tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14h

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14h


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14h: Back to Egypt Part 08

Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved. All events and characters are fictitious.

* * * * *


I looked down, blinking in the sudden light, at my jerking prick, my come shooting from the end and landing on Jenny's stomach and pubic hairs. I heard her moan and looked up at her face. She looked in pain.

"What's wrong?" I gasped, sitting back on my heels and helping her to sit up.

My come started running down her front towards her fanny.

"It got inside." She said, holding her lower abdomen as if she had a bellyache. "I think he wanted to punish me for not coming to him."

"What's going on?" Michelle asked, her voice trembling.

"Who, what was she?" "He said he send something. We thought it was you and invited it inside the circle."

Jenny started to shiver. I held her close.

"It's over now." I said, running my fingers through her hair.

"It's only just started." She said, her trembling increasing. "Oh Paul, I'm so frightened."

"I'll get the policemen in here," Michelle said holding her dress across the front of her body and heading to the door.

She turned the key and then the handle. It didn't open.

"Hey, out there," she shouted and banged on the door, "help us."

There was no sound from outside the door. Even the sounds from the street outside had died away. The room was getting darker. Shadows were moving across the floor and walls.

"Quickly, Michelle." Jenny said, holding out her hand to her. "Come into the circle."

"How do we know she's not it again?" I asked.

"Well, you're not fucking me whatever happens." Michelle said, taking Jenny's hand and stepping over the line of salt.

"Fair enough." I said.

The lights were getting dimmer and the silence was total as we stood there, our arms around each other, waiting.


I woke with my ass on fire and the taste of woman on my lips. I was strapped to the table again.

Since Han's had had me the first time nobody had touched me. They had threaded a chain through a manacle around my ankle fitted it to a ring in the wall so I couldn't escape, I had a chair to sit on at a small table and blankets to make a bed with. They had given me my dress to wear but no underwear. I was given a metal bucket and a roll of toilet paper to do what I had to do. Hans had wanted to stay and watch at first but Helga had insisted that I have at least that amount of privacy.

I'd had magazines to read and Helga came and talked to me apologising at every opportunity for what Hans had done. I was past caring about that. All I wanted was to be allowed to go. I told her I wouldn't tell anybody or press charges. I begged her to help me. But she refused.

Then they had come for me. The two Germans and Hans. They'd stripped me, placed the necklace around my neck and tied me to the table. Hans had put his finger inside me and I thought he was going to mount me again. Then the others had entered the room and the lights had slowly dimmed. I could hear a voice in a language I could nearly understand. Then I had felt the fingers on my tits, on both of them. Cool and gentle. I could feel my nipples responding, the lips of my pussy opening. The hands had moved down over my ribs, massaging my stomach then further down. I strained to open my legs wider. I could feel my own moisture. I lifted my hips from the tabletop searching for his touch. My mouth was pressed against another's woman's pussy. I pushed my tongue inside it. It kept going and going. I could feel a prick pushing against my ass hole. I welcomed it inside me. Then suddenly there was pain. So much pain I must have passed out.

I looked around.

Ahmed and the figure in robes stood at the foot of the table looking down between my legs. Automatically I tried to close them but I couldn't move my ankles.

The man in the robes moved towards me. Suddenly the whole room was filled with the smell of shit. His hands were on my tits. Somebody was speaking. A language I could almost understand.


The darkness in the room was almost total. Even the lights from the street outside seemed to make little impression. I could feel both Jenny and Michelle shivering.

"Let me get a blanket." I suggested.

"No." Jenny said through chattering teeth. "We mustn't leave the circle. We mustn't bring anything inside. We must be natural. It's our best defence."

"What about a crucifix?" Michelle asked. "I have one in my room."

"Do you?" Jenny replied.

Michelle was silent for a few seconds.

"No I don't." She finally admitted. "It just came to me that I should leave and fetch it."

"We must not leave." Jenny repeated.

"How do you know this?" Michelle asked.

I was wondering that. He'd never shown any sign of interest in the occult. She wouldn't even read one of my Denis Wheatley books.

"It's just something I know." She replied. "I can't explain. I just know it."

"How long must we stay here?" Michelle asked.

"Until dawn. Light will destroy what darkness creates."

I pulled them both close to me watching the shadows on the walls swirling into different shapes as if trying to create a form. I suddenly broke wind. I needed the toilet badly. My insides were gurgling as they had before when I'd had food poisoning.

More wind. I could sense that both girls were twitching their noses at the sudden smell.

"Sorry." I said. "I need the toilet."

The lights were brighter suddenly. We could hear the bustle from the street outside.

"It looks as if it's over." I said, releasing the girls and stepping towards the toilet.

"Don't go, Paul." Jenny said, placing her hand upon my arm.

"But I need the toilet." I insisted.

"You don't."


"You don't. Come and hold me."

I went back to her and put my arms around her. She was right. I didn't need to go. The lights went out and the darkness returned.

"Look." Michelle suddenly said. "This is stupid. Nothing's going to happen. I'm going back to my own bed. I'm cold."

"Don't let her go, Paul." Jenny urged.

I placed my hand on Michelle's shoulder and landed flat on my back with her knee in my chest.

"Don't hurt him, Michelle." Jenny said quietly. "We want you to stay with us. We need you. Please stay. Please."

I could sense the tension leaving Michelle. She stood and pulled me to my feet.

"Sorry about that." She said. "It was automatic."

"They train you well in the Insurance business." Jenny said sitting down.

Michelle and I did the same. The floor felt cold against my ass. I could only imagine what it felt like against their fannies.

"Hold hands," Jenny said feeling for mine, "it will strengthen us."

I felt Michelle's thigh, then her wrist and finally her hand.

"Where did you learn to do that?" I asked the darkness in her direction.

"We are well trained." She replied.

"Not by any Insurance company."

"No." She said and hesitated. "I work for a Government department but it's true, we do look after important art objects when they are on display in America. There is an exhibition going to the States next month and I was to have reviewed the security arrangements with Jerez."

"Lee-Anne didn't seem to know you were visiting him today."

"Jerez didn't. I came to see just how hard or easy it would have been to penetrate his security surrounding the exhibits. They're currently on display in the main museum. I must admit he has done a good job. It would have been difficult."

"What is the exhibit?" I asked.

It was so dark it was like it was pressing against me. I knew we had to keep talking. I wanted to fall asleep. Why keep my eyes open when, strain them as I may, I could see nothing. I squeezed Jenny's hand.

"You want to hear about the exhibits, don't you Jenny?"

"What?" She mumbled.

"We want to hear what Michelle has to say about the exhibits, don't we?"

"Yes," I could almost feel the effort she had to make to reply, "we must stay awake."

"What are they then, Michelle?" I asked.

"It consists of artefacts found in the temple ruins after the collapse of some of the walls last year. There were bronze swards, tapestries, anklets and bracelets and of course the two necklaces. There had been some talk that the Cypriot government would be asking for their return. They might even hire somebody to steal them back."

"You know a lot about them." Jenny said, her voice heavy.

"I've read the file."

"Any other files?"


"Your government holds files on us?" I was flabbergasted.

"You come from a very important family. What your Uncle, Grandfather and Father did before, during and after the war is the stuff of legends."

My Father was an accountant. My Uncle had had one hand.

"Tell us about them," Jenny said, "they never talk about it."

"Then I shouldn't."

I wasn't quite so tired now and the room seemed to be lighter. I could see the outline of Jenny's head and shoulders. Everything was peaceful and still. Suddenly I could hear noises outside. There was shouting, a woman screamed. The door was thrown open and the room was flooded with light. In the frame for a second stood Linda, naked, her hair dishevelled and her face streaked with tears.. She stepped inside and slammed the door behind her. The room was back in darkness for a second then I heard a click as the lights were switched on.

"Help me, please," she said approaching the circle, "they're after me."

I reached out for her.

"It's all right Linda. You're safe now."

"No Paul, don't." Jenny screamed in my ear.

"Help me Paul, please."

Linda was on her knees reaching out for me. The picture of her lowering her fanny to my face when we were camping in Northern Ireland once came to me. Running my fingers through her lush, auburn hair as her head bobbed up and down on my prick.

"Come on Paul, you know you want to have me again."

She was right. I did.

"Paul no." Jenny screamed. "It's not Linda."

Suddenly I was on my knees. Michelle had her arm about my throat and my hand almost touching the back of my head. I could feel her tits pressing against my back and her pubic mound against my hip.

"Jenny says stay." She almost growled in my ear.

The door to the room was thrown open. I recognised Hans, Karl and Uwe for the previous year in Cyprus. Linda tried to dodge past them but they caught her and threw her to the ground. I had to help her.

Hans had his prick in his hand. It looked massive. He was kneeling between her legs, legs held so far apart by Karl and Uwe I could see the moist, pink flesh inside her.

She cried out.

"Paul, Paul. Please help me."

As Hans lowered himself upon her. Jenny moved in front of me, her pubic hairs were inches from my eyes. I could smell her fanny. It was a comforting smell. A smell I knew. I could hear Linda cry out in pain.

"It's not Linda." She said, pulling my cheek against her pubic mound. "We didn't switch the lights off."

That's right. We didn't.

I reached behind her with my one free hand and squeezed her ass cheeks.

The sounds from Linda faded as if into the distance. Michelle released my arm and neck and they both joined me on the floor. I placed my arms around them.

The lights started to dim.

"Fuck off, can't you. Leave us alone." I shouted.

"Tell me how you met." Michelle said, resting her head on my shoulder. So we did. And of the farmhouse and the Caribbean Cruise and digging holes in Cyprus and going up the Nile. Then the weddings. Our plans for the future. Then she told us about her life. Brought up in California. Her days at University. Her lovers. Her selection and training for the department she worked for. And all the time the shadows moved about us.

I awoke with a hard on.

I was lying on my back. Michelle's head was on one shoulder Jenny's on the other. I had an ass cheek in either hand. Daylight filled the room.

Somebody was tapping at the door.

"Hallo." I called softly.

Jenny wrapped her fingers around my prick. Her hand started stroking up and down.

"We have to leave now, Sir."

I recognised the voice of one of the policemen.


"It was a very quiet night." He called through the door. "Good bye, Sir."

I couldn't answer. A wave of pleasure was sweeping over me.

"Good bye."

Michelle lifted her head and answered. She looked at me, then at Jenny and lowered her head to my shoulder watching Jenny's hand as it continued to move up and down.

"You don't mind?" I heard Jenny ask.

"No. Carry on. I was looking at it for a while and was about to have a go myself but you beat me to it."

I sighed. Jenny lifted her head and kissed me. Her hand moved faster. There were other fingers on my balls. I lifted my hips. I gasped. I was there. I looked down and watched my come shooting from the end of my prick. Jenny worked my foreskin back and forth a few times then released my prick when she was happy there was nothing left inside.

She kissed me again and climbed stiffly to her feet.

"A shower then a big breakfast." She said, walking towards the bathroom. "I think we are going to have a busy day."

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