tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 07

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 07


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 07: College Days

Copyright 1999 by Paul

* * * * *

Chapter 1

My fingers hurt. It felt like I'd been writing forever.

My shoulder ached from when I'd dislocated it.

Who's bright idea had it been for me to go to University? I had been there six weeks and it had seemed like an eternity.

It was nine o'clock on a Friday night and here I was sitting at the small dining table we used as a desk in the flat studying apportionment of costs. I was to take Roddrego to London the next morning to show him the shop that Yvonne had owned.

Jenny and Shirley had gone to Bath to attend an evening talk on something to do with the modern language course they were both on and Linda was still working in the pub. Jenny was going to spend the weekend with her parents and was taking Linda with her as Len was away.

They had both recovered from the molesting they had suffered at the hands of Tommy and his cousins. Michael had produced some ointment that Jenny told me they had to apply to their fanny's and ass holes and any discomfort had disappeared overnight to the amassment of the local medics. Michael had also had long talks with both of them whist I was staying in Hospital and had managed to get them to see things in a calm, clear way. They were both able to discuss what had happened openly and frankly. I think he hypnotised them. If he did it wasn't a bad thing.

I heard a car pull up outside.

I opened the curtains and looked out. Jenny had just pulled up and was switching off her lights. Two people were climbing out of the rear seats through the passenger door. I recognised Shirley. A man climbed out. Oh no, they had taken that prat Raymond with them.

I could hear footsteps on the stairs and so I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

The key turned in the lock and I could hear movement from the living room. I took the teapot from the shelf and opened the tea caddy.

Two arms slipped around my waist and a soft head rested on my back.

"Hello." I said, spooning tea into the pot.

"Hello." Jenny replied, her fingers walking along my belt.

I lifted the kettle and poured water into the pot.

One hand was insinuating its way inside the waistband of my trousers. I suck in and held my breath. Her fingers were on the elastic of my underpants worming their way inside.

"What about Shirley." I breathed out, heavily.

"Shirley?" Jenny called over her shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"Hmm." Came the reply. She sounded breathless.

"Oh no." I said as Jenny's fingers moved through my pubic hairs. "Not with Raymond."

"Leave him alone." Jenny pulled out one of my pubic hairs.


"I think he's lovely."

He was studying philosophy or something. He was totally useless at everything and so laid back you would swear he was dead if he didn't want feeding at regular intervals. Mostly it seemed at our flat.

"Is the tea ready yet." Raymond's half-asleep voice came from the sitting room.

"We're nearly there." Jenny called reaching my prick. It was throbbing. Trying to force its way through the material of my trousers. She rubbed her pubic mound against my ass cheeks.

I turned around to face her.

"Teas just brewing." I cupped her ass cheeks in either hand and pulled her hard against my prick.

I kissed her on the lips pushing my tongue into her mouth. She tried to push it out with her own. I ran my hand up her spine holding her in place. We both relaxed and our kiss became softer as we fenced gently with our tongues.

I slipped a hand between our bodies and felt for her clitoris through her skirt, tights and panties.

I must have found it as she threw back her head and pulled my head down to the swelling of her breasts in the V of the thin top she wore.

She came, pulling herself hard against me.

"Is that tea ready yet." Raymond's voice again. A son of minor aristocracy not used to waiting.

The door handle turned and Jenny jumped back from me.

"We were just coming." She said breathlessly.

"I am sorry if I interrupted you." He managed to say it in a way that made you were sure he wasn't.

"We're sorry to keep you." Jenny busied herself with the teacups.

Raymond look at us both and returned to the living room.

I put my arms around Jenny. She shrugged me off.

"Not now, Paul." She picked up the tray with the tea things. "Not with Raymond here."

"What?" My prick was trying to be a tent pole in my trousers.

"Oh, don't." She could see I was disappointed.

I must have been sulking.

She stood with the tea tray between us.

"I make it up to you later." She mouthed a kiss at me. "Be good and open the door."

She looked down at my prick.

"Now don't come in until you're fit to be seen."

She went into the living room. I could hear Shirley asking where I was and Jenny saying I was washing up some plates.

I rattled some.

My prick wouldn't go down. I could here them talking in the living room. What to do? I leant with my back to the connecting door, unzipped myself and took it out.

Closing my hand around it I stroked up and down. 'Just a little' I told myself, 'to ease the pressure'.

Oh. That felt good.

A little bit faster. Faster. I was nearly, nearly, nearly, there. I was coming.

The door opened and I fell into the living room, come shooting from the end of my prick. I fell to the floor, still coming over my hand, my jeans and my shirt. Looking up I saw Shirley looking down at me. Her hand on the door handle. I knew Raymond would be sitting on the sofa. A movement to my left and there stood Jenny.

"You mucky frog!" She exclaimed. "How. How. How."

She seemed to be struggling for words.

My prick was soft now so I put it away.

"Sorry." What else could I say?

Jenny ran into our bedroom.

I stood up.

"I'd better go to her." I made to follow.

"Best wash first." Shirley looked down at my groin and then at my hands.

"Right." I said and walked to the bathroom. I could feel both sets of eyes following me every step of the way.

I closed the door behind me. I could hear low voices.

I washed and dried my hands the unzipped my jeans and pulled out my prick. I was sticky with come. Taking some toilet roll I dampened it under the running water and dabbed at it. I dried it with more toilet roll then put it away. More toilet roll to clean up my shirt and trousers. I dropped all I'd used in the bowl and flushed the toilet.

I went back into the living room. All conversation stopped.

Without looking towards where Shirley and Raymond sat on the sofa I went to my bedroom door, knocked gently, and slipped inside. Immediately the voices started again.

Jenny was lying face down on the bed. Her shoulders were shaking. I helped her to sit up and held her close. The shaking continued.

With my hand under my chin I lifted her face up to mine. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

She was grinning from ear to ear.

"That was so funny." She stuttered and laughed out loud. "I can't imagine what Raymond must of thought."

"Fuck him." I said.

"No." She looked serious for a moment. "Fuck me."

She pulled my lips down to her own and probed between them with the tip of her tongue. I pulled back.

"We can't do it whilst there next door."

"We can." She said and pushed me onto my back.

"Just a quickie." She stood between my legs and undid and pulled down my jeans and underpants. My prick started to grow.

Standing back she slipped out of her tights and knickers and knelt on the bed. Reaching behind her she guided my prick to her fanny lips and slid down it. It felt tight. She rose then lowered herself. Rose then lowered herself. Her fanny was tight around my prick as she moved down then relaxed as she lifted herself. She was getting wet. Her fanny made a farting noise.

"Sorry." She said placing her hands on my chest and starting to gyrate in circles with her hips.

I could feel the swelling in my prick and the tightening in my balls as I came, holding her hips to keep her still as I pumped my come into her. She stiffened and her fanny went into spasm as she came. Her breathing changing, quickening. We remained joined as we both fought to control our breathing.

"Hmm." She grunted as she climbed off, my shrinking, come covered, prick dropping from her hole.

She looked down at me.

"Now let that be a lesson to you." She was already practising to be a schoolteacher. "No more wanking unless I'm with you."

"Yes miss." I replied meekly. I put my prick away.

I stood up.

"Let's go to the pub and walk Linda home." I said, stretching. "I could do with a pint."

"Alright." She picked up a hair from the dressing table and ran it through her hair. "No, I think that's a good idea. It will give Shirley time to be alone with Raymond."

I opened the door and saw Shirley pushing a tit back inside her dress. Raymond released her and stood up.

"We're going to the pub to collect Linda." I said, collecting Jenny's coat and mine from the rack by the front door of the flat. On the nights that we didn't collect her the Landlady would drop her off in her car.

Jenny came out of the bedroom and I helped her into her coat.

"We'll come with you." Raymond said, putting his weather beaten coat on. Shirley looked at us.

"You don't mind, do you?"

"Not at all." I tried to keep the exasperation from my voice, I failed.


In the pub I ordered and paid for the drinks.

We stood at the bar. I had my arm around Jenny, occasionally squeezing her bum when I thought nobody was looking, and she rubbed her hip against my prick. It was getting hot so we hung up our coats.

Back to the bar. I could feel the outline of Jenny's knickers through her skirt. Raymond had finished his drink.

"Would you like another?" Jenny asked taking my wallet from my hip pocket. "You know I never carry money, somebody might steal it."

She opened my wallet, looked inside, and took out a five-pound note.

"I'll pay you back with something." She whispered as she replaced the wallet in my pocket.

It was still hot in the bar. People around me were sniffing at the air. I did as well. I couldn't smell anything. Oh yes I could. It smelt like. What was it? It was on the tip of my tongue.

Jenny pulled me to one side.

"Did you wash Mr. Willie before we came out?" She asked in a whisper.

That was it. I thought I recognised it. The smell of mans come and women's fanny juice.

"It'll soon go." I said. " Try to ignore it."

If anything it was stronger. I looked at the clock. Ten minutes to closing.

"Let's go outside." I suggested to Jenny.

"It's the middle of February." She seemed to shrink at the thought. "It's cold out there."

"It's not a bad idea for you to go." She continued.

"Hmm. Yes." Raymond was rubbing his nose.

"Alright." I went to where the coats were hanging up. "I'll go on my own."

This was met with a round of applause by those standing at the bar.

I left.

I walked around the side of the pub to get out of the wind and stood under one of the open toilet windows. I could hear voices.

"You stay here." A male voice. Must be the gents I was outside. Damm.

"We know she doesn't always check the toilets. Especially if she thinks everybody has gone. I'll go in and ask if anybody has seen you and then I'll leave. They'll think you have gone as well. For the last week we have been coming in her she has always taken the barmaid home."

Had it been over a week since we had walked home with Linda?

"It takes at least fifteen minutes for her to do this, more sometimes, she must be invited in for a drink." She was.

"When she gets back, we can have some fun, remember to keep your tights handy."

"Heard enough?"

Something cold and sharp was pressing at the back of my neck. I started to turn around.

"Don't turn. Just walk to the black car."

An old Singer saloon car stood in shadow at the rear of the car park. We walked to the rear of the car and the man I was with opened the boot.

"Get in." He said.

"What are you going to do?" I finally found my voice.

"Nothing." Came the reply. "If you do as you are told. You will just be going for a little drive."

A pin prick from the knife.

I climbed into the boot of the car. The door was slammed shut.

* * Part 2 * *

I hadn't expected Paul to stay outside for so long.

We had stayed behind after closing to help Linda and Andrea, known as Andy to her friends, clear up.

I kept expecting him to tap on the door to come in and join us and any minute. Twice I'd looked out in the car park but I couldn't see him.

"Stop worrying." Shirley said, cleaning out an ashtray. "He's just gone off in a sulk. He'll be walking home. Probably there by now."

She was right of course. I resisted the temptation to use the pay phone in the corner of the bar to check.

Raymond sat at a table near the remains of the fire drinking the pint of beer that was our wages.

"That's enough now." Andy returned from locking the cash trays from the tills in her safe. "It's getting cold out there. I'll run you home. If he's not there already we'll pass him on the way."

We left the pub. Andy locking the doors behind us.

"I'll set the downstairs alarms when I go to bed." She said, unlocking the doors to her estate car.

She was right it was getting cold outside.

We drove slowly along the dual carriageway, past the old Army Barracks. I could feel Linda shaking as ewe passed the entrance. I couldn't see Paul anywhere. We reached the flat and all went inside. Linda reached the door first. It was locked so she used her key.

"Paul." She called as she entered. "Are you there."

"Where can he be?" I was starting to feel a little worried.

"He hasn't had a good night." Shirley said, sitting on the sofa with Raymond.

"Why?" Linda asked. "What happened?"

Raymond seemed to take great pleasure in explaining.

"What do you want to do now?" Andy asked.

"I think I would like to go back to the pub with you, if you don't mind." I said. "Then I can walk back."

"I'll come with you." Linda said. "You're not walking these streets alone."

"I don't like to be away too long with the alarms not set."

"We'll stay here in case he turns up." Raymond put his arm around Shirley's shoulder.

We went downstairs and climbed back into the car.

"Where can he have got to?" I was feeling really worried. "The silly frog."

"Well." Andy said, pulling back onto the dual carriageway. "It sounds as if he could have felt quite embarrassed about what happened in the pub. Is he the sensitive type."

"Oh yes." Linda said.

"Oh no." I said. "It probably didn't occur to him to be embarrassed."

Strange how people see different things in people.

We reached the pub and pulled into the car park without seeing any sign of Paul. Where could he be? I wanted to do a lot of making up to him. I shouldn't have said he should leave the pub. It was my doing he smelled of sex and in the hot atmosphere in the pub was sure to intensify the aroma.

I called out his name as Andy unlocked the door. I looked around. The car park was empty except for a car parked under the trees at the far side. I felt sure I saw it swaying. I was going to go to it when Andy caught my arm.

"Probably a courting couple." She said stepping into the short corridor at the end of which was the off-sales hatch. A door on the right opened into the small lounge bar and one on the left the main public bar.

Linda and I followed her inside for some reason the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end. She opened the door to the public bar and walked in. The room was in darkness.

"I don't like it in here." Linda said as we followed her.

"Don't fall over anything." Andy said. "The light switch is behind the bar."

I could just make out her shape moving with practised ease between the tables and chairs.

I saw her open the bar flap and step behind the bar when two dark shapes stood up. One pinned her arms to her side whilst the other put a bag of some kind over her head.

I grabbed Linda by the arm and turned towards the door.

Slam. It was shut and a tall thin man stood with his back against it.

"Don't make a sound and nobody will get hurt."

The lights came on behind the bar.

He was wearing jeans and a jumper with a stocking or half a pair of tights on his head.

Linda looked about to panic so I put my arm around her.

"Everything will be alright." I spoke softly, trying to be soothing and confident at the same time.

"That's right." The tall man said. "You listen to your friend."

A commotion behind me made me turn. Andy was lying on her face held in place by a fat man whilst a small man was pulling off her tights and panties.

I could only watch as she was lifted to her feet and sat in a chair. Her hands tied to the chair at the back with her tights.

The men stood up and came towards us.

"There's an easy way and a hard way." The fat man said. They both had stockings over there heads. "You take your tights and knickers off or we do. Don't bother screaming. We're to far from the road or nearest house for anybody to hear." He was right. The pub was set back from the dual carriageway in the centre of its car park with trees and bushes on three sides. The nearest buildings on this side of the road were offices or commercial, the nearest private houses were on the other side of the dual carriageway. Trees at the back covered the cutting along which the railway line ran.

I looked at Linda. Her eyes were wide and staring.

"Don't frighten her." I said, holding her to me. "She been through so much recently."

"What do you mean?" The tall one said.

"She was raped just over a month ago in Somerset." I found myself replying. The fat man reached out and felt my breast.

"Do as you're told unless you want the same to happen to your friend." He squeezed my breast again. Hard.

"Ow." I yelped.

"Come on, Linda." I said kicking off my shoes and, reaching under my dress, hooked my thumbs inside the elastic of my tights and panties and pulled them down and off.

"Now your friend." The tall one said, indicating Linda. "You do it."

I slide my hands under Linda's dress. She caught her breath as they slipped inside the elastic of her tights and panties and touched the skin on her hips and bum.

"Everything is going to be alright." I said as I eased them to the ground. As she lifted each foot from her shoes and underwear I thought I could smell her vagina.

We were sat on chairs facing Andy with our hands tied behind our backs and our ankles to the legs of the chairs forcing our knees apart. Tea towels were brought from behind the bar and torn into strips. Balls of this material was forced into our mouths and secured by a strip of cloth between our lips, tied behind our heads. Linda's dress and my skirt were pulled up above our waists and tucked into the cups and beneath the back straps of our bras.

When we were arranged to their satisfaction the pillowcase was removed from Andy's head.

She blinked, even in the bars subdued lighting, then looked at us.

"What do you want?" She demanded. "Leave them alone."

"I remember the story about this one, now." The fat one said. " I had a good wank over it."

He felt Linda's breasts. She struggled against her restraints but was to well tied. I could see she was crying. Where was Paul?

"We want the combination of your safe and the key to the spirits and cigarettes." He continued talking to Andy.

"It'll do you no good." Andy said. "The safe has a combination which only my bookkeeper knows. I cannot open the safe until she arrives in the morning and the keys to the metal cabinet I store my cigarettes are in it. I have a key in my bag which unlocks the safe but without the combination I cannot open it."

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