper down, "Did you say that I had to show you my panties to get Jackie's information?"

Arnold started to reply that he never had said that, but it was already too late.

With a simple shake of my hips and bottom, my black leather skirt descended towards the marble stair that I was standing on and I felt Arnold's eyes caress my legs all of the way up to my already swelling lips.

Arnold's look was exactly what I had wanted all night as he stood agape and transfixed on my black lace covered crotch.

I wish that I could explain the look that sends vibrations into my lower regions causing my nub to push out of its cover begging for attention.

It makes me feel like I am the sexiest woman on the planet. It is absolutely addicting to see a man's eyes cover every inch of my exposure giving me one large goosebump in a very sensitive place.

The mouth slightly open with a smile of extreme satisfaction makes my stomach flutter in a nervous state of excitement.

I always knew but wouldn't accept the fact that I am an exhibitionist and love to be looked at.

"Oops!'" I cooed as I stepped out of my skirt, turning around with my partially exposed cheeks facing towards him. I then slowly bent over to retrieve my skirt from the stair knowing full well that Arnold liked asses, particularly mine.

Arnold was still frozen in place as I sauntered past him skirtless saying" Let's get Jackie's info. OK?"

I literally sashayed without a skirt to sashay in down the stairs of the union walking through the open study area where students either sat in groups on large sofas or by themselves in overstuffed chairs.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see heads turn, as my jacket didn't quite reach to the bottom of my exposed butt making it look like I was wearing a too short black leather wrap dress.

Arnold didn't quite know what to do as my impromptu striptease had brought him a lot of attention as well.

He continued to walk with me as I said aloud; "I can't believe that you are making me show my panties to everyone in this Union just to satisfy your perverted desires."

As I said this for everyone to hear I threw my leather skirt at him striking him in the face.

I was in absolute heaven.

On the other hand, poor Arnold was beside himself being caught up in very contradictory feelings of voyeurism and embarrassment.

We reached the front door of the Union and headed for his car with me leading the way and Arnold following as best he could.

The four block long walk aroused all of my latent desires for exhibitionism as the night air made me fully aware of how much bare skin was exposed.

Once we reached the car, Arnold unlocked my door and I poked my head into his car first giving him a close up view of my pantied backside. His little gasp brought a smile to my face.

Bending further forward allowing my jacket to rise fully above my waist and still staying in character I asked, "Is the information somewhere in here?",

Arnold's view was now filled with my bare high-heeled legs, and tiny black lace panties that barely covered my round cheeks allowing the top of my lower crevice to show above the fabric.

I was not playing nice for this poor impressionable and hormonal young man.

Having not received a response to my question, I pulled my head back out of the car and turned facing him.

I grabbed the fabric of his chinos right where his penis would be and easily found his rigid reaction to my impromptu striptease.

I wrapped my fingers completely around his erection saying, "I need that information, Arnold! I must have it."

Arnold tried to respond but obviously his mind was preoccupied with the placement of my hand around his male protuberance.

I was having way too much fun to even realize the effect that my little game might be having on poor Arnold.

Without even thinking I undid the belt of my black leather jacket, which was the only thing keeping it closed. My actions resulted in my jacket opening to reveal my upper torso from the neck to the top elastic of my black panties. The only hindrance keeping my jacket from opening fully were two very erect nipples clinging to the silk lining.

I was now fully out of control or fully into my role-play or both.

I wanted to feel Arnold's erection in my hand as it began to pulse as he ejaculated outdoors in this campus neighborhood of fraternity and sorority houses.

I wanted to see the spurt of white crème splash across the sidewalk leaving its earthly odor to linger into the night.

I had wanted this when I first got into his car tonight, but wouldn't admit it to myself.

Arnold deserved it and so did I.

Now I was going to let my desires take over.

I took a hold of Arnold's zipper pulling it southward while at the same time reaching into the fly opening of his boxers freeing his enlarged snake from its hole.

"OMG", I thought to myself seeing that he definitely wasn't a shrinking violet at least in the erection department.

His penis was a deep red with a prominent mushroom shaped head pointing skyward. I wrapped my fingers around his long shaft and begged him to tell me what I needed to know.

I stepped into him allowing his erection to rub across my bare belly as I begged him repeatedly to let me have the information.

With a simple shrug of my shoulders my leather jacket opened completely revealing tow extremely hard nipples that could cut glass.

I was again with Arnold in just a pair of panties and heels.

I pushed my body into Arnold's feeling the cotton of his sweater rub against my throbbing nipples.

My other hand undid his belt and clasp allowing his pants to descend downward to his ankles. I then stuck my fingers through the opening of his boxers reaching under his testicles and finding the prominent ridge of his scrotum. Two of my fingers pushed on the ridge and I could feel the first telltale spasm course through his erection indicating an eminent eruption.

I slid my other hand to the top of his rigid tube of flesh gripping him just under the well-formed head and stroked him from top to bottom as his entire body matched the rigidity of his manhood.

I knew that it was time to move my almost naked body out of the way or I was going to get splashed.

I could feel the first rush of liquid rise up inside him while squeezing him firmly and then releasing allowing a tendril of white goo to squirt across the sidewalk landing over 8 feet away.

It was so erotic and forbidden. I could feel my own response to his eruption starting to soak through my black lace.

Arnold was in complete ecstasy as he arched his entire body as if to make his erection the focal point of his physical form.

I stroked and he squirted over and over again.

I met his chorus of "Yes, Yes, Yes" with my own as my entire body shook with excitement.

I had never seen anything so sexy in my life as I watched Arnold's body completely taken over by his orgasm.

It wasn't until his vat of joy juice was depleted did either of us notice three couples from the party standing only 20 feet from us with the most incredulous look on their faces.

Without a doubt they had seen the entire performance.

With both sets of our eyes wide open in shock, Arnold quickly pulled up his pants and put himself away while a grabbed my skirt off of the ground where Arnold had dropped it and climbed into the passenger side of the car.

Arnold joined me as soon as everything was back in place and off we went.

I turned to him and we both laughed hysterically until tears formed in our eyes.

Before I left his car to get into mine, I was given all of Jackie's information with Arnold letting me know that she would be contacting me as he had given her my email address.

As before I leaned over giving Arnold a kiss on his cheek. Surprisingly he awkwardly grabbed me wrapping his arms around me and thanked me for everything especially the part before we got into his car to leave.

I pushed a hand down upon the very center of his lap and gave him a squeeze on his reviving penis whispering to him, "It was my pleasure."

And I meant it.

I don't quite know why I'm not feeling guilty for my lewd performance. Maybe it is just a matter of time, but for now, I had one of the best evenings of my life.

A few days later Arnold emailed me to let me know that his reputation had greatly increased since our 6 witnesses have shared their experience with all of their friends and so on and so on.

I replied with a smiley face.

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