tagIllustratedThe Panty Perils of Me 28

The Panty Perils of Me 28


Do you remember these thoughts that I posted in my last Panty Peril?

"Wearing nothing but a pair of teeny, tiny panties inside such a well preserved car seemed so deliciously decadent.

God, I could only imagine what it would be like to drive such a nice car wearing so little."

"Well, be careful what you wish for." as they say.

Mr. Van der Waal called be out of the blue and asked whether I would be willing to perform a huge favor for him.

"Oh, Oh" my mind immediately responded.

But being a curious sort and having thoroughly enjoyed my tennis court experience with him, I thought that I might as well listen to what he had to say.

He owned an old Oldsmobile that someone had expressed interest in buying from him as they had seen him driving it through their town.

They had written down the license number, had a friend with the DMV, and got his phone number.

Mr. Van der Waal hadn't really considered selling it as it was his first luxury car from many years ago. However the interested party had owned one years ago as well in the same color and always wanted to have another one.

He had offered Mr. Van der Waal a very good price and besides the car was just sitting in his garage gathering dust. I guess sentimental attachments only go so far.

Kind of like my resolutions to keep my clothes on.

Anyway, Mr. Van der Waal needed someone to drive the car across the state on Friday and he thought of me sitting inside in his green Mercedes wearing just a pair of royal blue string bikini panties.

I am not exactly sure how his memory of me translated to me driving a car across the state, but I didn't want to ask.

It sounded like the perfect chance to get away from everything and everyone and to have some dedicated alone time for an entire day.

Something that I really wanted right now as my personal and private relationships were becoming such a mess.

Mr. Van der Waal explained that the interested party wanted to see it before noon as he owned a trucking company and had to replace one of his drivers who was out sick for a run that same afternoon.

So there was a deadline for me as well.

The trucking company was located in the Northeast corner of the state and could be reached in just under 3 hours.

I thought that if I left by 8:00 Friday morning I would have plenty of time to take the scenic way and would easily be back before dinner.

What a perfect way to spend my day.

Despite my initial "Oh, Oh", I agreed, telling Mr. Van der Waal that I would see him Friday morning at 8:00 at his club.

He was delighted and responded that he would be in my debt "as if he wasn't already," I thought.

After all I let him bounce tennis balls off my barely covered bottom and then gave him one of my belly button hand jobs to boot.

I tell you, sometimes men just expect everything from us poor helpless ladies.

Friday morning arrived promising the first really warm day of the year so I dressed very simply, slipping on a pair of white satin string bikini panties with a delicate row of embroidered flowers on the front waistband along with a very sexy sheer front panel.

Over it I put on a red khaki dress that zipped from the neck to the hemline. And finally I slipped my feet into a pair of my red leather high heel pumps.

I rarely wear a bra in the summer and as the day was supposed to be in the mid 70's, I thought "What the heck. Let's get the season started a little early."

I drove to the club and found Mr. Van der Waal waiting for me in the parking lot standing next to a dark green, (I think I know his favorite car color.) Oldsmobile 98 with a lighter green interior and cushioned seats that looked like velvet easy chairs.

"I can't wait to feel this luxurious fabric against my tushy." I thought to myself.

Mr. Van der Waal was elegantly dressed as seems to be his style with a white and burgundy striped dress shirt, beautifully draped silk and linen blend camel colored pants, and a coordinating sport coat.

I do like a man that knows how to dress, particularly if there attire includes bikini briefs.

He gave me some last minute instructions including a little detail on a loose fitting spark plug wire that he had never gotten around to replacing.

He told me that it shouldn't give me any problems, but just in case to just pop the hood and push the connector back in place or something like that.

I wasn't going to worry about it as it was a beautiful day for a drive and I wanted to be on my way.

Once I had felt the warm sunshine on my legs, and then seen the plush interior of the car that I was to deliver, my little libido driven mind was made up to use the country roads for as far as I could wearing just my panties and heels.

The car had a sun roof and I wanted to feel the warm sun on as much of my bare skin as possible.

This winter had been too long and too cold and I wanted to bask in the warmth of this beautiful day for as long as possible.

After all, very few people take the country highways anymore since the expressways are so much faster.

So what if a farmer or fed ex man sees me topless for a brief moment. I figured with the reflection of the sun bouncing off the windshield of the car, it would be very hard (should I use this word?) to see me anyway.

With Mr. Van der Waal holding my door I slid into the plush green interior of the car giving him a good look up my dress as I had unzipped the zipper to my upper thigh in order to be able to move better.

I gave him a little smile, started the car, and was on my way.

Once I got out of town, I pulled into a small rest area. I got out of the car and unzipped my dress from top to bottom allowing it to flap open. The warm sunshine on my exposed skin was like an aphrodisiac.

Taking my dress off while reaching into the back seat, I hung it from one of the hooks directly behind me so it wouldn't block my vision.

As I stood outside the car allowing my almost naked body to soak in the warmth of the sun a sudden wave of apprehension washed over me.

I knew that if I was ever going to break any or all of my long held commitments to myself and my marriage that it would be on this day.

I was so sexually charged that my rational mind was no longer in control. What was controlling me was much more primal and erotic.

But then just as quickly as this premonition came and it was gone.

I would have easily just stood there wearing nothing but my panties and heels, however a car was approaching in the distance and I had a deadline to meet.

Slipping back onto the luxurious velvet like seats was pure heaven with a tiny bit of naughty attached.

The sun coming in through the front window and sun roof caressing my bare breasts felt incredible.

It wasn't long before I found my left hand pinching my very erect nipples as well as slowly massaging my lower abdomen.

After a little pinch on either nipple I would slide my hand down the front of my torso until my fingers were touching the very top elastic of my panties.

It was my way of teasing myself into arousal, which didn't take very long at all.

After some very successful foreplay, I slipped my fingers inside the waistband until they felt the very start of the trimmed fur of my kitty.

My body was on full alert and I wanted to keep it this way for as long as possible. and considering how I felt, that would be all day long.

I have spent the past number of months being stripped or told to strip, resulting in such confusing and contradictory feelings of humiliation and arousal.

Today I just wanted to feel aroused.

Each time a car would approach me from the opposite direction I would look directly at the driver to see if they were aware that I was driving almost naked.

The quick movement of their head in my direction informed me that they must have seen something.

Each time I could feel myself getting moist between my legs.

The entire time my right hand was firmly ensconced inside the front of my panties barely touching the top of my swelling lower lips.

After about an hour into my drive I had had enough of the teasing and decided to work on what I hoped to be many orgasms to follow.

I slipped my hand all of the way inside my panties until my fingers separated my swollen and open lips.

Sliding my index finger along the opening until it barely rubbed my female kernel, I let out a long moan of raw desire.

I adjusted my position on the seat moving my pelvis forward and upward so my exploring fingers could enter my dripping tunnel.

God, it all felt so good

I don't know exactly how I managed to continue driving as I polished my fleshy pearl until I couldn't stand it anymore.

Just as I was reaching orgasm, I large semi approached from the opposite direction.

There was no doubt that the driver could see me and my buried hand as he inadvertently steered towards the side of my car.

I quickly pulled my fingers out of my panties using both hands to steer away from him and heard a loud woosh of air blast through my open windows.

Talk about a wake up as every nerve in my body had switched from pre-climatic arousal to "Holy Sh*t" that was close.

The look on the driver's face was priceless and I used the memory of it to continue my salacious activity smiling to myself about the truck driver's reaction to my show.

It wasn't long until I was exactly at the point of orgasm that I was when the truck had approached.

I pulled the car over as quickly as possible, squeezed my legs as tightly together as I could, and let the first series of orgasmic convulsions take me over.

My eyes rolled back into my head as my entire body racked in spasms of pure pleasure.

The orgasm was absolutely incredible, but I knew that I wasn't close to finished.

Checking my side mirror, I pulled back out onto the highway and began my teasing all over again.

Over the next hour I achieved four more incredible orgasms; each one more intense than the other.

But I was getting closer to my destination and would be restricted to the expressway for the remainder of my trip.

I again found a tiny rest area to pull over to put my dress back on.

As the car came to a complete stop, I looked over my shoulder for my dress. My breath caught in my throat as complete terror overtook me.

There was no dress to be found.

I was in shock as I remembered the loud woosh of air that rocked the car when the semi barely missed hitting me.

The air pressure must have sucked my dress out the window leaving it somewhere on the highway almost 60 miles back.

I couldn't possibly go back and find it even if I had the time.

I had to meet up with Mr. Van der Waal interested party by noon and it was already 11:15.

What was I going to do????

I felt that I had no other choice but to continue on my way. I would just stay in the car once I got there and try to conduct my business without opening the door.

I really wanted to believe that this would work, but deep down inside I knew that I was just kidding myself.

Funny how often we grasp at tiny shreds of hope just to be able to move on.

It felt so odd to realize that just a short while ago driving the country highways wearing just my panties was so extremely arousing for me. In fact I had had several orgasms to this point.

But now the thought filled me with anxiety and worry.

I was going to continue my trip and have some stranger examine the car while I was still only wearing panties.

My body started to blush in complete humiliation and embarrassment knowing that I had no options whatsoever.

I drove onto the expressway ramp trying to sit as low as possible.

For the entire time I had men pulling up along side of me and staring at my bare breasts and still erect nipples.

I wanted to disappear, but I was resolved to follow through on my commitment.

I can't tell you how many accidents I may have almost caused as a line up of cars tried to shadow me and were fighting each other for the best position to see my topless torso.

I tried to position my arms on the steering wheel to hide my tiny breasts, but it was too unnatural and eventually I had to let them relax.

Each time my breasts made there reappearance horns would honk and any and every manner of lewd suggestion and comments would be shouted in my direction.

Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, I was able to exit the expressway. The trucking company was just a few blocks from the expressway, so I was able to escape any further gawkers.

Thankfully no one followed me down the ramp.

I drove into the large parking area amid trucks and trailers. As I pulled near one of the loading docks a man approached the car.

He came to my window. I watched his eyes change completely from a casual disinterest to one of shock and pleasure.

"I had no idea that Jack (Mr. Van der Waal's first name) had sent such an exotic driver."

I wanted to explain, but how do you tell someone that you get off on sitting in luxury seats in just your panties.

I blurted out that my dress had been stolen, which doesn't make much sense, but it seemed to suffice.

"Well, why don't you climb out of the car and let me take a look at it," he continued. Although it was obvious to both of us that he meant "Take a look at me."

I replied that I would rather stay in the car.

"Jack told me that you would show me some little problem with a spark plug wire."

I tried to explain the issue through the car window, but Bob (he told me his name after staring at my sheer front crotch for what seemed to be an hour) said that Jack had assured him that I would show him.

I continued to decline until Bob told me that he had no interest in the car unless I showed him the problem.

Now I was trapped as I didn't want to let Mr. Van der Waal down and at the same time I would be standing outdoors in full daylight wearing nothing more than a pair of sheer front string bikini panties.

So tell me if you know. Why were my nipples still sticking straight out from the tips of my breasts, if I really didn't want to get out of the car?

It certainly wasn't cold.

I reached down and pulled the lever to pop the hood of the car.

Taking a very deep breath while at the same time unconsciously squeezing my legs together to further stimulate my already enlarged lower lips, I pulled on the door handle and pushed it open.

I could only imagine what a stripper must feel like when they appear on stage with 5 floodlights shining on them.

The sun was bright.....very bright.

And my pure white panties took on an almost luminescent glow as the sun caressed my bare skin.

I tried to maintain an air of indifference but standing outdoors totally exposed made my pores drip with sweat while that little circular spot between my legs began its own manner of sweating.

I walked to the front of the car and pulled up the hood.

Bob followed right behind me. He was so close that I could feel him breathing on my bare back.

He could have easily looked under the hood while standing to the side, but instead he chose to look over my shoulder.

I jerked slightly when his hand cupped my right cheek, and gave it a hard squeeze.

Trying to take control of the situation which was out of control when I lost my dress, I turned to Bob saying, "If you want to see where the problem is, I think you will need to focus on something other than my ass!"

"I can focus just fine, darlin," was the reply that I was not hoping to hear.

I extended my arm and reached to the loose connector, while Bob's hand continued to explore my barely covered cheeks.

Trying to keep my voice from shaking I explained what the issue was with the spark plug wire, showing Bob how to push it tightly back over the plug.

At the same time Bob pushed his erection tightly between my cheeks.

I had to take a hold of the fan cover to keep from being pushed into the car.

Ok, Ok, I get it.

A somewhat attractive woman with a decent body delivers a car for you to consider buying, and the woman is wearing a pair of barely there panties and heels.

Why wouldn't you think that she might be a part of the package, or at least a "model" hired to stimulate the sale.

I wanted to assert myself and tell him that I was there to deliver the car; nothing else.

However his erotic attention to my posterior region was bringing on one of my moods, and by now you should know how I am when I am in one of my moods.

I thought to myself, "Why not become the hired model to sell the car?" It seemed to make perfect sense to me.

With a firm hold on the front of the fan cover I purposely pushed my bottom back into his erection and let him continue to hump me.

My nipples were acting like presentation tools pointing directly at the spark plug wire.

I again detached the wire from the spark plug. This time however I slid my hand up and down the length of it simulating the stroking of something else that currently was jabbing my backside.

Continuing my suggestive demonstration I slid my hand to the very tip of the plug pushing tightly over the plug while saying, "You simply take the wire and push in firmly until it makes contact."

I then let out a little "Hmmmmm" sound to emphasize the words, "push in firmly."

I then turned around extricating his groin from my bottom and said in my most suggestive voice, "Do you want to take a test drive?"

Bob wanted a test drive all right, but not behind the wheel of the car.

Taking his hand, and led him to the driver's side door.

It is funny how when you go to a beach and spend time wearing just your swimsuit, you become very accustomed to it.

It was the same thing for me standing topless in my string bikini panties with Bob and his crew all staring at me.

It hadn't taken them long to empty the building once Bob forced me to exit the car. I had my personal group of voyeurs watching my every move.

However, because I was with 'the boss' there were no catcalls or lewd remarks; just a group of very attentive men and women.

It almost seemed natural for me to be showing off so much to complete strangers. I believe that my long list of panty perils has accustomed me to such activities.

Or is it simply that I am a latent exhibitionist that has finally opened the closet door and walked out into the bright sunshine???

I walked around to the passenger side, opened the door, and more or less spread myself into the seat.

I mean that I slid down into the seat with my legs wide apart and my perky little nipples pointing forward.

I leaned over with my left hand placed on Bob's upper thigh and turned the key in the ignition.

It was quite obvious that Bob wanted me to take a hold of his stick shift, but I had a car to sell.

I positioned myself back in the passenger seat and with my right hand pushed the automatic seat control so the back reclined all of the way down.

Bob put the car in drive and then placed his free hand on my bare thigh.

I had become a part of the package.

I couldn't tell whether he liked the car or simply liked me, but after the test drive he invited me into his office so he could write a check for the amount of the car.

He positioned himself about a half a step behind me. I could actually feel his horny glare on my white nylon covered cheeks.

As I strolled past his crew, I simulated my sexiest walk. I know I should have been expecting it as he had been looking or humping at my bottom since I got out of the car, but just as we walked through the lane that his crew had provided he gave me a good swat on my left cheek.

It stung causing me to jump and to let out a little yelp.

When I turned to look at him, he had the biggest smile of pure satisfaction.

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