tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 17

The Panty Perils of Me 17


I was asked to run downtown at the end of the day to pick up a signed contract that needed to be filed first thing in the morning. I hate trying to find parking in the middle of the city and was griping to myself when I spied a parking structure within walking distance of my appointment.

I have to say that it was perfect. It was a 2-story structure where you simply drive into the entrance and let the parking attendants take your car after giving you a ticket. Then upon returning you simply produce the ticket, pay for the parking, and they drive your car to the entrance of the ramp.

I rushed off to get the signed contract and then returned to the parking garage to pick up my car.

I showed the attendant (#1), a nice looking young man about 20 years old, my ticket and he told me that it would be $10. It was at this point I first realized that in my hurry to get the contract I had left my purse in the car.

I explained the situation to the attendant and he understandably looked at me with a bit of skepticism. He used their walky-talky to contact the other young nice looking attendant (#2), who had parked my car, to check inside the car.

I nervously stood there waiting for the return response as the young man leered at me with a grin on his face making me feel most uncomfortable. The return call came and we both heard that there was no purse in my car.

I responded that he must be wrong but the other attendant described my car in detail over the walky-talky. I could only imagine that my purse was on the floor and thus out of site. I then tried to assure him that my purse was inside my car but undoubtedly out of site and that I would pay him double if they would just let me have my car as I had to get a very important document back to my office.

His smirk made my skin crawl as he told me that he was sure everything could be worked out asking me to follow him.

Initially I thought that we were going to my car as he had the key with him. This would then clear up any mystery regarding my missing purse.

Instead we walked to a closed stairwell where he led me down a flight to level B-0. I know this because it was displayed in huge letters on the wall of the stairwell. I walked down the stairs and when I reached the bottom I hesitantly turned to see him sitting on the stairs behind me.

My senses screamed at me that something just wasn't quite right.

The door to my right opened and the other attendant came into the stairwell and joined his friend on the stairs.

I now had an audience of two nice looking young men with a very disconcerting look on their faces.

I decided to act indignantly and demanded to know what was going on. I am sure that they both could hear the quiver in my voice as I vainly attempted to assert myself.

They both looked at me and in a very smooth and silky voice, attendant #1 told me that I could have my car keys if I did a little striptease for them.

My heart almost stopped and I found that I couldn't swallow. I am sure that my eyes were the size of dinner plates as my entire body went into panic mode as well as something else. I was feeling excited.

I just kept thinking that here I was again being told to perform for someone. The idea of it just seemed so unbelievable. I only wish that it didn't excite me each and every time I am told to strip.

Attendant #2 said, "Just take your blouse off for us." Making it seem like such a reasonable request.

I had to be back to my office within the hour making me feel that I had little choice but to comply with their request. And after all it was only my blouse that they wanted me to take off. I even felt a little shudder of uncertainty wondering whether they would be disappointed once they saw how tiny I am on top.

Funny how I can go from feeling indignant and insulted, to nervous and apprehensive, to insecure about my breast size. I guess we are from Venus as the book implies.

I turned with my back facing them, barely controlled my trembling fingers as I undid each button and pulled the tails of my blouse from my pants. I then slipped it off of my shoulders and down each arm, one at a time.

My entire body shook as I pulled my hand from the second sleeve thus completing its removal.

I was so afraid to turn around, as I knew that my nipples had reacted to my unveiling in a most immodest manner.

I took a deep breath and thought, "OK, let's just get this over with" and turned around. I needed to get back to the office.

My pale blue bra had half cups with a scalloped edge that still easily covered my tiny breasts. Both attendants responded by brazenly adjusting their male members making sure that I saw them.

Attendant #1 said, "Let's see if her bottoms match the top." I wanted to object and remind them that they had only asked me to remove my blouse, but I couldn't find my voice. I was mesmerized by the look in their eyes as these two good looking, apparently sexually healthy, young men reveled in my discomfiture knowing that I had to do as they said or potentially lose my job.

I turned again to face away from them, but was told to face them this time. I can't quite explain the mixed feelings of embarrassment and total exhilaration as I watched them watch me undo my belt buckle, the clasp holding my navy blue pants closed, and then pull my zipper down as the skin of my lower abdomen flushed with the heat of my body's reaction to their power over me.

I realize that I should have been disgusted by their treatment of me, however to have two nice looking men in their 20's displaying sizable tent poles as I undid my pants was akin to taking an aphrodisiac.

I pushed my pants down my hips and then leaned against the B-0 painted wall behind me pulling each leg free from the linen fabric until all that was left was my matching pale blue bikini panties.

Any sense of myself was gone, as I felt totally helpless to their application of me as a personal plaything. I simply did as I was told posing for their camera phones with a hand on one hip, and later suggestively sticking out my bottom with my legs slightly apart. (I am not smiling in either picture no matter what it may look like! Well, OK maybe I am smiling.)

Their discussion of what they would like to do to me or have me do to them only caused the warm flush to expand over my entire body as the sensation of total submission further excited me.

I truly thought that I was finished when they started to whisper to each other. With another of his sly grins, attendant # 1 told me to play with myself for them and then I could leave.

I was horrified by their suggestion; more from the fact that it really excited me; and less from the fact that it would be so disgraceful.

It was just the other day as I drove home from my visit with Mr. Whitmore that I had fantasized about masturbating in front of someone and here I was being leered at by two young males while being told to do exactly that.

I shook my head in disbelief and they thought that I was refusing. "Don't be such a prude," one of them said. "If they only knew how wrong they were," I thought to myself slowly moving a hand up to my chest and rubbing it over the left cup of my bra.

I began to play with my nipple through the fabric of my bra causing it to poke out over the top. My audience's little yelp of pleasure informed me that it hadn't gone unnoticed.

I dared to take a quick glance at both of them and was captivated by the look in their eyes. Although for all practical purposes, they were in control of me, I now had their full attention. I pulled on the fabric between my bra cups and easily exposed the other of my two very erect and dark red nipples begging for attention.

While using my left hand to pinch and tweak my very ripe little nubs of flesh, I explored my bare flesh with my right hand by rubbing it over and then below my navel stopping just short of my panties.

Another quick glance told me that my two voyeurs were completely caught up by my performance, which only encouraged my raunchy display of self-pleasure.

I continued to rub my fingers across my very erect nipples again pulling on the fabric of my bra until both breasts were completely exposed.

The cool damp air of the stairwell only added to the delectable sensations caressing my bare skin.

If it hadn't been for their moans and groans of pleasure I could have easily imagined that I was alone. Although having them as my audience only increased my desire to perform.

My right hand continued to explore my bare stomach as I moved it down and around my tiny navel.

There continued comments of pleasure gave me all of the encouragement that I needed. The crotch of my panties had become quite slick from my manipulations and I could easily feel my hardened little pleasure knot sticking straight out.

I slipped my right hand down over the front of my panties until my fingers were between my legs. Then I pushed them into the thin gusset of my panties letting out my own moan of satisfaction. I then began to rub myself in earnest until the dampness of the fabric stuck to my crotch forming a very distinctive camel toe. The crotch of my panties had become quite slick from my manipulations and I knew that it was time to make direct contact.


I was lost in my own little world of sexual craving and had lost any sense of modesty or decorum once my nipples were bared. I slipped my hand inside the top elastic of my bikini panties and easily found another knot of pleasure to explore. It already was slick and slippery providing me with the perfect surface to slip and slide my fingers over and around.

I spread my legs wide apart while leaning my back against the cool cement wall of the stairwell listening to the encouragement being uttered by my audience. "Yah, that's it. Do yourself for us."

As my fingers continued to explore my nether region my "uhs" and "ohs" became louder and more frequent.

The word, "Yes" seemed to have replaced the rest of my vocabulary, as it was all that I could utter as I came closer to my sexual destination.

Within a minute or two I was on the edge of a very intense and overdue orgasm. I opened my eyes for one last quick look before I came and my two attendants eyes were wide open while at the same time both were holding impressive erections through the fabric of their pants.

This visual was all that I required to drop over the edge. With a loud inhale of air followed by an equally loud moan of raw sexual pleasure my entire body formed into a singularly taut muscle before the first glorious spasm of my orgasm took me over.

My bare thighs gripped my right hand inside of my panties and I convulsed over and over again until I could feel the skin coming off of my back as it rubbed itself raw against the concrete wall.

My uhs and ohs echoed through the stairwell as one glorious spasm after another rocked me.

When I was about finished I again opened my eyes and looked directly at my two voyeurs. They were sitting holding their crotches with mouths wide open in complete disbelief to the exhibition I had just performed for them.

Slowly they got to their feet with attendant #1 telling me that I could go.

I am sure that they never expected a woman of my age or of any age for that matter to be so compliant with their requests. The fact that they didn't require more of me either speaks to their somewhat gentlemanly behavior or the simple shock of watching me masturbate for them.

If they had I am not sure that I could have declined as I was still quite infused with sexual energy.

It almost felt natural for me to be wearing just my undies and performing for two nice looking men.

Is this truly who I am or truly who I want to be? I am afraid to find out.

They scooped up my clothes and escorted me to my car. I smiled to myself at how they led me to my parked car without ever getting in front of me. I knew that they were enjoying the view of me as I walked in just a bra and panties to my car, especially considering that the thin blue nylon of my panties were so soaked that they stuck to me making the material almost see through in front and in back.

I purposely exaggerated the swing in my hips as I walked in front of them enjoying their comments about my legs and bottom.

If I didn't have this contact to deliver I can't say what might have happened.

They never asked me to pay and said at least four times to come again. I may consider it from both aspects of the word 'come'.

I jumped into my car without bothering to get dressed and again found myself driving through the city traffic wearing a bra and panties without the benefit of a long sleeve t-shirt.

It wasn't until the first red light along with the stares that I realized I had never pulled my bra cups back over my still very erect nipples.

God, could I be any more suggestive?

A couple of men pulled along side of me and signaled to me that they either wanted me to suck on them or they wanted to squirt on me. This was not the kind of distraction that I needed right then as I had to get the contract back to my office.

It did occur to me that I might want to make a habit of driving around half naked but with some sort of mask on. I could really experience some good orgasms then.

What is wrong with me??

I finally pulled into the parking structure at work and jumped out of the car holding the envelope with the document in one hand and my car keys in the other. Just as I hit the button to lock all of the doors hearing the click and seeing the flash of lights to confirm my action, a gust of wind reminded me that I had nothing on other than my matching set of bra and panties.

My deadline with the document was to the exact minute and I had no more than 6 minutes left.

I pushed unlock, grabbed my blouse and pants holding them in front of my exposed body as best that I could and ran into the office.

It was easy to tell that my attempt to cover as much of me as possible was an utter failure as all eyes became wide open and glared at me.

Although the wait for the elevator was very short, I still stood there in a group of co-workers with my backside completely exposed trying to concentrate on my goal while I knew everyone else was concentrating on me.

That warm sensation started to creep between my legs just as the doors to the elevator opened. I quickly stepped inside to position my bare backside against the back wall. It seemed to take forever for the elevator to climb the 6 flights to my boss' office as I endured constant side-glances. One of our seemingly shy and silent IT managers named Harold was standing alongside of me and about two floors up I felt his hand reach around and squeeze my bottom.

In such a confined place I noticed the distinct odor of after orgasm that my crotch was emitting and was mortified.

I can't really say how many of the men recognized it since we seem to attract the type that don't get out much, but I am sure that each and every woman in the elevator knew the scent of pleasure.

One of our seemingly shy and silent IT managers named Harold was standing alongside of me and about two floors up I felt his hand reach around and squeeze my bottom.

Considering that I was still charged up from my recent performance, I reached around to his front and grabbed his erection pushing against the front of his trousers.

With just a couple of good tugs I could feel the spasms begin and knew that he was filling his boxers with crème. By the time the elevator doors opened he had a large wet spot spreading across the front of his khakis.

Serves him right for treating me like a slut, although I doubt if my reaction changed his mind. Oh well.

Thank God, I was the sole occupant after the first 4 levels so I took the time to put on my blouse as the best choice to cover me. Once the door opened I ran to my boss' personal assistant's desk and handed her the document, which she effectively scanned and emailed to its destination with 60 seconds to spar.

I simply collapsed in one of the outer office chairs and hung my head.

I sat there for the longest time with my pants draped across my lap creating the effect of an extremely short mini skirt trying to wrap my head around the last 60 minutes or so.

Heather, the personal assistant, asked me if she could do anything and I simply replied, "Try to keep me out of trouble, " although I knew that I didn't really mean it.

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