tagNovels and NovellasThe Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14g

The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14g


The Paul & Jenny Stories Pt. 14g: Back to Egypt Part 07

Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved. All events and charters are fictitious.

* * * * *

"Is their anybody there?"

I called a second time.

Jenny held my hand as we listened for a response. The silence was total inside these high walls. We walked through the archway and along by the side of the water feature until we reached the main building. It was cool and the air scented with the smell of flowers. I suddenly felt very tired, as if I needed to sit down and rest. I looked at Jenny. She looked strained.

"You look tired," I said, stifling a yawn, "Do you want to sit down?"

I knew I did. It was becoming hard to think.

Jenny suddenly headed towards the master bedroom and nursery. I followed slowly. My feet felt like lead. I could hear a sound. Like a baby crying.

I entered the nursery. Jenny was kneeling over the prostate body of Lee-Anne.

"I think she's just asleep," she said, standing up and hurrying to the cots.

"Where's Cleo?"

I didn't know. I wasn't sure I knew who I was.

"What's wrong with you," she suddenly snapped at me.

"Very tired." I managed to say.

"Let's get out of here, quickly."

Carrying the baby in one arm she grabbed my hand and pulled me outside, back to the main gates. My head seemed to clear with every step away from the building we took. The dust and heat came almost as a relief. She handed me little Jerez and said.

"Wait here while I go and see what I can do for Lee-Anne."

"But." I started to protest.

"No time."

And she was gone.

Jerez started crying. I moved him around a bit but he wouldn't shut up.

"That's not how to hold a baby."

A voice from behind me said. I turned and looked into the face of the red headed American from the Hotel. A taxi was parked behind her.

"Here. Let me hold him."

She held out her hands. I was only too pleased to hand him over.

"This is the home of Jerez El Mctomb?" She asked, rocking the now silent baby in her arms.

"That's right. He's not in at the moment."

I looked back towards the house. Jenny was coming towards me supporting Lee-Anne. I went to help. The feeling of great tiredness returned as I approached them.

"Stay outside, Paul," Jenny called, "I can manage."

I stopped where I was until they reached me then gave what assistance I could. As with myself Lee-Anne seemed to become stronger with each step she took away from the building. We were outside in the street and Lee-Anne reached out for her baby.

"Where's Cleo?" she asked, frantically looking around, "where is she?"

"There was only Jerez there," Jenny said in a soft voice, "we couldn't see Cleo.

What happened?"

"I don't know," she replied, hugging Jerez to her as if afraid he might suddenly disappear. I was in the nursery and I suddenly felt very tired. The next thing I remember you were helping me to my feet."

"I felt the same in there." I said.

"What about you?" I asked Jenny.

"I felt something, something strange. I cannot describe it. Somebody was calling me." She wore a puzzled look.

"But not tired?"

"No. Not that. Anything but."

"This is very strange." The red head said.

We all looked at her.

"My name is Michelle by the way. Michelle Stewart

"Hallo," I said holding out my hand to shake hers then indicating the others, " this is Lee-Anne with little Jerez, this is Jenny Fletcher and I am Paul Wagstaffe."

She nodded as if the information was what she had expected to hear.

"What do we do next?" I asked in general.

Just then a group of people appeared around the end of the street and walked towards us. Two uniformed policemen; two other men in European suits; two in cooks whites and three girls.

They stopped when they reached us and they all stared sheepishly at the ground.

"Where have you been?" Lee-Anne snapped at them. "Somebody has taken Cleo. Well? Come on."

"We do not know." One of the men in a suit lifted his head and replied. "We all just seemed to find each other in the market. None of us remember going there."

"Can you get a message to Jerez, I mean the Commissioner. He needs to know what has happened. We need him here."

She turned to me.

"Can I come to your Hotel with you?" She asked. "I don't want to go back in there. Not without Jerez."

Michelle's taxi was still waiting so we piled into it. Jenny sitting on my lap. Michelle in the middle with her thigh pressed tight against mine with Lee-Anne on the far side cradling little Jerez.

As we passed reception in the hotel I was called to the desk.

"We have a telephone call for you, Sir."

The receptionist said indicating the phone at the end of the desk. I picked it up and said, "hallo."

"Mr Wagstaffe? Mr Paul Wagstaffe."

I recognised the voice.

"Herr Kesler. It's been a long time. How is Hans?"

"He's enjoying himself with your friend. What's her name again? Ah yes. Linda. A most attractive young woman."

"What are you doing to her."

"Personally nothing. But there are others here who need you to help undo the damage caused by El Mctomb last year."

"What about the baby?"

"She can go as soon as you and your girlfriend arrive."

"What do you want with her?"

"Again, I wish nothing. Apparently there is one here who wants or needs her. Do not underestimate him. I have seen things recently that defy all logical explanation. You are to be on the steps of the main museum in one hour. If you are not there then he promises that he will send something to collect you. I believe he will. Just the two of you alone. The baby will then be delivered to your hotel by Taxi. Do not involve the police. He is watching you now through a mirror. Hurry. He grows impatient."

"We're not coming." I finally found the words.

"I really do think you should re-consider."

The line went dead. The others were holding the lift for me and we took it up to the floor mine and Jenny's rooms were on.

Once inside I told them what had been said.

"He will send something." Jenny said slowly, with conviction.

"If we lock the door and pile the furniture against it we will be safe at least until Jerez gets here." I tried to sound confident.

"He won't send people." Jenny had a far away look in her eyes.

"I don't follow you," said Michelle, "what do you mean by not people."

"You do not understand. He's not alive. Not in anyway we would recognise."

"What's going on?"

As quickly as possible I gave her an outline of the events of the summer the year before. I missed out a few details. Jenny's lesbian affair with Linda and my fucking Lee-Anne before she took up with Jerez. I could see the disbelief mounting in Michelle's face when I came to describe the ceremony and orgy in the old temple, then the ceremony on the boat performed by Jerez, I missed out that I'd had to fuck Linda as part of it, and finally the ceremony back in the temple where Hamed and Ahmed had fallen into what I had hoped was a bottomless pit.

"Surely you don't believe in this mumbo jumbo," she said when I had finished, "and what of Lee-Anne here?"

She was right. I hadn't given her a thought.

"I think Paul is right. We must not allow them to go. I want my baby back but I do not believe she is any danger at present."

"She isn't." Jenny said with conviction.

She was acting strange.

At that moment the telephone on one of the bedside tables rang. Jenny picked it up.

"Lee-Anne," she said, "it's for you. It's the police."

Lee-Anne handed little Jerez to Jenny and taking the receiver spoke a few words then listened intently. Then she quickly explained what had happened. Jenny sat on the bed holding Jerez. She certainly looked the part. She smiled down at him and made little noises too him. He held her hand and tried to bite on her fingers. She looked happy. Perhaps it was time for a family. No, I had to be strong. Careers first, then family. She'd thank me later. I hoped. Lee-Anne replaced the receiver. She looked at me.

"That was Jerez. There's been a car crash and he's been taken to hospital. The police are sending a car for me and they will also send some men to stand guard outside your rooms tonight."

"How is he?" I asked.

"They think he has a broken ankle, they're X-raying it later. Other than that just cuts and bruises."

The three girls sat on the edge of the bed in silence while I paced up and down in front of them. Despite what Jenny said I was certain that Herr Kesler had meant he was sending some men to get us. The police guards should take care of them.

"I'm sorry we have gotten you into this," I said to Michelle, "can you tell us why you wanted to see Jerez?"

Lee-Anne looked closely at her.

"Yes." Michelle replied after a few seconds thought. "The company I work for in America insure important artefacts on tours to the States. We often liase with Jerez's department on security matters."

"Oh." Lee-Anne huffed.

There was another prolonged silence. I looked at Jenny. She was staring into space with a vacant expression on her face.

We all jumped as the telephone rang. I picked it up. Reception informed me I had a call.

"Hallo," I said into the mouth-piece, "this is Paul Wagstaffe speaking."

"You were not there," the voice at the other end was deep and full of menace, "I will send for you now. Do not believe my High Priestess can save you. She will be mine for eternity."

"Fuck off." I replied and slammed the receiver down. I turned around. Jenny was standing in front of me. I put my arms around her and held her.

The phone rang again. I picked up the receiver, holding Jenny with my other arm and squashing her breast against my chest.

"Hallo," I said, "this is Paul Wagstaffe."

It was the manager. The police had arrived for Lee-Anne and there were police wanting to mount guard outside my room. What was going on? I told him the police would explain everything and re-placed the receiver. "The police are here for you, Lee-Anne." I said. "I'll go down to reception with you."

Lee-Anne kissed Jenny good-bye then Jenny kissed Jerez. Then Lee-Anne kissed Michelle who also kissed Jerez. I didn't want to kiss Jerez. I would have kissed Lee-Anne. She'd put on a few pounds since having the twins but that was the way Egyptians liked their women, I'd been told.

"We need salt," Jenny said as we started to leave, "a lot of it."

We took the lift and I handed her over two uniformed policemen in the Hotel foyer. Two other uniformed policemen told me they were to remain on guard outside my room until dawn. The manager complained at this. I told him it wasn't my idea but if a senior policeman said it was necessary then who was I to argue. I told them I needed the toilet and stepped into the restaurant and used one while they continued their discussion in a mixture of Arabic and English. On top of a table against one wall were little trays of condiments. I watched the staff laying the tables for the evening meal for a few seconds then, seeing an opportunity slipped two salts in one trouser pocket and a third into my other.

I went back into the foyer.

The argument was still raging. We were onto the reputation of the hotel, then the inconvenience of the guests.

I thanked him and walked to the lift. The two policemen followed.

I left them outside the door to my room.

Inside everything had changed. The bed had been pushed towards the window and the floor rugs lifted exposing the bare floorboards.

"What's going on?" I asked, "why have you done this?"

"For our protection." Jenny replied.

"You will probably want to get off, Michelle." I said. Jenny was acting strange.

"No. She must stay." Jenny insisted. "They will know about her and we cannot look after her if she's in another room."

"I think I should stay." Michelle agreed.

I'd have thought she'd want to get out of this nuthouse at the earliest opportunity.

"We need something we can measure a circle with." Jenny said looking around.

"I've got it. Take your shirt off."

Why me? Why not her blouse? I was about to argue but she continued.

"Where's the salt?"

I took three condiments from my pockets and handed them over.

"This will have to do." She said taking them from me. "Shirt. Quickly."

I took it off and handed it over to her. She had Michelle hold one end to the floor in the middle of the cleared space and drew a circle of salt on the floorboards using her as the centre and my shirt as a measure.

"Now everybody must take their clothes off."

She said unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it over her shoulders.

"It's important or I wouldn't ask." She said to Michelle.

"All right," she said unzipping and stepping from her dress.

"What about dinner?" I asked.

"We're too late for that, I'm afraid." Jenny was laying her skirt on the end of the bed then had her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers.

"I must visit the toilet." Michelle said, her bra half off.

The door closed behind her and I heard her lower the toilet seat.

"Hurry up," Jenny urged, "we haven't long."

I undressed feeling slightly embarrassed even though it was only Jenny I was standing in front of.

"Come with me into the circle," she said taking my hand, "nothing can enter here unless we invite it."

I did as I was told and stood with my arms around her waiting for Michelle. At last we heard the toilet flush and the door open. She stepped into the room turning the bathroom light off behind her. What a pair of boobs, high and firm with the nipples just asking to be sucked. I could feel my prick growing against Jenny's ass cheeks. Her pubic hairs had been trimmed to be almost bald. She must wear a high cut bathing costume. Her tan seemed to reach completely up her side.

She stopped at the edge of the circle.

"Come on," I said, holding out my hand.

She took it and stepped across the salt.

We all sat on the floor facing each other crossed legged. I couldn't help myself I had to look at Michelle's fanny. The lips were slightly pulled apart and I could clearly see the little pale bud of her clit standing proud from its hood. Jenny coughed.

I lifted my eyes to Michelle's tits. The nipples were erect as if she was aroused. They lifted in time with her breathing. Jenny coughed again. I looked into Michelle's eyes. They were heavy with desire.

"We should hold hands, I think." She said reaching out and taking my hand and Jenny's.

I took Jenny's other hand in mind exposing my hard on. As I looked from one girl to the other they were both staring at my prick. Jenny licked her lips. The lights seemed to be fading.

Michelle released Jenny's hand and placed her own upon her thigh lightly touching the soft skin on the inside and moving slowly towards her fanny. My prick lifted and strained. Her hand was on Jenny's fanny massaging her lips, pulling them apart before pushing a finger slowly inside her. The air was suddenly heavy with the smell of aroused woman. I watch her finger move in and out then up at Jenny's face. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed.

Michelle released my hand and wrapped her fingers around my prick stroking my foreskin up and down. Releasing it she moved between Jenny thighs and lowered her mouth to her fanny. Jenny gasped and lay back, her head just inside the circle of salt. Michelle lifted her legs until her thighs were against her shoulders and her calf's against her back and drove her tongue deep into Jenny's hole. Jenny jerked at the invasion and opened her eyes to look at me. There was a look of panic on her face. She opened her mouth as if she was trying to say something. Her body jerked again. The smell of woman surrounded me. The lights were almost out and the room was lit only from the lights in the street outside. Jenny groaned. I looked at Michelle's ass cheeks by the side of my head. She moved her knees apart as I watched and arched her back as if inviting a lover to take her. Jenny gasped and moaned. I moved behind Michelle. In the half light I could see the outline of her fanny lips and the little round circle of her anus. She reached behind her and guided the tip of my prick against it. I pushed, feeling it tighten against me. I pushed again. She screamed as I entered her. I pulled back and pushed again, and again and again. I heard her sigh and Jenny gasp. I moved faster and faster.


What? I thought I'd heard a scream. I looked around. The room was completely dark. Where was I? Oh yes. I'd gone to the toilet before joining Paul and Jenny in their circle of salt. They seemed a bit kinky to me. Not that I minded kinky. They were both attractive it's just that I would have preferred dinner before going to bed with them. This had not been in their files. I pulled myself up using the hand basin for support and felt my way to the door. The main bedroom was in near darkness. I could make out three bodies. It looked as if they'd got a forth and the fun had started without me. Paul was ramming his cock in and out of a woman who had her head buried between Jenny's thighs. Jenny looked in agony. She was striking the back of the woman with her fists, throwing her head from side to side as Paul kept moving in and out.

Jenny's head stopped moving. She was looking directly at me. Then at the chest of drawers on which I could just make out stood the three little bottles of salt.

Without thinking I picked one up and threw it at the woman in the circle. There was a scream of pain and a roar of anger. The room suddenly smelt as if every sewer in Cairo had been emptied into it.

The lights suddenly came on and Paul was shooting his cum over Jenny's belly.

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