tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 16

The Panty Perils of Me 16


I woke up today feeling quite horny and wanted to act out in the worst way. Since I was on my own for the day, which seems to be the norm lately, I immediately thought of calling the professor for a date.

I knew that he would be available and would certainly enjoy my company, particularly the kind of company that I was thinking about.

Now the professor had already confessed to me how much he enjoys seeing me in my undies so I spent the next couple of hours showering, shaving, primping etc. and then I pulled intimates from my lingerie drawer and started to try different sets on. I had pretty much settled on a tiny white pair of nylon bikini panties with little bows on each hip along with white stockings and red heels. As I was taking a bright red garter belt out of the drawer to complete my under outfit for the professor my cell phone went off. I didn't recognize the number, but answered anyway. When I heard the voice on the other end, my stomach lurched and I immediately felt ill.

It was Mr. Whitmore from what felt like a lifetime ago. He wanted me to stop by his office as soon as possible. I certainly wasn't about to wear stockings and a garter belt to see Mr.Whitmore, so I threw a long sleeved white cotton t-shirt over my head along with a pair of jeans and my red high heels.

Maybe it wasn't the best choice of attire as I neglected to put on a bra and my jeans were rather tight, but it was much tamer than what I had in mind for the professor.

I drove to Mr. Whitmore's office and along the way thought about the last time that I was beckoned by Mr. Jack Whitmore. His security chief yanked my pants off, felt me up, and then Mr. Whitmore humped me. All because they had a video of me being spanked in one of their conference rooms. It is funny to remember how scandalous and humiliating that all seemed to me and now just a couple of months later it all seems rather tame.

As I recalled all of this my lower libido seemed to be waking up. In all truth it had never gone to sleep. I was still feeling quite randy and the memory of what had happened the last time I had met with Mr. Whitmore wasn't helping.

When I entered Mr. Whitmore's office building his assistant again greeted me. Just like before she was impeccably dressed in a tight fitted white blouse with enough buttons unbuttoned to show the tops of her breasts being cradled in a sky blue colored demi cup push up bra. Her glen plaid skirt was equally tight, hugging her perfectly formed bottom, and giving a hint that she might be wearing a garter belt.

"Maybe she and I have the same tastes in undies," I thought as I followed her to Mr. Whitmore's office.

I was dressed rather dowdy by comparison and glad that I was. I certainly didn't want to send the wrong signals to horny Mr. Whitmore.

I can't imagine why Mr. Whitmore keeps calling me when he has such a 'hotty' for an assistant. Is it true that variety is indeed the spice of life?

She ushered me into Mr. Whitmore's office with a sneer that clearly told me that she did not want me to be there.

Mr. Whitmore had on a gray and black hounds tooth print sport coat and black pants. He has lost some of his extra pounds, since I last was in his office, and despite my resentment towards him he looked rather good.

He absolutely leered at me as I entered his office and sat down.

"Thank you for coming on so short a notice Ms. Harley. I do appreciate it." He started off.

"I am hoping that you might do me a little favor as I am in the need of some entertainment, and as I was recently watching the video of your spanking, you naturally came to mind."

Obviously he still felt that any circulation of my spanking video would result in my extreme humiliation and thus I would do anything to prevent it. I guess to some degree he was correct, but since my most recent escapades, it no longer held quite the power over me that it did before.

I could have said all of that and walked out, however that other part of me was too curious to see how this might all play out.

After all I did have some special things in mind for the professor, but since it seemed that any dinner date would have to be postponed, I might as well find out what Mr. Whitmore had in mind for me.

"What can I do for you?" I smiled back at him.

"Would you be so kind as to lean across that chair for me?"

Flashbacks of the last time that I was in his office again invaded my mind as well as my crotch. Without any hesitation on my part I stood up, walked over to the same chrome and leather chair and draped my body across the arms.

My pose lifted my t-shirt over my waist showing how low cut my jeans were along with my belly button.

A wave of excitement washed over me.

Just like the first time, my entire body was shaking. I watched Mr. Whitmore get up from behind his desk and walk towards me. Part of me wanted to run out the door but it was such a small part of me that I easily ignored it.

Mr. Whitmore slowly took a hold of my t-shirt and began to roll it up my torso. My bare and exposed skin reacted to the change of exposure as my nipples immediately became hard. I closed my eyes luxuriating in the sensations of having my upper torso unveiled.

Being told to strip or being stripped has such an arousing effect on me especially when it is someone who is clearly in control. I still hate myself for feeling this way, but it continues to excite me. Is that what a submissive female is like?

I could feel my lower lips began to throb inside my panties wondering how much of me was going to be exposed.

He kept rolling the shirt until it was sitting just above my very erect nipples, which now matched the throbbing between my legs.

They were poking out so perfectly straight that the fabric of the t-shirt easily rested on them as if they were playing peek-a-boo with Mr. Whitmore.

"Very nice!" he exclaimed admiring his handiwork as well as giving each knot of flesh a little pinch.

I couldn't help but to let out a little moan as his fingers played with my nipples.

I squeezed my lower lips together as tightly as I could adding to the stimulation of Mr. Whitmore's hold on my bare nipples.

I don't want to react the way I do but I can't stop it.

I knew that I shouldn't have come. I knew that this would happen.

I am addicted to the embarrassment, the humiliation, and the stimulation.

He then slid his hands down the inside of my chest and down my stomach. I automatically sucked in my stomach giving his hands easy access down the front of my jeans. Every bit of flesh in my crotch area was starting to quiver as Mr. Whitmore took a hold of the button on my jeans and forcibly pulled it apart causing the zipper to easily part exposing the top elastic of my white bikini panties.

"Let's get these off of you, shall we?" Although it was more of a rhetorical question I wasn't about to refuse stretching each leg out so he could easily strip me of my jeans.

I uttered a very quite, "Yes" as my jeans were pulled off and thrown to the side.

I essentially was as good as topless while still having a t-shirt on. My pure white panties clung to my bottom accentuating my near nakedness.

"I love the stockings, Ms. Harley. Did you put them on for me?"

I wasn't about to tell him about the professor and my plans for dinner as it wasn't any of his business and I didn't need him to know that lately I hadn't been exactly a model of propriety or that I had been incredibly horny all day. I just kept my mouth shut as he began to pinch and knead my cheeks as well as sliding his hand down between my legs.

I really want to say that none of this excited me but for christsakes I had just been forcibly stripped to my panties by a corporate CEO in his office.

Can you say, "Do fantasies come true?"

Why do you think I want to be spanked following each of my performances in my effort to cleanse my conscious?

Mr. Whitmore again slipped his hands up and around my tiny breasts playing with my erect nipples while grinding his pants covered erection into my nylon-covered bottom.

"God, Ms. Harley, you are such a delight. I really look forward to our times together."

I really tried not to let his fondling and humping affect me but it all felt sooooo good. Each time he pushed himself into me, I pushed back.

He cupped my breasts with each hand and began to hump my bottom in earnest. As his breathing took on a different tempo his hands slid down to my hips. He grabbed me firmly and I felt his erection slide up and down between my cheeks. His humping action kept pulling the thin nylon fabric of my panties up between my legs as if he were fondling me at the same time.

I couldn't help getting wet myself only hoping that Mr. Whitmore would keep his hands away from my crotch. I didn't want him to have any idea of how aroused I was getting.

It seemed so terrible to be used like this: as a pure object of his sexual cravings, but I loved the whole idea of it.

Mr. Whitmore relaxed his tight grip on my bare hips and began to undo his belt. I purposely moved my legs wider apart in preparation of his uncommunicated intentions when his personal secretary (Ms. PS) stormed into the office. She was not happy to see what was going on between Mr. Whitmore and myself. And I was so close. Damn, I was close.

I had suspected as much as the first time involved more of Mr. Dempsey who had actually stripped and fondled me. This time it was just Mr. Whitmore and myself.

She flew into a rage screaming at Mr. Whitmore while glaring at me.

I guess it was Mr. Whitmore's turn to feel humiliated as I stayed draped over his chrome and leather chair watching the scenario unfold.

It was as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown on me. Although my nipples stayed erect and poking out from the bottom of my t-shirt, the rest of me was calming down quickly.

Since it certainly seemed that my attendance was no longer needed I rose from the chair to retrieve my jeans that had been so unceremoniously thrown onto the floor, however Ms. PS was just a bit quicker than I as she flew over and scooped them up.

Mr. Whitmore along with myself stood there in total disbelief watching her shred my jeans into worthless strips of fabric with a stainless steel set of scissors that were a part of Mr. Whitmore's desk set display.

When she had finished her task, she handed me what now amounted to a stack of denim fabric and told me to follow her out of Mr. Whitmore's office.

I glanced at Mr. Whitmore who was clearly in his own state of shock and disbelief and followed her out of the door.

Once we got out the door, she handed me what she swore was the only disk of my humiliating spanking saying, "Now Jack has no power over you and I will provide him all of the entertainment he needs. Do you understand me?"

I nodded to her taking the disk and walked to the elevator.

A bit reluctantly I realized that I was rid of Mr. Whitmore, thanks to Ms. PS, but still had to find my way home without any pants to wear.

It is a strange and sensual experience to drive through the city without any pants particularly when sitting at red lights wondering what the driver right next to me would think if they knew. Twice on my way home I had city buses pull along side of me and noticed the stares that I was getting as most every passenger sitting on my side could see right down into my lap.

I tried to pull my t-shirt down but to no avail, although the idea that they were enjoying the sight of me wearing a pair of white bikini panties and matching white stockings certainly caused a reaction in my lower extremities. I was feeling horny again.

Despite knowing that I was being looked at, it took all of my will power to keep myself from sliding a couple of fingers inside the top elastic of my panties and relieving the stress of the past couple of hours.

I was shocked that I would even consider masturbating while being watched, but the thought of it really excited me. It seems that I am still exploring my limits.

By the time I arrived home most of my neighbors where inside for the evening, however Ms. Chatty Kathy was out walking her dog. When I started to pull into my driveway, she quickly positioned herself alongside my car wanting to say something to me.

I felt that it would have been too rude to just drive right by her so I made the extreme mistake of stopping. How I didn't realize that my lower half was without pants is still beyond me.

I rolled down my window and she said, "Hi". I responded and then saw the look in her eyes change as she realized that I was wearing just my panties and white stockings from the waist down.

I turned a nice shade of crimson hearing Kathy say something snide about me having just been with the professor.

I knew that if I denied it that it would only cause her to spread more rumors about me.

I was speechless with no explanation for my state of undress. Along with the fact that my panties were soaked in the crotch didn't help.

I decided that by acting outrageous, I might confuse her enough to keep her from speculating why I was pant less. I pulled the entire car into my driveway, parked it, and exited wearing nothing but my white t-shirt as a cover. I wished Kathy a good evening while walking to my back door and disappeared into the house.

My nipples were at full attention and my lower lips were quivering.

I literally slid down the cabinets in my kitchen spread my legs wide and masturbated until my overactive libido was sated.

As all of the windows were open I now wonder whether Kathy heard me verbally announcing each orgasm as I convulsed and spasmed all over the kitchen floor.

God, I need a good spanking.

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